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Incident 46

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Incident 46: Escape

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Incident 46: Escape

Rufus looked towards the open window at the panicked locals outside and several clueless tourists, the sea had retreated. "A tsunami's coming, to the basement!" Rufus grabbed the three boys and ran.

"Come back here, I'm not falling for that!" Out of curiosity, Yuffie glanced outside and saw the wall of water approaching. "Wait for me!" She dashed to the basement just in time before Rufus activated the security system to seal it against flooding. "Oh man, we're so trapped, I feel claustrophobic already!"

"No one invited you, thief!" Rufus snapped.

"Were you just going to let me drown? I thought Shinra was reformed!" Yuffie argued.

"Aren't you the proud Wutaian," Rufus retorted.

Yuffie's anger flared, "that was low! You know what? I don't need your help, I'm out of here!"

"How? The surface is flooded," Rufus reminded.

"That just means you're trapped too!" Yuffie pointed out.

The boys looked worried, "are we really trapped?" Kadaj asked.

"Are we going to stay here for the rest of our lives?" Yazoo inquired.

"I don't want to stay here forever, do we have to?" Added Loz, and the silver haired trio cried again, causing the earth to shake.

"It's okay, don't worry!" Rufus tried to calm them.

Unfortunately, Yuffie wasn't helping. "We're going to die! First a tsunami, now an earthquake, the planet is falling apart and it's all your fault!"

"Shut up, if not for Shinra, materia wouldn't exist!" Rufus yelled.

Yuffie gasped as the truth she had been avoiding was thrown in her face. The company against which she had such a strong grudge was the creator of her favorite thing in the world. She went into a corner, sat hugging her legs and sobbed.

"It's okay, don't believe what that mean girl says, we're perfectly fine. In fact, we get to ride on a submarine!" Rufus made the announcement sound as cheerful as he could.

"Submarine? Yuffie looked up from her corner, grimacing while the boys cheered, "I'll get sea sick!"

"No one invited you!" Rufus certainly didn't want to be trapped underwater with Yuffie.

"Too bad because I'm not staying here," Yuffie followed the group, receiving uneasy glares from the boys.

Rufus knew that if they got upset because of Yuffie trying to kidnap Jenova, that is steal the materia, they would all be doomed. If only he could ditch her without causing a commotion.

"Taichou!" Reno cheerfully greeted, interrupting Rufus' thoughts. "One minute I was surfing and the next the ocean was gone! Sephiroth took over and ran off, he even left my new surf board behind and I really like it too. By the time I took control again I was sealed in the secret tunnels so I was on my way to go out again from the villa," he looked at Yuffie, "why is she here?"

"To cause trouble," Rufus replied.

Yuffie rushed towards Reno and looked at him curiously, "ghost? Are you still in there ghost? The materia has been quiet so I thought maybe you stayed with Reno. Come out and posses me, I would make a much better host!" Yuffie held up the Jenova materia and tapped it with her index finger, that's when Rufus realized he no longer had the Jenova materia, Yuffie probably snatched it during the rush to get to the basement.

"Give that back, or the world will end!" Rufus dramatized and he didn't think he was exaggerating.

"Drama king," Yuffie mocked, "this materia is mine now!"

Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz began to cry and there was another earthquake. "To the submarine!" Rufus hurried in with the boys, followed by Reno and an upset and unwelcome Yuffie. Rufus rushed to get the submarine through the tunnels and out to sea to get away from the collapse. Fortunately, they made it out to the ocean before the secret tunnels fell apart; unfortunately, they were carried up by a giant tornado of water. "Calm down, everyone stay calm!"

"Easy for you to say, I'm going to be sick!" Yuffie agonized as she was thrown to the back of the submarine and Reno managed to close the door leading to the cockpit, locking her in the back room.

"I got her back!" Rufus held up the materia Yuffie had dropped in the commotion and the boys started to calm down. The submarine was thrown back into the sea as the water tornadoes ended and they sailed off to shore.

xoxox xox xoxox

With Yuffie locked up in the submarine, which was abandoned at the beach, Rufus, Reno and the remnants were picked up by a helicopter brought by the other Turks, Tseng, Elena and Rude were all there, along Rufus, Reno and the remnants.

"Good timing," Rufus collapsed into a seat and watched from the corner of his eyes as the remnants looked out the window in amusement.

"We have news," Tseng cut to the chase, "though they have not made the connection between the boys and the recent natural disasters, the unusual behavior of nature and its effects on Edge have caught the attention of the former members of Avalanche and the World Restoration Organization. Even if several of them are opposed to our presence there, mostly Cloud and Barret, on behalf of Avalanche and the WRO respectively, Tifa and Reeve have invited us to a meeting at Cid's house to discuss the recent happenings and try to figure out what troubles the planet. If we are to attend, we need to head to Rocket Town immediately."

"We can't stay uninvolved and I want answers too," Rufus decided. Things had gotten much too far out of control and this had to stop, "we're going."

"Where are we going?" Kadaj inquired, his curiosity also shared by his brothers.

"We're going to visit some friends," Rufus smiled reassuringly even if he was sure the reunion wouldn't be all that friendly.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. It's almost the end; the next chapter will reveal everything!
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