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Bad Company

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Ray rushes into the room, calling for a nurse.

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Short as like but sure. Next chapter will be long, promise. I was supposed to add something else here but I can't remember. I love this story, seriously and I'd really love it if people would review. Thanks. :)
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Zeke’s P.O.V
Come on, come on! I mentally shouted, staring at my clock. I got a phone call from Don telling me to meet him along Rex Court and to leave exactly at 4:30AM. Time means nothing when you need a fix - of anything.
I slide down the banister and quietly unlock the door. I tie my hair back and put up my hood. It’s cold. I run down the dead streets. It’s a ghost town.
I skid to a stop when I see Don, it’s been weeks. I slowly edge towards him, “Hey man” He says smoothly. It just rolls off his tongue
“What’ca got?” I ask urgently.
“I got some coke, it can do us, for now.” He smirked, seeing me get restless.
Now I'm not to keen on Cocaine, but anything at the moment will work.
“Wanna come back to mine? No one there, as usual.” He flicks his head in the direction where his house if. I nod and follow. I’m sweating and twitching. I couldn’t even care less about going to Don’s. The place is a fucking shit hole. Looks like shit, smells like shit. But right now, I could use the middle of the damn street.

Once we settle in, Don lays it down on the table and I start cutting lines.
“You don’t wanna freebase man?” Don asks me, sounding offended.
“Nah man, don’t have time” I lie. Don shrugs, he takes out a 10 dollar bill, rolls it up and starts snorting. He then passes it to me, I snort up the remaining lines and tilt back my head, closing my eyes, smiling. It doesn’t last long. My eyes roll to the back of my head, my body starts to shake erratically. My breathing slows and I hear nothing.

“I’m sorry! I just! I tired, I thought it was coke, but…I didn’t know and I…it wasn’t mean to happen.” I hear Don shouting. What the fuck? I try to open my mouth, which causes me to vomit harshly. Opening my eyes, I find myself in a hospital room, sick all over the side of the bed. Oh lovely.

Ray rushes into the room, calling for a nurse. The whole band is there including other people I couldn’t make out properly. A nurse holds him back, telling him she’s just going to check up on me first.

“What do you want?” I spit at her.
She smiles brightly, “I see you’re awake.”
“What the fuck happened to me?” I try to get out of the bed.
“Nope! Stay in bed dear! You over-dosed. The street term for the drug would be, ‘China White.”

What the fuck?
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