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Swing Swing, Secret Grove, Red Dress

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‘What do you think happened?’ I asked Frank quietly, as we drove someplace for food. He shrugged.
‘I don’t know. And I didn’t want to say it, Gee. But that girl’s really getting to me.’ I frowned, and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
‘I wont let her hurt you Frankie. I’ve already told her.’ I clenched my teeth remembering that conversation. He looked at me, upset and shocked.
‘You have?’
‘Yes. I have. Frank you’re my best friend, and I don’t ever want to see you hurt. Not even if its my sister doing the hurting,’ He smiled at me and gave me a one armed hug.
‘And Gerard better watch out too. Me and Mikey will sort him out if he ever fucks up again too.’ Mikey who was still sulking in the back snorted.
‘I might. If someone tells me who Patricia is. I think I’ll have to tell Belle about her.’ Frank coughed.
‘Is Belle, evergreen? Or Confucius?’
‘Evergreen?’ Mikey said confused. ‘Isn’t that I type of tree?’ I laughed, digging my phone out and deciding to put him out of his misery and show him the few choice pictures I took. Instead, I found two unread texts.
Baby… I’m going to pick you up at eight. Im sorry for leaving the party without telling you. It’s just – your sister was so fucked… and I thought you’d be okay with Frank and Mikes. I love you sugar. And im so fucking sorry. Last Requests… Our Song Sugar…. x I sighed, cursing Sam for taking him away from me. Reading and re reading the text, it seemed as though he was apologising for more just leaving the party. But I shrugged it off. And the other one was from Mikey, sent at like one in the morning yesterday.
Gee. Tell Trisha, I love her, but it will never wokr ot. I fund new love now. Her name is Mittens nd sh-
‘Mikey, your cats called Mitten’s right?’ Mikey looked thoroughly confused
‘Yes. But I didn’t name her. Gerard did-‘
‘How drunk were you?!’ I asked laughing, showing Frank his text. Frank laughed.
‘Jeez Mikes. First, a plant, then a cat?’
‘Actually, Patricia was a palm tree, and she doesn’t like being called Trisha,’ I said shooting a glare at Mikey, who shook his head.
‘Patricia was a plant?’
‘No. I just told you. Patricia was a palm tree’
‘A palm tree?! Frank told me I lost my virginity last night!’
‘You’re a virgin?!’ I said turning round in my seat and watching him with wide eyes, while he turned a bright red, and dropped his glasses under the seat. Frank laughed evilly and I gave him a high five. He pulled the car into McDonald’s parking lot, and Mikey straightened up.
‘Come on Virgin Plant Boy, and come on, my saviour’ I laughed at Frank when he bowed elaborately after he got out the car. Mikey grinned.
‘Okay, okay. Just because you fuck like bunnies every time you go into that basement, doesn’t mean we all have to.’ I glared at him.
‘Of course you don’t, Mikey. That’s because if you did it, it’d be incest.’ Mikey glared back.
‘Waycest.’ Frank piped up, retrieving his hoody from the boot.
‘Sex Obsessed Girl,’ Mikey playfully hissed.
‘Palm Tree Fucker,’ I retorted. Frank laughed again.
‘Okay, you two. Hey Mikey – isn’t that Belle? The girl your dating?’
‘Why say it like that!?’ He asked hurt. I giggled, and poked Frank in the side.
Belle was tall pale, and had the best fashion sense I’d ever seen. Her eyes lit up when she saw Mikey. She was standing with Eliza, Hope and Gemma, all seniors. He long waist length ash brown hair, swung in the breeze, and she skipped over to him brightly.
‘Belle.’ He smiled, blushing kissing her. It was all I could do not to squeal. Apparently Frank didn’t have the same boundaries.
‘Awwwww!’ He clapped. ‘Mikey’s got a human girlfriend!’
Belle laughed. ‘Are you referring to my predecessor, Patricia?’ I laughed too.
‘You know about her? You better watch out. Mikey had quite a thing for her.’ Belle winked. ‘Im sure I can compete.’
‘It’s a pity all of the senior’s are going for babies now. Im sure its more baby sitting than dating.’ Eliza’s voice drifted over to us. Belle threw her a glare. I smiled tightly. Tyson came jogging up from nowhere.
‘Hey Georgia! Mikey, Frank. Belle, long time no see.’
‘Oh hey Tyson,’ Eliza called. ‘About your gig tomorrow… Can me and a few friends come?’ Tyson looked at her, smirking.
‘I don’t think so Eliza, im not sure it’s a good idea. I think I’d be more babysitting for you anyway.’ Eliza flushed, and I hugged Tyson, an evil grin on my face.
‘Anyway Gee, I was hoping I’d find you. Do you guys want to come to the gig tomorrow? I’ll be playing your song, Gee,’ He grinned and I clapped.
‘I’d love to!’
‘And I’d love to accompany you,’ Frank said bowing. Mikey and Belle looked at each other and smiled.
‘I’d love to come Tyson,’ Belle said demurely, ‘But im busy im afraid.’ Tyson grinned, and winked.
‘Busy, with Junior here?’ Belle laughed but Mikey blushed.
‘Don’t call me that. I’ll come.’
‘You probably will,’ He grinned giving Belle a ‘Look’ he sauntered off, smirking.
‘I have to go now baby. But I’ll speak later. Wait,’ she smacked her head. ‘You have that surprise sleep over don’t you?’ Mikey coughed violently, and Frank grabbed my arm, pretending to sneeze, while saying ‘idiot!’.
‘What surprise sleepover?’
‘Um. Surprise!’ Frank grinned, ordering what sounded like yummy food.
‘What are you talking about?’
‘We’re all crashing at your house tonight. Your dad, and Gerard’s dad are out. They’ll be a note on the side when you get home, though Sam will probably pick that up. Donald convinced your dad to let us all stay, in case something bad happens to you.’ He smirked and got his order sliding into a booth. I sat opposite him, sucking thoughtfully on my coke zero.
‘It is Jersey after all.’ Mikey grinned sliding in next to me.
‘Congratulations, Mikey,’ I smiled, ‘She’s hot,’ Mikey giggled at that. Frank coughed.
‘That she is. Now if you don’t mind, im off you pee,’ Frank leaned out and trotted off to the toilet. Mikey leaned in close.
‘So. You put your hand in Frank’s pants,’
I blushed and glared. ‘It was a ‘J’! That was double points and I was just about to spell ‘Jackass’!’ Mikey raised an eyebrow looking remarkably like James Bond.
‘Oh really?’
‘Yes, Mikey. Really’ I said, looking deep into Mikey’s eyes and smiling.
‘And how does Gerard feel about this?’
‘I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him. He left pretty sharpish after he spoke to Sam,’ I shrugged one shoulder, and sucked on my straw again
‘Who can blame him? That girl’s a ray of the brightest sunshine.’ Mikey grinned and I laughed.
‘And they get on like a house on fire,’
‘That’s a lot of metaphors about hot things,’ Tyson broke in leaning on the table, winking. Mikey rolled his eyes.
‘Hey Tyson.’ I smiled, relieved to have driven the conversation away from my hand in Frank’s pants.
I’ll be honest – it took a while to find the scrabble piece and I really wanted to win… and Frankie’s ‘love train’ seemed to want to help me. And after I got the piece, we kind of looked at each other…and we got this close to kissing. And then Mikey walked back in and Frank started screeching about my hands being cold.
‘Earth to Georgia? Any body home?’ Tyson said waving his hand in front of my face. Mikey was looking at me concerned. Frank was back. He leaned across and waved his chips under my nose, as though the smell would bring me back to life.
It did.
‘Chips!’ I sqealed, hoarding them. Tyson sighed.
‘Georgia.’ I looked down. In front of me was a pen and paper.
‘I need you to write me a song,’ He said seriously. ‘I might tweak it some, but we have the tune… just no lyrics.’
‘Done,’ I said happily, pulling a piece of paper out of my pocket. Tyson’s eyes boggled.
‘You wrote that fast?’
‘No silly. I wrote it the other day at school – I just couldn’t find you to give it to you. It’s called Swing, Swing’
Tyson grabbed the sheet of paper, and a Cheshire grin swept across his face.
‘Love it. See you tomorrow, shorty,’ I frowned at the referral to my nickname. Frank looked at his watch.
‘How long do you want to get ready? He’s picking you up at eight and its six now?’ I looked up quickly, my eyes widening. Mikey laughed.
‘We’ll take you back now then. Oh, and for the meal, can I ask you a favour?’ Mikey leaned in and winked.
‘Whaat?’ I replied suspiciously.
‘Wear the red dress,’ he grinned and ran off, leaving me and Frank sitting there in shock.
‘Ooh, he’s gonna get it,’ I pouted, watching Mikey through the window, doing a strange war dance. Frank grinned, slung his leather jacket over his shoulder and walked to the door.
He paused slightly. ‘He’s right though. Wear that red dress!’
I chuckled to myself, reading another text from Gerard. Boy, oh boy was Sam gonna get it in the neck when I get home.

Georgia's P.O.V

Lil Gee, I love you. Sorry I can't say 2 your face.
But I wanna take u out today. Please? xo G.

"Isn't that just the cutest? I squealed, showing Sam for about the millioneth time.
"Wonderful" she replied boredly, not even looking up from her magazine.
" I know. I wonder where he's taking me?" I mussed out aloud, holding up different dresses and twirling around. Sam rolled her eyes. If I didn't know better I'd almost say she was jealous.
"What do you think I should wear?" I asked.
"Clothes, preferably" I giggled slightly at her, she always says that when I ask her.
"Well yeah, but what? I don't even know where he's taking me"
"Don't know Gee and I honestly don't care" I huffed slightly at her words and the left side of her lips curled up slightly.
"Your just jealous" I grinned, teasing her, knowing perfectly well she wasn't but it is far too much fun to stop. Sam flinched at words.
"Where do you think he's taking me?" I asked, more wondering out aloud than actually talking to her.
"For fuck sake Georgia! I don't fucking know and I don;t fucking care. So stop asking cause I am sick fed up of your constant fucking questions!"
She got up off her bed and stomped away downstairs being sure to bang the living room door. Woah she's pissed off. Oooh phone's ringing. It's Gee!!!
"Hey Gee" I all but screamed at him and he gave his adorable high-pitched giggle.
"Hello gorgeous. Listen about me taking you out."
"Yeah" I said, oh fuck he's going to cancel. I know he is.
"I'm not cancelling" he giggled as though reading my mind.
"Yay!" I giggled.
"You don't even know what I'm gonna say yet"
"Well hurry up and say it then"
"Okay okay, keep your panties on...well actually d-"
"-Oookay, down boy. I'm catching your drift"
"Won't be the only thing you'll catch off him" Sam yelled from next door. When the hell did she come back up stairs?
"What did the Queen bitch say?" Gerard asked.
"Doesn't matter, now what are you going to tell me?"
"Just wear what you normally do. We're not going anywhere fancy. Orrrrr don't put anything on at all if you prefer."
"I do believe Mr Way wants some" I teased.
"Damn right he does sugar" he growled. That is one sexy voice! And it made me shiver slightly.

Gerard came and picked me up in his car. I left Gerard and Sam alone in the living room, glaring at each other, whilst I ran about trying to find, eh...whatever it was I was actually looking for.

When I came back down they were both still glaring at each other only I think they were arguing cause both of them were panting slightly.
"Uh, bye Sam" I said awkwardly, pretty much shoving Gerard out the door.

We drove in silence for a while, all the way out of town to some woods. It was really pretty out here. He jumped out the car and walked around to the other side and opened the door for me. I couldn’t help but giggle as he took my hand helped me out, shutting and locking the door behind me. He held my hand in one hand and in the other had a bag.
"What's with the bag?" I asked. he just smirked at me, said nothing and bean walking through the woods.

It was quiet in there, everything was so calm and still. I could hear a brook bubbling somewhere to the left. Birds chirped and wild animals leapt about. There was no path that I could see but Gerard seemed to know exactly where he was going.

Eventually we appeared in a clearing quite deep into the forest. The brook passed right next to it and on the other side was a ditch of some sort. There was only a little narrow path to get to it. Gerard went first and then helped me across. Knowing me I'd still have found a way to fall in and pull Gerard in with me of course. I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck we were doing here. But It was beautiful. The air was warm and sweet. I could smell the pine cones and the earthy smell which always came with wooded areas.

Gerard pulled out a large blanket from the bag and laid it over the ground. Next came some pillows as well so we were a bit more comfortable.
He sat, well more threw himself down on the pillows and patted some next to him for me to join him. He stretched out on his side with one hand propping up his head, the other resting on his hip. His shirt rode up a bit exposing some of the smooth pale skin of his stomach and mine did a little flip at the very sexy site laid out in-front of me. I eventually remembered how my legs worked and sat down in-front of him with my legs crossed. I wondered once again what reason we had for being here. And he answered as if he just read my thoughts.
"I thought it's be nice to spend time alone. Just us. No annoying Frankie, no bitch queen, no Mikey or anybody. Just me and you, all alone"
He sounded a bit like a murdered they way he said the last bit. It was scary but in a hot sorta way.
"It's so nice here" I finally managed to say. He just nodded.
"Um..." Maybe I should say something, the silence is beginning to creep me out.
"Shh" he said softly, sitting up. He slowly leaned forward and cupped my face between his hands.
"I love you Georgia" he whispered before brushing his lips across mine. I couldn't say anything but let it out an odd sort of squeak. He gave a small giggle.
"Your so cute when your nervous" he smirked.
"I'm not nervous" I said, trying to sound brave. Oh hell, who am I kidding? This guy as made my brain turn to mush.
"Good" he said, smirking once again. God how I loved that smirk.

We sat in the woods for a few hours, just talking quietly about everything. Just about us. No one else. It was our own little world and no one interrupted us.
"Oooh, what we should do?" I said rather suddenly hoping I could rope him in to come with Frank, Mikey and me.
"I do have some ideas." he grinned. I couldn’t help but blush.
"Not that but maybe" I said with a wink. He bit his lip sexily before saying something.
"What then?"
"This sounds mad buuuut we should all go out to dinner" I practically squealed. "Um...will Sam be there?" he asked. Gerard had to practically force her name out.
"Of course. If she wasn’t going out with Frank I wouldn't have invited her. Duh" Gerard pulled a face.
"Pleeaassseeee?" I pouted, giving the best puppy dog eyes I could. An evil smirk formed on his lips.
"I'll agree, iiiiffff..."
"Iiifff....?" I pressed.
"If we can have a sleep-over at your house. Your dad's out. My dad's out." I thought over what he just said. It would piss Sam off to no end. Deal!!! He spoke once more, pecking my lips in-between each word.
"Think" kiss "All" kiss "The" kiss "Fun" kiss "We" kiss "Could" kiss "Have?" I giggled and kissed him properly.
"I do rather love that idea" I smirked, kissing him properly once more.

He took me home again, so I could get changed, and then took off to pick up Frank and Mikey and get changed himself. Now, into the red dress that knocked ‘em dead. Sam looked at me distastefully when I walked in.
‘Don’t say a word, Sam. Im happy, you should be happy because we’re going for dinner with Frankie and Mikey-‘
‘And Fag Boy.’
‘Yes, Sam. My boyfriend. The one I happen to love very, very fucking much. So could you please make a little effort today?’
‘Why today?’ She sniffed, and I grinned, coming up behind her and pulling her long hair, letting it cascade over her shoulders. She shot me a look in the mirror we were standing in front of.
‘Because baby. We’re going out to dinner with him and I don’t want you to eat him alive.’
Sam flushed.
‘What am I wearing?’ she said resigned, hearing Gerard pull up outside. I laughed and twirled away from her, loving the way my dress flared out, showing my zebra print underwear.
‘Lets twin attack them. I’ll be you, in my ickle red dress…’ I pulled off her ‘ickle’ black dress the hanger, and threw it at her. She flashed me a smile. The first I’d had in months.
‘Im doing the make up!’ She announced, slipping into her dress, and grinning. I winked back.
‘Im doing the hair!’
‘Im wearing the red shoes!’
‘Well, I wanted to wear the black shoes anyway…’
‘I know you did. Now smoky eyes?’
‘And you’d like curls I think would you not? As opposed to this abnormally straight mop you have on your head?’
‘You know me to well,’ we giggled in unison.
When we were done, I’ll tell you what. We looked amazing. My hair was straight, my make up looked daring, and I’ll tell you what, this plunging neckline made me cold. Sam, wearing her identical dress – in a different colour though, winked at me. Her smoky make up really brought out the blue of her eyes. I smudged my dark red lipstick on, and threw it to her so she did the same. We did our scary twin grin.
We looked like a couple of vampires.
‘You look like a vampire.’ Sam smiled, leaning on me, as we twirled in front of the mirror.
‘And you look like a princess.’ I giggled. Sam rolled her eyes, and Frankie, Gerard and Mikey walked in the room.
Their collective silence was unnerving. I waved a little, but Gerard’s eyes weren’t focused on my hands. They were running themselves up and down my body, causing me to shiver slightly under his scrutiny. Frank was doing like wise to same, and she shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. Mikey had flushed, looking from both of us, very quickly.
‘So…’ Sam and I said nervously. The three males exchanged glances.
‘Shall we?’ Sam said taking my arm. I grinned.
‘I think we shall, oh sister mine. As it seems we are the only ones in this room capable of speech.’ I winked at Gerard, causing his eyes to widen, and his to sit down quickly on my bed. ‘Keys please,’ He threw them to me, and me and Sam walked out the door. I looked over my shoulder, as I left and smirked.
‘We’ll be waiting… in the car.’

‘Well.’ Frank said, blinking. ‘I didn’t see that one coming.’ He picked at his suit, and his red tie. Gerard adjusted his own black tie.
‘I don’t think im going to be able to make it through dinner.’ Mikey said in a small voice, his eyes on the door Georgia and Sam had just left by. Frank laughed.
‘And guess what? I get to tap that. You have a girlfriend!’
‘Oh, so he’s moved on from Mitten’s then? And the palm tree?’ Gerard teased. Mikey looked affronted. Gerard stood, looking out of the window. Georgia and Sam were laughing, and they managed to both drop their bags, as they bent over…
‘Well would you look at that,’ Frank grinned.
‘Leopard print and zebra stripes,’ Gerard grinned back wickedly. Mikey hurried over to take a look but the girls had already straightened up.
‘Well. What are we waiting for?’ Mikey asked and legged it down the stairs. Frank and Gerard exchanged glances before racing after him.

‘So, Sam,’ Mikey said shovelling food into his mouth, ‘what were you and Gerard doing at the beach last Tuesday? I saw you parked in the car,’ Sam looked up her eyes wide, and Gerard’s steak fell from his fork. I looked up, still eating.
‘I have no idea what you are talking about Mikey.’ Gerard said smoothly.
‘Last Tuesday? Weren’t you here last Tuesday?’
‘Yes. I was here, last Tuesday. What are ya talking about Mikey?’ Sam answered equally as innocent. Mikey looked from Gerard to Sam, frustrated.
‘But I saw you!’ Mikey whined. Frank shrugged and went back to eating.
‘Maybe it’s the voices in your head, Mike’s’ Gerard joked, and Mikey glared.
‘Maybe you’re just retarded Mikey,’ Sam grinned and I glared at her catching Mikey’s genuinely hurt expression.
‘Shut the fuck up Sam. Stop being such a bitch.’ I snapped, and she pulled a face.
‘I liked it when your angry!’ Gerard purred, causing me to blush a deep crimson. His hand found my thigh, stroking and creeping higher…higher…higher…
‘Jesus Christ! Im eating!’ Sam said loudly, drawing everyone’s attention to her.
I gave her the death glare. She smirked at me. Gerard kissed my earlobe.
I win this round.

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