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“We have baby business to attend to.”

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Donna and the other three came scurrying down the hallway till the got to the nurses desk.

“Paisley Walker? My son brought her in two hours ago when her water broke.”

The nurse looked at her computer, “Room 315.”

“Thank you.”

They trooped into Paisley’s room to see her doctor, Dr. Ross, writing on a clipboard.

“When did you start having contractions?”

“Around midnight they seemed to be a little closer together. But I’ve been feeling them for the past couple of weeks and I just thought they were those fake ones.”

The doctor smiled as she wrote, “Braxton Hicks?”

“Yeah those.”

“Well sweetheart, you are actually three centimeters dilated. Which means you are still in the early stage of labor. Since you are just a little less than 37 weeks, we went ahead and admitted you. Right now you’re contractions are probably a little over or right about 10 minutes apart, am I right?”

Paisley thought a minute, “Yeah. About 10.”

Dr. Smith nodded, “As early labor ends, they should be close to five minutes apart and last much longer than they do now. At first it’ll be slow going until you hit 4 cm, then it could just be a matter of hours.”

“So, do I have to stay in the bed?”

“Yes,” Gerard interjected quickly causing Dr. Smith to smile.

“Actually, if you need to, you can walk around. Walk around the courtyard. It will be perfectly safe, Mr. Way,” Dr. Smith noted the look of indignation that crossed Gerard’s features.

“I’d like to take a walk. Just me and you,” Paisley said as she slowly looked up at Gerard and smiling at him.

Sighing, he gave in.

“Okay. Dr. Smith, about how long does this stage of labor last?”

“It can last anywhere between eight and twelve hours.”

“So she should be entering the next stage soon, right?”

Dr. Smith tried to refrain from laughing, “Yes Mr. Way and it will still be safe for her to walk around. Actually it’s best she not stay in the bed for long periods of time. She will have to change positions.”

Gerard frowned as he watched Frank help Paisley off of the bed.

“Do I have to wear this gown,” Paisley asked skeptically.

“Do you have a dress to put on?”

Paisley nodded as Donna pulled one out of her bag.

“Then you’re all set. I will come back and check on you after your walk.”

The guys turned around as Donna helped Paisley put on her shirt dress. Walking over to her boyfriend, Paisley slipped her hand through his.

“We have baby business to attend to.”
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