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Bitches, Games and Frank Doesnt Wear Underwear....

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"Frank, where the fuck is your underwear? I can't find it anywhere" Frank blushed deeper than he already was. "I, uh, didn't wear any"

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(Frank and Sam Let's see what I have in-store for Frankie. Shall we?
Lol, I'm just a freak XD

Sam's P.O.V

If I haven't said it before I'll say it now. I fucking hate Gerard Way!!! He stitched me up, the twat bag! And now I have to spend aaaaall day with my "boyfriend" Frank. He's alright I guess but he does annoy the fuck out of me. And his hands wander too much. And he's smaller than me, which is kinda odd.

Oh god, he's here. Help!

"Hey baby" he grinned.
"Hey Frankie" I said, trying to sound enthusiastic. I took a step back, letting him in my house when I really I wanted to dhut the door, lock it and hide under my duvet.
"What's wrong?" he asked with a frown.
"Oh um, nothing. I'm just kinda like...I dunno just kinda bummed out. Ya know?" Frank nodded and hugged me which is always uncomfortable for me becuase his head comes up to my chest.
"Your soooo soft" he giggled.
" wanna watch a film?" I asked, feeling awkward but trying to seem happy.
"Don't I always?" he grinned jumping onto the couch. I forced a giggle.
"I'll get popcorn" I said trying not to run as fast as I could to the kitchen.
"Hurry back" he yelled and I heard him giggle at his own joke. Bleh...stupid stupid sexy Gerard. There was microwavable stuff but I'll be traditional. It takes longer.

A few minutes I felt him put his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. His lips kissed my neck and he nibbled on it gently. A little moan accidently escaped me lips and I felt him smirk against my neck. Shit, shit, shit! I should not be enjoying this...wait, he's my boyfriend...Meh, I don;t fucking know anymore but oh god it feels good.
"You like that baby?" he whispered.
"Yessss" Frank then giggled and let me go. What the hell is wrong with me??? Oh fuck, I'm so confused. I don't like Frank in a romantic way at all but yet that felt fucking good. Am I just so determined to make Gerard jealous tha...Aw man that is evil or a genius nature...I can't fucking wait till they get back. Frank was giving me an odd sorta look when I finally snapped out of it. He cocked his head and frowned at me.
"What are you thinking about?" he asked, sounding kinda worried. I just smirked and finished making the popcorn.
"What are you thinking about?" he whinned. Man that's fucking shrill. Be nice Sam, be nice. Your playing with his heart here, right enough fuck knows why? I'm not exactly nice to him.
"You'll know soon" I grinned sitting down on the couch and fuck will Gerard know too.
"How soon?" he asked, sitting next to me pouting. He did look kinda cute.
"Soon enough"
"That's not soon enough" he whinned.

Then I forced myself to do something I didn't want to. I gently placed my hand at the top of his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch. His breath hitched and I knew I had him.
"Patience Frankie, patience" I squeezed his thigh and he whimpered slightly.
"Ohhh Sleepy Hollow. I love that film!" I giggled letting go of his thigh. He pulled me onto his lap and hugged me tight. I could feel my "effect" on him. Frank's hands wondered and I actually felt nauseous. Or maybe it's for what I'm gonna do later on.
"Behave!" I hissed as his hand tried to snake up under my vest.
"Can't help it" he giggled. I rolled my eyes and pulled a face, knowing he couldn't see me.
"Like I said baby. Patience" So he settled for running his fingers up and down my sides which I had to try so hard not to burst into giggles. I'm freakishly tickelish. I swear I am tickly all over. I just don't get it...Hmmm concentrate on the glore. Or Johnny Depp's butt. It is such a cute butt, all round and cute like a button. I would totally fuuuuck hiiim. I love the way he says "decapitated".
"Remind me again why we haven't done it yet?" Frank whispered, licking the shell of my ear. Oh bloody hell! What the fuck have I started? I shivered but not in a good way.
"Because you respect me Frankie and you wouldn't start that shit without knowing I wanted it too" The old brain's working fast today. His fingers traced my belt buckle.
"So do you, um, want to or are you, em, not ready?" I glanced at the clock. Oh fucking hell 5 hours till everyone was due back. It's only 12 noon now.
"I'm ready Frankie" I said, turning to face him.
"Really?" he asked, his whole face lighting up with excitment.
"Course. Just, um...I don't know wither I'm ready...right this very minute"
"Okay, I'm confused. What the fuck does that mean?" he looked down, brow furrowed trying to figure out what I meant. Awww he's so pretty...yeah, pretty stupid!!!
"In other words. Get me hot Frankie, talk to me" I said fluttering my eyelashes and feeling utterly ridiculous. Frank just stared at me open mouthed. I gently pushed his mouth shut.
"I, uh...I-I...em...oh god...I d-don't know what to say" he stuttered and blushed.
"Shame...those texts you sometimes send me" I bit my lip, trying to look sexy. Those obscene messages I sometimes get, making my stomach churn. I feel bad for playing with him like this buuuut it's the only way to stay close to Gerard. Maybe he's right...maybe I am the queen bitch...

I gently slid of Frank's lap to make my escape up the stairs.
"Where you going?" he asked before I could even reach the door handle.
"I, uh, gotta check in with Dad, you'd honestly think we were four. Just like make yourself at home, watch whatever you like and eat whatever" he just nodded and changed the channel muttering something about finally getting to watch a half decent movie. Honestly what's wrong with Sleepy Hollow? I freakin love that moive!

I grabbed my phone from my bed and hastily found lil Gee's number. It rang for a while before she finally answered.
"Hey Sam, how's it going with Frankie?"
"Uh, great. We're watching movies"
Tell her to piss off! yelled Gerard from the background. Lil Gee giggled.
"Listen, would you put Gerard on. I need to tell him something, it's important" I heard Lil Gee tell him what i said and I heard him sigh dramatically. A few giggles and fumbling about with the phone and eventually Gerard answered.
"What is it?" he snapped.
"Well hello to you to" I said sourly.
"What the fuck do you want?" he growled.
"You fucking stitched me up. Your such a prick!" I could practically see him smirk at me through the phone.
"Aw that's good to hear. I'm glad it's going so well" he giggled.
"Shut the fuck up fagboy, it's not fucking funny" I snapped.
"Oh but it is. I'm sure Frank is more than friendly" he grinned, or at least that was what I imagined.
"Yes he is how You. Bastard. You told him I would...Your fucking unbelievable, you know that???"
"I do believe your sister has told me that before but thanks"
"I fucking hate you. Don't expect you and your 2 inch dick to be anywhere near me in the future"
"We'll see" he smirked.
"Trust me you won't...ever again!" Then I hung up. I hate him so much and yet I want him so bad. Damn him and his sexy voice!!!

I walked back downstairs still really fucking angry. Frank watched me over the back of the couch.
"What's wrong Sammy?" he asked, he actually looks really worried.
"Nothing, my dad's being a dick and please pleeeaasseee don't call me Sammy" I said, jumping over the back of the couch but rather than being slick, my foot got caught and I fell in top of Frank.
"You're very eager" he grinned. I managed to sit up without (unfortunatley) hurting him.
"My foot got caught" I muttered.
"Oh" he said, looking so fucking dissapointed. And then I did something incredibly brave and kissed Frank and I mean kissed him. Like pretty much stuck my tongue down his throat. He seemed to enjoy it though, especially when we fell into bed together. Something which was not planned but I figured this was just as good as what I wanted Gerard to see.

I've got to admit Frankie's pretty fucking good in bed aaaand he didn' notice the mark Gerard left me. I'm hoping he'll think he left it in the "throughs of passion". I may however have pretened it was Gerard and not Frank. I know, I know I'm such a baaaad person blah, blah, blah but it worked! I gotta get some action seeing as I'm no longer Gerard's whore. I'll try to not fuck him but it's too god damn hard to stay away from him. He's all hot and yummy...and my twin sisters. Bleh. He loves her and I'm just his whore. Is it sick that I kinda like it? Oh man, I'm fucked up! Right enough I am kinda enjoying the after-glow of sex with Frank. It's something me and Gerard don't have. We always argue though.

Frank was tracing patterns on my bare stomch and could barely contain his grin. I was too lost in my thoughts to notice Gerard and Georgia walk in. It's cool though, we were covered in blankets. The look on Gerard's face was priceless! he looked so fucking mad. Frank his under the duvet completely embarssed. Lil Gee burst out laughing and I just lay there smirking.
"Your back early" I casually commented. Gerard's lips pressed into a hard line.
"Yeah, we didn't want you guys to have all the fun without us but I think you have" Everyone gave Lil Gee a 'wtf' look as we waited for her to catch up.
"Oh no wait! That sounds mind" I heard Frankie's muffled laugh from under the duvet and Gerard just sat down stiffly on lil Gee's bed. The shit back up again within 2 seconds. We all gave him an odd look and even Frank did as he eventually peered over the top of the duvet. Gerard gingerlly picked something up and held it out at arms length to show us. My bra! It was black with red poka dots. One of my favourites.
"OOh that's mine. Can you through me it over please?" I asked sweetly. Gerard looked like he was about to faint. Georgia giggled and took it off him, gathering the rest of my clothes which were flung everywhere and handed me them. And she did the same for Frank.
"Frank, where the fuck is your underwear? I can't find it anywhere" Frank blushed deeper than he already was.
"I, uh, didn't wear any" he dissapeared back under the duvet next to me and I felt him suck on my hip. I had to try so hard not to flinch or chuck him out the bed.
"Frankie" I giggled. "Stop it" I whispered loud enough so that they would hear me but not so loud as to be suspicous. I should be a fucking spy. Seriously!
"I've had enough of this shit" growled Gerard and stomped out the room taking Georgia with him.
"Calm down" she giggled.

It's good ruining Gerard's day. Plus I think he's completely jealous! Score!

I'm sorry I just had to piss of Gerard. It wa just too funny. XD

xoxo Sam)
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