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Just a coffee..just a mug of his favorite blend

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'i love you, Mikey, please come home,'

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I'm sorry this chapter is so short XD i'm not sure if the next few chapters will be long or short, but i hope you enjoy them all anyway! please don't forget to rate and review! xo

Gerard's P.O.V



What- H-how..? No...

He's not-he can't be... Please!! oh god no...

No, not my Mikey, I-I can't-

I can't...


Can't- I'll take you home, baby brother...

I'll take you home...

3 months later-Funeral

Alicia's P.O.V

He said he would come home..I missed him so much..He's just a-as perfect as e-ever..

I felt yet more tears begin to eat away my cheeks as I stared down at the one person I had loved. Finally I thought my mind had gone numb, that the lakes behind my eyes had dried up. That his memory would linger, unobtrusive in the back of my mind.

I was wrong.

My mind still went over every word he had written to me, finding new meanings to the shapes, new reasons why I could not live without him. It still flashed back to that magical day we had spent in the sun-one moment perfectly suspended in our memories, never to fade away as other precious moments often did.

My tears had not dried. I had not felt the sensation of tightness that dried up salt water gives when it is no longer being supplied with fresh tears. Not since I heard that..

Mikey lingered on, yes, in my head and in my heart, but he seemed to weigh me down, making it impossible sometimes for me to stand. I often heard his voice telling me about some comic book he had seen and wanted, or that he hadn't had any coffee that day and was craving it.

I remembered when I had made my way into his mother's kitchen after hearing him say that, and started making two cups of his favorite blend while telling him how much I had missed him. I remembered placing his mug in front of him, watching him lift it to take a sip, placing it back down.

'I love you, Alicia, I hope you know that. Just, just promise me you know that, and that you'll remember it. Don't let anyone say different. I didn't leave you, Alicia, I'll always be here..' He had taken my hand as he spoke, and I couldn't help remembering how cold it had been. Almost like death.

'Of course I know that Mikey, why wouldn't I?' I had asked, fear beginning to rise behind my eyes. 'Mikey?' He never answered.

A noise in the doorway had stolen my attention, just for a second, just long enough for my world to shatter once more.

Donna, Mikey's mother, had been standing in the doorway watching me. She looked scared-like she hadn't slept in days because she was afraid of the monster under her bed. I watched her look back and forth from Mikey's coffee to mine, and I had thought she was going to ask were hers was. I looked back to Mikey, ready to ask him to make her one, but there was just a coffee. Just an un-started mug of his favorite blend. My Mikey had left me again.

I could still see the faintest outline of his smile, and leaning forward to place a kiss on his lips, I had whispered,

'I love you, Mikey. Please come home,'

And then all the lights went out.
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