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Sam Fratelli - super detective

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-02-15 - Updated: 2010-02-15 - 631 words

Sam’s POV

Really. Fucking really. Dependant on her new friends now. Leaving me out. All I asked was for her to spend one poxy little lunchtime with me. I smiled to myself glancing around at the boys I was sitting with. Hello, Tyson Ritter! Hello Brendon Urie! Hello Ryan Ross! Hello Pete Wentz! Hello Alex Gaskarth! And I don’t know where Jack went but, Hello wherever you are…
I was smiling and enjoying the conversation. Mostly they wanted me to say things in my cute little accent, but I did knock em dead with a few of my witticism’s. I decided I liked it here. I had more friends than I did back in England…Even though six outta seven of them were guys…but hey. I got on better with guys anyway. They weren’t concerned about how they looked, or if their hair was perfect, whether their bum looked big in this…I liked the fact I could be whoever I wanted around them and the didn’t have to worry. I also liked the fact they liked to bitch. And I mean…bitch.
‘So, gimme the info on them so I can relay it to my stupid sister,’ I grinned maliciously. Tyson shared my grin.
‘Okay, Frank. He’s totally mental, absolutely addicted to popping pills… throws em down like candy. He’s a big drinker too. His code names?’ Tyson looked around and grinned. Brendon smiled.
‘Skittles and coke.’
‘No way! He’s already asked me if I like skittles! I don’t want him hanging around with my sister!’
‘Well, Mikey… he’s the geek of his group. Totally isolated, kinda insane. I saw him go crazy at a jock once… Obviously the jock came out the best, but it wasn’t the smartest thing to do. And he’s totally chick obsessed. He staled this girl for like six months and get this…’ Brendon trailed off grinning.
‘He hadnt even spoken to her,’ Pete carried on, evilly. ‘He’s not got laid yet, so obviously the poor fuckers a bit desperate..’
‘And what about Gerard? What’s wrong with him!’ I said eagerly, hoping that he had some major flaw that would put my sister off him instantly. The guys exchanged glances.
‘Well…’ Ryan started ‘He’s a bit of smart alec… but there’s nothing essentially wrong with him. I’d say he’s a decent guy.’
The others agreed.
I was seething. Why did that little shit have nothing wrong with him?
The rest of the day passed without comment, until I saw my sister lean against the twats car. I started to head over, and I saw pill head, and virgin boy, join her. And then, he… the bloody guy who I don’t understand why got under my skin so much… walked over and kissed her.
I want him bad.

‘Gee,’ I said, getting into my Pj’s and jumping on my bed. ‘I heard some stories about your new friends,’
She didn’t reply to me. She just flounced around, trying to get those long grey jeans off…
‘Who’s jeans are those!?’ I asked shocked, as she fell over, after hopping on one leg for thirty seconds.
‘Mphmm. Mikey’s’
‘And why have you got Mikey’s jeans on?’ I said suspiciously.
‘Well. See theres a funny story. This girl poured coffee on my lap. So Gerard took me home…’
‘You had SEX with him!?’ I exclaimed reading behind her words
‘What? Did I say that? No…’ She blushed red, and dove underneath her cover before I could say any thing more. I looked at her mutinously.
‘This aint over.’ I growled before turning off the light.
This sure as fuck weren’t over
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