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Home Sweet Home.

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Kichi meets everyone else and a savage cat called Neko.

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WARNING: Some child sexual abuse below mentioned. Not to graphic but still enough to maybe offend and/or upset some people. It's nothing too bad. But I thought I should say something just in case.

A small guy with jet black hair came running as fast as he could and jumped onto Gerard, gripping on as if his life depended on it.
"Geeeeeee!" he giggled, kissing Gerard all over his face.
"What have you done to yourself Frankie? Where's your tattoo's?" Gerard asked, frowning slightly.
Kichi watched Frankie, his life unfolding before her like a map. She could only see a little at first until every thing came un-done. His name was Frank Anthony Iero, 16, same age as Mikey. He ran away at 13, lived on the streets for 2 years before Gerard and Mikey found him, took him in. Frank's mother and father had split up when he was 7. He never saw his mother again.

That's when the abuse began. Frank stayed with his father, Frank Sr. It started off as just touching. Frank Sr made his 7 year old son touch him in ways no kid should ever be made to do, whilst his dad got off on it. Then at the age of 10 his dad began to rape him, every night before he went to sleep. His dad would spend all day drinking. Food for never in the fridge and the bills were never paid. Frank Sr had his son well and truly under control. Frank was terrified of his dad and what he would do if he ever told anyone. After he ran away Frank never found out what happened to his father and he didn't care. Frank hated that man with every fiber of his being.

When Kichi came out from Frank's head she found herself crying.
Don't cry Kichi, I'm really happy here. I have nothing to hide. It wasn't my fault, I'm not ashamed of my past
Kichi just nodded, wiping away the tears the best she could.
You okay Chi-Chi? Mikey asked softly. She just nodded.
Chi-Chi? she asked him. A small blush crept across his cheeks.
Uh, yeah. If you don't mind. Mikey couldn't look at her, the nickname had just slipped out.
Of-course I don't. I've never had a nice nickname before she admitted. Mikey looked up at her, looking kinda shocked. Kichi just shrugged and turned back to Frank who was standing in-front of her now. They were roughly the same height, only Frank was a little bit taller. He hugged her gently.

When they let go Kichi was astounded to see glorious flash colour tattoo's covering Frank's arms and a couple of black and white ones on his neck.
"It's my power" he grinned. "I can change my appearance at will" He giggled again as his hair grew a couple of inches in length and went from black to a darkish brown.
"Your hair's beautiful babe" came Gerard's quiet voice from next to Kichi.
"Thanks" he blushed. Kichi watched them happily, feeling the love they shared fill her up from the top of head to the tips of her toes. Frank showed off changing the colour of his eyes, his tattoos, even his skin colour for a while.

Mikey stood leaning against the door frame, happy that so far she got along with everyone. Just like he knew she would of course. Kichi didn't speak much but he could hear her brain buzzing with a million thoughts and questions. Opinions and first impressions were being made. Mikey couldn't help but hear them. He had to badly pee but he'd have to leave her alone with everyone for a few minutes and that just didn't seem like too good an idea right now.
Go to the bathroom Mikey came her voice. He bet even in the foulest of moods her soft voice could pull it out from him.
I'm good just now he replied.
Don't lie she giggled. I can feel it and it's making me have to pee too. So shoo, I'll be fine A small shiver ran through his spine. Her voice was soft and gentle, he didn't think she had it in her to be properly mad at anyone.
Look after her for 2 minutes, would ya Gee? Gerard smirked at Mikey.
"Of course dear brother" he said. Mikey loved how he could tell other people things and read their thoughts and they couldn't do the same back. Well Kichi could and she had but she was always very careful not to pry where she felt people did not want her to be.
"Mikey?" asked Kichi out aloud for once.
"Yeah?" he said snapping out of his thoughts, realizing he had been staring at her for the past few minutes, a small blush creped across her cheeks and Mikey's flamed.
"Bathroom?" she mouthed.
"Fuck!" he yelled, turning on his heel and disappearing down the corridor. She gave a small laugh.
"What was that about?" asked Frank, pouting at them. Kichi couldn't help but think how cute he looked.
"Nothing" she said innocently. Gerard gave a small laugh. Frank rolled his eyes.
"Their always doing this to me" he sighed. "Ooh, ooh! Wanna meet everyone else?" he said excitedly, perking up almost instantly. Kichi nodded enthusiastically as she got caught up in his excitement.
"Let’s go" he grinned, grabbing her hand and pulling her down a corridor and into a door on the right.

Two boys were sitting in what Kichi guessed was the living room. Music blasted from a speaker in a corner and objects flew about the room of their own accord. She giggled slightly as she ducked to avoid a gerbil. Objects bounced off some sort of bubble, as she put it, around the boy with an afro. He didn't even seem to notice. Frank pushed her towards them wanting to see what she'd do. The boys never seemed to notice her there. So she stood as still as she could whilst trying to avoid moving objects, listening to what information was given to her about them.

The boy with the large reddish-brown afro was Raymond Toro but everyone called him Ray. He was the same age as Gerard at 19. Ray produced a force field around about him. It wasn't on purpose the same as Kichi, it just happened. Ray knew she was there.
Kichi Grey right? he asked.
"Yeah" she said loud enough to be heard over the music.
Awesome, Mikey saw you a while back. He couldn't wait to meet you.
"Why?" she asked, not understanding if there was some sort of hidden meaning from the way he said his words. She felt him smirk mentally.
"What?" she asked, still not understanding him.
You'll find out in your own time Kichi, don't worry about it Ray's thoughts drifted to video games so she left his head and went to see about the other boy.

He was Robert Corey Bryar, 17.
Call me Bob he said, watching her with interest. Kichi watched as a deck of cards floated past shuffling themselves. She laughed slightly at the madness in the room and everyone just acted as though it was completely normal. Then again it probably is, she thought. Bob was muscly looking with sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Also he had a beard thing going on. He could move object with the power of his mind. He'd been doing it so long that it was pretty much effortless.

Objects kept flinging themself at Ray but never once did the bubble burst. Or that’s how Kichi saw it. To her Ray was surrounded by a bubble, like the ones little kids blow. It roughly molded itself to his shape with about 7 inches lee-way. It moved with him and never popped. She gently reached over to see if she could feel it. Her fingertips gently brushed it and it rippled as though it was made out of water. Kichi snatched her hand back. Ray just looked up at her and smiled. She gave a small smile back.

Just then a cat came floating past her; she reached out and gently plucked it from the air. It was a deep black with a white patch on its chest, four white tipped paws and a cute pink button nose. It purred and shimmed in closer. Everyone watched in astonishment as the cat stretched out contentedly in her arms. She gently rubbed its stomach and the purring got louder.

She looked up at them, frowning at why they all stood there open mouthed.
"What?" she asked.
"That cat hates everyone, anyone goes near it and it tries to bite the fuck out of you. Your here all of five minutes and it hasn't taken a single swipe. You sure you don't charm animals too?" Gerard couldn’t seem to believe it. Kichi blushed.
"Um, no I don't. I've just always loved cats" she said, dropping her eyes to the happy looking cat in her arms. She scratched under its chin and its back paw twitched.
"Awww, you tickly there baby?" she cooed at it, scratching there again and it's back paw gently tapped against her arm. She giggled slightly as it looked up at her with expectant shinning green eyes.
"What's his name?" she asked, not looking up at any of them.
Gerard calls him the hairy ankle biting little bitch. Bob just avoids him like the plague. It can't get near Ray and Frank kicks it out his way if he sees it. Do you think we really wanna name it? Mikey's voice came back to her. He was standing next to Gerard in the door way. Was it odd she had missed him in the short time he had been away?
"Looks like I'm gonna have to name you" she said to the cat, which just looked like it couldn't care less.
"You are now named Neko" she said as though making some grand announcement.
"Um..." was the general repliy.
"Japanese for cat" she laughed. Neko seemed happy with his new name.
Japanese huh? Just like your name Mikey said, she just smiled. Kichi stood gently holding the cat, stroking his soft fur and occasionally talking to him. Gerard and Frank wondered off to the basement, which was Gerard's room but Frank stayed there every night so it was really their room. Mikey sat down on the couch next to Bob and patted the space next to him for Kichi to sit down too.

"Chi-Chi?" asked Mikey.
"Yes Mikey?" she said, looking into his caramel brown eyes. Kichi felt the flapping of butterfly wings in her stomach. She couldn't understand it. She'd never felt this way about someone before. She guessed this was what a crush was. Kichi and Mikey didn't say anything for a while just sat still, looking into each other’s eyes.
"What a cliché" giggled Frank, breaking up their little moment. Mikey blushed again, he's never blushed so much in the one day before and Kichi just buried her face into the soft, sweet smelling fur of Neko.
"Okay Kichi, since Mikey is too chicken to ask you, I will" Frank grinned, quickly sticking his tongue out at Mikey before turning back to Kichi.
"We've all agreed we like you and you belong here with Mi-…us" Frank almost said with Mikey and they both picked up on that. Kichi couldn't look at any of them. She'd never been so happy in all her life. This truly was the place she fit.
"Thanks" she whispered, blushing a little. Tears filled her eyes and she refused to let them fall.
"We want you to live with us. You could have Frank's old room, it's not like he uses it anymore" Frank gave an embarrassed giggle at his boyfriend's words, as true as they were. Kichi opened and closed her mouth a few times, words refusing to come out.
"It’s what?" asked Mikey, disappointment colouring his tone slightly.
"I do want to of course..." she said, thinking how to work her reason.
"Buuut..." pressed Gerard. The corner of her lips twitched the ghost of a smile.
"But...I just can't...I mean my parents hate my very existence but there all I've got. I can't just leave them. I wouldn’t know what to do without them, oddly enough" Silence filled the air as each boy had a different reaction to her words. Neko nudged her unhappily to get petted some more. Gerard frowned at her words but understood what she meant. Frankie felt rejected even if he had only known her for about 10 minutes. Ray was disappointed she was the only out-sider so to speak who didn't hate or judge them straight away. Bob was wondering; if her family life was as bad as she said then why would she want to go back to that. And Mikey was a big mixture of emotions, heart break and anger being the two main ones.
"That's bullshit!!!" he yelled. He turned to face her. Kichi flinched back from him, her back leaning against Bob. Neko jumped up, his back arched, claws out and hissing at Mikey.
"Mikey" Gerard said softly, placing a hand on his younger brother's shoulder.
I'm so sorry Mikey she sniffled.
No you’re not he said sourly.
But I am she insisted.
You’re not Kichi he sighed. Just leave if you hate it here so much Mikey said, turning his back on her. He felt his own tears well up and he didn't want her to see them even if she could feel them.
I don't hate it here its ju-
Just...go he whispered. He could feel the hot tears trickle down his cheeks and he knew Kichi was sheading her own.
"Fine" she said, her voice pierced with sorrow.
"Bye guys" she said quietly. They all mumbled bye quietly, except Mikey. He couldn't say anything. He heard the front door click quietly behind her as she made her way home through the frosty streets. Mikey left silently for his room, ignoring everyone else especially that horrid cat who had now turned savage again, so he kicked it out the way.

The only sound that could be heard through-out the house was the ticking of clocks or the quiet drip from a tap. Even the music had been shut off. Silence was unnatural for this house but it felt right.

Just then a piercing shriek slashed through the air.

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas of your, let me know that too. And I'm sorry I kinda rambled on about the cat for a while.

xoxo Sam
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