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chapter 5

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“it will bear. I can feel it” I said. Brendon got a huge smile on his face. “what?” I asked “you called me bear. that’s the first time since the accident” he said “well it fits y...

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I never realized just how much laundry washing and packing I was in for to get ready for tour. It took me days alone to get the house ready for is to leave. it’s the night before we leave and im still not finished packing. Brendon and I ended up joining forces to get clothes packed for Lacey and Caden earlier today. This left me and brendon both sitting on the floor of our bedroom at midnight surrounded by pieces of fabric each attempting to pack our own things.
“I have not the slightest fucking clue what to bring” I said as I threw a pair of dress pants across the room. Brendon just laughed at me.
“its not funny jackass. I cant perform in sweatpants!” I said
“you wont have to perform in sweatpants, even though you’d still look hot. You’ve got shitloads of Prego pants in the pack of the closet that I made you save from when you were pregnant with the twins. You and lynai made some of your skinny jeans at the time into Prego pants so you wouldn’t walk around with your pants undone. You loved them. You have like 6 pairs of them. They are in here some where…” Brendon said as he was digging around in the closet. He came out with a arm full of jeans that he handed to me.
“ok Mr. smartass. What did I do for tops then?” I asked
“you’d steal my t-shirts a lot and wear vests with them/ then you have a few maternity tops that’s you’d wear. But you spent a lot of time in dresses because you said they were more comfortable. Even threw tights on sometimes.”
“wanna toss all that out while you’re at it” I said with a smile. Brendon just shook his head at me with a smile as he dig through our closet for my clothes.

An hour and a half later we were finally all packed with all of our luggage at the door. Brendon and I were laying in bed together talking.
“im so excited for this tour” I said
“its going to be interesting that’s for sure. I just hopes it helps” Brendon said as he looked down. I placed my hand on his face after brushing some hair out of his eyes.
“it will bear. I can feel it” I said. Brendon got a huge smile on his face.
“what?” I asked
“you called me bear. that’s the first time since the accident” he said
“well it fits you” I said as I curled closer to him and laid my head on his chest. After a few minutes I was out like a light

5am came way too quick for my liking. As soon as the alarm started going off brendon and I both let out a groan.
“turn it off” I mumbled into Brendon’s bare chest.
“that involves moving” he mumbled back
“ugh” I said as I sat up. I reached over brendon to the bedside table and turned the alarm off before grabbing my glasses and sitting up. I tried wiping the sleep from my eyes but it didn’t work.
“ I fucking hate mornings” Brendon said as he reached for his own glasses before sitting up and kissing my shoulder.
“how long till the bus gets here?” I asked
“about 15 minutes” he said
“ugh. We really should stop this last minute shit” I complained. Brendon just laughed
“yeah that’s not going to happen babe” he said
“yeah I know” I said. We rolled out of bed and started out morning. I brushed my teeth before packing my toothbrush away. I wasn’t even going to bother changing clothes or brushing my hair, I just wanted more sleep. I headed to the twins room where brendon was. He picked up caden as I got Lacey before we headed downstairs. By then the bus was out from already. Zack and Spencer were dragging our luggage out the door. Jon was there making sure that we had everything and shut the door behind us. Once we were on the bus, brendon and I put the twins into their bunk before we climbed into our own. I didn’t even think twice about pulling him into the same bunk as me and curling into his chest. It was only a few moments before I was fast asleep in his arms again.

“MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!” was being yelled into my ear when I woke up again.
“yes baby” I asked without even opening my eyes.
“aunt Harper said for you and daddy to wake you’re asses up wight this minute or else” Lacey said
“Lacey Brynn Urie don’t say ass. it’s a bad word remember” Brendon mumbled into my shoulder. Somehow we had moved into our sleep to where he was spooning me from behind.
“I sowwy daddy. I love you. Mwah” she said as she blew a kiss before running off
“she is so cute but I am going to kick my sister ass for cussing around her” brendon said
“don’t say ass daddy it’s a bad word” I mocked him while laughing. I rolled out of the bunk and walked to the front of the bus to find Ryan, Harper, Victoria, Emmi, and Jon all away. Victoria was sitting with her legs on jon. They were being all cute and couple like. They were seriously adorable together.
“morning sleeping beauty. Have fun snuggling my big brother” harper asked
“tons. Morning loves” I said as I poured me some coffee. I wasn’t really allowed much caffeine being pregnant, but if I didn’t have morning coffee I would be a witch all day long.
“so what’s the plan for today? Does anyone even know?” Victoria asked
“there is a interview when we get to the venue. Reps from each band and what not. They really just want Katy and brendon but with everything that’s not gonna happen just them so someone else plus them will go. And we still need to figure out a set list” Emmi said
“well what songs do you all want to play? How long are we even allowed?” I asked
“well we get an hour and a half, so like 12 or 13 songs” Harper said
“well I for sure want to play Just a Girl, Ignorance, Josey and Jaded” I said
“Those and I want Hot, Fix, Stay Young, and Candles” Emmi said
“that’s 8. Add on Ignore the end, 6 months, Run Don’t Walk, and Famous Last Words” Harper said
“Start with Famous Last Words and end with Jaded” Victoria said.
“there you go. Set list done”

A few hours later we were sitting in a extra room at the venue on a huge couch. There where cameras everywhere. It was me, Brendon, Ryan and Harper doing the interview.
“Katy, Bren, anything you two don’t want to answer then don’t feel like you have too, especially you Katy. We are not answering anything about Katy’s memory or the kids” Ryan said
“agreed 100%” Brendon said as he sat down next to me.
“you nervous?” he asked me as he laced our hands together.
“not anymore. But if you let go of my hand I swear to god Urie I will hurt you” I said right before the interviewer walked in . I felt Brendon squeeze my hand as the interviewer got started.
“so both bands haven’t toured recently. Why the sudden tour?” the interviewer asked
“ just something we wanted to do for the fans, to let them know for sure everyone is ok physically and mentally” Ryan said
“Katy, I notice you’re pregnant. How are you going to cope with the physical aspect of touring?”
“tons of persuasion by me for her to sit and relax” brendon said
“I am being watched very closely by everyone. And doing everything I can to relax” I said. She asked more about what the bands have been up too. Luckily she didn’t dig into the personal things.
“ok this next part is sort of going to be an either or type thing. Sidekicks or iphone?”
“sidekick” Ryan and harper answer
“iphone” me and brendon answer
“myspace or face book”
“twitter” we all answered
“not a option but ok. Guilty pleasure: Justin Timberlake or the pussycat dolls?”
“ wait Justin with nsync or after?” Brendon asked
“after” the interviewer said
“Pussycat dolls” we all answered
“and really its them because we caught Ross and Spencer dancing drunk to them one night. It was the best night ever” Harper said as ryan tried to shut her up.
“beaches of the Bahamas or Paris”
“Bahamas” brendon and I answered
“Paris” Ryan answered
“A smell tour bus with these losers” Harper answered just as the door opened up
“Sorry to interrupt guys but its time to go.” Zack said as he walked in.

Set List for the Girls!!( and who the songs are really by)

Famous Last Words- Saving Litchfield
Josey- Hey Monday
Ignore the End- Kisses for Kings
6 Months- Hey Monday
Hot- Avril Lavgine
Just a Girl- No Doubt
Fix- Bluf
Stay Young- Strata
Ignorance- Paramore
Run, Don’t Walk- Hey Monday
Candles- Hey Monday
Take My Hand- The Cab
Jaded- Mest

Bluf is a band that i toured with for a few years. i was their merch girl/anything else they needed. they are good friends of mine. Saving Litchfield is a band that we met through touring and toured a few shows with. i am working on getting a video of Bluf's song "fix" up on youtube so that should be up sometime tomorrow. all of the other songs including Saving Litchfield you can find on youtube currently. you can check out more Bluf and Saving Litchfield songs on itunes.

here is the link for the video of Bluf's "Fix". excuse the shakiness and some blurring. Ian's(the singer) camera sucked and i was trying to film while standing on top of a chair ar the merch booth.
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