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chapter 4

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“so you’re basically wanting to try and recreate our first tour? Have you even talked to Brendon about this? You know he’s not going to like you going out there pregnant” “no I haven’t...

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After Brendon was fully calmed down I went and sat outside on the porch with my guitar. It was pouring down rain. I was strumming some random melody that came into my head. I was trying my hardest to remember something, anything.
“what’s the matter? You said you needed me here ASAP?” Harper said as she ran up onto the porch. I didn’t even see her pull in.
“nothing is wrong per se, I just… we need to do a tour” I said
“What do you mean do a tour? You just got out of the hospital plus in case you don’t remember you’re preggers” she said
“so. I know I am pregnant. I’ll take it easy. I just…. I need to do this harp. I need to get out there and just perform. I need… I need for us and panic to do a tour together. I think…I think it’s the key to remembering your brother.” I said
“so you’re basically wanting to try and recreate our first tour? Have you even talked to Brendon about this? You know he’s not going to like you going out there pregnant”
“no I haven’t. But I need this Harp. I know its killing him that I can remember everyone but him.” I said. Harper ran her hand through her hair and gave it a tug as she sighed. It was a trait that both her and Brendon shared.
“you really think that this will make you remember Bren?” she asked
“ its worth a shot. I’ve tried everything else”
“how far along are you?” she asked
“barely 6 months”
“ugh. Ill see what I can do.” she said
“thank you so much harp” I said
“ don’t thank me yet. Everyone else has to agree to it too. I’ll call both managers and see what we can do. It shouldn’t be hard since they wanted Panic to tour anyways. Ill have everyone meet here in a few hours. Brendon on the other hand I am leaving to you”
“you think he’ll be mad about it?”
“no not mad, just worried with you being pregnant. But im gonna go. See ya in a few” she said before running back to her car. Once she pulled out of the driveway I set my guitar next to me and started rubbing my stomach.
“was that just Harper?” Brendon asked as he walked onto the porch with a coffee mug in each hand.
“yeah. Whatcha got?” I asked
“tea for you, hot chocolate for me. What’d she want?”
“ I needed to talk to her”
“do I want to ask?”
“I… you know what happened upstairs… with that song. It got me thinking. I feel… I think music is the key to me remembering you, remembering us. So what better way to remember than to do a tour, both bands together” I said without looking at him
“are you serious? Katy love you’re 6 months pregnant” he said
“brendon I am pregnant not disabled. So I wont jump around as much as usual. Please Brendon. I want to remember. I need to do this for us.” I said. He kneeled in front of me and started rubbing and kissing my stomach. I ran my hand through his soft dark brown hair before his eyes finally met my own.
“you really think this the key?” he asked
“yeah I do. It makes sense. If we music brought us together in the first place, it has to do it again” I said
“the moment you start stressing to much the tour is over. The moment you stress we are taking the first flight back home, back here. And you have to promise me to be careful”
“I will I promise” I said as I hugged him close to my stomach
“ did Harper say when she would know, assuming she’s the one getting it together” he asked
“no she just said she’d have everyone meet here in a few hours” I said

A few hours later we had out entire living room filled with people. We had ordered pizza and were waiting on Harper to return,
“what the hell is taking her so long” Victoria asked
“ Its harper. She probably saw something shiny and got distracted” Sarah said
“Must be a family trait” Emmi said
“Hey now” Brendon said in his defense right as Harper walked in the door.
“about damn time, some of us have important plans tonight” Ryan said as he winked at Sarah
“oh shove it Ross, you two have sex enough. Well we got the tour, but there’s one catch” Harper said
“and that is?” I asked
“ we leave in one week and we are out on the road for two full months of shows. Well two months and two weeks if you count days off” Harper said
“Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean I know the fans have been pushing for tours form both bands, but Katy you’ll be over 8 months pregnant at the end of it. You’ll be ready to bust!” Ryan said
“I’ll be fine. I need to do this” I said
“I made her promise me to be careful. And we are all going to be there watching her like a hawk anyways. What’s the worst that can happen?” Brendon said
“Aside from her going into labor and popping a baby out on stage, oh nothing” Lynai said
“I can do this. If I start feeling labor pains ill make it known” I said
“we aren’t going to win this are we?” Ryan said
“Not a chance” I said with a smile
“Are we having one bus or two?” Victoria asked
“One for us, one for crew. So two total but only one for us bands. But we are use to that anyways” Harper said. The whole group went into their own sets of conversations. I slipped out of the room and walked into the kitchen. I got a drink of water then rested against the counter. I felt a pair of arms slip around me.
“you excited?” Brendon asked me in a whisper
“ yeah I am. I really am” I whispered back
“me too” he said as he pulled me closer.
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