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Picnics, Awkward Moments and How the HELL do I Fuck A Guy?

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I stood over him, and winked. ‘I would never cheat on you,’ I walked back to the car, triumphant that I’d made my point, leaving him with a deer caught in headlights expression.

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Sam left the room the get changed. Mikey was still down stairs asleep. Gerard had gone home to change too. I looked at Frank. He looked back.
‘Hey. Close you’re eyes Perv boy,’ I teased while I changed into my ripped denim and Guns ‘N’ Roses shirt. Frank got changed while I did, and I did take a sneaky peek at his tattoos. They were amazing.
‘Are we still going to Tyson’s gig tonight?’ He asked, quietly, wondering round the room, picking up things, moving them around and setting them back down again.
‘Of course.’ I smiled, spraying myself, with my favourite perfume Dior Poison.
‘Want a special Frankie pill?’ He asked micheaviously. I grinned in affermitive. He threw me a small yellow pill with a happy face on it. I looked at him and he winked. Shrugging I threw it down my throat, just as Sam walked back in, her nose wrinkled at the smell. She dumped her dress in a pile on the floor, and pointedly glared at me.
‘Frankie, baby, do you think Gee and I could have a moment?’ Frankie obliged, smiling warmly at Sam, but getting a half hearted cold smirk.
‘You really ought to treat him better.’ I said annoyed,
Sam rolled her eyes. ‘And you really ought to mind your own business and concern your self with your own lap dog.’
‘Gerard’s not a lap dog.’ I hissed, ‘and neither’s Frankie. Seriously. What the fucks wrong with you? You’ve been strange ever since the party.’
A strange look passed Sam’s face. A beep from outside, announced Gerard’s presence.
‘Im going. Have a good time with your lapdog’ I said pushing past her. She winced and whispered. ‘Im sorry,’
I didn’t answer. Im determined to have a fucking good time today.
‘Im just going to go home and get changed Sam, then I’ll be back, okay?’ Frank smiled from the doorway.
‘Whatever,’ She smiled, turning up her headphones, blocking us out. I sighed, dragging Frankie with me out the door and down the stairs. Gerard was waiting for me with a bouquet of red roses.
‘Sweet heart. These are for you,’ he winked, when Frank and I opened the door. Frank took them and fawned over Gerard, while we both laughed. He leant down and kissed me softly. I blushed. That little kiss meant so much more than a longer one ever could have. In that little kiss I knew he loved me.
‘Aren’t we forgetting something?’ Frank grinned after setting the roses in a vase. He jerked his head to the couch where Mikey lay, snoring. I laughed.
Gerard winked. We both crept over, positioning ourselves right next to his ears.
‘Three, two, one…’ Frank counted down grinning evilly.
‘MIKEY!!!!’ Gerard and I both shouted gleefully.
Mikey shot up, his bowl of popcorn flying everywhere. He screamed shrilily, and looked around for the source of the noise. Gerard and I were sitting on the couch discussing whether David Beckham was really worth all that trouble. Frank couldn’t control himself and was crying with laughter on the floor.
‘You!’ Mikey screamed and gave chase to Frank all around the house.
Seriously, its like watching an episode of Tom and Jerry. Except when Mikey screams its much more amusing.
‘Okay guys,’ Gerard grinned, ‘I wanna get going,’
Mikey and Frank both stopped chasing each other, and Mikey and I raced to the car to fight for who sat shotgun. I won. Duh.
‘Guys…’ Frank said while we were in the car. ‘Does Sam have a problem with me,’
Gerard and I exchanged glances. I could see the cogs working behind his eyes. I smiled to myself. I had an little plan.
‘I know why. Gerard does too.’ Gerard looked at me with wide eyes.
‘You and Sam haven’t… um… which word should I use?’
‘Fornicated,’ Mikey grinned. Gerard caught my drift quickly.
‘Yeah. She’s very… physical. Remember what I told you before?’ Frank nodded, his eyes on us, listening attentively. I smirked to myself.
‘Well, basically… she’s in withdrawal. She doesn’t wanna ask you, cos she thinks she’ll sound like a slut..’ Gerard chuckled to himself from next to me, his dark eyes fixed on the road.
‘What was that fag boy?’ I grinned, poking him in the side. He giggled girlishly, which made me laugh. Frank just looked lost.
‘Don’t be such a kid Georgia,’
‘Call me a kid again Way, and im going to fucking give you some,’ I flexed my not existent muscles, and was about the continue, when Frank interrupted
‘So what your saying is I should fuck her?’
‘Mhhmm. Long and often,’ Gerard grinned. Frank’s face lit up.
‘I can do that.’
‘This is kinda wrong you know. I don’t want to be in the conversation anymore.’ I laughed. Gerard glanced over and squeezed my thigh. I yelped. He grinned.
‘Where does my baby want to go?’ He said loudly. I smiled about to answer when Mikey replied.
‘Just home please. Im going to see Belle today.’ Gerard gave him a strange look. Frank rolled his eyes.
‘Im pretty sure he was talking to Georgia, Mikey.’
‘Ahhh. Georgia are you still going tonight? It’s invitation only, apparently. But we’re on the guest list…’
‘Where are you going later?’
‘It’s a gi-‘
‘None of your business,’ Mikey grinned. ‘Now if you don’t mind,’ He opened the door, as we pulled up to his house. Gerard growled. A noise that I found extremely sexy.
‘I’ll get it out of her eventually,’ He called after Mikey who flipped him off without turning round.
‘That’s what he said,’ Frankie grinned hopping outta the car himself. He mock bowed.
‘I’ll see you at nine.’ He made a clicky sound when he winked. Gerard smirked to himself and drove away. I was trying to copy Frank’s noise, and I didn’t notice Gerard lean over and smelt me.
‘You smell… fucking gorgeous,’ I smiled at him and winked.
‘Poooooiiiiiison,’ I drawled, rolling the word on my tongue. Gerard laughed.
‘Where are we actually going?’ I asked, realising, that I had no clue to where he was taking me. I noticed the obscenely sunny day out side. I laughed. I don’t actually know why. But I just felt so damn good. Gerard was smiling looking over at me.
‘I love you,’ I said softly. His smile didn’t lesson, but there was guilt in his eyes. I cocked my head and was about to say more, but he interrupted me again.
‘Im taking you to the park, where me and Mikey used to go when we were kids.’ He said quietly. He parked the car, and jerked his finger to the back, where in noticed a picnic basket and a blanket. I leant over to get it, and fell over.

It was a beautiful day and I was in beautiful company. Okay, I bet I sound like a fucking douche for saying that. But it just was. And now he’s talking to me about someone he’s completely in love with and im spacing out… woah.
Woah. He was in love with Sam?
‘You love Sam?’ I said coming back to reality. He looked at me, shocked and disgusted.
‘Sam?’ He repeated, ‘You think I love Sam?’ He hid behind his hands shaking his head.

"I won't tell," I said quietly, still recovering from the shock.

"Georgia," he dragged out my name softly, peeking from behind his hands.

"I know you think I'm a complete idiot but I know how to keep a secret," I have plenty of these to keep.

"Gee," he smiled at me, kinda like an adult smiles down at a little kid that has no idea, "You got that all wrong"

"It's obvious, don't deny it! You were all over her at the party apparently and after dinner and she appears to like you, why is beyond me but she does," I nudged him, faking a smile to distract myself from the sickness that rose in my stomach slowly, "You should go for it, she even nicknames you.," I glanced my feet, at a rose he’d placed on the picnic blanket

He followed my gaze and picked up the rose, twirling it around his fingers "It's not what it looks like"

I smirked, "So you don’t like Sam at all?"

"No, I mean yes but not really...," he huffed, "I just mean that it's not like that"

"Gee hearts Sam," I teased him, nudging him playfully.

"Georgia," he chuckled, looking straight ahead, holding his head with dignity "You're such a kid"

"That's it!," I exclaimed, "I fucking warned you! You're gonna get it now," I swatted his arm the hardest I could.

"Baby," he cooed only for me to hit harder.

Well soon after we were making out behind some church bench, away from prying eyes. I sat on his lap and slowly explored his mouth with my tongue. Sucking gently on his lips, licking then, and greeting his tongue up close and personal. It wasn't our usual type of kissing which usually led to sex. These were urgent and greedy, fast and hard. But this time it was slow and sensual, deep and soft, it wasn't a foreplay, it was the real deal.

He pulled back, holding my face in his hands and studying it. I looked down, "You're invading my personal space again"

"I like your personal space"

"Then stop invading it," I pouted.

"Maybe I'm planning on conquering it," he smirked playfully.

"What with horns and swords," I giggled flirtatiously.

"Exactly," he leaned in to kiss me again, "Fuck me, Georgia"

My eyes fucking popped open, "Fuck you?"

"Hmm," he moaned, rubbing my thighs.

I frowned ,"How exactly should I fuck you?"

He smirked and I was sure he thought I was trying to talk dirty to him but I actually wasn't, I was genuinely confused. I mean how was I supposed to fuck a guy? Is it like the same drill for when a guy fucks a girl? I think these people who call me a kid have a point
He traced his hand under my skirt and pressed his hand into my wetness. Pulling my skirt up to my waist, he ripped my underwear off with a shredding sound and placed the pieces in his jeans pocket.
I just watched him with curiosity, fucking a guy was pretty easy since he was doing all the work.
He unbuckled his belt and dragged the zip down quickly, freeing his hard one out of the boxers. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up a little and then positioned me directly over the tip, I held on to his shoulders as he slowly lowered me onto him, making me gasp and tilt my head back.
The sensation of him filling me completely from within was the greatest I ever felt. My insides were buzzing with thrill as I moved slowly on top of him, first afraid to hurt him but after seeing how much pleasure he was getting out of it, I submitted to my body's desire and rode him with more enthusiasm, exploring the new delights of the new position.

It didn't take me long to come, awfully disappointed I tried to hold on to the edge but I couldn't as he met me with little eager thrusts of his own. I bit the crook of his shoulder hard to block out the cry that threaten to escape me. He released into me shortly after. Panting and gasping for air he placed his arms around my waist and rested his sweaty head against my chest, breathing into the soft fabric of my shirt.
I tucked some strand hair behind his ear and planted a little kiss on his sweaty forehead.
I quickly pulled back and scrambled on my feet, I pulled my skirt down and wiped the liquid running down my legs.

"What?," he looked puzzled.
‘My Dad!’ Gerard looked round quickly and I collapsed in a heap, laughing like mental.
‘Shoulda seen your face,’ a choked, laughing so fucking much. He growled and dove on top of me, tickling me until I was sure I was going to die of an asthma attack… and I didn’t even have asthma!
Grant my last request and just let me hold you… My phone rang from my pocket scaring the life outta me.
‘Hey Sam. How’s it going with Frankie?’ I asked happily. Gerard rolled his eyes and rested his head on my chest.
‘Tell her to piss off’ He mumbled loudly into my chest. I giggled. It was quite amusing, considering I thought he loved her less than an hour ago. It must’ve been that pill. Whacko pill…
‘She wants to speak to you,’ I said, covering the mobile, he sighed, and rolled over, pulling me with him. We laughed as we rolled further along in the grass, and he eventually got the phone. I sat up, and crawled away, back to the blanket. He threw a pinecone at my ass. Ouch. I flipped him off with out turning round. I lay on the blanket and closed my eyes.
Well, that was until a shadow blocked out the sunlight that was beating on my lids. I opened one eye to see a gorgeous guy leaning over me.
‘I love you,’ He smiled. I grinned.
‘I love you too, Gerard Way,’ He lay on my again, his head rising and falling with my chest. We were content.
‘C’mon, lets go home,’ He said sitting up.
‘N’awww. Its not even…’ I realised I didn’t have my phone or watch. He was grinning at me. He smiled crookedly and threw the phone to me.
‘I was thinking about taking you out to see a movie, before you head off to your mysterious thing,’
‘Its not my fault. Frankie made me promise,’
Gerard’s expression darkened.
‘Frankie, Frankie, Frankie… that’s all you ever talk about… Maybe you wanna be with Frankie instead. Im sure we can arrange that. You’re all he talks about too…’ He said sitting down and looking away, his lower lip jutting out.
I put my hands on my hips.
‘No way. This cant be true.’ I walked over to him, and dumped myself unceremoniously on his lap. ‘You can’t tell me Mr.Way is jealous?’ I giggled, and his pale cheeks, reddened slightly. ‘Well, im sorry…’ I kissed him, long and slow, and made sure he was just getting into things when I pulled away.
‘Frankie is my best friend. I don’t like him like that. For some reason im in love with some douche bag, called Gerard Arthur Way-‘
‘Don’t say my middle name…’ he laughed
‘Arthur, Arthur, Arthur. Anyway. I have every intention of staying with him. Until, I swap you for Frankie.’ He laughed, able to take the joke now. ‘I’ll let you know, when that’ll be. Don’t hold your breath.’ I kissed him again, softly. And stood quickly, picking up the picnic basket.
I stood over him, and winked.
‘I would never cheat on you,’ I walked back to the car, triumphant that I’d made my point, leaving him with a deer caught in headlights expression.
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