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let the darkness enclose around me

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what do you do, when to get away from danger, you have to run towards it?

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hey everyone! sorry it's taken me so long to update on this, i got major writers block XD but, it's gone now, and i really hope that what i've ended up writing it good =] please don't forget to rate and review, as i'd LOVE to know what you think of it =D xo

Ray's P.O.V

'OH MY GOD, MY ARM!' The soldier I was tending to screamed deafeningly as he noticed it was missing.

'Shh, you're gonna be fine, okay? Look, it's barely bleeding,' This was because I'd managed to pinch the artery that had also been severed, but as soon as I moved my hand from it, the bleeding would start again and he would most likely die. There wasn't a lot I could do for him here other than calm him down and get him to a place where he would be relatively comfortable.

'Frank!' I called, spotting him a few yards away trying to get out of the grip of a crazed man who was only half there. Literally. 'Help me move this dude under that boat!'

He shoved the butt of his gun into the guys head until he dropped before running over to me. He grabbed the wounded man's legs, lifting them as I lifted his torso.

We only made it about half way as he was heavier than he looked, and now he was just dead weight. We had taken too long.

'Fuck!' Frank cried when he saw the life-less glaze his eyes had taken. 'Give us a fucking chance, you mother fucking bastards!' He waved his middle finger towards the German gunner towers about half a sports field away, but quickly fell into a heap by my side. My first thought was that he was injured and I felt myself freeze. I thawed out slightly as he raised his head, his face screwed up to hold back the tears that were fighting against him. He was too young for this-he wasn't even twenty-three yet.

'Frank? Hey, come on, we're gonna be fine, we just need to get to the other side,' I told him, placing my hand on his shoulder the same way Gee did with Mikey. He looked up at me before hugging my arm.

'I know, but I'm so scared. It's catch twenty two-to run away from the danger, we gotta run towards it. What happens if the same thing that happened to that guy happens to me? You couldn't save him, Ray.' His eyes pleaded with me to tell him he would be okay, but I couldn't. He had always been the luckiest out of us, but luck always turned bad, and I knew there was nothing that could stop it.

Gerard's P.O.V

I clutched desperately to the metal pyre sticking out of the sand, my mind racing. It ran through the lyrics of my song as they left my mouth, the last words I had heard my little brother say to me before being dragged away, and the look in his eyes as his hand had searched for mine. I-I love you, Gee. You're my best friend, and the best brother I could have asked for.

The crash of yet another boy with too much left to live for falling to his death snapped me back to reality.

'And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me, for all the ghost that are never gonna catch me,' I sang defiantly, letting the words fill me up and take me over. 'You will never catch me, you German fuckers!' I screamed before heaving myself to my feet so I could prove those bastards wrong.

By the time I reached the trench on the other side of the field Frank and Bob were already crouched inside it.

'Gerard, you made it,' Bob sighed, leaning over slightly so he could hug my shoulders. I acknowledged them as I glanced from them to all the other men surrounding us. Where was he?

'Frank, where's Mikey?' I asked him desperately. He looked at me gone out for a moment before saying,

'We-we thought he was with you,'

'No, don't say that! You knew he wasn't. Where is he? Where's my brother! Do not play jokes on me!' I grabbed his shoulders, shaking them violently.

'Gee! Gee! He isn't here! Gerard, let him go!' Bob yelled as he tugged on my hands. I fell back into him, unable to believe what was happening.

'Maybe he's just taking a little longer,' Frank reassured me, but it didn't help to calm me down. I looked dejectedly out at the murder scene.

'Mikey,' I muttered, snapping upright. 'Mikey!' I tried scrambling to my feet, but Frank and Bob's hands held me back.

My baby brother was running as fast as his feet could carry him towards us, but they were slightly too slow. My scream as a tiny spurt of red left his chest rang through the air, seeming to silence all others.

Mikey's P.O.V

Oh, god...oh god, no.. My mind flitted images of my death before my eyes as I hid behind a metal thing dug deep into the sand. My breathing was getting faster, and my hands were shaking so much. I rested my head on the cold metal, a tiny whimper escaping my lips. As soon as it was free more followed it, until I was almost sobbing. The fear that racked my body wouldn't let me move, but I knew that the longer I stayed there, the more likely I was to get hurt.

You'll be okay, Mikey, just stand up and run, Gee's voice rang through my head giving me hope. I glanced over at the trenches and felt a wave of relief hit me hard. They were there. They were safe.

I hunched forwards, pulling myself up before turning around and running towards the only people that mattered.

I'm gonna make it! My mind screamed at me as I closed in on them. I was actually going to make it. I would get to go home, where I could ask Alicia to be my wife. I would live.

A sharp pain ripped it's way through the left side of my chest, pulling me round as the bullet tore it's way out of my back. I hit the ground hard, raising my hand to where I had been hit. I felt something crash into my side, but I couldn't see what it was as my eyes refused to open. I tipped my head back and howled in pain.

'Mikey! Oh god, Mikey. Look at me, you're going to be fine. Oh, Mikes!' Ray's frantic voice pounded my ears, but it grew fainter being replaced by the sound of my blood thumping past. The distant sound of someone calling my name found me, and I recognized it as my brother's voice. He was screaming for me, desperation making it shrill.

My chest burned, reminding me again that I was going to die. I started screaming with fear, pushing my body into the sand in a bid to escape the pain.

'Ray, Ray, please! Oh my god, please! H-help!' I begged through my teeth, my voice coming out unnaturally high.

'I know, Mikey, I know, I am helping. You're gonna be fine,' He told me again, but I could barely hear him. I was slipping.

'T-tell the g-guys that I-' He cut me off.

'You can tell them yourself. You're going to stand up in a few minutes and I'm gonna help you run over there.' His hands were fussing over my chest, but I could barely feel it. I was even struggling to open my eyes.

'T-tell them that I-I love t-them. And t-thank y-y-you,' I fell further into the darkness, finally succumbing to sleep. I vaguely felt my body start to go limp, and my breathing began to slow. It was also evening out, no longer erratic, but steady and shallow.

I could no longer hear Ray's voice, but I knew he was talking to me. I thought about Gerard-how would he get over me? He had aways gotten so attached to everything, and could never let go.

And Alicia..the thought of never seeing her again hurt more than the hole in my chest, but I knew she would be okay. She was stronger than she thought. She would most likely end up helping the guys get over me.

I tried to think about them, but my mind wouldn't follow one train of thought any more. It would barely follow any. My thoughts were becoming shorter and fainter, distant memories flashing by-a moment in the sun, piercing blue eyes trying to convince me I would live, a foot caught in a bass strap, a hand on my shoulder. My eye lids fluttered open for a second before closing for the last time.

And the darkness enclosed around me...
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