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Chapter 3

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I looked at Bella and William. They grinning weirdly at me.

“What?” I asked them, opening a can of Red Bull and taking a sip from it.

“Hmm… you will find out soon enough” Bella said, checking her watch and opening another box of orange Tic Tacs. I looked over at mum and Liam; they were watching a film together. Mum saw me and put her thumbs up in a ‘You okay?’ sorta way. I put my thumbs up back at her; she smiled and went back to watching the film.

“Who were you putting your thumbs up to?” William asked.

“My mum and little brother” I replied. He nodded and put his arm around Bella, kissing her as she offered him a Tic Tac. I looked away from them; I suppose I was a little jealous that they had such a good relationship. My mind swivelled to Brendon. I didn’t even know him but I already really liked him. Must be his voice…

I took my laptop out of its bag and turned it on. Before I signed onto MySpace, I signed onto MSN.

Iero_the_hero! says:
Eeek hey!

(L)Hayley(L) says:
Fraaaaank! Wassup?!

Iero_the_hero! says
Ya know, just hanging, Ray says hey!

(L)Hayley(L) says:
Yo dude, I’m on the plane, I’m moving to Las Vegas !

Iero_the_hero! says
No way! We are doing a show there soon, we could finally meet!

(L)Hayley(L) says:
OMG! Yes but loads of fans will be waiting -.-

Iero_the_hero! says
Pfft, backstage babe! I’ll get you and a friend in!

(L)Hayley(L) says:
Yay! You rock Frankie xD

Iero_the_hero! says
I know I know, well I’m off now, ILY! x x x

(L)Hayley(L) says:
ILY and Ray too x x x

Iero_the_hero! has signed off.

I smiled and went into MySpace. 1 new message. I grinned and opened it.

“That’s awesome! Yeah we should totally hang out, add my msn, x x x x”

I quickly added him on MSN. Everybody Panic! signed in.

Everybody Panic! says:
Hey (:

(L)Hayley(L) says:
Hey ^^ I added you

Everybody Panic! says:
I gathered LOL

(L)Hayley(L) says:
Oh yeah, duuur.

Everybody Panic! says:
Aww haha, so when are you moving here?

(L)Hayley(L) says:
I’m on the plane right now, almost there.

Everybody Panic! says:
Ahh cool, well I live at 203 Beacon Street, come visit me =]

(L)Hayley(L) says:
No way! I’m moving into 204 Beacon Street!

Everybody Panic! says:
We were meant to be!

Everybody Panic! says:
I mean….

(L)Hayley(L) says:
Hehe =] well id better go now, landing soon, cya later (: xxx

Everybody Panic! says:
Okays, I’ll wait outside for you when I get home xxx

I signed off with a huge arse smile on my face.

“Whatcha grinning about?” Bella asked, tipping a Tic Tac into my hand. I put it in my mouth.

“Nothing…” I grinned, Bella smiled as an announcement said over head that we would be landing soon. My stomach stirred, Bella took my hand again as I buckled my seatbelt up.

We were walking into the terminal. I introduced mum and Liam to Bella and William and we all walked together to collect our luggage. When we got it we stood looking at each other.

“Well…, we gotta keep in touch” I smiled as I handed them a piece of paper with my number and address on it.

“Wow! We live in 205, god that’s so cool” William said excitedly. I laughed and looked at mum who smiled.

“Come on darling, it was nice meeting you two, I’m sure we will meet again if you live so close” She laughed her soft laugh. Bella suddenly spotted someone in the crowd.

“Wait I want you to meet someone!” She cried, grabbing my hand and spinning me around.

Two deep brown eyes were staring into mine. I gasped.


“Hayley!” I jumped onto him, wrapping my arms round his neck and my legs round his waist, hugging him.

“Do you even know this young man?” Mum laughed, I suddenly became embarrassed and jumped down.

“Erm, no not really” I mumbled. Everyone laughed and I smiled slightly. I felt two arms go around my waist as everyone turned away.

“Nice to meet you…” Brendon whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my back.

Brendon gave us all a lift back in his car. My mum said no, that it was too much hassle for him, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Liam had taken a shine to him already, but he wasn’t they only one.

“So are you going to tour the town after unpacking Hayley?” Mum asked me. I looked up from the backseat, Liam falling asleep on my shoulder.

“Erm probably” I mumbled. I stayed quiet for the rest of the journey. Finally we pulled up outside Brendon’s house. We took our things out of the car and turned to Brendon.

“Thank you so much!” My mum said, swooping down and kissing Brendon on the cheek. Brendon smiled.

“No problem at all, would you like some help taking your things in?” He asked, pointing to the huge Van outside our new house. Mum smiled.

“You’re too kind” She made her way to the house, taking the key from a flowerpot and opening the front door.

“Welcome to Las Vegas” Brendon said, kissing my hand and walking over to the van. I smiled and walked after him.
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