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Save it for the morning after

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It can't be right, we must've gotten it all wrong. Im meant to be with Gerard and Georgia with Frankie. Then why, oh why have we fucked this up?

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Still Georgia's P.O.V XD

I woke up the next morning with someone snoring quite close to my ear. I refused to open my eyes knowing whatever light would be in the room would kill me. A sudden snort made me jump and I cracked open my eyes with some difficulty. It was Frank...well that's fine th- what the fuck??? I sighed when I realised we were both still dressed. Thank fuck! I doubt I'd have lived if that happened. I still never solved the mystery of where Sam and Gee went last night.

Last night...I remember leaving, I remember drinking and then I remember...nothing...fuck! Just that Sam and Gee disapeared...Eugh, this si too much thinking for being hung-over. My head flet as though someone was banging on the inside with a malette, probably Sam and I'm pretty sure my mouth is how a hobbo's armpit would taste if you licked it. That thought was too much for my something and I just puked, over the side of the bed, landing in a suprisingly round puddle. Frank snorted once more before waking-up.
"Gee?" he yawned. I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand. I couldn't care less at this point.
"Yeah Frankie" I said sounding like a 70year old, 60 a day smoker.
"Did we fuck last night?" he asked. I heard someone chock across the other side of the room and Sam was staring at us with wide eyes.
"No we didn't Frank" I said sourly before puking again.
"Stop throwing up on the floor" Sam said quietly. She was lying on top of the duvet, staring at the ceiling and I'm pretty sure she wasn't blinking.
"What's up?" Frank asked, climbing over me and my pile of puke. Sam just shook her head and ressumed her staring at the ceiling.
"I think I'm dying" I moaned, wishing away my headache.
"I'll get you some asprin and a glass of water" Sam's voice was far away and distant, as though she was completely absorbed in her thoughts but she did this occaisionally, just went into random momnets where her thoughts carried her off. She walked out the door and Frank stared intently at her as she left.
"What's wrong with her?" he asked. I just shrugged.
"No fucking clue Frankie, oh fuck I'm gonna-" I hate puking, there is nothing worse. Sam came back a few minutes later with them and gave them to me without a word.

Sam's POV

Strangely enough I woke up hangover-less, I've been expecting it since I consumed more alcohol last night then I consumed in my entire life. The only sensation I felt is a throbbing sensation between my legs which reminded me I lost my virginity to Geetard in the backseat of his car. Like mother like daughter. Both sluts. Of of all the people in the world I let Geetard fuck me first.
Maybe there's a curse on the females of this family to be on our backs for the Ways, my mother is Gerard's slut, I'm Geetard's whore and when Mikey will want a ride I'll be there for him too, it a free pass for the Ways. Free membership. I walkde downstairs after a confusing conversation with my sister, who just puked all over the floor.
Dad walked in with the cordless phone in his one hand, still wearing his pink big robe, "A phone call for you"

"Who is it," I outstretched my arm for the phone, running lists of people who might call, I didn't have a lot of friends, I know it's hard to believe but some people find me assaulting and not particularly pleasant, as I said before some just can't handle the truth and spend their lives whining about people who tells it to them.

He hung back a little sniffling the air, a frown taking over her face, "What's that smell?"

I smiled brightly, confusion all over my features, "What smell, Dad?"

He wrinkled her nose a little and sniffled around.
Is it the smell of the pills, Dad? Or maybe the bottle of vodka I hogged? Or perhaps the smell of the backseat where I lost my 'innocence' so to speak to my sisters boyfriend? Which one, Dad? Is it the broken trust or the stumped pride?
He looked around the room to find the source of the smell but I was smarter then the average junkie even when completely hammered, my party clothes were already washed and dried in 4 in the morning, I didn't add washing powder so it wouldn't look suspicious, the clothes now lay wrinkled in a messy pile on the floor.

"Dad, the phone," I giggled.

"Oh right," He handed it to me, his frown slipping away.

"Who is it?," I covered the mouthpiece with my palm.

"Gerard," He beamed.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, partly because he beamed so brightly like he's his other son and partly cause why the fuck would he call, "I'll finish the history project today," I barked.

"Um hi," he muttered on the other side.

"Hi, I'll finish the history project over the weekend so don't over worry your tiny brain," I barked again and furrowed my brow at Dad, he was still standing there, staring at me, "You can go now Dad"

"Huh?," his eyes rounded.

"It's for me," I motioned at the phone, laying back on the seatee.

"I know," hechuckled as though I'm stating the obvious.

"So could you?," I glanced meaningfully at the door.

He followed my gaze, "Oh of course"

I waited until the door was gently shut behind himbefore sighing with a smile on my face, "So for the 3rd time, I'll finish the project over the weekend"

"Will you stop with the motherfucking project already?," he laughed.

"Then what the fuck do you want?," I laughed too.

"Just checking up on you," I could picture him shrug.


"Why not?"

"Why yes?"


"Cause why?," I insisted, biting my lips.

He sighed greatly, "You were pretty out of it yesterday"


"So," he paused a little, "I just wanted to make sure you don't blab anything to anybody"

"Oh don't worry, it's not something I'm particularly proud of," I smirked, our little adventure last night caused serious my lack of pride

He huffed, "Me neither bitch queen"

"Wuss boy"

"Then finish the fucking project," he said angrily and beeps of a vacant line echoed in my ear. His motherfucking mood swings, I'll bet my life he's PMSing.
I clutched the phone and got up, getting a glass of water and going up the stairs a painful scene unfolded before my eyes, my sister was puking her guts onto the floor, while my 'boyfriend' rubbed her back and whispered in her ear making her smile with every word her said, despite the fact she was throwing up.
I stood on my spot, watching, taking in every little piece of detail around the scene, absorbing it like it was my air, the sun rays falling on their hair, painting it with golden colors, the giggles, the smell of the bile and the swift motion of his wrist on her back, the little laughter wrinkles around his eyes that deepened everytime she was around...It can't be right, we must've gotten it all wrong. Im meant to be with Gerard and Georgia with Frankie.
Then why, oh why have we fucked this up?

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