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Chapter 4

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We had done all of upstairs at last. Brendon had brought his friends over to help, Jon Spencer and Ryan. His band mates, who also brought their girlfriends to help me unpack my things. Emma came with Ryan; Diane came with Spencer, and Brandy who came with Jon. All of us plus Bella were in my new room which was quite big. Liam was asleep in his little bed in his own room and all the boys and mum were doing down stairs.

Diane was helping me stick up posters around my room, she screamed when she saw my Fall Out Boy rug.

“That’s so fucking cool!” She squealed. I laughed and stuck Aidens faces on the wall. Emma and Bella were putting all my clothes away, and Brandy was sorting everything else out such as Sterio, bedside table, shelves etc… Finally it was finished. We all fell back on the bed exhausted, just as Brendon and Jon came in carrying a tray of glasses filled with orange juice. I smiled and went over to them and took a glass.

“Mmm thanks” I said as I took a sip and the others came and took their glasses.

“Wow you girls have been working hard” Brendon said, sitting down on a bean bag.

“Yeah we have, thank you so much by the way!” I said to the girls. They all smiled at me.

“Come on Hayley! Im going to give you a tour!” Brendon said, jumping up again. I grinned and put my glass down.

“Okay, cya guys, thanks again” I said as Brendon rushed me out the room. I laughed but gasped when I got down stairs.

“This looks amazing!” I said, mum came through and stood infront of me.

“Its all thanks to the boys! Are you going out?” She asked, I nodded and opened the front door.

“Okay, don’t be too late hun, Brendon you’re welcome to stay for dinner, Ryan and Spencer are taking me food shopping while the girls look after Liam, your such a nice bunch of kids!” She smiled, walking back into the kitchen.

Brendon and I rushed out the door and down the street. We started to slow down when we hit an empty road with a few shops.

“Sorry about my mum…” I said, breaking the silence. Brendon smiled down at me.

“Your mum rocks!” He laughed.

He showed me the beach, the park, the cemetery, the mall and lots more. We were sitting in Starbucks as it was getting darker. My hands wrapped around a Vanilla Latte, Brendon sipping from an Americano.

“Sooo…” Brendon started, I looked up at him, into his eyes, I got lost in them…

“Your eyes…they are so pretty” I whispered, Brendon took my hand across the table and smiled.

“Thanks” He grinned, I blushed and looked away. He softly stroked the back of my hand as he drank his coffee.

I really liked him, I only just met him but he makes me feel so happy.

“So when do I get to hear your band ?” I asked him as we walked out the shop and started our way back home. Hands now laced together.

“Well our next practise is two days away, so you can come watch then” He smiled.

“Awesome, you guys actually rock” I said, swinging our hands. We were nearly home now, just a few more minutes. I didn’t want to go home, I loved being with Brendon.

“Are you staying for dinner?” I asked.

“Sounds great” He said. We knocked on my front door and waited for someone to answer. Emma came skipping to the door and wrenching it open. She looked straight at our hands.

“Are you…?”

“NO ! no” We both said, springing apart. We walked in and went up to my room.

“Im going now, no one else is in except Liam who is sleeping, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” Emma shouted up the stairs. We laughed as she shut the front door. I sat cross legged on the bed as Brendon went around my room looking at everything, staring at my posters, looking on my shelves. His eyes stopped when they came to my CD case. He went and looked through it, occasionally letting out a mmm, or a ugh ! I crept up behind him and looked over his shoulder. He was looking at the Blink 182 greatest hits album.

“It’s a sham-“ He started, turning around and bumping right into me. Our faces became inches apart. I could feel his soft breathing on my face. The CD case fell to the floor as Brendon put his hands on my waist, edging closer, I felt my arms go around his neck on their own accord. Our lips were almost touching when…


“Hey hun I got pizza for din- “ Mum saw, stopping when she saw us, we instantly broke apart.

“Was I interrupting something?” She asked, smiling slightly. We both shook our heads. She grinned and left the room. We glanced at each other blushing.

“Err…” Brendon mumbled, bending down and picking up the CD case and putting it back.

“Come on lets go down stairs” I said, making my way to the staircase.

It was fairly quiet during dinner, except Liam slurping his drink which made Brendon smile and laugh.

“So Brendon, I take it you go to the local school?” Mum asked, he swallowed his pizza.

“Yeah I do, I was going to ask Hayley if she would be attending it” He said, turning to me. I nodded, taking a drink. He smiled and went back to eating.

After we all washed up (Brendon insisted on helping), I led him to the front door as he had said he’d better be off.

“Ill come knock for you tomorrow yeah?” He asked me, turning to me and giving me a huge hug. I clung to him, not wanting to ever let go.

“That would be great” I said as we broke apart, he smiled and bent down slightly, kissing my cheek. He waved and walked off. I closed the door and put my hand to my cheek. I smiled and ran upstairs to my room. Once I was in I shut the door and ran and jumped onto my bed, screaming into my pillow.
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