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Chapter 10

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Once we had met everyone at Brendon’s, including the other guys, we made our way to the mall to do some shopping. It was a busy Saturday afternoon and many people were rushing around making it hard to stay in contact with our friends.

A group of French tourists suddenly ran past us, making us lose sight of Emma, Ryan, Spencer, Diane and Brandy.

“Ahh shit we’ve lost them already!” Jon laughed. I grinned and pulled out my cell phone, calling the first of that group in my list. Emma.


“Hey dude, where are you?”

“Oh hey Hayles, well we got swept away over to Hot Topic, so we decided to look around”

“Oh right, well how about we meet up in the park over the road in like half an hour or so?”

“Yeah sounds great, cya then”


I hung up and put the phone back in my bag and took Brendon’s hand.

“Okay we are meeting them in the park over the road in about half an hour” I informed them. They all nodded and we made our way into HMV, rushing over to the new Releases section.

“DUDE! Disturbed's new album, I'm getting me a copy of this!” Jon said excitedly and grabbed a copy, running to the counter, pulling out his money as he went. I laughed and carried on looking, Brendon had gone over to the videogames with William and Bella was checking out the iPods as hers had taken a little swim in the river.

I picked up a copy of Cute Is What We Aim For’s new album and checked out the back, seeing the song titles. I’m not sure why but if I see a good song title I automatically assume it will be a good song. Strange right?

An arm went over my shoulder and picked a copy of My Chem.’s new DVD up. I put my CD down and turned around to see a tallish man with dark hair and sunglasses on.

“I would recommend MCR’s new DVD, people say its pretty fucking awesome” He said, I grinned.

“Thanks for the advice, but I got that the minute it…came…” I stopped in my tracks as the man pulled of his sunglasses. MY jaw dropped.

“GERARD!” I squealed and hugged the man in front of me who happened to be THE Gerard Way. He laughed and hugged back.

“Shh, I’m in disguise!” He said, looking around warily and putting his sunglasses back on. I raised an eyebrow.

“Surprisingly enough, only sunglasses work, coz I didn’t know it was you” I said. He grinned.

“So what brings you here?” I asked him as he put the DVD back. He shrugged.

“Well we have the concert on Tuesday and we got until then off. So I decided to check out the local mall, and who do I happen to run into !” He laughed, pushing me slightly with his elbow. I grinned.

“Awesome…wow, I can’t believe you’re here, one fifth of my heroes!” I said, shaking my head in amazement. He laughed again and gave me a hug.

“That’s sweet, I can’t believe I’m finally meeting the girl who is extremely dedicated to our music…how are you by the way?” He said, concerned. I smiled.

“I’m great, amazing in fact. Over there, that’s my boyfriend and some of my new friends here…that’s why I’m amazing” I explained. Gerard checked them out and nodded.

“Good, I’m glad, but yeah I have something for you!” He said, digging into pocket and pulling out two slips of paper and two laminated cards on chains. He handed to me.

“These are your tickets and backstage passes, Frank wanted to give them to you himself, but I said I was going to the mall and I might see you, and he couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed. So yeah, here you go” Gerard explained. I took them and gapped at them.

“Wow….I mean, I knew this was happening but it’s still hard to believe…Omg thanks so much!” I said excitedly, hugging him again. He grinned.

“No problem, you deserve it, but I better get going –“ He got cut off by his phone ringing. He held his finger up a second, apologizing for taking the call.


“Hey dude, help me out”

“Hey Frank, what’s up?”

“I need Starbucks mega quickly”

“Haha, okay, the usual?”

“Yes yes”

“Awesome, btw Hayley is here”


Gerard passed me the phone. I looked at it confused.

“Its Frank” He said, I grinned and took it.



“Haha I’m great thank you, how are you?”

“I’m amazing now thanks, oh dude I cant wait to meet you, sorry I didn’t come today”

“Same! Haha its fine Frank, ill see you on Tuesday anyways”

“True true, anyways I best go, Gerard needs to get me Starbucks!”

“Okay, well ill see you on Tuesday, take care!”

“You two Hayles, love you!”

“Love you too”

I hung up and passed the phone back to Gerard. He pocketed it and grinned.

“Franks excited to meet you”

“I gathered haha, anyways ill let you go now coz Frank really needs Starbucks” I said, Gerard laughed.

“Yeah, well it was great meeting you at last, I shall see you on Tuesday” He said, giving me a hug and kissing my head. I hugged back.

“Yup, looking forward to it, cya!” I said back and walked off.


“Hey, man is it me or did Gerard Way just walk out of Starbucks?” Diane said to Brandy. She looked over and her eyes bulged and her head nodded.

“Its not you, he did, oh dude, Gerard Way!” Brandy said. Emma’s head turned.

“What about him?” She asked, Diane pointed to the man who was coming their way. He looked slightly scared as someone was pointing to him. Emma jumped up and walked over to him, Diane and Brandy followed, leaving Ryan and Spencer by the fountain.

“Hey, I’m real sorry for interrupting you, put I don’t suppose I could have a picture with you, if your not too busy?” Emma asked Gerard. He smiled and took of his glasses slightly, looking at Emma, then at Diane and Brandy as they approached.

“Seeing as you asked so nicely, I’m going to say yes, but it will have to be quick, Frank needs his Starbucks, and discreetly, I don’t really want a huddle of people screaming for photos” Gerard answered, laughing. The girls laughed.

“Thanks so much, this means a lot to us” Brandy said. The four of them walked over to a statue and went behind it where no one was standing or sitting. Emma pulled out her digital camera from her bag and placed it on a stray chair some Jocks had obviously stolen from an eating place. She put the self timer on and the girls got in the picture with Gerard, they all put their arms around each other and done either Pace signs or thumbs up. When it flashed, Emma ran over to the camera and looked at the picture, laughing, and showed the others.

“What an awesome picture!” Diane grinned. Gerard looked quickly at his watch on his wrist then shrugged.

“How about some separate shots then I must go” He offered. The girls squealed with delight and Diane stepped up first. Emma took a good picture of her and Gerard. Then She took a photo of Gerard and Brandy poking their tongues out. Then Brandy took a photo of Gerard and Emma hugging.

“Dude, thanks so much, these are going on buzznet, is that okay?” She asked. Gerard nodded.

“Sure it is, you girls coming to the concert on Tuesday?” He asked, picking up his box tray of Starbucks cups. The girls shock their heads.

“Are friend Hayley has got backstage passes and is taking her boyfriend, but we were thinking of going then buying tickets from the guys who hang around outside selling them” Brandy explained. Gerard smiled.

“Yeah I just met Hayley for the first time, so you’re the friends she always talks about” He said. The girls all smiled to themselves, feeling a sudden rush of love for Hayley.

“Most likely” Diane smiled. Gerard grinned.

“Well girls it was nice meeting you and stuff, and I hope you can make it to the concert” He said, hugging the girls each.

“Thanks loads Gerard, and we hope we can to” Brandy said. Gerard walked off and we walked back to the guys, who looked confused.

“You will never guess who we just got our photos taken with” Emma squealed.


Emma, Ryan, Brandy, Diane and Spencer were making their way to the park to meet the others. Emma and Ryan were in front, swinging their hands as Emma explained what just happened, whilst Brandy and Diane held Spencer’s hands and told him what happened.

They crossed the road quickly and waited outside the entrance to the park for the others. As they were talking, Hayley, Brendon, William, Bella and Jon were walking out the mall, each holding bags and walking quickly. As they approached the road , William, Bella and Jon crossed. Diane heard her name being called, she turned around to see Brendon and Hayley on the other side. She smiled as Hayley quickly ran across the road. She had a big grin on her face. I smiled and looked at Brendon.

Suddenly, a red car whizzed past, out of no where, knocking Brendon down and zooming off. My eyes bulged and jaw dropped as I saw Brendon sprawled on the floor. Hayley looked confused and turned around, letting out a small gasp.


Once I had explained everything about mine and Gerard’s meeting to a curious Brendon, and we paid for our items, we made our way towards the park to meet the others. Me and Brendon were tagging behind little discussing things.

“…but seriously, I can not wait until Tuesday!” I squealed as we walked towards the road. Brendon was in a slight mood because I wouldn’t let him carry my bags, which contained an assortment of new clothes and CDs.

“Yeah same” Brendon grumbled. I laughed and kissed him. He soon lightened up a little. The others had now crossed the road. I saw everyone else.

“Diane!” I shouted and ran across the road to her. She smiled at me, I heard the roar of a car but ignored it. Diane’s smile dropped as she looked behind me, I turned around slowly and let out a gasp. My feet started walking towards a small crowd of people, surrounding a body on the floor.

I broke out into a run and pushed people aside. I dropped to my knees at Brendon’s side and held up his head, placing it on my lap.

“Brendon?” I whispered softly. I checked his wrist for a pulse but couldn’t find one. I bent over and lay my head on his chest, checking for a heartbeat. But once again, there wasn’t one.

“Brendon!” I shouted, tears falling down my face. Brendon was dead.
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