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‘I fucking love her!’ He roared, clutching the perfume like a mad man. I cowered slightly. ‘So do I, Gerard.’ I replied quietly. ‘So do I,’

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‘Where are you going?’ Gerard asked annoyed.
‘Where are you going!’ I demanded equally as annoyed. Gee was wearing some random red shirt, with ‘All American Rejects’, written on it, with my slashed wet look leggings, and some really nice shoes I’d never seen before. Gerard grinned to himself when he saw her, though he was obviously still determined to find out where she was going.
‘You look hot.’ He blurted out as though he was unable to help himself. ‘Nice shoes,’ he winked. Georgia grinned and bashed him with her hip as she sashayed past him. She stopped at the couch, and looked around annoyed.
‘Nice hoody.’ She replied, leaning over, and flipping herself over the couch.
I blinked. Didn’t know she could do that. Evidently neither could Gerard.
‘Nice move, Spidey,’ He grinned. Loud beeps came from outside. Gee smiled apologetically.
‘Secret!’ She kissed my cheek before she left, and leapt in Gerard’s arms for a big enthusiastic kiss that he was all too willing to give. I felt myself, getting envious, and I stomped to our room.
‘Get’s fucking everything,’ I spat, stropping around. ‘All the cute guys, all the nice friends… Well. Her luck with the guys certainly isn’t changing.’ I sprayed myself vigourously, with Gee’s new perfume. I glared out the window, as she got in Frankie’s car.

Footsteps behind me alerted me to the fact Gerard was still here.
‘I’ve left my-‘
I kissed him hard on the mouth. And even though he shouldn’t have, he kissed me back. A tiny part of me was sorry to do that to my sister who cared for him but the bigger part of me was turned on by the thought I'm getting her back, possibly hurting her as badly as she’s always hurt me, if not more.
He kissed my neck and froze. My fingers travelled to his pocket and froze.
We both backed away from each other as fats as we could. I held up a piece of lacy underwear.
‘This, this is… that’s Georgia’s…’ I stuttered, blinking quickly. He glared at me, his eyes filled with tears.
‘You…smell like her…’ I looked over at our dresser at the little bottle of perfume. We both stood there in silence.
‘I love her.’ Gerard said finally.
‘So do I,’ I replied. Gerard let a tear escape and he angrily brushed it off. He pushed past me, grabbed the shred of lace, and picked up the bottle of perfume. He just looked at it, looking almost as lost and as hurt as I felt.
‘Poison,’ I stated, nodding towards the bottle. He glared at me.
‘Yes. I know the name of my girlfriends’ favourite perfume. I was rather surprised though.’ He glared again, ‘Poison… It’s almost describing you isn’t it? You’re the poison in this relationship. Why? Why, would you hurt her this way? Why would you hurt Frank?’ I looked at him rolling my eyes.
‘Why would you!?’ I retorted angrily.
‘I fucking love her!’ He roared, clutching the perfume like a mad man. I cowered slightly.
‘So do I, Gerard.’ I replied quietly. ‘So do I,’
‘I don’t like you at all! In fact, I rather fucking hate you!’
‘Good!’ I said jumping to my feet, ‘I feel the same!
Almost inevitably, our lips collided.
A loud gasp came from the doorway. Mikey was standing there, his mouth agape, looking at us, shocked and upset.
‘Mikey!’ Gerard yelled, heading after him, leaving me to sit back down on the bed, curl into a ball and cry.

‘He wont tell anyone.’ Gerard said when he came back into the room a while later. ‘He’s not happy, and he dislikes you even more than he did before. But he’ll keep quiet.’
‘Yeah. For how long?’ I snapped refusing to look at him. I was angry with myself. Angry for wanting him so badly. And for most probably hurting Gee in the future.
Gerard left the room silently. And this time, I couldn’t care less.
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