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Lips Like Morphine...

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‘What did you mean by that comment?’ I said quietly not even looking at her. She glanced at me, unsure of herself. ‘I just meant I’ve seen Gerard’s type before…’ ‘Oh yeah? Who els...

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(If you can get the lyrics in the kudos to you. There are five different lyrics, from - All American Rejects, Escape The Fate, The Used, Hellogoodbye and Panic! At The Disco. If you can find them, brownie points and I’ll love you forever.)

Georgia’s POV

I smiled, leaning my head against the seat. Could this get any better? It was amazing. I had amazing best friends, an amazing boyfriend, a…well at times she was a pretty good sister, but at the moment she was being a bit of an idiot. I looked at her, as she walked out of the house, a smug smile on her face. I frowned. Something strange was about to happen…
Sam threw herself in the car, and literally jumped on Frankie squealing. Gerard and I gasped and turned around in our seats.
‘You gotta be fucking kidding me?’ Gerard muttered, darkly. Mikey just looked shocked at the leap Sam had taken to get into the car, over him and onto Frankie’s lap, where she was now sitting, squealing and kissing him.
‘Ohh! I thought you’d never ask me! I’d love to! Oh my gosh Frankie!’ Gerard and I looked at each other, a slight frown on our faces.
She’d never seemed to like Frankie in that way before. Heck, she’d never even shown that she liked Frankie at all… But I guess if she’s been hiding it I cant blame her. I don’t exactly tell her as much as I used to. Now a days its Frankie, or Mikey, who know everything about me. Not that I have much choice in the matter. If something looks wrong with me, its Frank on one side, Mikey on the other, fighting to find out what’s up. It was nice in a way, but on the other hand, I was slowly losing my sister.
She hung around with a bunch of guys… who weren’t good for her. Ronnie Radke and Max Green for one. As gorgeous as they were, the relentless drinking and drugs in school… well, after she got busted the third time I started worrying. And then there was Tyson Ritter… He was amazingly good-looking, and his band he’s just started was really good…but he was such a slut. And despite her trying to be a martyr about me, and my sex life… well there isn’t a chance in hell she’s a virgin, the amount of times she’s been round his house. Hypocrite, indeed. I glanced back in the mirror and I saw Frankie’s head on her shoulder. But I saw something else. I saw a coldness in her eyes…and something she’s not revealing. I didn’t want to dwell on it more. But, if she hurt little Frankie. Then they’d be hell to pay.

It was English and I was stuck between Tyson Ritter and Ronnie Radke…. Which was really ironic.
‘So…’ Tyson grinned, and waggled his eyebrows leaning back on his chair. I looked at him and shook my head. He was such an idiot.
‘So,’ I replied, looking at my essay critically.
‘I didn’t know Sam liked Frankie man,’ Ronnie said from his seat next to me in the corner. I shrugged. I liked Ronnie, he was a decent guy – when he was sober… but Gerard had some major problem with him, so I didn’t get too involved. We all watched Sam and Frank on the other side of the road. I looked at their faces sceptically. Frankie seemed to be having fun, tickling Sam and making her squeal…But Sam’s laughter was a little too loud… a little too forced. Almost like she was hiding something. Tyson was talking again and I shook my head, trying to listen again.
‘…you do?’
‘Huh?’ I asked, blinking, having missed everything he’d said. He laughed.
‘Okay, say Sam, got with someone… say Gerard, who your in love with, and you didn’t know about it. You’re heart broken… and then she comes crying back to you. What would you say?’
‘Why?’ I asked puzzled. Tyson just rolled his eyes.
‘Im hoping you’re going to say something insightful…I need lyrics for my band.’
‘Oh. Okay. I’d say… Damn girl. Dry your eyes. You stole my heart and then you kicked it aside.’ Tyson’s eyes lit up.
‘Wow! That’s great! And it goes with the songs tune…’ He sang something under his breath, and I grinned to myself. But I couldn’t help look at Sam and Frankie, and notice the way he put his arm around her, and she shrank away slightly. To me, it all looked like a front. But for what?
‘What have you got next?’ Ronnie asked, leaning back on his chair. Sam turned around and locked eyes with him. He winked, and she blew a kiss flirtatiously back at him. Um hello. Two words… Fran..Ie. Well. One word, two syllables. The kiss didn’t go unmissed by Frank, whose face fell as though he’d been slapped. He looked at me with hurt eyes, and I just shook my head. Inside I was seething. How could she? That was fucking unfair on Frankie!
‘Hey. Sex hair?’ I looked at Ronnie again.
‘Don’t call me that.’ I said sighing. Frankie had mentioned it when we picked him up that day, all those months ago, and it had stuck. I scrunched my face up. English sucked. Tyson was writing down more lyrics, singing softly to himself. Bless him. He looked so concentrated. I guess this band is something he’s really serious about.
‘You going to Fred’s party tonight, Sex?’ Ronnie asked, despite me having ignored him the last few time she’d spoken.
‘Yeah I am, it should be fun. You?’
‘Yup. Fred’s hired my band for entertainment purposes you know?’ He grinned.
‘So, you, max and the guys are gonna run around half naked in tight trousers, getting head off girls?’ I countered sweetly. He laughed, loud. The teacher glared at us. I fluttered my eyelashes.
‘Yeah. Something like that. But I cant think of a great opening for my the first song. I’ve got most of it but..’
‘Situations are irrelevant now.’ I said softly, watching Sam and Frank. Ronnie’s eyes lit up.
‘The frustration, its, it’s a regular thing. So you know, I keep coming out with insightful little things, that you boys steal as lyrics.’ Tyson looked up from his page of lyrics, and winked. Im pretty sure a few girls in the class died. He was sure beautiful. Ronnie wrote the words I just said down.
‘Thank you Sex. I’ll dedicate it to you. Want me to walk you to your next lesson?’ I smiled at him, and shrugged. The bell rang, and I picked up my bag and headed to the door, waiting for Ronnie, Sam and Frank. Sam and Frank were in my lesson, and we had to head to the gym to pick Mikey up. I planned to give Sam a grilling in Science. Mikey came jogging up, his orange sweatband still around his head.
‘Hey Fag Boy,’ I grinned using his gym nickname. He grinned wickedly back, looking like his brother.
‘Hey Sex Hair,’
‘How’s the gym class?’
‘Touchdown, turn around. I never see you around..?’
‘I don’t do gym Mikey. You know that’
We started walking, and just before our class we saw Gerard leaning against a locker talking to… Eliza. Mikey grimaced, and I glared. I hated that bitch. She was always overly fake and nice to my face, but when ever the guys weren’t there… Urgh.
‘So Ronnie, I think I’ve got a name for a song,’ He looked at me interested,
‘Hit me.’ I did.
‘Ouch. You know what I meant Sex...’
‘Hey Georgia.’ Gerard butt in annoyed. I was doing my best to ignore him, but I hadnt actually noticed him walking in. He stood over me, glaring at Ronnie, who was unaffected.
‘See you later, Sex.’ I waved at him, as he strolled down the corridor, his black hair swinging. Gerard watched him walk down the corridor, obviously pissed off. I smiled at him innocently.
‘I thought I told you about him?’ He glared. I rolled my eyes.
‘He’s an alright guy, Gerard. Unlike someone, who throws coffee over people she doesn’t even know…’ I trailed off and Eliza came over to join us.
‘Baby! How you doing?’ She kissed Gerard on the cheek and ignored me.
‘When you’re done playing in the kiddies section, come on over and I’ll show you how its done… Like old times eh, Gee?’ She kissed him once more and struts off. I hope you break your silly neck. I could see it. Here’s the scene – fashion magazines line the walls now, the walls line the bullet holes… Phew. I get too carried away in my killing fantasies. I looked at Gerard. He didn’t say a word. He just looked at me.
He didn’t have to. I shouldered past him and into class.
I turned around to see his angry and frustrated eyes looking back at me.
‘Party,’ He mouthed before striding off. I sighed, and turned around to find Sam, sitting there innocent as can be. I steeled myself, and sat down next to her annoyed. She smirked at me. Mikey turned round, to say something, but I put my hand up and waved him away.
‘Can I ask you something?’ I said bluntly. Sam looked at me, happily.
‘Any thing, oh sister of mine,’
‘Do you actually like Frankie?’ I said looking straight in to her eyes.
She looked kinda shocked to tell you the truth, as though she hadnt expected the question.
‘Yes. Yes I do.’
‘Sam, I swear. Frankie means a lot to me. If you’re hurting him…’
‘Oh please! Its not me the one whose going to get hurt…’
‘Want a Frankie pill?’ We both looked up at Frank and blinked, a shocked expression on our faces. He looked kinda scared for a minute.
‘Ahem. Twin shock.’
‘What?’ Sam and I asked at the same time, with the same scary grin on our faces. We used the scary grin when we were pissed off at each other. Usually when we were pissed with each other we did everything the same, which was the curse of being a twin. Frank put a large white bottle on the table.
‘Voila. Frankie pills. I cant take em tonight cos I plan on getting fucked, but if one of you wants to stay sober…?’ Sam took the pills and examined them.
‘Why stay sober?’ I asked, watching Ray – the other senior, spin round on his chair, and fast as he could.
‘Well. Lets just say Frankie pills and Alcohol don’t mix?’
‘Got it,’ Sam said pocketing the pills.
I grinned, and Frank turned around again, and downed his experiment in one gulp.
Sam frowned slightly at him
‘What did you mean by that comment?’ I said quietly not even looking at her. She glanced at me, unsure of herself.
‘I just meant I’ve seen Gerard’s type before…’
‘Oh yeah? Who else have you seen like Gerard?’ I challenged looking at her pissed. She glared at the science desk.
‘Matt Bellamy.’
‘Miss Fratelli, where do you think you are going!’
‘Lil Gee!!’
I was out that fucking door before any of them could do a thing.
Damn her. Damn them. Damn Matt. Damn all of it…
‘Georgia?’ I turned around and found that Frank and Mikey had followed me.
I just cried, and Mickey took me in his arms, while Frank stroked my hair and whispered soothing noises into my ear.
They didn’t ask questions. They didn’t have to. They were there for me.
Which is more than I can say, about my fucking sister.
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