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Georgia's P.O.V

It was hard avoiding Sam's hard glare all morning. She wanted to know wither I slept with Gee or not and I sure a fuck wasn't telling her.
"Tell me" she eventually whinned. I just smirked.
"Tell you what?" I said trying to be innocent. Oh who am I kididng? She knows me too well. I heard her growl quietly before stalking off moodily and I went back to straightening my fringe. About 2 minutes later she began blasting out The Offspring - I want You bad. I sighed to myself, she's so childish and bleh. Why couldn't Frankie or someone else be my twin? Or I could always pray she's adopted and one of these days her real parents come for her? Either way it's a long shot but I do believe Bon Jovi said "Lyving On A Prayer".
"Georgia are you still not ready?" asked Sam, her stupid red hair swinging about as she peeked around the door.
"No, now fuck off" I said with a roll of my eyes and went back to trying to get ready. Oh bollocks and now my mobile's ringing, or cell as they call it over here.
"It's your shag buddy" my wonderful twin screamed at me.
"Shut the fuck up, do you want dad to know?" I asked, giving her a duh look.
"Course not but you just admitted you did" she said with an evil smirk and then dissapearing before I could even reply. I hate her so much sometimes. I could just...argh. I'm all angry now, fucking brilliant.
"Georgia honey, hurray up or you'll be late for school" my geeky dad said, peering around the door Sam had been at just a few minutes ago.
"Uh, sure" was all i could say. He's being nice...weird. He must want me to do something.

Once finally at shcool (joy!...not!!!) Sam I seperated quickly. We hated been seen together. Sam joined some group of guys and she seemed happy...bummer. And I joined my own lovely group. Gerard greeted me with an amazing kiss that I would have been more than happy to continue but the cat-calls we recieved from the rest of the group and Miky ewwwing put a stop to it. Frank was as hyper as ever, jumping about and talking a million miles an hour. Sam was watching us intently, which was creeping me out to know end. Wait was it can't be. Was that 'worry' I saw? Nah it can't be, she normally can't give a fuck except when it comes to annoying the fuck out of me. Okay so I do care about her a little tiny bit but lets not go there. Aw fuck no she's coming over. Gerard was smirking at something and Frank watched her come over with a grin on her face.
"Georgia, Frank" she said with a little nod before turning to Gerard.
"Oh and the douche bag" she said with a smirk.
"Well if it isn't the queen of the bitches" he said, his smirk becoming more pronounced.
"Like I said before Geetard. No blood, no hurt" Gerard just rolled his eyes.
"Sorry I don't speak slut" he said slowly. Sam's eyes turned to me and she had a small smile on her lips.
"We need to talk" she said, being serious for once. I think.
"She doesn't have to do anything" Gerard cut in before I could answer. I am loving this having a boyfriend thing. Go me!
"I know what you have to do" Frank said winking at Sam.
"That's what you have hands for" she said coldly. Okay that I had to laugh at. Frank didn't seem fazed by this at all.
"Exactly, your's" he said, licking his lips.
"In your dreams Midget"
"Hmm yeah" he said, biting his lip. Sam had a slight pink tinge on her cheeks. Aww she totally wants him.
"That's it. Georgia, lets go" I never had a chance to argue she just dragged me away.
"Watch you don't get rabies" Gee shouted after us.
"Listen Gee. I heard really bad stuff about your friends yesterday. Frank's o-"
"-Save it Sam, your just jealous that I-"
"Jealous!? Of what??? Of your retard boyfriend, his stalker little brother and Frank on his drugs???"
"Of course you are yo...wait what!?" What the fuck is she talking about???
"Well yesterday I got told that-" Sam stopped and looked at something over my shoulder.
"Told what?" Gerard smirked. She just shook her head.
"No no, do go on. I'd love to hear the rumours you've taken in as fact"
"I'll tell you at home" she murmerd, turned around and left.

[AN - This was written by the co author Sam. And i have to say it was bloody brilliant! Thank you Sam ;)
If you like, review pwease. No pretty please. Serouisly. Please ;)
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