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Escape the fate..

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‘Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. Her.’ He said haltingly emphasizing each punch with his words. I tried my hardest to get his away, not getting any help from Frank or Sam who were just shouting at...

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Sam’s POV

Sulking, sulking, sulking…. Sulking, sulking, sulking…
The doorbell rang, and I moved from my spot on the sofa where I was sulking, with my panda hot water bottle and my Skins Box set, to open the door to the cold night. Gerard was standing in the doorway, his collar turned up against the wind. I glared at him and he glared right back.
‘I want to see Georgia.’ He stated bluntly, and felt as though I’d been punched in the face. I went to close the door but he placed his foot in the jam. ‘And you should see Frank. So we’re going for a ride.’ I stuck my bottom lip out. I felt like crap. I was openly deceiving my sister, using some poor guy to get closer to his best friend, that I didn’t even like.
‘Why should we?’ I huffed. ‘She doesn’t want to be found. It’s a secret remember? Invitation only.’ Gerard smiled darkly, and handed my a flyer, emblazed with ‘TYSON RITTER – ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, PLUS SUPPORT.’ I mused over the name… it sounded so familiar…
‘All American…. That’s the band shirt Gee was wearing right? So she’s here?’ I left the door open and ran up the stairs to get dressed in something appropriate. Namely something other than my pyjama’s.

‘Why do you even want to speak to her anyway?’ I asked flicking my hair out of my eyes, and looking out of the window. Gerard’s hands clenched on the wheel.
‘Because she’s my girlfriend and I love her.’ He all but spat. I sighed and looked at the flyer again.
‘Or is it because Ronnie’s band are playing and you hate that Ronnie and Georgia are friends?’ I said maliciously. He glared at me. I glared back.
‘How about you shut the fuck up, eh? You’ve made this harder than it needs to be already.’
‘What the fuck are you? Crazy?’ I sniped annoyed, ‘You fucking cheated on her. Forgive me if im a little slow in believing that you love her.’ Gerard let out a humourless laugh.
‘Oh, and sorry if im a little slow in believing that you actually like Frank. You’re using him. I just made a mistake, because, I’m actually in love with your sister.’ I didn’t reply. He spoke shit, so he didn’t actually merit a reply.

I skittered out of the car as soon as we arrived. He was equally as fast, and I walked towards what looked like the club. Gerard sighed and grabbed my arm and steered me towards the club itself. I could hear music coming from inside and I felt like a slight nerd for not realising that that was the club originally.

Gee’s POV

‘Okay people. Im gonna get a fan on stage!’ Ronnie said to the crowd while we all screamed. ‘Its gonna be a special someone! Hey Sex Hair! Get on up here!!’ I grinned and laughed my head off while Mikey all but threw me up on stage. Ronnie took my hand and bowed, and I mocked curtsied him back. Its safe to say that by this point in the night I’d consumed enough beer for about for grown men. I was not in my right mind.
‘This song, is dedicated to Sex Hair, here! Its called ‘Ashley’ but lets change the name here, to Georgia!’ He let go of my hand and launched into the song.

Shadows fall on yesterday…its like time just slips away, im nothing, darkness follows me….

He had a haunting voice and I liked it. I felt a little awkward just standing there but he soon turned his attention back to me, and sung straight to me. I laughed and waved at Mikey and Frank who got my attention by kissing some random guy on the cheek and shouting ‘eighteen’ at me.

Sam’s POV

Oh, there she is. Up on stage, with Ronnie singing to her. They both looked like they were having so much fun singing to each other. I glanced at Gerard and grimaced. He… he didn’t look amused. He looked all… manly and assertive. I shivered and he cast me a dark look. Less of the perving im guessing…

Georgia, baby! You make me feel so alive, I’ve got purpose once again, yeah, yeah…

Ronnie crooned to her from on stage. Georgia grabbed the microphone right back and sang back to him. Next to me Gerard was shaking with anger. He went to stride forward, to most probably beat the shit outta Ronnie, but I grabbed his arm.
‘No, Gerard,’ I said lowly to him, pulling back on his arms.
‘What?’ He growled, yanking back his arm.
‘Gerard don’t. She’s having fun. You know she loves you, and she wouldn’t do anything like that,’ I said resignedly, and he looked at me sadly, but with anger in his eyes. I couldn’t keep him alone for long.
‘Go get me a drink, Way,’ I said over the music, trying to act normal, and as though the fact that both Frank – who was over in the crowd in front of the stage – and Gerard’s face were turned to Georgia, who seemed to be having the time of her life on stage. I pushed Gerard in the direction of the bar, hoping he didn’t remember I was actually only sixteen and couldn’t legally drink…not that that seemed to worry my stage diving sister, who just got covered in beer. Gerard found my side again, and handed me a coke. I looked at the drink and back to him and glared. He shrugged and swigged his beer, mouthing the word ‘underage’. I laughed mirthlessly.
‘You didn’t seem to worry about that when…’
‘What are you doing here?’ Mikey said appearing next to me. Looking coldly from me to Gerard.
‘Mikey…’ I began but he cut me off.
‘I don’t want to hear it. We’re here to have fun, and have a good time. Which is why you weren’t invited in the first place,’ Gerard stepped between us, and tried to calm an angry Mikey down.
‘So tell her.’ I sneered. ‘Stop being a gutless worm and tell her.’ I said trying to push past Gerard and get up in an angry Mikey’s face.
‘Just fucking stop alright? Don’t run your fucking mouth to my brother, and Mikey don’t start when there was no need. This is over. Its forgotten. It was one time and it was a fucking mistake. I was pissed that she wouldn’t tell me where she was going. I love her okay Mikey?’ Gerard looked in Mikey’s eyes and they seemed to have a silent conversation. I looked away and tried to pretend his words hadnt stabbed me in the gut and practically twisted the knife. I watched Georgia with Frankie and I noticed the blatant love in his eyes when he looked at her. It was like a green shield had come over my vision and I waved at Frank.
‘Frankie! Baby! Im here!’ Frank looked at me in surprise and bounded over to me like a puppy.
‘Hey Sam!’ He said happily and spun me around with feeling. Though I felt nothing. I saw Georgia looking kind of deflated and felt a cruel satisfaction. I loved my sister I really did…. It was just difficult at the moment.

Georgia’s POV

Ronnie had finished playing and we were just getting ready for Tyson to come over. Frank had run over to see Sam, who’d appeared out of no where, and Gerard who was deep in conversation with Mikey. Ronnie appeared next to me and swung me around over his shoulder and ran out side the club.
‘What are you doing you idiot?’ I laughed at him trying and failing to get off his shoulder. He just laughed and spun me around on his shoulder until I swear I was going to puke. He dumped me unceremoniously and practically fell over.
‘I have to hots for your sister,’ He drawled and I tried to get up.
‘She has a boyfriend.’ I laughed at him, who was like obviously drunk. Gerard came charging out of the door followed by a worried looking Sam and Frank.
‘Get the fuck away from her!’ Gerard roared and threw Ronnie into a bush. He started hitting him and I jumped to my feet quicker than I had like, ever before.
‘What are you doing!’ I yelled trying to stop Gerard hitting him. He hadnt even done anything wrong. Gerard ignored me and carried on beating down.
‘Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. Her.’ He said haltingly emphasizing each punch with his words. I tried my hardest to get his away, not getting any help from Frank or Sam who were just shouting at them. I pulled at Gerard’s fist, and it came back and hit me in the face.

Sam’s POV

Did he just…hit her?! Georgia flew backwards and landed on her back, tears springing to her eyes instantly. Frank barged past me, forcing me to my knees, drawing blood from one of them in his haste to get to Georgia.
‘That’s enough okay? For fucks sake Gerard. What the fuck are you playing at? You fucking dick!’ Frank yelled at a shell shocked Mikey. Ronnie was giggling in the bush, rolling around among the leaves and twigs, his lip and his eye bleeding.
Gerard ran to Georgia, immediately contrite, and sobbed next to her kissing her face despite the fact she tried to get away.

Georgia’s POV

‘Get off of me!’ I cried pushing Gerard off of me, only for his to come back to me, his bleeding hands getting a deep red on my clothes. I pressed a hand to my swollen and bloody lip and looked at him with hurt eyes.
‘Gerard what the fuck?’ I asked his quietly. He shook his head and cried incoherently. I pushed him away again and let Frank help me up.
‘Georgia. I love you! I cant let him take you away from me, I cant…’ He whimpered and I shook me head.
‘He likes Sam, you dick.’ I said still crying. ‘You.. you idiot!’ I couldn’t insult him. I loved him far too much to be angry with him. But I was broken. I felt broken. I loved him. Maybe… maybe Sam was right about him, maybe he wasn’t good for me. I looked at Sam over Franks shoulder, into which I was sobbing, and found that she was looking at Gerard with one raised eyebrow as though she found him…attractive.’ I shook my head at her, still crying.
‘Don’t you even think about it,’ I said lowly to her and she looked at me, guilty and contrite. Gerard sobbed into his hands and Frank hugged me tightly before I pulled away. I started to walk inside when Gerard grabbed my wrist and slipped something into my hand. I didn’t even look at it. I hugged myself and cried a little more. Tyson appeared at the doorway, looking at us all confused.
‘Everything alright?’ He asked observing the bleeding and drunken Ronnie, the crying and drunken Gerard and Frank and Sam who was quite frankly not doing anything at all.
‘Gee, you’re bleeding? How’d you manage that?’ He asked coming over to me and enveloping me in a tight hug. Gerard began to cry even harder and my heart strings tugged.
‘Its nothing Tyson. We’re all good. Shouldn’t you be getting ready?’ I sniffed into his shoulder.
‘Im as ready as I’ll ever be, shorty. You sure your cool?’ He asked surveying the mess. I nodded and he squeezed my shoulder before walking back inside. Frank had helped Ronnie up and was helping him back into the club also, and Sam was still standing there cross armed as though judging.
‘Nice one Gee-Tard. I knew you were a prick, but I never knew you hit girls too. That’s a new low. Even for you.’ Came her sniping voice. I turned round shaking with anger. Gerard had gotten up now, and muttered a ‘fuck off’, to her but she was grinning maliciously back.
‘Sam, just fuck off will you? You know full well it was an accident, and there’s no fucking need for it. Gerard’s my boyfriend, and I love him very much so can you please just get off his fucking back, all the damn time? Its annoying as hell! Your constantly sniping at him, no wonder he hates you.’ Sam’s face was shocked and no wonder. I hadnt spoken up to her since, I was ten years old when she’d stolen my kitten. ‘Just leave him alone okay? Surely you have better things to do than get on peoples nerves. I love you sis, but it’s gotta stop alright?’ I went to walk away, but turned back and threw one last comment over my shoulder.
‘I love you Arthur Way, you utter twat.’
He chuckled, and Sam sighed.
‘Drive me home…’ She said to him, while he just snorted.
‘I belive you have a boyfriend who will readily do that for you….’ I said and left them to it.
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