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I wanna

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Damn. I want Him bad...

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Georgia’s POV

Damn. I want him bad.
I thought, looking at Gerard out of the corner of my eye. His hands kept brushing my knee as he moved to changed gear. I opened my window and let the wind blow through my short hair, no doubt making it look stupid. I heard a cough and I closed the window and looked around. Then I laughed. I laughed so much. All of the guy’s hair was ruined. Mikey’s hair – once straightened to perfection, was static and shooting up as though he’d been struck by lightening. His face didn’t look amused and that made me laugh even more. Franks fringe was just flat to his face, and the top was all over the place. I could see his eyes peering through the curtain of fringe, looking rather shocked. And Gerard? Well, he was the one that made me laugh the moment. Funniest thing was that he hadnt even taken his eyes off the road. His hair was just a manic black mop atop his head. Mikey and Frank followed her eyes, and then cracked up too. His hair was truly amazing.
I leaned over and sorted it out for him. When his face came into view, he was smirking slightly.
‘Hey. What’s up?’ I said sniggering still. He shrugged one shoulder
‘A little of this, I little of that…woahh!’ He swerved the car to avoid a half naked girl on a moped. She drew level with the car and blew a kiss. I flipped her the bird. She looked at me, coldly with her icy blues, and threw her coffee into my lap, and sped off.
‘Ouch! Holy fuck! Shit! Jesus fucking Christ! Bitch that burns!!!’ I squealed, writhing in the seat trying to ignore the pain. Gerard, looked furiously after her, and Frank stuck his head out of the sun roof.
‘Fuck you Eliza! Ima sue!’ he yelled as she sped off thorough the traffic.
I rubbed my stained jeans sadly. Gerard squeezed my leg, smiling slightly.
‘Who was that anyway?’ I asked, Gerard coughed, loudly.
‘Eliza Cuts.’ Mikey sniffed. ‘An ex girlfriend of Gerard’s.’
‘A mistake of mine, actually.’
‘Do ya make a lot of mistakes?’
‘I have a really whack love life,’
Mikey and Frank exchanged glances. The conversation was getting heavy, Mikey coughed on his Coke, when he saw Gerard’s hand brush my thigh again.
‘Woahh! Wasted on coca cola!’ Frankie giggled. Then he stopped. ‘Can I have another coke?’ I tossed him the last can from the front.
‘Don’t you dare open that in the car Frank.’ Gerard snapped just as Frank was about to open the shaken up can.
‘No buts! You guys just gotta shut up!’
I laughed along with them, looking down at my ruined skinny jeans. Gerard glanced at me when we pulled up to Starbucks.
‘Get me a Venti, will ya?’ He said throwing a crumpled note out of his wallet to Mikey who’d got out of the car already. Mikey looked confused.
‘A Venti what?’ He asked.
‘Surprise me.’ He looked at me, ‘What are you having, sugar?’
Sugar. That little word made my stomach flip, and butterflies fill my stomach. I blushed. Then I remembered they were waiting on me with an answer.
‘Uh. Fuck. Uhm. Get me a milkshake.’ I suggested, shrugging.
‘What flavour?’ Frank asked, climbing over the seat and blowing in my ear.
‘Surprise me.’ I grinned mirroring Gerard’s words. He smirked at that. Then Mikey and I seemed to realise something.
‘Where are we going?’
‘Where are you going?’ We asked simultaneously.
‘Well, her jeans are ruined. So I though I could take her home, and get her changed into something that isn’t covered in coffee,’ He cocked his head, looking at Mikey who grinned widely, causing me to blush.
‘Sure, sure. Be safe…on the roads.’
I hit Frank and he gave me an awkward tight hug. Mikey still looked confused.
‘What about us?’
‘Im going to come back,’ Gerard said impatiently. And Mikey sighed, and nodded.
‘I think we have English and a free period together Gee, so I’ll see you then.’
‘Okay,’ Gerard and I answered. We exchanged looked and laughed softly.
Frank leapt out of the car and waved, excitedly at me until Gerard pulled away. I watched him in the mirror, and he was still waving when we’d turned the corner.
I laughed softly, and watched Gerard out of the corner of my eye. He was frankly gorgeous. His smirk, just made me want to jump on him. He flicked his hair out of his eyes, and I smiled at myself. I hadnt liked someone like this since… well. Since Matt, back home. Matt Bellamy, gorgeous, talented and mine… but not only mine. Matt had amazing eyes, but they liked to wander. And his hands followed them. Eventually Sam gave me the push I needed to end it with him, but I’d been wary ever since. I looked at Gerard, who was looking at me openly. I smiled.
‘You’re a mystery.’ He said softly. I cocked my head to the side smirking.
‘What do you mean by that?’
‘Well. Ever since, he jerked his head out of the window, at another moped that cut us up. I glared at it muttering. ‘Eliza. I’ve never, and I mean never, thought about another girl, the way im thinking about you right now. It’s strange. You turn up – and suddenly, BAM. The feeling hits me.’
I looked down hiding behind my fringe. Here he was, one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever met, pouring his heart out to me. He stopped the car, and got out abruptly. I was a little shocked. What did I do wrong – oh. Gerard opened the door for me, and took my hand. I smiled at him, as he helped me out of the car, and lead me into a homely looking house. He lead me to a set of stairs he told me were his – but they went down instead of up. He pointed me down, while he went and – in his words – shot some shit.

His bedroom was, well… largish, and had random patterns everywhere. There was a giant bat paperweight on the desk, which I was fascinated by, and sketches all over the wall. The sketches were amazing. I smiled, when I recognised the faces of Frank and Mikey in some of them. I walked backwards, marvelling at the homeliness of the room, and how much you could tell about someone. Obviously, me being a silly twat, I didn’t notice the large bed in the middle of the room – which I fell on. And let me tell you. It was the most comfortable fucking bed I’ve ever felt. I giggled to myself, getting comfortable, and closing my eyes.
When I opened them, I saw Gerard looking at me, amused. I sat up quickly.
‘Woah. Don’t give yourself whiplash,’ He laughed, throwing himself down on the bed next to me. I blushed.
‘Im sorry, but your bed is the most comfortable thing.’ I exclaimed, much to his amusement.
‘Mhhmmm. That it is,’ he threw a pair of grey skinny jeans and a Misfits shirt, on the bed next to me. I looked at them, and it clicked.
‘Ahh, oh thanks,’ I grinned. He smiled and cocked his head watching while I shed my jacket and hoody.
‘The jeans are Mikey’s. I think my clothes would fall off you.’ He laughed, ‘Not that it’d be a bad thing. Still saying that, you’re gonna have to roll them up about twenty times,’ I pretended to be affronted.
‘I thought you were a decent guy. But it turns out – your sizist!’ I turned my back on him, pulling my top over my head. There was a silence. Then I felt his breath on my ear, and his hands on my body.
‘Not fucking likely.’ He growled into my ear. ‘My best friends practically a midget.’ I laughed and turned towards him, ready with a retort. He pulled me towards him by my belt loop. He started kissing me, gently at first as though unsure of himself, then more passionately, barely stopping to take a breath.
What he’d said about Eliza earlier… well I knew what he was talking about. He was the first guy since Matt that I’d even thought about…. Well.
I felt the blood flow again in what felt like vacant cold veins, and my heart picked up its pace with lust. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer feeding on the warmth. His soft mouth went down my jaw, planting lust filled kisses everywhere it touched. And then it was my necks turn to get the attention, His tongue earning soft moans from me.
His hands travelled down my waist, and grabbed my ass, and lifted me off the ground. I circled my legs round his waist, and let him take us the remaining few metres to the bed again. I stood up unsure of myself, but his lips followed mine. As he got acquainted with the buckle on my belt and finally slipped it off, I made my decision. I pushed him down on the somewhat messy black sheets.
‘Only if… you want-’ I cut off his good intentions and straddled him, and sucking gently on his neck to stop him from protesting anymore. I sure as hell wasn’t protesting. Why should he!
‘Georgia…’ he moaned.
I mentally smirked to myself, sucking harder and grazing his delicate white skin with my teeth.
‘We shouldn’t,’ he whispered, but totally countered that comment when I slipped my hands into his already open fly and stroked him – already hard – getting a few moans from him. He grabbed me, and twisted us, so he was facing me, above me, and sliding my jeans to my ankles, helping me kick them off. Satisfied with his decision, I straddled him again, but he didn’t let me stay on top for much longer – he flipped me on my back and sat on my thighs, exploring my body with his fingers. He noticed my scars on my arms, and he pulled my arm out to look at them.
‘You’re scarred...’ He ran his fingers through the length of my arms. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, I pulled my arm away from him and ran my hands on his chest for a distraction. He out stretched it again, and carried on staring. I mentally screamed. This was the part where he stopped it all, and announced how he could never fuck a psycho… But then he kissed one of the scars, doing that same to my arms. When he reached the name on my stomach he frowned.
‘My ex lover,’ I smirked; he tilted his head slightly and then did the same to the carved letters, before holding me by the waist and going south.
I arched my back with pleasure, when his tongue slipped into me, wishing it could be a little bit longer… and just as that thought crossed my mind, his hard dick pressed into me. I let out a sigh, filled with a fantastic feeling of helplessness, and a tension growing in my muscles as he thrust in slowly, teasingly.
I closed my eyes, moaning quietly as he picked up the pace. I opened my eyes to find Gerard’s hazels ones gazing back at me. He grabbed my arms to pull me into a sitting position, then let go and held my hips while he thrust away.
Me sitting like that gave it a fucking edge, I swear, and my climax crept up on me, too soon. I held onto the fancy bedpost and cried out loudly as every part of my body shivered with high. Gerard came a few seconds after and we both lay there, trying to catch out breath.
‘Well.’ Gerard said holding my tightly and lighting a cigarette. ‘This wasn’t in my day plan today,’ I chuckled, against his chest, breathing in that wonderful already familiar smell. I saw him in the mirror opposite the bed. His heavy lidded eyes, just screamed ‘sex!’ but then again... so did mine.
‘I didn’t even realise there was a mirror there.’ I said lazily. A wicked glint showed in his eye.
‘Pity that. It was a great fucking view.’ I hit him lightly, snuggling into his arms.
‘This is kinda late – but, do you. Uh. Yknow. Do you want to go steady, with me? Or something? Or not. You don’t have to. I mean, its kind of yeah. Fast? Um. Ahh fuck...’ I laughed at him. It was great how he could fuck into oblivion, yet still stammered.
‘I’d love to Gerard,’ I grinned, and snuggled into him.
We spent the next hour or so talking, about every thing and any thing. We talked about Eliza and Matt – about my scars, and his old addiction to prescription pills. We talked about cars, about my Trans Am, which he got rather excited about. I looked through his notes and sketches for the comic he was putting together. It was called the Umbrella Academy and it was the most original thing I’d ever read. We spoke about our separate bands… His being called, ‘My Chemical Romance’ – to which I mentally flinched…fuck. That name was good. And Sam’s and mine, called ‘Dirty Secret’. He promised to invite to a band practise sometime. He promised that we’d do so many things… and I planned to hold him to it.
It seemed like we were moving so fast, but if im honest, I didn’t want to slow down. I’d been to this school, made a bunch of really cool friends, gained a boyfriend, my first in three years… blew off my sister at lunch, and got coffee thrown on me…but apart from that. It was amazing. We were getting so into our argument – about whether David Bowie, or Spandau Ballet where better. Obviously David Bowie – I don’t even know why he’s arguing – when the phone rang. It was a loud screamo tune. I looked at him grinning.
‘Bring Me The Horizon are a British band.’ I smirked.
‘I’ll give you British…’ He muttered smiling, ruffling my sex hair. I grinned. Then looked at the time. We had to be back at school in twenty minutes. Apparently the voice on the end of the phone had noticed the same thing.
‘WHERE ARE YOU!!!’ Mikey yelled down the line, causing Gerard to wince.
‘We got caught up.’
‘I fucking bet you did. Now, put her clothes back on and pick us up! If I’m late again this semester I get a month’s detentions, so hurry up!’ I rushed around, picking up my discarded clothes. As I slipped on Mikey’s jeans… which fit alright apart from the fact they were a mile too long… and the Misfits shirt, which was Gerard’s, I turned back to Gerard who had gotten silently dressed, and was sitting on the edge of the bed smirking.
‘Oh nothing. I just think im blind. The fluorescent yellow bra really does it for you, you know. Though I do prefer it when its strung over my bed post…’
‘Oh shut up.’ I blushed glaring, running a hand through my hair. He laughed, and held out a hand.
‘Come on sugar, my brothers gonna bust a nut,’ I took his hand and we sped out to the car to pick up Mikey and Frank.
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