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Scrabble, and Crossed lines

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"I can only hope" I grinned, standing up. "What did Lil Gee do?" "Ohh well. Know how Frankie and her was playing scrabble?" "How can you forget? I wonder whose the biggest cheater?" Gerard eventu...

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‘Hey Mikey,’ I grinned cruelly, when he walked in my bedroom three hours later. Frank and I were playing a nice game of Scrabble. Only it wasn’t so nice, because Frank and I were the worst cheaters ever. I have eight lucky letters hidden up my sleeve – and that’s saying something cos’ im wearing a vest!
Mikey smiled and sat on the bed. Gerard entered inconspicuously, and Sam instantly turned away – though not after exchanging a fiery loaded look. I looked at Frank – he hadnt missed it either. I leant over, spelling the word ‘mysterious’. Frank laughed loudly, and Mikey coughed loudly.
‘I’ve an announcement to make,’ he said proudly. Frank snorted, spelling out ‘palm tree’. I giggled.
‘I’ve got a girlfriend!’ he said excitedly. Frank and I looked at each other, and I fought of the urge to laugh. Despite having hazy memories of the night before, I remembered Mikey’s girlfriend and one true love.
‘Patricia?’ I asked seriously, struggling to keep a straight face.
‘No. Whose Patricia?’ He asked, confused. I giggled. And Frank took the liberty of removing a ‘W’ from the cuff of his jeans and adding the word ‘Twat’.
‘Not a word Frank,’ I said maliciously, about to add myself some extra points.
‘Pregnant Goldfish.’ He said adding himself some points instead.
‘Excuse me?’
‘Her name is Belle! Belle Vlashi, she’s a senior.’ Mikey interjected. Frank flicked his fringe out of his eyes, and pushed me over, for no reason.
‘Sam, can I you get me a glass of water?’ Gerard asked loudly, clearing his throat, causing Sam to jump.
'why the fuck would i want to do that fag boy?' Sam said mildly staring that the ceiling again.
'Oh hello, loving and doting boyfriend. Where were you last night? I spent more time with Patricia than you.'
'Yeah, you too Sam?' Frank agreed. Gerard looked at Sam.
'Sam was loaded. I took her home,' He looked at me, with big puppy dog eyes, and i could tell i was gonna forgive him...any second now...
'How nice of you,' i said stiffly, turning to Frank again. He was looking angrily at the board, and spelt out 'Tosser.'
'Thats not-'
'Yes, it is.'
'I'll get you the fucking water. Come on jewbag.' Sam said hauling herself outta bed and out the door. Gerard looked at me for a long time.
'We need to talk,' I shrugged one shoulder, and he followed Sam out the door.
'Guys?' Mikey’s small voice said from my bed. 'Who's Patricia?'

Sam's P.O.V

I silently followed Gerard down the stairs as he moodily stomped ahead of me. He'such a freaking drama queen. I had to try hard not to stare at his butt. When we got there he stopped and said nothing. Just glared at me in the mirror in-front of us. I just rolled me eyes and crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for him to finally say something.
"Enjoying the view?" he smirked.
"Nope. If you were dead however..." Gerard just glared at me and then turned around to face me. He stared at me with a glare of pure hatred which was meant to faze me but instead I yawned, genuinley. Frank and his obscene texts, which I may have replied to just as badly......
But never mind that.

"I hate you" he said simply.
"Ditto Geetard, now what the fuck do want?"
"I want you to swear not to tell Georgia what happened"
"And I want David Tennant to come walking naked in the front door the now and fuck me but I know it's sure as shit ain't happeneing"
"Your such a slut" he smirked.
"You weren't complaining last night" Gerard flinched at my words.
"You were begging for it" he growled.
"What?! What kinda fucked up world do you live in Geetard?! Let me break this down for you. I. Was. Fucked-up. On. Pills. I had no i-fucking-dea what was going on!"
"Oh please. I saw the looks you were giving me. You practically were un-dressing me with your eyes." Gerard's voice was in a harsh whisper and I had to admit it was sexy.
"What looks??? I was out of it. My parents could have came in and started fucking next to us and I wouldn't even have flinched. Hell Mikey and Frank could've came in and started bu-"
"-Don't even finish that sentence" he said with a shudder. I smirked.
"Doesn't it bother you to think about your boyfriend fucking someone else?" he asked, trying to find some other way to get a rise outta me.
"No, Frankie wouldn;t do that to me" I actually kinda sound disapointed. What the fuck is up with that?
"You sound dissapointed. Hmmm ya know what I think? "
"No, but do enlighten me" I said sourly.
"I think you don't really like Frank. You want me instead but your sister got there first so you settled for the next best thing Just so you could stay close to me. What d'ya think about that bitch?"
"I hate you!!!" I screamed, pushing Gerard over, knocking him onto the couch but he's a sneaky bastard and caught hold of my arm on the way down pulling me down on top of him. My heart rate soared as Gerard smirked at me. He leaned up pressing his lips hard against mine. I fought for about 2.3 seconds and then melted into the kiss and from what I could feel against my thigh he was enjoying it...alot.
"Hey Gee, you'll never guess what Georgia did?" Mikey said as he was walking down the stairs. gerard pushed me off him roughly and used a cushion to cover up his, ahem, problem. And I lay in an undignified heap on the floor., panting slightly.
"What's wrong with you two?" he asked, looking at us suspiciously.
"I, uh, kicked Gerard in the balls and I'm on the floor cause I, um...couldn;t stop laughing" I said, just about having a complete panic attack incase Mikey knew I was lying. He laughed.
"Fair enough. No wonder Gerard looks so pissed off"
"He'll live" I giggled, patting the cushion knowing he'd feel it. Gerard's lips pressed into a hard line and his eyes shut.
"I think you've killed him" Mikey giggled.
"I can only hope" I grinned, standing up. "What did Lil Gee do?"
"Ohh well. Know how Frankie and her was playing scrabble?"
"How can you forget? I wonder whose the biggest cheater?" Gerard eventually spoke. My stomach coiled as he emphisised the last word.
"Well Frank put the letter 'j' in his pants and I mean properly in. In the place only Sam should go" Mikey giggled at his own joke. I blushed. The idea of me with my hands down Frank's pants sent a little shiver down my spine and Mikey's smirk grew. I could swear Gerard looked almost jealous there.
"I'm not finished. Georgia went down there to get it. Double word points after all" Mikey began laughing like he'd never stop.
"What?!?!" I sprang up like I was electrocuted.
"Calm down Sam. I think Frank was weird with the whole thing" I just nodded and sat back on the floor, resisting the urge to jump onto Gerard's stomach and sit there.
"I'm gonna go back up, make sure they're not killing each other." Mikey gave us a satisfied nod before disapearing up the stairs.
"I like you" Gerard stated.
"Whatever Geetard. I'm gonna go away now." I stood up once again and went to walk away. He grabbed my wrist gently.
"I really do okay. But I'm not gonna do anything" I gave him a skeptivle look. "Well, anything more because I love your sister. Please please don't tell" I just stared at him blankly.
"I can't lose her" he said, looking anywhere but at me.
"I promise" I said quietly before leaving, going up the stairs to the cry of.
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