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Sam's POV
I don't know why the hell Fank said these pills aren't mixable with alcohol. They absolutely are. On the contrary, the more pills you mix with alcohol the better they affect!
Maybe they don't mix for him, clearly each person has their own reaction to medication but I felt great, I felt like I didn't feel for weeks, I was so happy I felt like I'm floating.
I jumped up and down the sofa, scaring a few couples off. They just don't know how to have fun, focusing on one spot on the wall, it was between two painting. No, one was actually a family portrait and the other was a picture of a fruit bowl.
I avoided glancing at the family portrait, hating with passion the lie it told of a mother, a father, a boy and a girl, we had this kind of portrait too, yet it didn't tell the observer how my mom screwed some other man and how much I hate her. No, all family portraits tell similar lies, they're not special and only differ by the number of members willing to pose for the painter to capture the lie, so in a way the painters lying too.
I diverted my gaze when the portrait turned blurry and stared at the fruit bowl. There are no lies there, the orange is round, the banana is yellow and the apple is red...But what if one day it all be proven wrong? And the banana would be exposed to bear the blue color instead of the yellow our human eyes aren't capable of seeing, the monkey's world will come to an end, all they ever knew is the banana to be yellow not blue, how will they cope? They will be so fucking devastated. Poor monkeys.
My train of thoughts was irrupted when my foot slipped and I landed on the thankfully empty sofa, the paper cup with my drink came crashing down on me too, making me laugh. The smell of vodka filled my nostrils, I took a deep breathe to take it in and carried on laughing.

"Let's go," someone grabbed my arm and yanked me off the sofa.

My eyes shut open and for a moment I tried to concentrate on the owner of the voice, "I'm having fun, Geetard".

He placed his hands on my shoulders to stop me from swaying so much and leaned a little too close to look in my eyes, I jerked my head away and threw it back, staring at the ceiling.
"Completely fucking jammed," I heard him mutter.

His words swirled in my head, bouncing of corners and plaster themselves on the ceiling, the completely was spelled wrong. He spelled it wrong. I smiled, stupid Geetard.

He shook me a little and my head lolled back to face him, "I'm taking you home"
Home. I have no home. I don't know if I ever had or was it all just a little white lie to keep the kid happy.
I frowned at his attempts to drag me through the crowd, I hate him for this, he always wreck shit, if only he didn't make me go stalk that bitch everything would've been fine.
I pulled my arm back from his grasp when we were almost out of the door, "I'm not going"

"Yes you are," he brushed me off and took another dive for my arm.

"No," I stumbled back.
He can't make me do anything I don't want to.

"So you're gonna fight me?," he smirked and poked me.

I stumbled back a little bit more, "I will"
He sighed and said nothing, then he grabbed my waist and tried to load me on his shoulder, I shrieked, what he thinks I am? A sack of potatoes?
I screamed and struggled and when my foot met his knee he dropped me with a cry of pain, I wasted no time and darted down the patio stairs.
Judging by the sound of steps behind me, he tried to follow me but gave up, I didn't look back.
I felt content for hurting him, now I can go home.
Crossing my arms on my chest I hunched my shoulder against the intense freezing breeze, my top was still wet and reeked of vodka, I left my coat behind.
I made my way home in the middle of the road, not even bothering to get up on the side walk, not even when I heard the familiar sound of the rubber meeting the cement.
The headlights shone brightly, making my thin shadow walk in front of me, I stepped on her once, then twice, the driver made no comment about me blocking his way.
I walked slowly, or rather followed a bright zig zag drawn on the ground, the car still following me until I almost reached my street but I couldn't quite reach the place I lived in.
I couldn't take another step once my eyes set on the femiliar brightly lit house, I couldn't go any further. All of the sudden extreme exhustion and fear crushed on me in little cold waves knees gave, collapsing against the hard cement.
I started to sob without any ability to stop. I literally couldn't stop.
I heard a car door slam and hurried steps and I felt Geetard's hands on my back and I could do nothing but cry into my palms.
My mind became a vacant puddle of nothing in particular, not even a witty insult for Geetard, not any insult, it was completely blank, all I was aware of is that I'm cold.
He lifted me of the ground and carried me to the car, placing me in the passenger's seat.
I let him handle my seat belt without saying anyhing or moving but when he pulled in front of
The damn house horror washed over me, "No!"

"You don't wanna go in?", he whispered.

"No," I cried out, "No. No. No. No"

"Where then?"

"No," I kept chanting, forgetting any other word, "No no no no no".
I have no clue where he went next, I was aware of the car's movement but I couldn't register where or why it's moving. My body relaxed against the seat as I watched how scenarios changed, the city scenario changed into the woods.
Finally he stopped the car, I sat motionless, blinking slowly was all I did.
He said something, I couldn't make out the words, all I heard was a monotone ramble that echoed rather loudly in my head, I didn't answer, my eyes fixed on the window seeing but not seeing what's outside.
He said another something but it went uncommented like the other.
His warm fingertips traced the hand that lay limply in my lap, I saw no point in responding, his fingers travelled up to my neck and to my lips, with his other hand he turned my head in his direction and kissed me gently. I merely stared, he leaned back to study my face only to crush his lips on mine again but not for long, he moved his mouth to my earlobe and then to my neck, his hands travelled down to fondle my breast and continued exploring my upper body.
Somehow I found myself in the back seat, staring at the dark scrape of sky that was visible from my position on my back.
I lay there limply, giving him full access to my body, he could do as he pleased and still not one thought crossed my mind, it felt like I was consciousness but watching from outside.
He got rid of my moist top and I didn't care.
He sucked on my neck and I didn't mind.
He grabbed my breast and I couldn't care less.
His tongue played with my belly button ring and I haven't even moved.
I let him remove my jeans and caress my thighs, kissing them as he spread my legs wide open and entered me.
All I cared about was watching the sky, it was completely dark and if you didn't know better you'd think they were black but they weren't, they were pink like the banana and little spots gleamed in the sea of the darkness like little lights winking playfully.
When I was little the bitch used to tell these are little holes in heavens floor and that the angels peeks through them, that's why they look like they wink.
Another day, another lie.
The little flashing of the stars got closer and more intense, they swirled around the car and I had a hard time keeping up with them, they zoomed there and here and spun all around, gleaming viciously.
Geetard let out a loud groan and collapsed against me, chasing the little lights away to their placed on the sky.
He breathed heavy in my ears, sending little shivers down the spine from the cold, I pressed myself against him as the only source of warmth, he wrapped his arms around me, scoping me closer.
I shut my eyes. For now I was warm.
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