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Incident 45

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Incident 45: Haunted Materia

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Incident 45: Haunted Materia

Everything was at relative peace in Costa del Sol and Rufus was starting to truly relax until Reno arrived, barging into the new villa like it's nobody's business, holding what was left of the Jenova flower, which had since turned into a very odd materia. It was black most of the time, though from certain angles and when the light bounced off it, it could appear to be a variety of colors in metallic shades, blue, red, gold, silver and others. "Her interference was worse than I thought..." Reno eyes glowed with mako.

The more or less happy little Shinra family had been having breakfast at the time, which was thankfully purchased and not made by the remnants or Rufus, whose skills in the kitchen were non-existent. "Sephiroth!" Rufus practically jumped out of his chair and sprinted towards the kitchen doorway, standing between the possessed Reno and the remnants. Then he realized the danger of his action and his rush of courage and protective instinct began to fade.

Luckily, Reno's consciousness took over at that very moment and the glow in his eyes faded away. "Taichou? When did you get back? I thought you were in Costa del Sol."

Rufus let out a breath of relief, then glared and scolded, "this is Costa del Sol! Sephiroth must have brought you here, and what is that you're holding?"

"I think it's Jenova, the thing that used to be the flower," Reno theorized. "I haven't had too much trouble with Sephiroth lately; I think he's getting weaker."

"If that's true then why did he possess you long enough to bring you here?" Rufus dramatized, just when he was starting to like his little vacation, albeit he would never truly admit it, it had to be cut short.

"Um... well..." Reno didn't really know how to answer that one, Rufus had a point there. Maybe he was just getting used to being possessed and it didn't bother him as much.

"Give me that," Rufus took away the unusual materia. "I'll be keeping this safe, you need to return to Edge and have the other Turks lock you up."

"But I don't want to!" Reno immediately protested.

"It's for your own good!" Rufus insisted.

Reno pouted and stomped away, off to the beach. Rufus knew the redhead wouldn't head to Edge, he would probably hang around at the beach grumpy about the recent turn of his current Sephiroth possession situation, then get distracted by something or other and end up acting as if he was on vacation; Reno was predictable sometimes and sometimes he was totally random.

Rufus let Reno go, he would call Tseng and inform him of the situation, then the Turks could come take Reno away. When Rufus opened his PHS, the automatic tracking system showed that Tseng's PHS was moving towards Costa del Sol at a steady pace, he must already know about Reno. Good, then Rufus didn't even have to call. He closed the PHS and looked at the three silver haired boys who were observing him with curiosity, "Go on, finish your breakfast and we can go play at the beach again." The remnants happily complied.

"I'm here!" The sudden announcement made Rufus look towards the not so sneaky materia thief ninja, who was too excited to hide her presence. Yuffie unexpectedly arrived and stared at the materia that was on the table next Rufus' stack of pancakes. "It's beautiful, just like I heard!"

"What are you doing here and don't you know how to knock on the door?" Rufus scolded her.

"There was no door," Yuffie revealed, "well, actually, yeah there was, but it was on the floor so I just walked over it."

"Sephiroth," Rufus grumbled, he should have known something like that must have happened for Reno to go in, possessed by Sephiroth. He could further worry about the possible chaos he could be causing at the beach, but Rufus was done stressing out, he was tired of worrying, though if the situation got worse, he might find he still had room to become more stressed, he hoped it didn't come to that.

"What are you muttering about? Never mind, it doesn't matter. I'm here because Cloud told me Reno was running around all over Edge arguing with himself as if he was possessed by an evil ghost, but the part that was really interesting was that he was holding a strange materia. Imagine that, a haunted materia! I'm the greatest ninja materia hunter in the world, if anyone is going to be possessed by a materia ghost it has to be me, so hand it over!" Yuffie readied her shuriken.

Rufus shook his head in disapproval, "only you would want to be possessed."

"Not by any old ghost, by a materia ghost only!" Yuffie couldn't deny that she did have a bit of an obsession with materia. She was sure she was the biggest materia fan there was and felt it was unfair that Reno was chosen by the materia ghost.

"Either way it doesn't matter," Rufus held the Jenova materia protectively, "I'm not giving up."

"You asked for it, hunted materia is the stuff of legends, I'll fight to the end for it; that is your end!" Yuffie declared.

The three boys had by then made their own interpretation of the situation and began to cry, "don't kidnap mommy!"

To be Continued

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