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“London you have been amazing!” I screamed through my microphone. Thousands of cheers answered back and I ran offstage followed by my band mates. We high fived each other, grinning, then ran into the separate showers.

As the cold water ran, gradually getting hotter, I glanced into the slightly steamed up mirror, seeing a girl with orange and yellow hair staring back. I smiled, she did to, I ran my hands through my damp hair, she copied. I grinned and started to undress, thinking about all the events that have taken place over the past year, starting from stepping off that plane from Las Vegas, America, to London, England.

I breathed in the fresh air blowing around and calmed down slightly. It has been a rough flight and all I wanted was a shower and some sleep. I felt a tug at my hand and looked up into a pair of deep brown eyes.

“Ready honey?” Brendon asked. I reached up on tip toes to kiss his lips.

“Ready as ill ever be” I smiled. We walked trough the terminal with our friend Jeremy at our side. He had turned out very helpful since we met him, gave us lifts places, places to stay and now he brought us to England with him to escape the trouble back in Las Vegas. We had to leave our friends and family behind and go as quick as possible, because when The Dead are on your trail, you simply cannot take your time. So me, the Valerian witch thing (I still didn’t know much about it and might never do, as my mum was killed) and my werewolf boyfriend have come to live in sweet old England where our love wasn’t forbidden. A couple of Jeremy’s friends are holding up for us which is incredibly nice of them.

Standing just behind the barrier was a tallish boy with dark brown hair and a lip ring. He was slurping from a straw coming out of a strawberry milkshake cup. He grinned as he saw us, which told me

a) It was Jeremy’s friend.

b) He knew me and Brendon were tagging along.

He dove under the barrier and met us halfway; he swung an arm around Jeremy and gave him a hug.

“Good to see you Jer!” He grinned.

“You too man” Jeremy replied in his husky voice. He turned to us and smiled.

“Hayley, Brendon, this is Josh Farro” He introduced. I smiled and held out my hand which he shook with a warm hand, then moved onto Brendon and repeated.

“Nice to meet you Josh” I said.

“Nice to meet you both as well, my brother is in the car, just grab your bags and lets be off, unless you need anything else here?” Josh said, gesturing around us to the different shops. I shook my head and Brendon said no. Jeremy started towards luggage claim and we followed, collecting our bags, then walked after Josh through the main doors.

Out in the car park, a boy who looked similar to Josh sat on the hood of a blue car. When he saw us, he stood up and brushed his pants off, he was a little shorter then Josh and chubbier. He smiled at us.

“Hayley, Brendon this is my little brother Zac” Josh said, pointing a hand to the boy in front of us.

“Hey dude” Brendon said, Zac smiled.

“So you’re the two invading our house?” He said, but he was grinning. I laughed and nodded.

“’Fraid so”


After we stuffed our bags into the small boot, we piled into the car and sped off to the Farro household. There was only light convocation in the car, but it was nice.

“So what brings you over here in such a rush, if you don’t mind me asking?” Josh said from the driver’s seat.

“Erm…” I started.

“We got kicked out of our houses because we weren’t allowed to be together, strict parents, so we had to get as far away as possible, Jeremy said you wouldn’t mind us staying with you for a bit, by the way thanks so much” Brendon lied smoothly. I just nodded.

“Oh right, wow that sucks, and no problem at all” Josh replied. Brendon smiled and looked out the window and tightening his hold on my hand. I squeezed back and lent on his arm.

Zac reached for the cars CD player.

“So what music are you in to?” He asked, pushing a button and waiting for the music to start.

“Erm, My Chem, Fall Out Boy, The Used, Aiden, Bullet, Misfits, Slipknot, Iron-“ I got cut off by Iron Maiden pouring out the speakers. I giggled slightly, “Iron Maiden” I finished.

The boys in the front looked at each other and nodded, grinning.

“That’s a pretty good music taste, I’m sure we will get along well” Josh smiled.

As we pulled up in a drive way of a big house, Josh cut the engine and turned to us.

“Just a little warning, my mum is overly nice, seriously, don’t be scared if she hugs you” Josh said. Brendon and I laughed and nodded. We got out the car and grabbed our bags from the back as Zac knocked on the door. A lady with dark brown loose curls opened the door smiling. The smile only turned bigger when she saw us all.

“Jeremy! It’s so nice to see you again, oh I’ve missed you!” She cried, taking Jeremy in her arms and hugging him tightly.

“You too, Mrs Farro!” Jeremy laughed; Mrs Farro looked over Jeremy’s shoulder at me and Brendon and smiled, if possible, even bigger. She let go off him and came over to us with her arms open.

“Hello dears, you must be Hayley and Brendon! I’m Zac and Josh’s mum Angie, welcome to our home, I hope you can be as comfortable as possible here!” She greeted, hugging us in turn, over her shoulder I saw Josh roll his eyes and grin.

“Its very nice to meet you Mrs Farro, Thank you so much for allowing us to stay here, we owe you big time” Brendon said into her shoulder. She stepped back and waved her hand dismissively.

“Oh no no no! You are very welcome here” She smiled and led us into the house. She told us to leave the bags by the door for a second and she showed us the bottom level of the house. She walked into the living room and we followed. Sitting in an arm chair was a man with dark brown hair and hazelnut eyes. He was very handsome.

“This is my husband Will, Zac and Josh’s dad.” She introduced. I stepped forward as Mr Farro got out of his seat, he smiled at us and shook our hands.

“Welcome, I hope you have a nice time here!” He grinned. He was equally as nice as Mrs Farro.

“Thank you very much” Brendon smiled. I nodded and Mrs Farro led us into the dinning room.

“Dinner is always at 6 o’clock, but if you are busy or out, I will keep some over for you of course” She explained, before moving onto the kitchen.

“Help yourself to whatever, whenever, but I suggest you don’t eat before dinner because it will be spoilt then!” She said cheerfully, I laughed slightly and nodded. She then showed us the back garden, the downstairs bathroom.

“Don’t be too scared to have a shower down here, but you might not need this one” She said, winking. I was confused, but nodded anyway. Then upstairs, Mrs Farro showed us their room, Zac’s room, Joshes room, the spare bedrooms, the upstairs bathroom, a room which had a drum kit and a few guitars in. I looked at Brendon slightly from the corner of my eye. He flinched when he saw the instruments and looked away quickly. Poor Brendon, I reached out for his hands and squeezed. He gave me a weak smile.

“Okay, and this is your room, I didn’t think you would mind having the same, seeing as you’re a couple and everything, you also have your own bathroom and walk in wardrobe” She smiled. I smiled back and opened the door, inside, the walls were all painted a deep blue, the big double bed had deep blue covers and pillows, and the carpet was deep blue. The circle rug was silver, the headboards of the bed were silver, the sofa next to the silver tv was silver. The bedside tables were silver, the lamps were silver with deep blue lampshades. And the doors to the wardrobe and bathroom were silver. Everything was blue and silver, it was magical.

I turned to Mrs Farro.

“This is amazing, you shouldn’t of done all of this!” I breathed. She waved her hands again.

“Its nothing, I want you too feel at home here, I know it might take a while to settle in, but I would really like it if you did, now ill leave you too un pack and everything, fresh towels are in the bathroom.” She said warmly and left the room.

Brendon put his arms around my waist and kissed my head. I sighed and turned round to face him. Smiling up at him, I already felt at home.

Stepping into the shower, I let the hot water gush over me, I poured some body wash into my hands and rubbed it into my skin. My muscles all relaxed and unknotted. I grabbed the shampoo bottle, remembering when our friends joined us in England.

As I was walking down the street to Starbucks, my phone started ringing. I scooped it out of my pocket and flipped it up.


-Hey it’s Jeremy

-Hey what’s up?

-Are you with Brendon?

-Nope he’s at home in front of the TV playing guitar hero

-Okay, can you get him then come to mine?

-Sure, any reason?

-Surprise, now hurry!

-Alright, we’ll be there in 10

-Awesome, cya

I hung up just as I stepped into the coffee shop and breathed in the smell. Mmm coffee. The queue was short, only 2 people in the line, so I rushed forwards and waited to order. I started to think about how much had changed since we moved to England two years ago, when someone interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes miss?” The worker asked. I shook my head a little and looked up.

“Ill have two vanilla lattes please” I said, she nodded and told me how much it would be, I paid then went over to wait for my drinks. As I waited I let my mind slip into thoughts again.

Me and Brendon both got jobs! I now work at a huuuuuge cloths shop, where all the posh and rich people go to. I have no idea how I got that job, but they accepted me and it’s a very good pay. Brendon got a job in a music store, he doesn’t do much, just sits around playing guitar and piano all day, entertaining the customers. When he gets home he always has a little frown on his face, bless him, he misses his band mates back in America more then anything. I don’t blame him, they are best friends, and they had a really good band going, gunna get signed by Pete Wentz himself.

Ahh home! Brendon and I put together some money from our new jobs and brought ourselves a nice house. Just the right size for us, upstairs was a bathroom and our bedroom and also a spare bedroom. Downstairs was a kitchen, another bathroom, living room, and in the basement was where we kept musical equipment.

Mr and Mrs Farro were even nice enough to help us move bless them.

“Two vanilla lattes?” Someone with a thick English accent asked. I snapped out of my thoughts again and looked up to see a tall man looking at me. I nodded and took them with a smile, he smiled back and turned to serve more drinks

I rushed out the shop and back to my car. Oh yeah, me and Brendon both got our drivers licence. Hell yeah! Petrol costs a bomb though, ahh well, zoom zoom!

I sneakily (no phoning whilst driving in England) phoned Brendon on the way to our house, so when I pulled up, he was waiting patiently.

He hopped into the left side of the car and took a cup of coffee, smelling it before taking a sip.

“Mmm thanks babe, I needed this” He said, kissing me cheek quickly, I smiled.

“You could have just made some ya know”

“Yeah but its not the same as Starbucks is it…wow it’s so weird to be sitting this side and not be driving” He said. I looked at him grinning.

“You never drove on that side anyway!” I laughed. He shrugged and sipped more coffee.

“Well yeah but I’m used to people driving on this side, and me not driving on that side, you would think I would have got used to it by now” He said.

“Brendon you’re such a dork, but that’s why I love you”

“I knoooow, so what does Jeremy want?” He asked. I slowed down slightly to take a gulp of coffee, then turned into another street, speeding up again.

“He didn’t say, it’s a surprise apparently, we’ll find out soon enough” I said, Brendon nodded and placed his cup in between his knees as he reached into the glove compartment to get a CD out. He picked a Muse CD and put it in the slot, pressing play.

“Dude we are nearly there!” I laughed, he shrugged again.

“Always enough time for Muse” He stated.

“True, very true” I said. I turned a corner then pulled up outside Jeremy’s, Josh’s and Zac’s house, yeah they brought a house together. The music cut out and Brendon whined.

“I did say” I said, reaching over to kiss his pouted lips. He smiled and got his cup before getting out the car. I took mine out the cup holder and got out the car also, locking the doors behind me. Brendon came round to my side and took my hand whilst I took another gulp of coffee. We walked up to the front door and Brendon knocked on it with our joint hands.

“Ow!” I laughed. He looked at me and grinned.

“I’m sorry baby, ill make it better” He said, kissing my knuckles.

“Eeeee thank you” I said, he laughed as Ryan opened the door.

Me and Brendon stepped in and kicked our shoes off.

“Hey Ryan” I said and tried to go into the living room, but Brendon held me back, I laughed and turned to him.

“Don’t keep me he-HOLY SHIT” I screamed the last past.

“RYAN!” both me and Brendon shouted, hugging our best friend and covering him in kisses, he laughed and hugged back.

“Hey guys” He grinned. I looked over at Brendon to see he also had tears in his eyes.

“Oh my god…” Brendon whispered, Ryan smiled and held out his arms, I let go of Brendon hands so they could embrace.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you man” Brendon said, hugging Ryan tight to him.

“Me to B” Ryan said, hugging equally as hard. I smiled and went up to them, hugging them both; they laughed and put their arms around me.

“Come on guys” Jeremy called from the living room. We pulled away and carried on into the living room. I smiled at Jer, then looked at the other people in the living room.

If my heart hadn’t exploded already, it had now. Sitting on the floor were some very familiar faces.

Diane, Brandy, Emma, Spencer and Jon were grinning from ear to ear at us. Tears started rolling down my face.

“I’m dreaming” I stated, they laughed, an arm went around my waist, I looked up to Brendon.

“You can’t be darling coz I’m seeing the same thing!” He said excitedly.

“Dudes, stop being thick and hug us!” Diane shouted, as they all stood up and ran to us. I put my coffee down quickly, followed by Brendon before we ran to them and crashed together, hugging the shit outta everyone. I looked over Emma’s shoulder to see Josh and Zac sitting on the sofa smirking, and Jeremy holding up a video camera. I started laughing through my happy tears.

We were together again…and that was one of the best feelings in the world.

I stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around me, looking back into the mirror. The girl was still there, and she was grinning huge. I laughed as I remembered when I dyed my hair this colour, and why I did it.

“Hayley, your voice is amazing, why have I only just noticed?!” Josh laughed, I shrugged and laughed too.

“I sung onstage with MCR once” I grinned as I remembered one of the best moments of my life. Josh’s jaw dropped slightly.

“No way, that’s so cool!” He said, I laughed again and turned back to the tv that had Kerrang! Music channel on.

I had been singing along with Fall Out Boy’s new song,( It’s good to know the guys were fine, and hadn’t been destroyed by God knows what) when Josh interrupted.

“Hayley…I don’t suppose you’re interested in being in a band are you?” He asked, I looked at him warily.

“Who’s band?” I asked. Josh shrugged.

“Well, you know Jeremy plays bass, and I play guitar and Zac drums. Well lately we’ve been playing around in our music room, and we decided to start a band up. And it would be amazing if you would sing for us” He explained. I thought it over in my head, all the pros and cons of being in a band.

“Do you plan to get famous? Or is it just for fun?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not sure, I suppose if we get good, we could try get somewhere with it” Josh said. I nodded and carried on thinking. If we got famous, I wouldn’t be able to go in public easily, id be stalked possibly. But what I’d give to be on stage every night, singing my heart out. I smiled and nodded again.

“That sounds awesome Josh, id love to sing for you” I said. He grinned huge and hugged me.

“Yes! Thanks Hayles, we are gunna rock so much” He said excitedly. I laughed and hugged back. Josh stood up and ran out the room shouting for the other guys. I smiled to myself and started watching Kerrang! again as Avenged Sevenfold’s Seize The Day played.


“Girls, are you sure?” I asked nervously as I kneeled over the bathroom tub. Diane, Brandy, and Emma were standing around me grinning. The girls, as well as Jon, Spencer and Ryan had all moved to England, that’s how close we all were, we couldn’t bare to be away from each others company for much longer.

“Hayles, it’s going to look so fucking awesome, trust us!” Emma said, kneeling down next to me and giving me a one armed hugged. I gulped and nodded. Brandy started shaking the bottle of bright orange hair dye and snapped the top off. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt the cold liquid dye spread over my head.

Josh, Jeremy, Zac and I had finally got our band going, and had written a couple of songs when we decided to try get signed. We tracked down many different labels before going to Pete, as we didn’t want to go to him first, knowing he was to nice to not sign us. But we couldn’t find a label that we felt comfortable with, so we eventually gave in and phoned him. Turned out he wasn’t up for singing anyone right now, because he had a lot to do with another band on the label. But he did tell us about Fueled by Ramen, the label where Decaydance braches off.

Two months later and ‘Paramore’ have our first album about to be launched, and a UK tour to do. It was all very exciting as we would be touring with Panic At The Disco who, now they were all together, had been signed by Decaydance (they were the band Pete was busy with). The girls had insisted that I should re-do my image now I was a ‘rock star’. I just laughed and agreed, but now, kneeling on the bathroom floor, I was feeling nervous about it all.

“Nearly done the first bit Hayley” Diane said, I opened my eyes to see Emma now sitting on the bath ledge, she had a huge grin on her face and was looking at my hair.

“Is it really bright?” I asked quietly. Emma moved her eyes towards me, still grinning.

“Hayles, seriously, it looks amazing and it’s not even finished yet.” She said.

“That didn’t answer my question” I pointed out, she rolled her eyes.

“Yes it’s bright” She laughed. I nodded slightly, not wanted Brandy to get dye all down my face or something.

“Knock knock” Someone called from behind the door.

“Come in!” Diane said, I heard the door open and quiet footsteps come in.

“How’s it going?” Spencer asked. Emma smiled at him but it was Diane who answered.

“It’s…very different” She said. I let out a little squeak, making everyone laugh.

“Well it looks pretty cool at the moment, Hayley you’re gunna look even more beautiful then now” Spencer said, I could hear the smile in his voice. I smiled as well.

“Thank you Spence, now shoo, and don’t come back till it’s completely finished, I want it to be a surprise” I said. The girls agreed and I heard Spencer and Diane kiss before the door shut.

“Okay Hayley, sit very carefully for 25 minutes, try not to get orange everywhere in your pretty bathroom.” Brandy said, squeezing my shoulders lightly. I nodded slowly and stood up, stretching my legs. I was about to turn to the mirror, but decided to wait until it was all done.

For the 25 minutes the girls and I just chatted about what we were wearing to the launch party tonight, I wasn’t completely sure, but I was thinking about a little black dress with spaghetti straps, orange tights and black high heels.

“Okay quickly, we gotta wash it out so we can start the next bit” Brandy grinned. I knelt over the bathtub again as Diane reached over my head for the shower and turned the water on, waiting for it to run hot, then passed it too Brandy who started rinsing the dye out of my hair. She applied the conditioner to keep the colour in, then rinsed that out as well.

Emma plugged in the hairdryer as Brandy towel dried my hair slightly/

“Holy shit Hayley, it looks awesome!” Diane laughed, I grinned and bent over the bath again and waited for the next part of my hair to be done.

Brandy got a box of Yellow highlight hair dye out a bag and opened it, shaking the mixture again and started applying it to bits of my hair. I waited patiently till it was done, and sat for another 25 minutes for it to dye my hair.

When that was done, Brandy rinsed it carefully. Brandy was a star when it came to hair, if I had done this myself I would have seriously fucked hair. She towel dried it slightly, so it was still damp, then got out some scissors, I scooted away quickly.

“Whoa whoa woah, what do you think you’re doing?!” I asked. Brandy raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t you trust me?” She asked.

“Of course I do but-“ I started.

“But nothing, just shut up and let me do this, trust me, you will love me for it after” She said, sitting me down. Once again, I closed my eyes as she began chopping at my hair. I prayed to God that it turned out okay. But I did trust Brandy, so I was sure it would.

Diane plugged in the straighteners in another plug when Brandy finished cutting and had dried my hair. She parted my hair, and started straightening each layer.

When she was done she swopped the straighteners for curlers and switched them on.

“Why straighten my hair if you’re gunna curl it?” I asked, an eyebrow rose.

“Because I'm not curling all of it” She answered simply, I nodded as Brandy took a section of hair, wrapping it around the tong.

Once she had finished that, she got out some hair products and started messing around with my fringe, finishing off with a huge bit of hairspray covering my whole head and making me cough.

“Okay we’re done!” Brandy squealed, clapping her hands together and jumping on the spot.

“Seriously, wow that took all day!” I laughed.

“Well it was completely worth it” Diane said, checking out my hair and nodding. I turned to look in the mirror but got stopped by Emma.

“Nu uh, you need to get dressed first” She said, pushing me quickly through the door, down the hallway and into mine and Brendon’s room. Hanging inside my wardrobe was the dress I was going to wear.

Emma pulled my shirt off over my head and flung it onto a pile of washing. I took my jeans off my self and just stood there, waiting. Diane passed me the orange tights and I pulled them on. Then Brandy and Emma pulled the little black dress on carefully over my head, zipping it up at the back. I sat down at my dressing table and Emma pulled out my makeup bag. She covered my face in some special crème stuff. Then put smoky eye shadow on my eye lids, carefully outlined my eyes in black eyeliner, then done a thick coat of black mascara on my eyelashes. I stood up and stepped into my black heels, and Diane fastened a black necklace around my neck and added some matching bracelets to my wrists.

The girls stepped back and looked at their work.

“Fucking hell Hayley, please become a lesbian” Emma gasped. I giggled and put my hands on my waist.

“Can I look yet?” I asked, they nodded and pulled me towards the full length mirror. I looked at my reflection and gasped, my hair was orange and yellow, and it had little curls in it, and the fringe was like a quiff.

“Oh my god guys, look at me! Look at my hair, I love love love it! Thank you so much!” I squealed, hugging the girls, they hugged me back and laughed.

“That’s okay Hayles, you look seriously amazing. Now wait a few moments so we can get dressed too” Diane laughed.

They already had their makeup and hair done, so all they needed to do was put their dresses on. Diane had a red strapless dress that stuck to her in all the good ways. Brandy had a deep blue spaghetti strap dress, flaring out at the bottom and Emma had a purple strapless dress, stopping just above her knee and had a bow round the middle.

We. Looked. Fucking. Awesome.

We made our way out the door before Brandy stopped us.

“Wait!” She called and ran back over to my dressing table. She picked up a perfume bottle and sprayed each other of us all over, then put the bottle down and picked up a camera. We took a picture then stepped out the room again.

“Okay, let’s do this shit” Diane said, we burst out laughing and walked down the stairs gracefully. At the bottom, the guys were standing in suits looking gorgeous. When they saw us coming down, each of their jaws dropped. But not as much as Brendon’s.

We reached the bottom and went to our men, Brendon wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He kissed me passionately then bent to my ear.

“You are beautiful”

I pulled a fresh set of clothes on and exited the showers. I walked over to the drinks table and pulled a bottle of water out the ice bucket. I felt some arms go around my waist.

“Hello” Brendon whispered lightly in my ear. I smiled and turned to face him.

“Hello beautiful, ready to go back to the bus?” I asked, reaching on my tip toes to kiss his lips. He grinned and rested his head on mine.

“Ready as I’ll ever be” He said, repeating the words I had said after getting off that plane.

We smiled and linked hands, walking off to the tour bus we all shared, resuming our happily ever after.

They might be happy for now. But not even lovers can escape death…
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