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Chapter 2

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I woke up the next morning full of excitement. We were moving today, away from here, away from all the bad memories. I crawled out of bed, tripping over one of my 5 full – to – the – brim suitcases containing all of my belongings.

“Owww…” I muttered, I stood up and looked around my room. It looked so odd without my posters on my walls, my special Fall Out Boy rug, rolled up and leaning against my wall instead of on the floor. The only things that still remained was my bed, well only the mattress as my mum took the bed apart and took it down stairs, ready to be put into storage, I’m guessing she’s using a 24/7 service one; and my dream catchers, which I can’t sleep without. I’ve had them since I was born, mum has some too and I’ve never had a nightmare nor a dream. Mum says I should always have them, just in case…

I yawned and stretched then made my way downstairs. Liam was sat in the living room, already dressed with orange juice around his mouth from the bottle that was in his hand. He was smiling to himself as he pretended to feed his little toy bunny some orange juice.

I smiled and carried on to the kitchen, which had nothing in except an oven, bottles of drink, bread and a very tired looking mum.

“Morning mum, have you been up all night?” I asked her. She nodded while passing me a bottle of orange juice.

“Yep, everything is on its way to Las Vegas right now. We just need to get ourselves there, so go get dressed.” She ushered me out the kitchen before I could say another word. I ran up the stairs to get dressed. I opened one of my suitcases and pulled out some clean under garments, an MCR top, some blue skinnies and a stray eyeliner. I shut my bedroom door and started to get changed. Once I was done I took my dream catchers down and put them in my messenger bag. Everything was packed now so I decided to pull my laptop out its bag and turned it on.

I applied some eyeliner as I was waiting for it to load up.

I signed into my MySpace and noticed I had a new photo comment. I clicked the link to find out it was from that Brendon guy.

‘Very pretty (:’

I smiled and went to my messages, I hadn’t replied to Brendon yet.

‘Heya, sure I’ll check your band out (: BTW I see you’re from exactly where I’m moving to today, maybe we can hang out some time…? x x x’

I sent it then looked at his profile again. He really was quite gorgeous. I looked at his friends list and found his band. I turned the volume up and listened to the first song on the small list. A song called Boys will be boys / Time to Dance. They obviously hadn’t decided the actual name yet.

I was amazed, the song was so good, the lyrics were awesome and the voice… it sounded like an angel’s voice! I scrolled down to see who the band members were.

Ahh so Brendon is the dude with the awesome voice.

knock knock

Mum came into my room grinning, she picked up some of my suitcases.

“Taxi is here to take us to the airport hunny, come on” She said excitedly, she left the room. I smiled and turned my laptop off and put it away. I grabbed the rest of my things, took one last look at my room then left.

10 minutes later we were out the door and in the taxi.

It doesn’t take that long to get to the airport thank God. I looked down at Liam who was strapped in next to me and smiled. He was the cutest 5 year old ever to me.

“Hayley, what if I don’t make new friends?” He said worriedly. I held his hand. Mum let out a soft giggle from the front.

“Of course you’ll make friends Liam! I’m sorry you had to leave your old ones” I said to him, he smiled up at me.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry you had to leave yours” He said cutely, I smiled at him this time and hugged him.

“My friends weren’t exactly ‘friends’, you’ll understand more when you’re older Liam…” I said to him, he seemed happy with this answer as he didn’t reply, just lent on my shoulder and drifted asleep.

I looked out the window and watched my old town rush past me; man was I glad to leave this place.

“Mum, did you tell anyone we were leaving?” I asked her, she turned around to face me smiling.

“Of course darling, I’d never just get up and leave, I’m not like your father…” She said darkly, I gulped but she smiled again.

“I told your grandparents and I told my work and friends, did you tell anyone?” She asked me, tucking a piece of blond hair behind her ear. I shook my head.

“Nah, I don’t like my friends, my boyfriends a jerk, the only person I told was a guy that lives where we are going who I don’t even know” I laughed, Mum laughed and took my hand.

“Don’t worry, you’ll make new friends, it’s a fresh start, everything’s going to be great” She promised, I smiled.

“Don’t worry about me mum, is Liam who’s worried about his popularity!” I laughed; mum laughed too then faced the front.

20 minutes later we got to the airport, Mum paid the taxi driver and I helped her take all our suitcases out of the taxi. We both smiled and Liam half smiled from mum’s hip as the taxi drove away.

We made our way into the airport and found the correct gate to our plane. When we found it we just followed everyone else who was going the same way.

On the plane I breathed in and out slowly, I hated the take off, the flying was okay, just the take off. Mum and Liam were in the aisle right next to me. I was in the aisle seat on my own. A girl with cool hair sat next to me, she was holding hands with a boy with longish hair. I rested my hand on the arm rest, gripping it tight as the plane started moving. I closed my eyes but opened them again when I felt a hand on top of mine. I looked up to see the girl smiling sympathetically at me. I smiled back and gripped her hand. Soon after a voice over told everyone it was now safe to take off their seatbelts and turn their electrical devices on. I breathed deeply and turned to the girl next to me.

“Thank you so much” I said to her. She smiled and held out her hand.

“No problem, I’m Bella” She said, I shock her hand and smiled.

“Hey I’m Hayley” I replied. Bella turned to her friend sitting next to her.

“This is William, my boyfriend” She grinned, I said hey to him as he waved to me. We were all chatting for a while; I found out that they were into the same music as me, MCR, Fall Out Boy, The Used, AFI, Aiden, Bullet for My Valentine etc etc… I also found out they were 16 also.

They were pretty awesome people and very interesting. We were just reading the latest Kerrang! when Bella turned to me.

“So any reason why you’re coming to Las Vegas?” She asked me.

“Oh I’m moving out there, you know, start fresh and everything, you?” I replied. They shrugged.

“We sorta live here, we just visited my parents in New York” William said. I smiled.

“Awesome, hey I was on myspace the other night and I got a message from a dude who lives in Nevada which is where I’m moving to. He has a band and they are amazingly awesome, you should check them out…” I told them.

“Coolness, we live there to! What’s the band called” Bella asked curiously.
“Erm, Panic! at the Disco” I smiled. Bella turned and looked at William, then they both turned and grinned at me.
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