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Noughts And Crosses

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[*Meet the Fratelli twins. Practically different in every way. When their Dad uproots them from their stable London home and moves them to New Jersey… ‘Well. Its becomes the perfect life. Thoug...

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New Story. Tell me whether I should continue or not. Yes Sam, you are in it:P Sorry for making you out to be such a goody goody at first. It won’t last – trust me!! If you want to be in it – please audition. Gerard and Frank are taken… for now. (: Oh yeah, the time setting of this stories really weird. Its basically as if My Chem and the other bands featured are yknow – young. But also in present time. But if you can keep up, great! Pleaseee, please, please rate and review. Love you my ickle studmuffins. oxox Gee

‘Have I ever told you how much I dislike you?’ I smiled, at my gorgeous boyfriend. He grinned in return nuzzling into my neck. My twin sister Sam frowned at us from her seat on the settee. She disliked public displays of affection, especially from Gerard – who she hated. Our friends – Frank, and Gerard’s little brother Mikey, were squashed up with her and making faces at me. I laughed, laying my head back on Gerard’s shoulder smiling at life in general. Frank tipped popcorn over Gerard and my heads… and Mikey and Sam were tussling desperately trying to beat each other down. Gerard leapt on Frank while I rolled around laughing – thinking to my self – things could never get better.

Though this was before it fucked up. Before she fucked it up. My lovely sis’, two minutes older than me – she thought she could have everything I could. But if im going down, then she’s going down with me
So much for female soliditary…

It all started when we were fifteen. Moving from England to America was a big change. Especially, New Jersey. Belleville was nothing like London if im honest. Though there were less French tourists – for that I was eternally grateful. It was the morning of our first day at school. My short almost boyish crop of black and pink hair didn’t need much done to it, so I was straightening the fuck out of my big emo fringe, while Sam walked around, eating toast, her brush stuck in her thick hair. She’d recently died it a brighter red, a cherry red almost, with a big emo fringe, with a black streak in which I was insanely jealous of. Her big blue eyes, looked at me frustrated that I wasn’t finished. She looked great already, in green, yellow and black tartan skinny jeans, and an oversized ‘Hellogoodbye’ band tee. She often wore oversized clothes. She used to have a problem with her weight, and it bugs me to no end. She thinks she’s fat, but she has the cutest amount of curves, and she is perfect for her height. She was tall – about 5’8 and I think she’s stunning. She used to have glasses, but exchanged them for contacts as soon as we’d got to America. I guess it was a way of shrugging off the old her – all the labels she’d got, all the shit she’d been put through. I sighed, back combing my hair until it looked like the scene mess that it was. I cranked The Smashing Pumpkin’s CD up to ten, ignoring Sam’s screwed up face. She in turn, turned up her stereo, causing YouMeAtSix to drown out my music. I silently swore at her in my head. I was running out of time to get ready, so she’ll get it later. I found my only set of matching underwear - fluorescent yellow – changed into them and surveyed my wardrobe. I decided to be simple. I slipped on my unintentionally ripped ‘Kill Hannah’ tee and black skinnys, with a grey hoody, and leather jacket. I topped it off with my favourite drawn on Converse. I looked at Sam’s ballet shoes and sighed. We were so alike yet so different.
‘Georgia hurry up!’ Dad called from downstairs. How the hell is this my fault? I glared at Sam, who took no notice and chucked a pair of socks at me.
Dad was the whole reason we were in a stinking new country. His geek job had caused him to made new geek friends, and one of those friends – Donald Way or something – got him a job over here.
Sam glared at me before walking out. Oooh. It was almost like she was the one getting shouted at. Oh the irony.

Walking in Belleville high was a whole different experience. It was like watching High School Musical. The cliques, the accents… I looked warily at a group of passing skaters, just in case they started singing about playing a cello.
‘Stick to the status quo,’ Sam murmured next to me. Woah. Call that a twin connection or what? A snooty receptionist, called Miss. Smith –who gave me such a look I wanted to punch her –, registered us and Sam and I got sent to our first class which ironically we had to spend apart. Calculus… was that, math? Jeez Louise. I can tell im going to have fun.

I walked in and gave the balding teacher my note. The class fell silent. I looked back impassively. The rows were in cliques. Jocks, geeks, emos, Goths, cheerleaders… and two guys who looked like they just didn’t fit in on the back row.
‘Hello, Miss Fratelli. Welcome to class, Im Mr. Davis and you can take a seat next to…’ He sighed when he realised the only available seat was in-between the out casts at the back ‘Next to Mr. Iero’ A few sniggers ran through the class and I went and sat down between the two guys. One of the turned to me almost immediately.
‘Im Frank. Frankie for short. Or for long. Which ever. How you doing?’ He grinned in a rush, and I smiled back. He had a long black fringe – but the sides of his hair were dyed bleach blond. His eyes were a brilliant green – like mine, and his nose, and lip was pierced. Like mine. Heh. He looked like a cool kid. And I found him attractive. So it wouldn’t hurt to be nice.
‘Hi Frankie. Im Georgia. Gee for short. And im… well, over whelmed to be honest,’ I smiled as his eyes widened.
‘You sound like you’re from London!’ He exclaimed, and I giggled.
‘That’s because I am,’
‘Gee’s my brother’s nickname,’ said a voice from the other side of me. This one was tall – taller than Frank who seemed to be about 5’4, 5’5 – and had light brown hair. His eyes were like melted caramel, and he pushed his glasses up his nose and smiled at me.
‘I’m Mikey. Hi,’ He said softly, and I felt myself warming to him instantly.
I spent the rest of the lesson talking animatedly to Frank and Mikey, about everything and anything. I learnt that, they had practically no friends – other than Gerard and Ray, who were seniors and Bob who was at another school. Gerard was Mikey’s brother and into art. Frank played guitar, and liked skittles. A lot. Mikey liked popsicles, played bass and worked in Barnes and Noble. It was nice, I mused, getting to know different people. And making friends. And not knowing how to do Calculus.
‘What lesson have you got next?’ Frank whispered next to me, when the whole class went quiet.
‘Art studies,’ I replied out of the corner of my mouth.
‘My brother teaches that, because Mr. Ensor’s ill.’ Mikey whispered into my other ear.
‘Let me walk you both.’ Frank said smiling, as the bell rang and everybody stood up quickly. ‘Joining us for lunch Gee?’
‘If you guys don’t mind.’
‘Of course we don’t. Your just another member of the Black Parade now,’ Frank smiled, clapping me on the back as we walked out.

Sitting down at a messy art table, I observed the class around. There was a hum of voices as people talked, and everyone sat in two’s around an easel, or a table. I noticed no one else came to sit with Mikey. Mikey dug straight in with the charcoal, placing finishing touches on a huge portrait of two skeleton marchers.
‘Are you on your own?’ I said concerned. He looked up, charcoal on his nose and smiled.
‘Not anymore.’
I looked around again grinning. I caught the eye of a guy, with long black hair, and a wicked smirk. He was wearing a Misfits shirt, and black skinny jeans, which made me just, want to…oh! He had delightfully sparkling hazel eyes that I adored. Those eyes travelled appreciatively up and down my body, and I felt my self-blush as that smirk widened. I flicked my fringe out of my eyes, and I looked back at Mikey, who was watching me, amused. I leant forward.
‘Who is that fucking fit as fuck pervert over there?’ Mikey chuckled.
‘That fit as fuck pervert – is Gerard,’ He smiled.
‘Gerard…’ I trailed off knowing that name from earlier. I wracked my brains for it… something about liking art and being Mikeys…Oh
‘Hey,’ a smooth voice said from behind me. I turned to find Gerard standing there his eyes searching my face hungrily. I drew my own eyes away from his lips and grinned vampishly back.
‘Hey yourself.’
‘Oh English are you? That’s cute. I think I met your sister last lesson.’ He said smiling crookedly, and smirking to himself. Great. No doubt Sam’s left some lasting impression.
‘Thanks. And yeah probably.’ I mumbled hiding behind my fringe. He leant forward and swept my fringe outta my eyes, tucking it behind my ear. Mikey looked on shocked with wide eyes.
‘Uhm. Hey Gee. This is Georgia… or Gee like you… she’s just moved here fro-‘
‘That’s better. We can see those big ole green eyes, much better now,’ He grinned. ‘Ya got such a pretty face. I should draw you sometime, Im Gerard by the way. Micheal’s bigger, and better brother’ He chucked me on the chin before lounging away and correcting some ones work. I was still watching him and he looked up, and gave me a slow wink, to which I responded with an equally slow, equally flirty grin. I turned back to Mikey who was watching me intrigued, chin on his hand, tapping his fingers. I smiled at him weakly.
‘Yes. Gerard.’ He nodded, ‘Nice to see you too bro, so nice of you to acknowledge me. What the fuck was that!’ he asked me shocked. ‘My brother doesn’t like girls, he doesn’t [flirt/]. That,’ He concluded ‘Was scary.’
‘Ahh. Brother. That’s where I recognised him. Yes. Very, Uhh scary.’ I agreed, feeling hot eyes on my back, and trying not to turn round. Mikey’s eyes looked over my shoulder, and flipped someone off. I laughed.
‘He was…umm’ I searched in my head for a PG – 13 word that described what I thought about Gerard. Mikey looked at me. Then he groaned.
‘Don’t even say anything. Don’t. I can practically see the x rated thoughts in your brain,’ I smiled, looking back down to my artwork. It was a couple, standing in the rain. They both looked sad, and limp. I glared at it.
‘Needs more shading,’ Gerard breathed into my ear. I jumped, causing him to tense, causing Mikey to look alarmed and disgusted at the same time.
‘What if I don’t want to shade it?’ I asked smiling looking at the drawing. I could see by Mikey’s face that Gerard was too close – heck I could feel his breath on my ear. And his. Well. Hello!
‘That’s besides the point-’
‘I can feel the point, digging into by spine,’ I grinned quietly so that only Gerard could hear, even though Mikey strained to listen.
‘Lets move away from the point shall we?’ He asked amused.
‘I would but it’s impaling me.’ I laughed, and he chuckled and Mikey looked confused.
‘Are you going to shade it?’ Mikey said, wanting to be back part of the conversation again.
‘Well, that’s the whole point’ I giggled; Gerard smirked, taking my pencil and shading it in for me.
‘I think he’s missing the point,’ Gerard grinned and I laughed even harder, and Mikey’s face just topped it off. Gerard smirked, and went back to walking round the room and helping, and I just sat and cried with laughter.
‘What is so funny?’ Mikey asked helplessly. I tried my best not to make eyes contact with Gerard from across the room.
‘You’re brother made a very good point.’ A loud burst of laughter came from the other side of the room, but Gerard tried to turn it into a cough. He grinned sheepishly.
‘Pft,’ Mikey said annoyed, ‘He always makes friends with my friends. You wouldn’t understand…unless you have a brother too?’
‘No,’ I shook my head, ‘I have an older sister. She never makes friends with my friends. We’re like… noughts and crosses,’ grasping for a comparison, and only finding those damn YouMeAtSix lyrics from earlier. Mikey smiled.
‘How much older?’ He grinned, and I swatted his arm squealing.
‘Oh c’mon, you flirt with my brother and im not allowed to inquire how old your sister is?’ I laughed seeing his point. His point. Ahhh, I do make myself laugh….
‘She’s two minutes older than me,’ I smiled seeing Mikey’s expression, ‘and no, she’s nothing like me, she’s…urgh,’ I threw my hands up in the air, not knowing how to describe my sister.
‘Where is she?’
‘We have different time tables,’ I smiled, back at his wide grin. ‘What?’
‘Ahh, well. Mores the pity. She could have joined our little outcast group too.’
I laughed, causing Gerard to glance up at me from the stool he was perching on, his chin on his knee, his other long leg stretched out comfortably. He smiled that crooked smile, and I felt myself smiling back at him. She would want him. I knew she would. Maybe – just maybe, I could win this one for myself.
‘No,’ I said turning back to Mikey, ‘She wouldn’t like it.’ I allowed myself one last longing glance at Gerard before resuming my work. All too soon, the school bell rang. Mikey groaned.
‘Im hungry. And Gerard’s going to take us to some lovely greasy food place so we can eat. But from the looks he keeps giving you, the only thing he wants to eat is your-‘
‘Okay! Mikey, I get it.’ I said shocked. He grinned maliciously.
‘I was going to say face. But whatever...’ He trailed off, as everyone left the art room, and Gerard sauntered over to us.
‘Ready Mikes?’ He grinned slinging an arm round Mikey’s shoulders.
‘We have to go get Frank.’
‘He in the Principals office again?’ Gerard laughed.
‘Who fucking knows, Gerard, who fucking knows.’ Mikey smiled walking out the door. I made to follow him, but Gerard caught my arm.
‘You coming for lunch too?’ He asked lightly.
‘Uhh, yeah, if that’s okay, with you I mean.’ Gerard chuckled.
‘That’s fine with me sugar. That’s fiiiine, with me.’
I followed Mikey out the door, and wondered to myself what Sam was doing – and how fucking jealous she’d be if she knew I was about to go eat with four gorgeous guys.
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