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chapter 17

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2:15 am.
The girls finally fall asleep after a long night of Guitar Hero competitions.

4:23 am.
Brandy woke up to piss. Emma tripped her up as she went to the bathroom.

4:25 am.
Brandy comes back from the bathroom and kicks Emma in the ribs.

6:00 am.
Hayley’s alarm goes off. The girls are pissed off, turn over and fall back asleep.

8:36 am.
Diane’s phone rings…everyone ignores it.

10:56 am:
Hayley wakes up to her mum leaving the house. Walks down stairs and finds a note telling her not to go out today. And that she’s at work.

11:01 am.
Hayley walks back upstairs with 4 mugs of coffee in her hand, the girls wake up to the smell of coffee.

12:00 pm.
After randomly searching though the internet, aka buzznet and MySpace. The girls decide to go downstairs to get some lunch and watch some films.

12:14 pm.
The girls sit down with some pasta and crisps and red bull. Healthy-ish lunch. They watch Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny and sing along to all the songs.

1:43 pm.
Hayley gets a text from Brendon saying he loves her loads and misses her and cant wait to see her again. Hayley texts back saying its only been a couple of hours. Brendon texts back saying that’s the most amount of time he wants to spend away from her.

1:45 pm.
Hayley finishes telling the girls what Brendon just said, they girls aww-ed a lot. Hayley texts Brendon asking if hes changed anymore.

1:47 pm.
Brendon texts back saying yes…and he has to go. Hayley hid her disappointment and carried on watching the film.

2:26 pm.
The girls started to get bored. Guitar hero can only be so much fun. They decide to dye their hair. They have no hair dye so they phone Pete to get some.

2:52 pm.
Pete arrives with at least 20 boxes of different hair colour. The girls try to pay for it but Pete says he doesn’t mind, as long as they look hot. The girls giggled and thanked him, he went off again.

3:37 pm.
All the girls are sitting carefully in the bathroom, trying not to get hair dye everywhere. Diane will soon have bright purple hair. Emma will soon have bright red hair. Hayley is going to have orange hair and Brandy is going to have bright blue hair.

3:59 pm.
The girls hairs are finished and look awesome. They admire themselves in the mirror, than decide, with the other boxes of hair dye, they are gunna do random highlights in there hair.

4:12 pm.
They are sitting still again. Emma is going to have black under the red. Hayleys going to have purple tips on her orange. Brandy is going to have bright pink bangs. And Diane is going to have green tips on her purple.

4.28 pm.
The girls hair are done again, they laugh hard at the bright colours, but love their new hair.

4:38 pm.
The girls take so many pictures its unbelievable, but they look hot so its okay. The upload the pictures onto buzznet and myspace and ask people to comment them.

5:15 pm.
The girls order pizza as no one can be bothered to cook food. The pizza guy is awesome, the girls paid him extra to hang out with them. Luckily enough it was the end of his shift, so he came in and hung out with them.

5:31 pm.
The pizza guy, Jeremy and the girls are getting on well, they are into the same things and music. They all eat pizza and sing along to songs on the music channels.

5:59 pm.
The girls ask to dye Jeremy’s hair, he agrees and they go up to the bathroom to dye it.

6:17 pm.
Whilst Jeremy waits for his hair to be done, he wonders if the girls do piercings. They all say no, except Emma who says she can do them, but not that great. Jeremy takes the risk and asks her to do one for him. They sterilize a earring hoop and Emma gets some ice.

6:25 pm.
Jeremy now has a brand new lip ring and some brownish blonde hair. He grins and thanks the girls, they laugh at how they had basically only just met Jeremy but they had already changed his appearance. They go downstairs and Jeremy spots Hayleys bass guitar. She explains that she doesn’t play, it was her friends who had passed away.

6:37 pm.
Hayley finishes explaining about the bass and Jeremy picks it up, asking if he can try it out. Hayley nods and he starts playing the bass line to Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy, Hayley smiles and starts singing along.

Emma, Diane and Brandy clap and cheer as Jeremy ands Hayley finish playing other songs. The girls look out the window to see the moon look back at them.

7.03 pm.
A loud howl of pain is heard from outside.

7.04 pm.
Hayley runs out the house into the darkness.
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