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Meet Patricia....

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How'd I get down here?" I asked, looking about. I could hear Mikey screaming about not wanting to leave his true love Patricia the Palm Tree. I giggled and wobbled over to where he was. "Miiikeeee...

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Sometimes it feels like im writing this for my own benefit. :P PLEASE review me? Pwetty please? Okay... another Sam written chapter, which you'll have to admit will made you LOL. Reviews please, else Sam and i will come and find you and shoot you to pieces. ;)

Georgia's P.O.V

Oh my fucking god! I'm as drunk as a rock!...Wait...that's not's, it's...fuck it!

I giggled to myself as I stumbled about trying to find Sam. Mikey was talking to a plant in the corner and I highly doubted he'd been drunk before. Ray was dancing and his fro wobbled about awesomely. I just wanted to stroke it.
Woah! I fell! Hahahaha, omg i can totally see up that girls...hold on, that ain't no girl...okay stop looking and stand up...

I tried to stand up only to fall back down and burst out laughing. i lay on the floor just abuot pissing myself with laughter for who knows how long. Everyone danced around about me and the music still pulsed through out the house. Alcohol flowed freely and there were people making out everywhere. Speaking of red hot sexy mother fuckers, where is my Gee-Gee? I can't find him...or Sam... They thought of those two together made me laugh harder until I could barely breath.

Eventually Frank came over and helped me up.
"Fraaaaankiieeee" I slurred hugging him.
"What's up crazy chick? You drunk?" he teased.
"Fuuuuck yoouuu" I slurred. "I'm fucking fiiine" I giggled. Frank gave me a skepticle look before wondering off to get Mikey to stop making out with the plant.
"Raaaay!!!" I screamed running over and jumping on him. Ray wobbled about a bit.
"Hey Gee" he laughed.
"Can I stroke your magical Fro, plese Mr ray sir? I's, I's jussogoddamnbouncy" Ray laughed at me.
"Seeing as it's you" he grinned.
"I love you Ray-ray!" I began stroking his fro, well more hitting him on the head but he didn't seem to mind.
"Looklooklook! I's bouncy!" I squealed, amazed as the curled bounced about. Ray let got of me and I slid off him, landing with a bump on the floor.
"How'd I get down here?" I asked, looking about. I could hear Mikey screaming about not wanting to leave his true love Patricia the Palm Tree. I giggled and wobbled over to where he was.
"Miiikeeeey. Introduce us" I whinned. Mikey grinned at me, almost fell over then put his arm around the tree,.
"Pa'rica daaaarling. This's Geeeeeeeee" he giggled and I shook "hands" with the tree. It almost looked like a person.
"How do you do?" I asked, actually expecting an answer. Mikey then hid behind the tree and put on a voice.
"I'm fine Geeeee, how are you? I'm aaaaa treeeee" I was amazed, actually believing the tree could talk in my drunken state. Mikey had fallen over laughing and now couldn't get up, just lay on the ground yelling for "Patrica" to help him up. Frank was dancing with some random girl.
"What the fuck Frankie???" I pouted.
"Uh, hey Gee, it's um...not what it looks like?"
"Sam's gona be soooo pissed" well she would've been if I actually remembered it the next day. But if I had done I'd have told her.
"Nooooo, don't tell her Gee" he whinned.
"Well, alright but just so you kno-woah!" Aw fuck i fell over again. The words fell out my head and I couldn't help but burst out laughing again.
"I love you Frankie" I giggled. Frank grinned at me.
"I love you too Lil Gee, now pull your top down a bit I can see your bra and it's distracting me" I laughed some more, this was high-pitched manical laughter now...
"You know you love it Frankie" I teased. Frank winked at me.
"Indeed I do lil Gee" he laughed, helping me up once more.
"Maybe you should go home" he said seriously for once.
"Fuck no dude. I'm fine, ya know what h-happened" I hiccuped.
"I fell over this table thing and was like woooaaaaahhh I killed so many plants...oh no wait. I'm inside" I burst out laughing, very nearly falling over only for Frank to catch me.
"Okay Lil Gee, your going home. Now"
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