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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I woke up smiling for once. This never happens, of course there was a special reason for me smiling in the morning. Of course I thought it HAD to have been a dream. But one glance around my new room and a familiar face proved to me it wasn’t. I yawned and stretched.

“Its slightly odd when you start watching people sleeping Brendon” I laughed slightly. Brendon grinned and came and sat on the end of my bed. I moved my feet for him.

“Its slightly odd when you start muttering Brendon in your sleep” He replied. EEK ! I felt myself blush.

“Oh erm, its probably because you were the last person I talk to before going to sleep, I defiantly wasn’t dreaming of you…” I stumbled out. Brendon put his hands up.

“Jokes babe!” He laughed. I blushed deeper and got out of bed. I drifted to the door and turned around to see Brendons eyes suddenly shoot to my face. I looked down at what I was wearing. My underwear and a white Aiden top. SHIT.

I looked back up to see Brendon smirking. I crossed the room and pulled on some shorts.

“So why are you in my room so early?” I asked, breaking the eerie silence. Brendon coughed and pointed to the clock on my bedside table. 11:25!

“Okay not as early as I thought” I laughed. Brendon grinned and joined me at the door. We walked down together and joined mum and Liam in the kitchen.

“Hehe, Hayley’s not wearing make up in front of a boy!” Liam giggled, spilling boiled egg down him.

“Aww sh…sugar I mean” I said, as mum gave me ‘the look’. I wasn’t allowed to wear in front of Liam.

“You look fine without it” Brendon laughed, sitting down. Mum nodded and passed me some presents.

“Happy birthday darling” She said, I grinned and hugged her.

“Its your birthday?!” Brendon asked. I nodded, he grinned.

“Happy birthday dude”

“Haha thanks” I replied. I got some coffee and sat down drinking it. As I set it down on the table Brendon took it from me and drank some. I smiled.

“Go get dressed Hayley, I don’t want you showing your legs of to boys” She winked and turned around.

“He can see a lot more if he wants…” I muttered under my breath.

“Huh?” Mum asked, turning around as Brendon spluttered. Shit he heard.

“Nothing!” I yelled as I ran up stairs. I laughed as I pulled on new underwear, some fishnet tights, black and blue layered skirt, a blue tank top with my blue converse. I finished it off with blue and black bangles, a blue bow and some eyeliner. After brushing my teeth I ran downstairs.

I gasped as I saw my mother giving Brendon a blow job.


I went and grabbed a can of Red Bull out the fridge and kissed my mum and brother on the cheek as Brendon slipped his phone back into his pocket. I don’t think I was meant to see.

“We’re going out, cya later” I said, they said a quick bye as me and Brendon left the house.

“So where are we off too today then?” I asked, Brendon, who was slightly pink in the face, shrugged.

“Where do you wanna go?” He asked me. I shrugged this time. Brendon flashed a smile at me, almost making me walk into a lamppost as butterflys flew in my stomach.

We ended up just walking around then went to the park. We sat on the swings and swung silently.

“Whats school like?” I asked him.

“Meh, its school, its not meant to be amazing, but its good, hopefully you’re in all our lessons.” He smiled, I smiled back nervously.

“Don’t worry about it, we have a week left of holidays left anyway” He reassured me. I nodded and got off the swing, deciding to lie on the grass. Brendon followed suit. I looked up at the sky.

“Hey look! Dinosaur!” Brendon giggled, pointing at a cloud above us.

“Wow! Ahh there’s a musical note!” I said excitedly. We laughed together as we spotted all these different shapes in the sky. Everytime we laughed we got a little closer. I sighed and turned over so I was lying on my tummy.

“Whats up?” Brendon asked, lying on his side facing me.

“Nothing….do you ever get the feeling you like someone more then they like you?” I asked, Brendon frowned.

“Yeah I do, it sucks, why?” He asked, I shrugged.

“No reason…”

“Its weird, ive only known you two days, it feels like forever” He said, I smiled.

“Yeah it does” I said, but was cut off by screaming and laughing. We both looked up to see William Ryan Jon Spencer Bella Emma Brandy and Diane running towards us.

“Oi oi oi! Sleepover at Spencers!” Jon shouted grinning. I laughed.

“Awesome” I said, they all came and sat down with us. There was an awkward silence. Emma coughed.

“Erm yeah anyways…” Diane said. We all laughed and Spencer put his arm around her.

“So all the girls should go to each others houses, get their shit, get as many covers and pillows as possible, get your tampons…” William said, the boys burst out laughing as the girls rolled their eyes.

“Okay well all the boys go get their shit, all the covers and pillows possible, and measure and compare the size of their dicks?” Brandy smirked. I high fived her as the girls all laughed.

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Ryan laughed, standing up. We all laughed and made our way back to our street. We all lived on the same one.

“Okay we’ll meet at Spence’s right” Jon said. We all agreed and went our separate ways. I already missed him even though id see him real soon.

We collected all of Bellas stuff and went to everyones houses, by the time we got to mine we were loaded with pillows and duvets, Red Bull, Fizzy drinks and a few bottles of WKD.

As the girls made their way upstairs to my room I went and told mum what was happening. She was fine with it and gave me a huge bottle of vodka and smiled.

“Its your birthday, have a treat” I smiled and thanked her and ran upstairs. The girls all shouted happy birthday at me as I entered the room. I laughed and thanked them.

I got all my shit together then turned to the girls.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked them.

“Shoot” Emma said from the floor.

“I fancy Brendon” I burbled out. They smirked.

“Well that was obvious” Bella laughed.

“Yeah tell us something we DON’T know!” Diane said. I grinned as Brandy stood up and took out my PJ pants from my bag. She got a bag out of her own bag and brought it over to me.

“Brendon told us it was your birthday, so we got you a little something” She said. She pulled some red lacy underwear and bra out the bag, followed by a black lacy sorta see through nightdress. My eyes bulged at them. She packed them in my bag.

“Make him go crazy” She winked at me, I laughed and shut my bag.
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