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Enter Fratelli Number 2

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[/‘Oh dear im hurt,’ I placed a hand over my heart as if I actually cared about what he was saying (I didn’t) ‘Oh wait. Not hurt, no blood’ I sighed dramatically. He glared. ‘You know w...

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Sam’s POV

This is shit. I thought glancing around. Utter bollocks. I was sitting on the back row, alone, as the two boys who sat there were… ‘Running errands but would be delighted to show me around when they got back.’ There was one boy on my row though. He had shoulder length black hair, and was smirking wickedly while reading a comic book. He lifted his hazel eyes to me, and I glared at him. He grinned cockily back, and I flipped him off. He shrugged to himself. This wasn’t a good day for me. I need to find Georgia. I closed my eyes and held the book I was supposed to be reading close to my chest.
It was gonna be okay… This was an entirely different country. No ones gonna start that shit up again. I cleared my mind of all my anxious and nervous thoughts, and felt happy and peaceful, that was until an annoying voice shocked me out of my happy place.

‘What’s the point in reading a book if you’re eyes are closed’ the annoying person said, sarcastically. Great. I already have an enemy.
‘It’s a special talent of mine.’ I bit back
‘If stupidity was a talent, you’d be the most talented person on earth,’ He smiled. I glared back, noticing how god damn beautiful he was. Great!
‘Your one to speak,’ I said angrily gesturing down at his essay, covered in red crosses, and finally marked as a D.
‘yeah, the irony’ he replied brushing his annoying hair, out of his annoying eyes.
‘So. You talking to me for a reason, other than to poison the air I breathe?’ I smiled sarcastically as I’d seen Georgia do so many times. This was going to be easy. Already, im having my first argument with a stranger. Now all I need to do is make some friends. Then I’ll be home safe!
‘You breathe? Wow. I didn’t know bitches could do that. Ya learn something new everyday,’
‘Oh dear im hurt,’ I placed a hand over my heart as if I actually cared about what he was saying (I didn’t) ‘Oh wait. Not hurt, no blood’ I sighed dramatically. He glared. ‘You know what the say, sticks and stones with break my bones, blah, blah, blah…’
‘Bitches have bones and stuff too? Wow. You teach me a lot.’
‘Do me a favour? Please, new found greasy twat enemy?’
‘Anything for my favourite slut,’ He grinned.
‘Crawl away, someplace really dark, and really far away, and die.’
‘Like where? England?’
‘Oh fuck you.’ I snapped and turned round to find the other two boys were back. They were both glaring at Gerard who was smiling sweetly back.
‘Who knew, English over here was feisty. Im Gerard by the way,’ He glared, turning back to his comic.
‘And I’m not bothered,’ I said smirking at thinking that one so fast. ‘Also known as Samantha. Samantha Fratelli’
‘Do they call you Sam?’ The blonde boy asked from next to me. I turned my back on annoying boy, annoying good-looking boy.
‘You can,’ I smiled at him batting my eyelashes. Gerard mumbled something that sounded very much like ‘I bet he can’. I growled under my breath.
‘Im Alex. Alex Gaskarth. And this is Jack.’
‘Hey,’ I smiled at them both. They were both really friendly and down to earth. And they seemed to like making dick jokes… but who could complain?
As the bell rang for second period, Gerard swept out. Alex and Jack escorted me out, but they weren’t in my History. I saw Georgia laughing in the corridor with two guys, it I don’t think she saw. One of the guys she was with peeled of and joined me at the door. He looked at me curiously, before going in. Trust Gee to make those kinda friends. I shook my head. Before I went in the class Alex grabbed my wrist.
‘You free for lunch?’ He asked earnestly, and I nodded
‘Good, I’ll meet you here… Oh and one more thing,’ he leaned in close. ‘Don’t get mixed up in the wrong crowd. It’s easy to do that around here.’ He walked away, and I turned and walked into the class thinking over his ‘warning’.
The boy I saw Georgia with was talking to another guy with obviously dyed black hair. It was long and greasy and I shuddered just thinking about touching it. Another guy was blond, and incredibly hot. And looking right at me. A smart looking boy, in a blazer and skinny jeans, with long spiky hair gestured me to sit with him.
‘Hi. Im Martin,’
‘Im Sam,’
‘Welcome to History! Im your teacher…’
‘Wait – you’re teaching us?’ I said shocked. He didn’t look that much older than me, he looked well… gorgeous?
‘Im a senior. Some senior teach classes when the teachers are absent.’ Martin looked around. ‘Mr. White is very absent. So, yeah. I’ll get you introduced to everyone…’ He clapped three times and the chattering fell silent. Each student took a chair and made a circle. I quickly did the same, not wanting to be left out.
Martin grinned at everyone as he perched on the desk.
‘So. We’ve got a new girl, with us today. Her names Sam Fratelli and I can imagine she’s rather nervous. Eight pairs of eyes turned to look at me.
‘Well. She is now. Stop looking at her you ugly lot,’ Martin grinned. The black and blonde haired one giggled, a high-pitched laugh you could tell was probably his trademark.
‘Ugly? Moi? You are kidding me?’ The kid laughed, and the other shared a quiet chuckle.
‘For that Frankie, you can go first.’
‘Hi. Im Frankie Iero. Im sixteen, my birthday is Halloween, underneath this jacket I have eight tattoos. I met your sister earlier, and you look nothing alike, and she’s a great girl, and she likes skittles like me. I love skittles.’ Frank said in all one breath very fast. He bowed while the other classmates cheered. Martin shook his head and gestured for the other boy next to Frank to speak.
‘Hey. Im Bert. I uh. Like cooking. And I never answer my damn phone.’ He took his phone out of his pocket. ‘See? Three missed calls.’ Frank giggled and poked Bert.
‘And he’s also as high as a kite!’ he announced much to the amusement of the rest of the class. It went on like that for a while. There was, Ryan Ross, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Jennifer Walker, Quinn Allman, Hayley Williams, Mandy Rosendale, Frankie Iero, and the senior Martin.
He knew a lot about our topic – the Greeks. He also warned us, if we fell behind in our History project, then we’re going to be paired with a senior.
Just my luck I’ll have that Geetard from earlier.
Im getting good at this.
Frank strolled over to me when we were all meant to be researching the ancient gods.
‘So. You’re Georgia’s sister?’ He asked nicely. I sniffed. He didn’t look like the kind of person I liked.
‘You’re twins though right? Do you get along?’
‘As much as we have to.’ I replied, smiling a little. Frank didn’t seem to get the message. I looked at him in his bright little green eyes, and thought loudly. GO AWAY. He smirked.
‘You don’t look anything alike. I like your sisters lip ring.’ I smirked back not replying.
‘Anyway, at lunch your Gee’s coming with us to get lunch. Our Gee’s coming, so we’ll probably get Starbucks or something, so’s his little brother Mikey satisfies his caffeine addiction. You in?’ I raised one eyebrow at him. He looked taken aback by my obviously bitchy expression.
‘No thanks Frank.’ I smiled. ‘I’ve met Gerard, and to be honest he could jump off a cliff for all I care, I don’t know Mikey so I wish him all the best. And I live with Georgia. So I spend too much time with her already.’ I smiled condescendingly, and patted his cheek. ‘So thanks Frank, but no thanks,’
To my horror, instead of being offended and storming off, he grinned widely. I couldn’t help but giggle.
‘Hard to get! I like it,’ he smiled, and skipped off to join the greasy haired kid from earlier. I spent the rest of the lesson flirting with Ryan Ross, and Pete Wentz – both of whom were as sexy as sin.

Alex and Jack were waiting for me outside my lesson.
‘Hello beautiful!’ Jack exclaimed picking me up and spinning me around. I squealed and laughed, looking above the sea of heads. I spotted my sister, and I got Jack and Alex to hotfoot me after her. I caught up with her just as she was about to get in a car. A really geeky car.
I paused.
‘Nice car,’ I said looking from her to the car, skeptism on my face.
‘It’s a Subaru XT. Its nice, its silver and you never have to wash it.’ She replied simply. She’d always been the car nerd. I sighed.
‘I’d like for you to spend lunch with me and my friends.’ I said smiling. She smirked and I saw the guy standing next to her was Geetard. Great.
‘Well. I’d like for you to spend lunch with me and my friends,’ She replied, smiling. Gerard slipped and arm around her shoulders and whispered something in her ear. She laughed and leant through the window to tell Frank. Frank giggled and winked at me.
‘No,’ I said pissed. ‘I have my own friends.’
‘No. I have my own friends too,’ She grinned when she’d freed herself from the window Frank had half done up.
‘That’s not fair! Its my first day, I want you to sit with me!’ I exclaimed, shocked and annoyed at her easygoing pissyness.
‘Its my first day too, ya know.’ Gerard wrapped both his arms around Georgia’s shoulders and whispered something more into her ear. He smirked at me sarcastically. I huffed.
‘That’s beside the point.’ I said, and Georgia and Gerard both burst into laughter. And it was the big belly laughs – the one where you were on your knees, holding back tears. And that’s exactly what they were doing. At least until a light brown haired boy wearing glasses went to sit in the front seat. Georgia’s hand shot out, blocking his way.
‘I…called shot…gun,’ she wheezed trying to get her breath back. I rolled my eyes, and the boy looked flustered.
‘But, but im always shotgun!’ He protested. Gerard pulled himself up, and wheezed, getting some breath back into his lungs.
‘Little Gee’s right. She called shotgun. Sorry Mikey,’ Mikey huffed and threw his arms into the air.
‘Oh its okay trust me, I’ll just get pushed to the back where all the losers sit.’ He crawled into the back seat where Frank was waiting, slightly perturbed.
‘Hello. I sit in the back.’
I think that was probably the point he was trying to make with that sentence, I thought. Georgia smiled at me before Gerard opened the door for her. She stepped in, saying something in an overly English accent before she did. Geetard laughed at her, and responded like a cowboy. Jesus. She’s been here for a day and they already have stupid in jokes. I huffed and tapped my foot impatiently. Geetard walked around the car. He leant on his side before he did though.
‘I thought I told you to go die?’ I asked sweetly
‘Well, that would be no fun. I enjoy your verbal harassment.’
‘I do not harass you!’ I exclaimed annoyed. Georgia gave me a strange look from the car.
‘Stop hitting on me!!’ He said loudly. Franks curious face peered around the seat. I felt myself blush as his bright green eyes settled on me. Gerard smirked.
‘See you later bitch queen,’
‘See you faggot.’
As they drove off in the car, that I had to admit to myself wasn’t that bad – I felt myself staring at Gerard. I shook my head, and walked back to Alex and Jack.
Damn. I want him bad.
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