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‘Oh great, it’s the plague.’ I said, glaring at Gerard, who glared back. ‘Yeah, hi slut queen. How’s the herpes?’ ‘I’ve had herpes longer than your dick,’ ‘Oh, im hurt. Basic...

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‘Georgia’ I whispered during the night. I could see her staring out the window at the big pale moon, with a soppy smile on her face. I’d seen that look before. That look had Matt Bellamy all over it…But, Matt had been nearly three years ago, and she’d never…
‘Yes Sam?’ she smiled in the darkness. I sighed. I didn’t like having to ruin my sister’s mood.
‘I heard some stories about your new friends.’
‘Let me guess. Their all crystal meth heads and im too good for them?’ She sighed, and I chuckled.
‘That was years ago, and I was lonely. No im serious this time. I, well I heard some stuff. About Frankie, in particular… He’s like, addicted to drugs-’
‘No Sam, he’s not addicted. He had a mental illness which means he had to take pills every two hours. He also has to drink a special type of water with it, so in that case you’re wrong.’ I was stumped for a while.
‘But he calls them-’
‘Skittles and Coke? You ever realise he might be a little ashamed? Ashamed, that he’s not like everyone else? That he has to take pills every two hours to stop from blowing up?’
‘Blowing up?’ I said sceptically, and she laughed softly.
‘Okay sis. Overreaction.’
‘Well, what about Mikey? He stalked this girl...’
‘No Sam,’ Georgia sighed ‘He didn’t. He was secretly dating Holly Regent… that’s the girl – but he embarrassed her. Whatever she told him to do – he did it. He even tried to fight a jock because Holly said so. Well it was actually Eliza’s idea, but I digress. Mikey’s one of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. Seriously Sam. Stop judging people you haven’t met. Frankie told me your reaction to lunch with us. Its lunch, not a proposal. What were you thinking?’
I was silent for a while more.
‘Gerard?’ I asked, not needing to say anymore.
‘Gerard’s…special to me.’ She said softly ‘Surely you can feel it?’
Gee and me… well we’d always had a strange twin connection, we could tell what the other was feeling, how they would react to certain things…
‘I don’t know, gee.’ I said quietly, ‘I think he’s going to hurt you.’
‘He wouldn’t do that,’ Georgia smiled to herself in the dark, and I looked on with worried eyes. I don’t think this will end up good for either of us.
‘What light through yonder window breaks?’ Georgia said softly, quoting her favourite line from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I turned over and sighed.
‘My only love, sprang from my only hate.’ I replied, and I drifted off into a dark troubled sleep.

I wanna girl with lips like morphine…
I sat stark upright in bed. Georgia was already up, dancing at her dressing table. Her make up was amazing, her lips a bright red, her hair backcombed to perfection. She was wearing a red and black tartan skirt – mine – with the horrible Kill Hannah ripped shirt. Speaking of Kill Hannah…
‘Turn that shit off!’ I yelled throwing a pillow at her. She whistled at me as I dragged my ass out of bed. We’d been here three months and I still couldn’t get used to the time difference.
‘Turn it down!’ I yelled again. She grinned and switched the CD’s.
‘Nice legs, Daisy dukes, make a man go…’ I giggled as 3OH!3, blared out of the speakers. I got dressed quickly, not bothering with my hair – it was messy and I put it up in a high messy ponytail. Georgia was dancing around happily, and I watched her strangely. Then I noticed the calendar. And groaned.
‘Its extra History today,’ I said resting my head in my hands. Georgia giggled and threw a jacket at me which I gratefully slipped on,
‘Stop moaning. Its also a Friday,’
‘And its also party day!’ Frank said startling me as he walked in. He was always doing that now. Walking into our house, saying hi to our dad and making himself at home. He’d walked in on me changing once and I screamed so loud…
‘Whose party?’ I asked, sceptically. I’d learnt to endure her friends. I didn’t like them exactly… apart from Ray. He was decent, and level headed.
‘Duke’s party, silly’ Gee said, wrestling with Frankie, as normal. I sighed.
‘The big jock, with the small wiener,’ Frank said from under Gee’s headlock.
‘Oh him,’ I said brightening up instantly. ‘He invited me?’
‘No… buts its an open invitation,’ Gee smiled. I turned away muttering. Mikey and Gerard filled the doorway.
‘Oh great, it’s the plague. As if I don’t have to put up with enough of you today’ I said, glaring at Gerard, who glared back.
‘Hey Sam.’ Mikey smiled softly, ‘Hey Sex hair.’ Georgia snorted, releasing Frank.
‘Hi sugar, hi slut queen. Should keep up with the History work. Its not rocket science. Anyway, how’s the herpes?’ Gerard put in smugly.
‘I’ve had herpes longer than your dick,’ I said irritably, noting afterwards that the insult didn’t actually make any sense
‘Oh, im hurt. Basically, what your saying is, you’ve had a sexual disease longer than eight inches. That makes sense.’
I choked. Georgia choked. Frank widened his eyes and dropped on to my bed like a stone and hid under my pillow. Mikey ran out of the room screaming.
‘My ears! My ears!’
Georgia recovered first.
‘Jesus, Gerard. Don’t hold yourself back. Honestly. Go full out…’ He grabbed her by her shirtfront, and enveloped her in a long passionate kiss. When he pulled away, his lips were smeared with her lipstick.
‘How’s that for smearing your lipstick?’ he asked flirtily, while she rolled her eyes, and tried to wipe it off her face.
‘Anyway bitch queen, if your really want to know how long my dick is, ask your sister.’ I balked. Georgia froze, from the corner of the room where she was packing a bag, obviously staying out tonight. I looked from her to him.
‘Gee wouldn’t have sex with you. I mean come on. I was kidding about that with her but…’
Gerard smirked, and looked at Georgia. She was bright red. Her hair was kinda deflated from the kiss…which reminded me…
‘Sex hair… is THAT why you call her that!’
‘Gerrrraaaaarrrdd!!!!’ Georgia whined, shrugging her bag onto her shoulder.
‘Come on sugar,’ he winked, ‘Lets leave miss anal retentive to her own designs…’
‘Gerard. You are giving my sister a lift to school,’ Georgia, said sternly. He looked at her shocked.
‘She’s gonna have to wait an hour for the school bus. And you were a prick to her this morning. So you’re gonna give her a lift,’ She looked at him full of authority, and he looked incredulously back at her. Frank had sat up by now and was pawing his way through one of my drawers. I felt something ping at the back of my head. Oh. My thong.
‘Frankie! You pervert! Out!’ I yelled and he giggled before darting out of the room.
ohhhhh. when I get my hands on him! I turned back to see Georgia pouting, and Gerard, pulling her closer by her jeans.
‘You’re sexy when you stubborn,’ Gerard said smirking, and Georgia mirrored his smirk, and wrapped her hands in his inky black hair, bringing him down to her lips. His hands started roaming, and I stood there with an open mouth.
Not only was this my twin-fucking sister – but also I mean come on.
‘Geetard. Get your hands off her.’ I snarled at him, pissed off with the display. He picked her up by her ass and sat her on the table, without even breaking the kiss.
‘Fucking hell.’ I strode up to him, and pulled the back of his shirt, with more forced then I intended, so we both fell away from Georgia. He landed on top of me, on the bed. I looked at him in shock, and he smirked back. I felt his erection on my leg, and I squealed. I looked at him; full on in the face, and im sorry to say, I liked what I saw. His look changed, and we both looked at each other, puzzled. Georgia gave a small cough.
‘Ahem. I always wanted you guys to get along but this is ridiculous,’ she smirked, Gerard got up hastily and returned to her side, picking her up, bridal style.
‘What can I say? She wants me’ He grinned maliciously. ‘Five minutes to get to the car, and im leaving.’ Georgia gave me a small wave, as she was carried out of the door. I seethed. It’s not fucking fair. It’s not fucking fair!
As I went to close my underwear drawer, I saw a note lying on the pile of underwear.
A grin passed across my features.
This…could work…

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