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[/I came here in a crappy Subaru. What do you think? My boyfriend is up on stage having an eplileptic fit so him and his Range Rover Sport are outta the question… my sister cant drive and Mikey m...

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Sam’s POV

Well. That was fucking rude. I thought when Georgia walked off. Gerard seemed to have regained his composure and had stopped crying and wiped his red eyes. He was staring down at his bloody knuckles as though he couldn’t understand what had happen.
‘Lets go get Frank and go home, yeah? I’ll get Georgia…’ He said to me, ushering me inside.
‘What makes you think she’ll want to leave?’ I said following him, confused. We both stopped short of the door, when we saw Frank and Georgia looking into each others eyes intensely. Frank cupped her cheek and she smiled softly back at him. I clenched my jaw and saw Gerard doing the same. Gerard looked around quickly and saw his friends Bob and Ray by the door, he rushed away from me and grabbed them saying something in their ears very quickly. Ray grabbed Mikey and relayed the message and he told Tyson and Frank. Georgia looked confused but followed the boys to the stage nonetheless. Gerard and the rest of them took to the stage.
‘Hey. You all ready for the All American Rejects?’ He called out sounding alive, happy and confident – a lot unlike what he was two minutes ago. I walked through the crowd and stood next to Georgia. Frank looked at me, and frowned looking away. The band had borrowed Panic’s gear and Frank carried a really cool pink guitar. Mikey stood in the back holding his bass nervously. Bob just looked bored on the drums and Ray was shaking his big fro in the heat of the club. The crowd roared back at Gerard, but Georgia just stood next to me, watching him silently.
‘Well, recently, my girlfriend and I, have discovered a new found fetish for Bob Dylan…’ Gerard smirked, earning an equal smirk from Georgia. ‘So, I’ve decided to dedicate this rather different cover of his song Desolation Row to her, as its her favourite.’ He raised a hand to her and she nodded back. ‘Gee, sugar, I love you and this is for you…’ He looked at Frank and Ray and nodded.

They’re selling postcards of the hanging…. Well they’re painting the passports brown…

I was a little shocked. That was not a thing like Dylan’s version. I looked at Georgia, but she seemed to be loving it, her face alive with well… I have no idea. But she looked complete. And there was me, like a cynical thorn in her side. I looked at Gerard as Cinderella was sweeping up on Desolation Row, and realised how fucking gorgeous he was. Like wise with Frank who was having a miniature fit on stage. Mikey was mostly calm and controlled but had his little moments of rock inspired madness.
I looked at Georgia again and noticed a sparkling around her neck… There was a white gold pendant that I’d never seen before. It was a simple thing really, and from it, hung a little diamond studded ‘G’. I mean it wasn’t an overly studded bling chav thing… but a cute little something that people got for their anniversary. Then I realised, looking from Georgia to Gerard that they were in love. And that if we were found out, I might have literally ruined something she might never find again. I couldn’t stay here any longer. I fought myself away from the front earning a cold and quizzical look from Mikey as he plucked on the bass strings.
I ran into Tyson.
‘Hey Sam. You okay?’ He asked holding on to my arm, stopping me swaying with the motion of the room.
Of course im fine. You prick. Im in love with the same guy as my sister. And he’s a arse.
‘Of course im fine Tyson. I just feel so ill… I think im gonna have to bail.’ He looked concerned.
‘You got anyone to take you home?’
I came here in a crappy Subaru. What do you think? My boyfriend is up on stage having an eplileptic fit so him and his Range Rover Sport are outta the question… my sister cant drive and Mikey might stab me if we were alone together. So, no Tyson, I don’t think so..
‘I’ll get some one, to get you home.’ Tyson said slapping me on the back, and rushing off to find someone sober and with a car.
I looked at my sister dancing happily and muttered under my breath. ‘Cant find my way home, but its through you and I know…’ I looked at Gerard, so powerful and dominant up on stage, ‘What I’d do, just to get back in your arms…’
Hayley a girl from my history, took me in her arms and ushered me out the door.
The rest of the night was black.
I thank god for small mercies…
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