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Incident 44

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Incident 44: Costa del Sol

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Incident 44: Costa del Sol

Things finally seemed to be calm after the massive chaos that had invaded Healin Lodge. Rufus and the remnants were heading towards Junon riding chocobos and from there, they would go to Costa del Sol. As it usually happened when Rufus finally thought he could breathe at ease, he was proven wrong as a loud roar was heard and a gigantic serpent blocked the way.

For a split second, Rufus feared for his life and surprised himself in realizing he feared even more for the remnants' lives, before concluding that there was nothing to be afraid of. "Rest in peace Zolom..."

Rufus grinned victoriously as the three boys cried in fear, causing a lightning bolt to crash on Zolom, knocking it out, maybe alive, maybe not. Rain followed, along with wind and a chorus of "daddy!"

"It's okay, calm down, everything is fine," Rufus directed his words at the three boys and the chocobos as well.

The boys calmed down, their father was with them so they should be safe. The storm died down and the boys once again became amused by the chocobos, though Rufus was certainly not amused about the state of his suit.

xoxox xox xoxox

"Sir?" The cadet stared at Rufus with disapproval, "you're... you're..."

His partner decided it was time to save their jobs and the wiser cadet quickly interrupted, "you're looking absolutely radiant, president Shinra, sir."

Rufus twitched at the obvious hypocrisy, he knew he was a mess, mud had been splattered all over his white suit during the Zolom incident. Not only that, but the cadet had the audacity to call him president Shinra, which he was, but it sounded too much like what they used to call his father.

"Ready a ship, I'll be departing for Costa del Sol immediately," Rufus commanded, ignoring the curious glances the cadets were giving the three silver haired boys.

When the ship was ready, Rufus and the boys boarded it and they sailed off. Everything was peaceful until the boys started crying for no apparent reason. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"We miss the chocobos!" The remnants cried, causing a violent sea storm to form.

"The chocobos had to stay because they'll get sea sick on the ship," it was mostly because Rufus didn't want to deal with the extra trouble of bringing them along, but this sounded like a better excuse. "Don't worry, you'll get to play with them again and Costa del Sol will be fun, we're going to the beach and you can make sand castles!"

The three remnants stopped crying, smiling at the idea of playing at the beach. Those boys were certainly moody, but Rufus felt like he was finally learning to prevent major disasters. Fortunately, the boys didn't get sea sick, which would have probably upset them enough to sink the ship.

xoxox xox xoxox

The sandy shores of Costa del Sol came into view in the horizon, the beachside city untouched by natural disasters as of yet. Rufus rushed right over to his new villa, changing out of his dirty suit and deciding he might as well blend in with the tourists and fulfill his promise to take the remnants to the beach.

After a quick trip to a store to get some proper beach attire, the group headed out to the beach, finding a vacant spot and setting up some beach towels and a large umbrella there. "Where do you think you're going?" Rufus firmly inquired when he noticed the boys had begun to walk away.

"To play in the sand," Kadaj happily replied, with nods of agreement from his brothers.

"Not without sun-block," Rufus got a large bottle from his beach supplies, "put out your hands." The remnants curiously obeyed and Rufus poured a generous amount of sun-block for each of them.

"Is this frosting?" Yazoo asked.

"No, this is not something you can eat, you have to put it all over your body," Rufus demonstrated by applying some sun-block on himself.

The boys didn't look happy and Loz expressed their mutual complaints, "it's sticky!"

"It will protect you from the sun," Rufus knew that sunburned remnants would be the apocalypse with constant pain, which meant constant crying. "It's very important to be protected from the sun or you'll get burned and it will be very painful." Rufus knew about this first hand, his skin was very sensitive and he needed to apply layer after layer of strong sun-block if he was to survive a day at the beach. The boys might have inherited his sensitive skin... then he paused and wondered where that thought came from. It's not like they were his biological children, they weren't even normal kids. Even so, Rufus wasn't going to take his chances with the apocalypse. "If you don't put on lots of sun-block you can't play at the beach. It's really not so bad, I'm wearing it too."

The boys nodded and applied sun-block, with Rufus making sure they didn't miss a spot. With that done, the remnants started building a sand castle and Rufus sat under the large umbrella resting, he was so relaxed he dozed off.

When Rufus woke up a couple of hours later, thanks to the complaints of hunger from the remnants, he tried to get up and found he couldn't. He became fully awake and realized he was buried in the sand. "We can go get some food, but you'll have to dig me out."

The boys were quick to free Rufus, discussing what they wanted to eat. Feeling terribly uncomfortable because of the sand sticking to his body, Rufus took the remnants to get some food.

Fortunately the meal went by uneventfully and it was back to the beach afterwards, following a quick trip to the new villa so Rufus could get rid of the sand sticking to him with a quick shower and change.

The boys went to play on the shallow waters of the coast, with Rufus watching from under the large umbrella, he decided it was best not to fall asleep again.

"Rufus Shinra?"

Rufus nearly jumped at the voice, he thought he was mingling with the peasants, that is tourists, well enough not to be recognized. "You're mistaken," he told the unknown woman.

"You sure do look a lot like him, maybe even more handsome," she winked.

Noting the presence of an unidentified female near Rufus, the three silver haired boys rushed to his side filled with curiosity, "who's this lady, daddy?" Kadaj inquired.

The woman raised an eyebrow, "daddy?"

"They're my sons," this was Rufus' perfect chance to remain hidden by convincing her he wasn't Rufus. No one knew the new villa belonged to him, since it hasn't really been used since its recent construction, Rufus simply didn't have time, thus seeing him go in and out of the villa shouldn't automatically give away his identity.

Furthermore, no one on this continent should know about the remnants yet, thus being accompanied by the children should make people think that he wasn't Rufus. His hair had been fixed, with a few finishing touches while on the ship, it was short now, but a little longer than it used to be and a lot shinier, he might be easier to recognize without the super long hair, but people had assumed he was only a Rufus look alike so far.

"Oh, I see..." the woman was obviously disappointed, though she seemed to hold on to a suspicious ray of hope. "Is your wife with you?"

Catching where this was going, and taking note of the still curious looks of the remnants, Rufus decided to do what he must to drive the insistent woman away without drawing unwanted attention, "yes, she's with us."

Frowning in disappointment, the woman walked away without another word.

After she was gone, the boys' question began, starting with Kadaj, "who was she?"

"How come she went away without saying anything to us?" Asked Yazoo.

"Why did she look angry?" Inquired Loz.

"Is mommy really here?" Kadaj continued.

"How come we haven't seen her?" Added Yazoo.

"Where is she?" Questioned Loz.

Caught in a lie, Rufus decided to give the remnants a silly cheesy answer, "she's in our hearts." Surprisingly, that was enough to satisfy the boys, who returned to their previous activity of playing.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. Thanks to ViviMouse for the idea of including the Zolom.
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