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If anyone who reads this also reads "Angel Claw" it will soon be updated! Very soon infact.
Reviews make writing bearable when people like the stuff you're writing. It'd be cool like.

Happy birthday Jimmy Sullivan! Have fun in Heaven or whatever is up there! (;

Ray’s P.O.V
I sit and listen as Mikey goes through a list of things to help Zeke. Mikey rolls his eyes and smacks his forehead.
“Well if that doesn’t work what will we do?!”
“Fuck! Yes! Got it!” My hand shoots up into the air.
“What?” Mikey taps his cheek.
“His friends and or boyfriend from Ireland! We could bring them over and maybe he’ll…perk up a bit?” I grin at my marvellous idea.
“Well if we bring his boyfriend, he’ll definitely perk up” Mikey murmurs, his hand flies up into the air, waiting for a high five. “Come on Ray! That was a good one, damn it! I’m not putting this down until I get a high five!” He cracks up, the plan for Zeke’s friends to come over plays out in my head.

Hearing Mikey beg Zeke for a high five, I silently tip-toe into Zeke’s room in search for his phone.

“Done and dusted” I whispered to Mikey.

-Time Lapse; 3 hours; Ze Toro living-room-
“Hey, you got a phone call from someone about touring with some band” Zeke handed me the phone, I mentally noted that Zeke was very helpful for information.
My smile grew wider as I ended the phone call.
“It was Brian, our manager, we’re going to be touring with Avenged Sevenfold. Do you like them?”
“Meh, they’re…good. Better than you guys are anyway.” Zeke said blandly staring at the television
“Thank you“ I joked and sat down beside him. “I want to talk to you Zeke.”
“You always want to talk to me, Ray.” He got up and left and came back in with a massive bag of Skittles. He looked at me. “So? You gunna start?” I shook off his coldness.
“I want to know how you’re doing, how you’re coping with everything. I just want to talk, I want to have a normal conversation with you.” I look at him.
“So having a conversation about how your son is addicted to self-injury, cheats on his boyfriend multiple times, drinks and does drugs at the age of thirteen is a normal conversation? I’m a complete fuck up Ray and I don’t know what to do about it. I want to be normal, I don’t want to hide things anymore. I basically just told you everything so what else is there for you to ask me?” Zeke scratches his arm.
“What is it you find so pleasing about drugs Zeke?” I press my lips together.
“It’s just the feeling you get, everything goes away and you’re in this little world. I’m happy and it’s amazing. It’s like if I just take this then everything will be okay and I won’t be fucked up.” He told me truthfully.
My memories of Gerard’s drug addicted days came back to me.
“Do you want to stop?”
“No.” He got up and left the room. I sat and listened to him as he went up to his room.

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