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Panic! At the Disco!

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‘Tell Frankie im on eight and I’ll be your best friend?’ I joked. He smiled and slung his arm through mine. ‘That would be cheating!’ He grinned, ‘And it would piss him off, because h...

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‘Mikey, what gives?’ I yelled out the window him, leaning over Frank, who tried to punch me off him.
‘Ouch! Jesus man, whats wrong with everyone nowadays.’ Frank, looked at me with solemn eyes.
‘I fucked your sister,’
I burst out laughting, Mikey got bad into the car, ashen faced. I turned my insane grin on him.
‘Hear that Mikey?’
‘What?’ He mumbled avoiding my eyes. I looked back at Frank who was looking guiltily away.
‘He fucked my sister. I think, if we’re all making announcements, I should come clean,’ I cleared my thought loudly, and Frank smirked.
‘I fucked your brother, Mikey...’ Mikey snorted.
‘No big news there…’
‘…In public. Out side.’ Frank whooped, and I sank back in my seat laughing. Mikey looked a tad green.
‘Um, ew, Gee. Thanks,’
‘You got any confessions to make?’ I said turning in my seat to look at him, grinning. He looked at me, openly, hurt and guilt on his innocent face.
‘No.’ He smiled, all guilt gone. ‘Nothing,’
‘I got something,’ I smirked, ‘Frank wears no underwear,’ Frank winked, and pinged the waistband of his Lunchbox’s.
‘That was a little surprise for your sister. Check it and weep,’
‘I’d prefer it if you kept your god damn eyes on the road.’ I smiled, looking at Frank, who grinned dangerously.
‘Really? Cos I think that sounds like a challenge?’ I grinned and whooped, while Mikey groaned in the background.
‘Alright. Quickest to get drunk tonight. And to kiss the most people.’
‘Frankie! Im with Gerard!’ I giggled, hitting his shoulder playfully. He rolled his eyes.
‘Mikey stick your head up here.’ Mikey complied a little confused and Frank kissed his cheek without taking his eyes off the road. Mikey sat back in his seat quickly, shocked and confused and more than a little disgusted.
‘Frank! What was that!’
‘ZOMG!’ I squealed, ‘Boy loving! I love that! Its Frank and Mikey. Mike and Frankie. Fr… Frikey!’
Frank and Mikey looked at me with confused eyes.
‘Eh?’ Frank said articulately. I giggled.
‘Well, I came up with it just then. Its like a boy, boy pairing. Another one who would be cute… and rather sexy. You and Gerard. Like… That’d be called… Gerank?’
‘Gerank?’ Frank looked at me his eyebrow raised. ‘That sucks. What about… Frerard?’
‘ZOMG again! That’s cool! Who else… Umm. Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross?’
‘Ryro. That’s Ryan’s name from now on. And Brendon’s could be…’
‘Bden.’ I interrupted Frank carelessly, ‘But we’re going for couple names here, and I think…’
‘Ryden.’ Mikey piped up from the back seat. I squealed and clapped my hands together, happily. Frank put a hand up.
‘Okay. Whatever now. But what I was going for is that just platonic kisses. Deal?’
‘You’re on Iero. Woweeee. Look is that the place?’ I was motioning to a small building, which was pulsing with rock music that literally made the car shake. Frank cocked his head and laughed.
‘Sounds like a Descendants song.’ I hit him, for no reason, but purely cos it was like second nature to just hit him. Mikey slid out and helped me out the door.
‘Ever the gentleman, Master Way,’
‘Shut it, Miss Fratelli,’ He replied ever so sweetly. I flipped him off and Tyson rushed forward to greet me.
‘Suhweet! You came!’ He pulled me in a big hug and I kissed his cheeks. Both of em. Suck on that Frankie Iero. Frankie just hung back a little, pulling a blond girl into a hug and kissing her cheeks also. Damn him
‘Of course I came, Ty,’ I grinned pulling myself back to reality. Tyson slung an arm around my shoulders.
‘Me and the boys, well, we’re shitting ourselves,’ He said a little frankly. I laughed.
‘Oh come on Tyson. You really think I would drag my ass out on a Saturday night to come see a band I thought were no good? It’s your first show yeah, but I have faith in you Tyson. Honest.’ I smiled at him and he grinned the familiar Tyson Ritter smile.
‘Okay. I can do this. We can do this. Oh, and we’re gonna open up with your song.’ I squealed.
‘What did you call it?’ I asked enthusiastically. He winked, and jogged off after the rest of his band.
‘Damn girl!’ He called over his shoulder. Mikey joined me.
‘What did you do to this one?’ he said dryly. I kissed his cheek.
‘Tell Frankie im on eight and I’ll be your best friend?’ I joked. He smiled and slung his arm through mine.
‘That would be cheating!’ He grinned, ‘And it would piss him off, because he’s on three.’
I snorted ‘He should double kiss. Then he’d get two each time’ Mikey shrugged.
‘He went to…but I don’t really think Ronnie appreciated it the first time, and he ran off,’ I laughed imagining Ronnie’s face.
‘Oh my god, how funny. Is Ronnie here?’
‘Right here,’ Ronnie said from behind me. I let go of Mikey and jumped in Ronnie’s arms. Max was next to him, and he gave a little wave. I pecked both of Ronnie’s cheeks and then Max’s.
‘Going upper class, are we?’ He asked, while Ronnie looked at me quizzically.
‘Um, no. I’ve got a little competition with Frankie Iero…’
‘That’s why he kissed me?’ Ronnie raised an eyebrow.
‘Probably,’ I grinned, ‘What you doing here anyway? I thought you weren’t coming,’
‘Oh,’ Ronnie shrugged, ‘Tyson’s back up bands, Kids in Glass Houses, and Forever The Illest Kids –‘
‘Sickest. Forever The Sickest Kids.’ I corrected.
‘Whatever. Them. They ditched on him, so he got my band and Brendon Urie’s band to cover,’
‘Bden has a band?’ I asked interestedly.
‘I do indeed,’ Brendon grinned, and picked me up and swung me around from behind. I giggled, honestly happy for the first time in a while. Mikey watched me with sad eyes. I wondered what was up with him. I kissed Brendon, and Ryan who was behind him, and Spencer and Jon who were behind him. Double kisses. So added to the fake eight I already had that was twelve. Fuck yeah.
‘So you any good?’ I winked and Brendon laughed.
‘No, we suck,’ Ryan answered smirking. I looked at Brendon's sexy but genourous mouth and raised a brow. Possibly he did suck. That reminded me.
‘Oh my gosh, Mikey came up with a totally cool name, for you and Brendon!’ Ryan smirked.
‘Yes!’ I squealed, ’Ryden! So if you two ever, ya know…’
‘Yeah. Maybe. Not.’ Brendon smiled, winking. I smiled back.
‘Cor, Bden, you know you want to…’
‘You kidding right?’ Brendon pulled me into another big hug. I loved this dude.
‘Hey, Sex Hair, the first band’s opening up.’ Frank said pulling on my hand
‘Who is it?’ I said, disentangling myself from Brendon, who hurried away with the rest of his band.
‘Brendon!’ I called loudly, ‘I forgot to ask! What are you called?’
His teeth flashed their welcome. ‘Panic! At The Disco!’
Frank grabbed me by the waist and all but dragged me into the clubhouse.
‘I’m an all American reject, and I’ll cause a panic! At the disco if you don’t hurry the fuck up!’ He grumbled, putting me over his shoulder.
‘You’ll have to Escape The Fate afterwards!’ I said grinning naming Ronnie’s band. Mikey materialised next to us, shaking his head.
‘You two, are so goddamned sad,’ I stuck my tongue out at him. We reached the front of the stage by politely pushing the fuck out of the people who got in the way. Brendon came to the front of the stage.
‘Hey everyone!’ The crowd roared. I screamed at Brendon and waved my arms wildly in the arm. He laughed at me.
‘Sex Hair, is having a spazam at the front here… you all know sex hair right? Just got here from England?’
‘Shes fucking Gerard way!’ Someone yelled from the back. Mikey cringed.
‘Fuck yeah she is! Well, im gonna dedicate this song to her, cos she obviously wants me,’ Brendon winked, ‘We are Panic! At the disco, and this is Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off…’
I grinned at Mikey, and he lifted me up onto his shoulders. I really don’t know how he manages that. Hes so skiiiinnny!
Is it still me that makes you sweat, am I who you think about in bed…
I shivered a little at his ratherrrr sexy voice. I stole a beer from a dudes out stretched hand and downed it, earning a vigourous nod from Ryan.
I could just tell that this was gonna be a long, long night….
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