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Lost and Found

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Kichi meets Mikey and Gerard.

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Yay. I'm glad people are liking it. Thanks to those who reviewed.

"Kichi Grey?" asked a voice in her head. She just nodded.
Awesome. I wasn't sure. You weren't turning up too clear"
"Turning up where?" she whispered. Then she felt them, properly felt them. She turned around to see them looking at her.

The first boy was 19. Fresh out of high-school. Gerard Arthur Way.
I know you can hear me Kichi was his thought at that moment.
His long onyx hair went to his shoulders and framed his round boyish face perfectly. His skin was ghostly pale like hers and his large hazel bambi like eyes drank in her appearance.

The next was his younger brother and also the guy that had to pee. Michael James Way, 16.
Hey, call me Mikey was all he said/thought. Mikey had light brown hair which went to just past his ears and was straightened to perfection. His black thick rimmed glasses sat over his hair. He was taller than Gerard and skinnier. His skin was pale but was no where near Kichi and Gerard's paleness.

Kichi looked down, letting her hair swing forward to create a curtain between them. It was odd knowing that Mikey could be in her head just as much she could be in his if she truly focused. She heard him laugh at her thoughts and she was tempted to mentally flip him off.
Tisk, tisk. Shouldn't do such rude things
Warm hair gently blew her hair out of her face warming her most wonderfully. She looked up at them.

"Are" she asked slowly, not to sure of her own question.
"Yupp. I control the weather on a very small scale. I can warp the weather around myself and others." Gerard's voice was smooth and silky. She loved the way it sounded. He was just beautiful.
He's gay Kichi and taken may I add
Kichi couldn't help but look sort of disappointed. Mikey gave a giggle. Mikey was powerful, she could feel it but he was afraid of his own power. Of it being too much and it getting out of control. He could obviously read thoughts and maybe see into the future or something. She looked up at him for confirmation; they were now only a few steps away.
"What?" asked Gerard, not knowing what was being said between.
"Nothing" she said with a small smile. Gerard frowned at them not happy about not knowing what was going on.
"You should come meet everyone" Mikey said, he looked at her hopefully.
"There are others?" she spluttered. Gerard giggled, it was high-pitched and very girly.
"3 well 4 now including you, which we know of" Gerard grinned.
"Which we know of..." she repeated quietly, thinking it over. Mikey kept out her head, letting her absorb everything that had just happened.
"Do you want to meet everyone?" Mikey said with a smirk, already knowing her answer.
"For real? she asked, her face gained a slight pink colour. Mikey laughed.
"For real" he said, holding his hand out to her.

Kichi bit her lip, not really sure wither to take his hand of not.
Taaake iiiit she heard Mikey sing in her head, sort of pretend ghostly. She gave a small giggle and gently took her hand. He shivered slightly at her touch.
What? she thought at him.
Uh, nothing. Your just cold, that's all Mikey's voice in her head sounded nervous and embarrassed. Gerard had a smirk on his face.
"Shut it Gee" Mikey snapped at his brother. Kichi watched them curiously wondering wither or not it was worth it to pry into their minds.

They walked in silence for a while till they reached a large dark brown stone house. A few lights were on.
"You're not homophobic are you?" Gerard asked. Kichi shook her head.
"Good" he said with a nod. Nervousness bubbled in the pit of her stomach. Mikey gently squeezed her hand.
You’ll be fine he told her. Kichi just nodded.

Gerard pushed open the door and loud rock music pulsed out.
"Honey!!!" Gerard screamed as soon as he stepped through the doorway. "I'm hooome!!!!!"

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