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Lies, Cab Rides, And an old Dracula Movie

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"Bitch in heat," he nodded, "Couldn't phrase it better myself, that's exactly what you are" "So what that makes you?" "I give you what you want," he shrugged innocently. "Oh you mean like ...

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The dinner was almost over, and besides being pissed at my, a new feeling was added to my collection- boredom.
Mikey didn't speak, instead he focused his whole attention on the food and ignoring both me and Geetard.
I concentrated on staring at Geetard, all through dinner I tried to catch his attention but aside from saving my butt from going to hell, he didn't really respond to my sensual eating style, or licking of the lips, or my tracing of the lace bra that was peeking occasionally. His face was turned away from me, he was staring at a spot on Gee’s collarbone and lovey dovey expression claimed his face. Frank was the life of the evening, telling jokes and stories I didn’t find all that funny. Every one else did though. Gerard just exchanged hushed conversation with Georgia, who kept glaring at me, frequently and turning her attention back to her boyfriend.
I found it weird, it didn't take much to turn him on but tonight? It's like his dick was carved in stone all of the sudden...An evil smirk formed on my lips, why won't we examine that...
I slid down a little in my chair and outstretched my leg, feeling around until I found his leg, he moved it out of the way, probably thinking it was an accident, I outstretched my legs more and clasped his ankle between mine, to send the accident theory out of the window.
He jerked his head to look at me, frowning.
I bit my lip and looked away, moving my heel up his calf slowly, I noticed how he tried to shift away from my grasp, but his leg was pinned between mine too tightly for him to move without making a fuss.
Licking my lips, I stroked his leg up and down, first gently with my heel, then pressing it harder against his leg, he relaxed and tensed accordingly to my motions.
Once I got the hang of this without shifting too much in my chair, I decided to push my new found talent further and trailed my heel higher on his leg, circling his knee and resting it against his thigh.
He gulped and sent his hand through his hair, looking nervously around the table, but no one gave us a second thought, they were talking and laughing loudly.
I smiled suggestively, not looking at him and went for the kill, sending the vamp to caress the inside of his thighs and around the crouch.

"Gerard, wanna share some ice cream?," Gee motioned at the desert cart a very good looking waiter wheeled to her.

He nodded, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"What do you like?"

"Chocolate," a crooked, high pitched voice escaped his lips.

Mikey snorted receiving a glare from his brother, "I thought you hit puberty a long time ago"

He tugged on my ankle a little.

"I think I'm gonna go," Mikey licked the last of his pudding from his spoon and stood up.

"Yeah me too," I yawned, yanking my foot from his hold and rose as well, pushing the chair back, "Good night everyone. See you at home.’

"OK baby," Frank reached for me.

I made a face, kissing him was the worst part, I avoided his touch like the plague, "Bye"
I followed Mikey who didn't have to kiss his innocent and loving boyfriend out of the restaurant, glancing back at Geetard as I swayed my hips a little, it'll take him a while till he can stand up without drawing any attention to his groin.
"Oh come on Mikey, stop pouting," I got in a taxi next to him.

"Yeah well I don't want to screw any more of your secret plots," he said childishly, pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Fuck," I rolled my eyes at him, "I ditched and ran into my dad so I had to tell him I was auditioning for a play so that's why they let us out early. Gee would think I’m doing god knows what so we denied it. Simple"

"Oh," he softened up a little, dropping his arms to the sides, "And why did Gee help you out? Since when are you buddies?"

"We're not," I shrugged, "He saw me ditching so he knew what I was talking about"

"This makes no sense what so ever," he frowned.

"Well he saw me and asked what am I doing so I told him I was ditching," I said light hearted, it became so easy to lie, it must be genetic, "And you know your brother, always butting in everybody's business," Mikey agreed, nodding, "So he wanted to know what I'll do if I get caught so I made up that play thing"

The Taxi pulled away from the curb, and I saw Tyson out side of a club, I leant out of the cab and waved at him.

His eyes rounded, scanning me entirely and stopping at my chest, "Hello nurse", he whistled.

"Are you mental?," Mikey said, pulling me back into the taxi.
"Yes," I dismissed him with a wave of my hand, "Fucking manic"

He shrugged and told the taxi guy where I lived

"Enjoying the night?," Taxi dude smiled at me. Oh! It was the guy from Drama…Um…. William Beckett or something. His dad owned a big club out in New York

"I am now," I said, flirtatiously.

"Me too"

"So where are you going?," I tucked the hair behind my ear, and winked at him

Mikey made a face, "I told you-"

"Home for now."

"Yeah," he shrugged like he rather be somewhere else, "But you got to stop buy the club sometime"

"I will," I nodded. I so will he has no idea.

"Promise?," he inquired.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," I placed my hand over my heart.

"I'll be waiting," he pulled into my house, and Mikey threw him the money with a glare..

I went to my room but was too restless to sleep and standing by the window lost its charm. I popped a pill and headed to the front room.
Mikey looked up, holding a bowl of popcorn closely at his side.

"God didn't you have enough?", i cast a look at the bowl and slipped past him sliding on the couch.
Looking around the room I sighed
"What are you doing? I'm so fucking bored,".

"Wanna watch a movie?," he flipped through the channels, "We could order one"

I sighed, I wanted some more action then staring at the square box all night but I'm not gonna jump him so I guess that's the best I can expect, "Sure. Any good porn?"

"No but I saw an old Dracula movie here somewhere," he pressed a few buttons.

"So you and Geetard are sleeping together?” I stared at my pull out bed, clothes scattered all over it, you could hardly see what colour the cover was if it wasn't for this house’s cliché theme of having everything in the room the same colour.

He looked up from the remote, with a disgusted look on his face, "If only that was legal," he smirked, "But no. He’s with lil’ Gee.’

"Oh," I laughed. ‘If Dad sees that he’ll blow a nut.’

"Who was that guy?" he frowned but I wasn't sure if it was at me or the TV, cause he shook the remote pretty powerfully.

"What guy?"

"the one from the cab ride," he gave me a look.

"A friend," I smiled with all the innocence I possessed.

"There!," he exclaimed, "Found it!"

The screen flickered as black and white old credits of the beginning of the movie came up, I took off my boots and cuddled with the creamy pillow in my lap, keeping the popcorn bowl greedily close.

Lying on the couch, I felt someone approach. I lie on my back and felt a shadow fall on me. Helplessly trying to pry my eyes open yet failing miserably.
Creepy tone echoed in the room, the kind of music they play during a suspense moment in the movies, panic and fear consumed me and I found it hard to breathe. Finally I managed to gasp when the teeth that belonged to the shadow hovering above me sunk into my delicate neck crook.
I fluttered my eyes open, back in the front room, the movie playing on the TV sending off a bright glow and Mikey dozed off next to me, but still the sensation of fear and panic didn't let go, mainly cause I still felt the teeth grazing my skin and a hand was clasped on my mouth.
I tried to crane my neck to take a glimpse of the owner but they twisted my head sharply and sucked on my neck.

It felt so good I moaned only to have the hand tighten around my lips, "Not a sound"

I nodded, and I’d do anything if only he keeps his mouth on my neck forever.
I closed my eyes with pleasure, he knew exactly how to make me feel weak in my stomach, tracing his tongue up to my earlobe and nipping at it, then sucking his way down again.
A little moan built up in my throat as he kissed every inch of my neck, sending his hand under my top and tracing my ribs on his way to my breasts. I arched my back, moaning again when he gripped my swollen nipple.

"Not a fucking sound!," Mr. Way ordered.

Mikey shifted in his sleep, making Geetard stop. He waited till Mikey settled in his sleep again before grabbing me off the sofa and dragging me through the hall to my room with his hand still tightly clasped on my mouth and his teeth deep on my skin.
Logic screamed at me for what we were doing was too risky but the thrill of getting caught and the sensation of his hand on my breast was enough to quieten it down.
I pushed the door open since I didn't bother to lock it up to have him throw me on the bed ceremony less, "You think it's funny to wind me up all evening?," his voice was hoarse and his eyes were clouded. Georgia turned on the floor, where her and Frank were sleeping, her head on his chest. But right now I couldn’t care less.
I smirked, ripping off my top while he fussed with his jeans, "I almost fucking exploded but now it's your turn".
And without further ado, waiting only long enough to peel my own tight leather leggings off, he plunge himself into me.

I woke up surrounded with thick darkness and a sharp pain in my neck, I rubbed it a little, I'm soo getting a mark in the morning, I'll be surprised if he didn't draw any blood.
His body was lying next to me, breathing evenly. I removed his arm from my waist and shook him gently.

"Mmm," he groaned, pulling me closer.

"Wake up," I whispered, afraid to break the silence.

"Mmm…what?" he whispered softly in a sleepy voice, snuggling even closer.

"You gotta go," I pushed him a little.

He sighed and turned on his back, sending his hand through his messy hair, "Why?"

"What if my Dad checks on me and finds you here," I sat up and stared at him, I could outline his feature with the help of the silvery light the moon was sending through the blinds.

He chuckled, "They still check up on you?"
"Well I'm sorry I don't live in an isolated basement," I pulled up the covers and propped the pillows against the bed post.

"Well I'm sorry I'm not five anymore," he teased back.

‘Gee, might wake up.’ I said quietly to him pointing, and we both looked at her, on the floor, curled in a ball, with Frank curled around her.

I got up and padded to where my messenger bag was tossed carelessly, looking for my cigarettes.
Grabbing the pack I opened the window, lighting one, I took a long drag, shutting my eyes and feeling the cloud of smoke swirl around my lungs and calm my mind. The bed creaked and followed by soft footsteps Geetard wrapped my shoulders with the soft blanket and slipped on his crumpled shirt.
I offered him my pack, he looked me in the eyes while taking one, "Didn't it hurt?," he lit one too and blew the smoke out of the open window, mixing with the cold heavy fog coming down on New York city.

"Hmm?," I was confused as to what I should find painful, "Oh yeah you little bitch," my hand shot to the painful spot on my neck.

He chuckled, taking another drag, "I meant the belly button ring"

My hand slid down to my stomach to touch the belly button ring I've done 3 years ago and as I fiddled with it, "No but of course needles don't scare the living shit out of me"

"Then what's scaring the living shit out of you?," he looked out of the window and seemed to be million miles away from here but his tone sounded serious.

I mulled over his question, physical things didn't really put fear in my heart, some thing I found unpleasant but I didn't experience real fear at the usual things people were afraid of, I was scared of abstract things, not so abstract but things you couldn't grasp or touch, I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, can I trust him with my fears? I trusted him with my body but with my fears?, "I'm afraid of being stuck here forever, I'm afraid of just surviving instead of living and I'm afraid I'll die without leaving anything behind", I breathed out the smoke I inhaled the moment I finished my sentence. ‘Im afraid of my feelings for you, im afraid of killing my sister and Im afraid of her innocence. Im afraid I’ll hurt Frank, I’m afraid people will find out, and im afraid of the whole beautiful lie,’

"Sound's scarier then needles," he nodded thoughtfully.

"Well I have a larger brain," I giggled nervously to hide the vulnerability I felt.

We stood in silence for a while, smoking and staring out of the window, each lost in our own world, "It's really beautiful here," I referred to the city's skyline, gleaming lights shining through the fog and the outline of trees in central park, "Picture perfect"

He nodded slowly.

"Have you seen them tonight?," I clenched my fist at the sudden anger that flushed me, "I felt like punching your friend"
"My friend!," he cried out, "He’s your boyfriend too! Haven’t you seen him around Lil’ Gee? Oh Gee! Yes Gee! Ha ha Gee! You're right Gee," he rolled his eyes mimicking Frank, "Such a wanker," he kinda looked me over, glaring. ‘Just like you. Wanting something you cant have’

My jaw dropped, I didn't expect this from Geetard, usually he just let people walk over him with a casual swear word but this? It definitely hit a sore spot...More like punched a sore spot, "Then get the fuck out big shot," I hissed with hurt.

"Touchy huh?," he sneered. “Plus my girlfriend invited me here so,’

"That's the most touching you'll be doing!," I wrapped the blanket tighter around my shivering body, it wasn't the cold that got me, it was the reality of his word that got me hard.

"Oh please," he smirked, "You can't keep your hands off me, you love me but you're too big of a bitch to admit it"

"I have pride," I straighten my back, "Something you never had and never will"

"Yeah," he crossed his arms on his chest, literally looking down on me, "That's why you fucking humped me at dinner cause you have buckets load of pride"

"I wasn't the one running to me the fastest I could like a little bitch in heat", I leaned on the window frame and glared at him.

"Bitch in heat," he nodded, "Couldn't phrase it better myself, that's exactly what you are"

"So what that makes you?"

"I give you what you want," he shrugged innocently.

"Oh you mean like a whore?," I laughed, "And you don't get paid much like your mom"

He took a step back, tense and flushed he took another one back but I kept on striking, "Just waits until Gee finished with you and realises she love Mikey or some one , but is settling for the leftovers cause no one wants you so she feels sorry for you," I followed him when he carelessly slipped in his jeans, "Yeah run away you fucking sissy! You know it's true"

"You're lucky you're a girl", he pointed his index finger at me.

"Oh cause if I was a guy you would be on your knees sucking me off," I shrieked with laughter but stopped the moment the door shut behind him.
He truly brings out the worst in me, I popped another pill before going back to bed, but it wasn't my destiny to sleep there, it had his smell settled into the sheets and it evoked more urges to suffocate him with a pillow. Georgia turned over in her sleep, slipping closer to Frank, Gerard opened the door again to pick up his jacket, and watched as Frank turned and his arm accidentally slipped over Georgia’s shoulders, and she snuggled into his neck. I looked away again, tears in my eyes. Gerard gripped the door handle tightly his knuckles. Then slammed the door, still inside. Georgia sat up abruptly, while Frank groaned and rolled over. She opened one eye, and glared balefully around the room. Frank eventually sat up too, scratching his chest, and showing for the first time really those intricate tattoo’s he had on his body.
‘Morning baby,’ Gerard smiled, and smoothed Georgia’s flattened static hair
‘Morning, Gee. Where you going?’ She said looking at his jacket in his hand, and then noticed me.
‘Hey! How come you got the bed, and I had to sleep on the floor?’
‘Unlucky, I guess,’ Frank said, turning his dark eyes on Gerard and me, the cogs turning in his head.
‘Yeah.’ She agreed. ‘Plain unlucky’ Gerard looked really uncomfortable.
‘Hey baby – how long do you think you can be ready in?’
‘Um. Twenty minutes. Thirty tops. Why?’ Georgia chewed on her lip ring, looking at Gerard confused.
‘We’re spending the day together. Just you, and me. Why don’t you do the same Frankie?’ Frankie’s face lit up.
‘Sure. Sam, are you up for it?’ he asked eagerly. I glared at Gerard.
‘Sure. Franklin. Why not.’ Frank searched my face, as though trying to see through this fragile façade. Gerard was right. I had no romantic feelings for Frank what so ever. All my emotions were focused on the guy in the middle of the room. The guy my sister was in love with. Freakin’ great. Freakin’ great…
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