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I got it

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It was almost cute how he dumped the remote on the drawer and practically skipped down the hall, "How much?" "Oh it's OK," Sam stopped him from pulling out his wallet as he reached to his back poc...

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Georgia’s POV.

Its cold. Its not my room and its practically devoid of all light. Mikey’s on the floor, his legs are on the bed… I can see Frank in the mirror though im not entirely sure where he is, I can see him in the mirror… the mirror… Ahh. Im at Gerard’s house. But where’s Gerard?
‘You awake?’ Ahhh. Think of the devil. He was there, still in his skinny jeans, shirtless, at the desk where he’s been sketching.
‘Of course I am,’ I replied, and laid back down looking up to the ceiling. Mikey snorted and sat up, and there was a loud thump, which indicated the Frank, had probably hit the floor somewhere.
‘Ow.’ Said his small voice from the floor. Gerard chuckled, and sucked his pencil.
‘Im hungry. Im hungry. Gerard, im hungry!!’’ Mikey whined from the floor.
Gerard frowned to himself. ‘Okay, okay. Im gonna go out and get something. You coming, baby?’ He asked me, smiling at me in the mirror.
‘Im sleeping,’ I replied, putting my head under the pillow. Gerard chuckled again and squeezed my shoulder. ‘Take a juice box Mikes. I’ll be back soon,’ He threw an orange carton at him.
‘Ow,’ Mikey’s muffled voice said. Gerard walked out the door and up the stairs and yelled something about not trashing the house while he was gone.
"Are you gonna help me plan the party?", Mikey took a sip of his juice box and made a face, "Disgusting"
"Sure!," I exclaimed a little too cheerfully, and went back to staring at the ceiling. ‘Wait. What party?’
"I can help too." Frank took out a note book that saw better days from his back pack and scribbled 'party' at the top of the page, pressing the pen on the thin paper to underline the title, "We need music" I sat up looking from Mikey to Frank. No one seemed to want to answer my question.
"No problem," Mikey nodded, cautiously studying a plate on Gerard’s desk and poking it for signs of life with a fork, "What about decorations?"
"Yeah that would be cool," Frank smirked, "If we were in 2nd grade!"
"What's wrong with decorations?," Mikey focused his narrowed eyes on Frank instead of his plate, "Themes rock"
"Yeah for a slumber party," Frank muttered to me, receiving a weak smile since I was still asleep and my face hurt.
I reached for Mikey’s fork who dropped it in surprise and I immediately ducking under the table after it.
Tears spilled out of my eyes as I realised why my face hurt. Details about Ronnie’s and Gerard’s fight last night surfaced in my mind. I breathed out in relief when I realised that it was just a mistake. A slight of the hand. A jealously issue... and surfaced from under the table like a diver coming on the surface. My dive seemed to go unnoticed by Mikey and Frank who now passed on to verbally abuse each other.
I hated myself for being such a coward and refused to look anywhere but at the plate, I just couldn't go on being this pathetic one cell low life creature that feared shadows on the wall at night.
"Then what makes a good party oh wisest of all," Mikey snapped, waving the plastic fork I’d rescued dangerously at Frank.
"Board games," Frank said without thinking twice, "What do you think, dumbass. Booze and lots of it"
I nodded in agreement, I wanted to drawn my fear in a bottle of the finest vodka they can make...Fuck, finest? I'll take whatever I can take.
"But they won't sell us any," Mikey sighed sadly.
"They'll sell it to your brother," Frank tapped his pen on the table and on the notebook, completing his drumming with his foot under the table. It was quite annoying.
"Gerard?" Mikey shifted in his chair a little, sending a quick glance around the room as though Gerard might materialize upon saying his name 3 times.
"Unless you have another brother," I chuckled at his evident discomfort.
"Isn't he 18?" Frank acquired.
Mikey nodded, sighing greatly, "But he kinda doesn't know about the party"
"What?," Frank gave me a look, "Why?"
"Just cause," Mikey stabbed the food more forcefully, like he's trying to stab the fuck out of whatever it was between him and Gerard, "I'm just hoping he'll find out from someone else and I'll have too many eye witnesses to be cruelly murdered and buried in his room"
"Oh chill man," Frank took a sip of his coke can, "He's a cool guy from what I know"
I couldn't help but chuckle, "Yeah the coolest twat ever,"
Frank nodded, believing I meant twat in a good way, "But anyway my cousin can hook us up with a good price"
"Sure dude, trust me," Frank reassured him.
But Mikey shifted again, looking around the room again at the request to trust Frank. I liked Frank; he was my best friend. He really was, but to trust him and with booze? It's like letting the cat watch the milk. Frank knew some pretty questionable people, and not just from our school, he had quite the reputation all over Belleville.
"Fine," Mikey shrugged, meeting my gaze.
“Get. The. Fuck. Away. From. Her.”
I dove once again under the table, dropping Mikey’s fork again before they saw my tears. I sat on the floor, bent and holding my knees, shaking like I was going through withdrawal.
My scars burned and pricked and my eyes welled up with thick clear curtain of tears.
"You found the fork yet?," Frank and Mikey's faces peeked at me.
”Arghhh!” I yelled keeling backwards. I whacked my head on the desk and Frank helped me out.
“Hey, hey, what’s up?” Mikey asked curling me into his arms as I cried. Frank stroked my hair, and shushed me and they both fussed around me like I was a little girl.
“I…I… last night… he… my face….” Frank took me hand sin his and looked me in the eyes.
“I told you, little Gee. That was an accident. You know he wouldn’t do a thing like that if he was in his right mind and not trying to beat Ronnie up for looking at you,’ I sighed, a long shuddering breath.
“ I know. I know, im, being stupid. Im fine, okay? I don’t even know why I remembered it now.” I laughed a little assuring Mikey and Frank I was in fact okay. Gerard called again from upstairs. We all exchanged looks and Frank hid the notepad in the bottom of his back pack again. Gerard’s head poked round the door.
‘Baby, will you come here a minute? I need you…’ He hid behind the door again and I heard him run back up the stairs. I stood up, realising I was wearing his Misfit’s t-shirt and someones Spiderman boxers.
“Check out my pants. Im hardcore!” I giggled to Frankie and Mikey as I walked up the stairs.
‘Hey… Those are mine….’ Mikey’s voice drifted up to me and I couldn’t help but chuckle.
I settled on the couch with a soda can in one hand and the remote in the other, with a pillow cosily snuggled on my lap.
I placed my feet on the coffee table just cause I knew that if Gerard saw me he’d would shriek he soul out, flipped through the channels lazily.
"Honey I'm home," Gerard's joyful cry travelled in front of him and reached me a second before he dumped his back pack and sat on the couch next to me, scratching Jordan's head.
"It's not my home," I blurted mentally kicking my ass for saying something like this.
"Oh but you're my honey?," he chuckled.
"Hey I'm learning to pick my battles," I returned my gaze on the screen, "Didn't you say you were going to Ray’s today?"
"I got hungry," he wrapped his arm around me.
"And Ray lives in a 3rd world country and had nothing to offer but rice and rotten vegetables," I shifted and he kissed my neck, while placing the can on the table.
"Pretty much," he laughed.
"The fridge is in the kitchen you lucky refugee," I jerked my head in the direction of the kitchen.
"Are you coming?" he paused before disappearing around the corner into the world of pans and weird powders.
"Why? The microwave scares you?"
"Oh that's right," he placed his hand on his forehead, "I forgot you can't cook even if your life is on the line"
"I can do anything you can do better," I smiled and flipped him the bird, but stood up and followed him anyway.
"So what's for breakfast?," He opened the fridge and peered in.
“It’s actually four in the afternoon…! I noted looking at the time on the microwave.
"There are some left overs calling your name there," I offered generously.
Gerard scrunched his face and moved some stuff around.
"We could make some pasta and meat balls," I hopped on the counter, peeking over his shoulder and grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.
"Maybe pancakes?", taking a big bite from the apple, my eyes wondered involuntarily to his ass, the back of his t shirt was sloppily tucked in, giving me frontal view to the bent ass in front of me, making me giggle.
"What?," he glanced over his shoulder.
"Nothing", I hid my grin with the red apple, "How about bacon and eggs?"
"Don't feel like it," he returned his gaze to the packed fridge.
"Mashed potatoes?"
"OK ew"
"Double ew"
He shook his head violently.
"Home made pie?"
"Can you make it?," he stood up with a hopeful spark in his eyes, closing the fridge door.
"No," I laughed, "I ran out of things I can cook when you refused the pancakes"
He rolled his eyes, "You and your fucking...I'm still hungry"
"We can order something," I opened the drawer where he kept all the different menus and went through them, "You have Italian, Chinese and French.."
"What snails and frog legs?," Gerard made a face coming closer to peek at the flayers I held in my hands.
"Your parents are really the only ones eating that crap," I looked up to see him stand too close to me, leaning on the counter.
As I leaned back a little, I hated people who invaded my personal space, he caught my look, ignored it, and kissed my ear, and then looked down at the menus again, "I want some Italian"
"Here," I handed him the Italian restaurants flayers, "Pick"
"You're not eating?," he scanned through the flayers, tapping his fingers on his chin
"I'm good baby,” I smiled, leaning up and kissing his nose. It was good to be normal again.
Once Gerard picked out of the whole 3 restaurants we had and abused the person taking his order into delivering it within 12 minutes, he took another soda can and returned to the living room while I told Frank and Mikey about the food. Frank left to pick Sam up and bring her over. We got back just in time as a car pulled into our drive way and a young blond guy stepped out of the red Ford with the company logo on it, carrying a white note and a package, "You're the delivery guy?"
The guy cast a look at Sam who snarled at him, bearing her teeth before nodding.
I forced Sam into the kitchen, either she didn't like guys in general or men in uniforms weren't her thing, the same destiny of snarls and growls were part of the milkmen, postmen and delivery men routines. She was like a… feral cat when she’d just woken up. "How much?"
He glanced at his white paper, "23.99"
I nodded and Sam pulled out a few fivers, "You have change?"
"Who's..." Gerard appeared down the hallway, looking irritated for the distraction, still clutching the black remote control in his hand, his face cleared as soon as his eyes rested on the package in the guys band, "Ooh is that my food?"
It was almost cute how he dumped the remote on the drawer and practically skipped down the hall, "How much?"
"Oh it's OK," Sam stopped him from pulling out his wallet as he reached to his back pocket, "I got it"
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