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Chapter 8

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It was the end of the break now, and I had to go to my new school…

I’m dreading it in a way. I’ve always hated having to make new friends, but this time I already had some. But I had to learn my new lessons, I had to try not to be hated too much. I had to find out what was wrong or right in this school. So yeah… you could say I’m scared…you could even say I’m terrified.

Brendon came and knocked for me in this morning for school. He smiled when I was rushing around stuffing everything in a bag. As I rushed past him he stopped me and wrapped his arms around me.

“1. Good morning baby, 2. Stop rushing around. 3. calm down, you’ll be fine, you just need pens, pencils, a notebook or two, and something to drink and eat” Brendon said. I smiled and breathed deeply. He rubbed my back and I stepped away. I emptied my bag of everything I put in it and started again. I put a couple of pens in there, a couple of pencils. I pulled a bottle of strawberry flavoured water out of the fridge and put it in there along with an apple. I grabbed my Skelanimals notebook and a plain purple one.

“Is that all then?” I asked. He thought for a moment then nodded.

“You’ll get all your books when you get to the classes, and ill come with you to Student Reception so you can figure out your home room and get your timetable…okay? Nothing to worry about at all.” Brendon said, comfortingly.

I nodded and said goodbye to mum and kissed Liam’s cheek.

“Good luck Hayley” He said sweetly. I smiled and Brendon took my hand. We left and made our way to school. We were meeting the others at school as they usually turned up late, but I was to scared too, seeing as it is my first day. So Brendon said he’d go early with me.

“Brendon, what if everyone hates me?” I asked quietly. He squeezed my hand.

“Of course they wont! And who cares if they do, you have us and that’s all you need. “ He said.

“What about the teachers, what are they like?” I asked, still quite nervous.

“Theres no bad teachers at our school. Well unless you make them really pissed off, but other then that they are all fine” Brendon said as we turned a corner, I could now see the school and only a few kids were roaming around it. We were pretty early actually.

We stayed quiet till we reached gates. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and we made our way over to Student Reception.

The lady behind the desk smiled at me with bright red lips.

“Hello dear, how can I help?” She asked nicely.

“Erm, well I’m new here and I need my timetable, and I’m not sure what my homeroom is” I explained. She smiled again.

“Well welcome to our school, I hope you do well here, and what is your name?” She asked.

“Hayley Francis” I said, the lady tapped a few things into her computer.

“Hmm Hayley Francis, you are in Miss Nichols home group which is in class L10, and here….is your timetable” She said, passing me a piece of paper she just printed out.

“Thank you very much” I said and turned to leave. Brendon was waiting outside. He looked at me when I stood next to him.

“Who’s your home group?” He asked, linking our hands again.

“Miss Nichols” I said, his face lit up.

“Awesome, that’s mine, Ryan’s and Brandy’s” He said. I smiled. He scanned through my timetable.

“Okay so you have every lesson with at least one person from our group, I would go through them all but it would take forever, but today, im in all your lessons” He said. I could now breath easily.

“Thank god, I was scared id be on my own in a class” I said.

“Brendon, Hayley!” We heard someone call. We turned around to see Emma running up to us with everyone else behind her.

They all huddled around us and looked at my timetable.

“Yes art with me!” Jon said high fiving me. They all went through the classes I had with them, it ended up like this.

Math = Emma, Ryan, and Jon.

Art = everyone

Music = everyone.

Geography = Jon Diane Ryan and William

History = William and Spencer

Literacy = Brendon Bella Emma and Ryan

Home Ec. = Bella, Brandy Emma Diane

The school was now full of different looking kids, running around, waving to friends they hadn’t seen over spring break. Me, Brendon, Ryan and Brandy made our way to our home group. I became nervous again, Brendon smiled and put his arm around me and led me into a classroom where a nice looking lady stood at the front. She smiled at me.

“Hello dear, you must be Hayley, yes ?” She asked. I nodded and looked around the class. Lots of different styled people were seated in there.

“Okay well as you already seem to know Brendon, you may sit next to him, Abbie, you move next to Adam” Miss said. I smiled at Brendon as he led me to his seat at the back of the room behind Brandy and Ryan. A tall, pretty-ish blonde girl sighed, grabbed her books and shoved past me. I glared at her as she muttered something that sounded a lot like ‘emo freak’.

“Wait Hayley, you need to tell us some things about you!” Miss Davies said cheerfully. Oh no. I looked at Brendon who shrugged and smiled. I stood up and everyone turned to look at me as I walked to the front.

“Erm what should I tell you?” I asked nervously.

“Well start with your name, where you moved from, musical tastes, things like that” Miss said.

“Okay well im Hayley Francis, I moved from New York to start a new life here. Music is an important thing in my life, I listen to lots of things but mostly rock, heavy metal, alternative, screamo, punk, stuff like that” I explained.

“So your emo?” Someone shouted. I laughed.

“No, im also against labelling” I said.

“But you have black hair and tight pants” The person shouted. I glared.

“That doesn’t make me emo at all” I said, getting angry.

“Err yeah it does, and your music taste, dude your so emo” That was it.

“Hey how about you shut the fuck up!” I shouted. Everyone in the class jeered and encouraged us to fight.

“That’s quite enough , okay thank you Hayley, sit back down” Miss said sternly. I went to go back to my seat and the blonde girl stuck her foot out. I saw it and kicked her foot hard. She screamed in pain as I sat back down, a lot happier. Ryan, Brandy and Brendon just stared at me in disbelief.

“What?!” I grinned. They laughed as the bell went. I grabbed my bag and Brendon took my hand and we left with the other two. We made our way to art where we met the others. I also met the awesome art teacher, Mr Appleby. He was so fucking cool, we had the same music taste and everything.

“Who’s your favourite band then?” He asked after he explained what to do to the class and came and sat with us.

“ Gotta be My Chemical Romance” I told him.

“Haha now I know why you hang out with these losers” He laughed pointing at everyone. We all burst out laughing.

“Nah MCR are cool, im more of a Bullet For My Valentine guy my self” He said. I nodded.

“They are awesome live” I said.

“Yeah I know, all 6 times…they just kept getting better” He grinned. I laughed.

“Hey Hayles, who else have you seen live?” Spencer asked, tongue stuck out whilst drawing a detailed picture of a rose.

“Erm, Aiden once, MCR 3 times, Bullet once, Fall Out Boy twice, The Used 4 times, HIM twice and Iron Maiden once…oh and Avenged Sevenfold supported HIM on one of the times” I counted them off. Everyone gapped at me.

“Bloody hell Hayley” Diane laughed.

“What can I say? I love live music” I giggled. Brendon laughed and kissed my cheek.

“How long have you been here Hayley?” Sir asked.

“Erm about a week” I answered.

“And Brendon has already charmed you?” He said, we all laughed.

“What can I say, I love gorgeous girls” He said, mimicking me. We all laughed again, and sir went back to his desk laughing as well. Maybe today wont be that bad…


“You fucking say sorry bitch” I screamed at Abbie. I pulled her bleached blonde hair harder.

“Fuck you emo” She shouted back. I kicked her in the side and walked back over to Emma and the others.

“Sorry Em, she wouldn’t say sorry” I said.

“Don’t worry, that was worth it” She laughed.

We were just about to walk home when Abbie and her plastic friends thought it would be funny to squirt hand cream over Emma. I couldn’t just ignore that.

“Babe your so violent…its kinda sexy” Brendon laughed. I grinned and turned to face him and started a furious make out session. Everyone laughed and eww-ed but I didn’t care. I felt so free…so different to the Hayley in New York.

When we broke apart, Brendon’s lips were pinker and fuller then normal. He looked shocked, but happy. We linked hands again and walked down the street, catching up with the others.

Later on that night, Brendon was round for dinner. He actually spent most nights at my house, but I went round his last night and has my first meal with his parents. It went amazingly.

Mum asked me how my first day was.

“It was awesome, I kicked this bitches arse” I said happily, shovelling potatoes down my neck.

“Hayley!” Mum laughed.

“Well she poured hand crème on Emma!” I said defensively. Brendon nodded.

“Whatta bitch!” Mum said. I nodded.

“She is, so how was your day?” I asked. Mum grinned.

“I got a job!”
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