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Chauvinistic Pig

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Sam’s POV

He looked stunned, maybe cause I was so nice, I mean how nice it was of me to pay for him?! And it came almost naturally, I didn't force it or anything...Go figure I could end up being a nice person, "Don't worry about it", he pulled his wallet anyway, trying to smile yet his gritted teeth gave him away.
"Im the guest," I frowned at the hostility, perhaps paying for someone's food is not considered a good deed in Geetard planet.
"No really," he quickly glanced at the guy before taking out a few bills of ten and five out, "I got it"
"It's okay," I pouted, slipping my hand into my other pocked for some coins. I kept bills in my right pocket and coins in my left, not lady like perhaps but that's how I roll.
"Well it's my food," he argued back, glancing at the guy again.
I looked at the dude too, Gerard seemed to glance at him constantly, maybe he had the answer, however, I saw nothing but his anxious will to get the fuck out of here.
"Here," Gerard forced the money in his hands, grabbing the package rather crudely from his hand, "Keep the change"
"Don't take his money!," I yelped, exchanging my bills with Gerard's in his still open palm and attempting to shut the door, "Go!"
Gerard outstretched his arm above me and pinned the door to the wall, "I don't need you fucking buying my meals," he hissed, looking extremely flushed.
I couldn't decide what the guy looked more, pissed or annoyed, probably both "Look-"
We pretty much ignored him, "What the fuck?"
"I can afford my own food," Gerard ran his ran through his hair and looked around annoyed, "I don't need you to pay for me"
I pouted when the realization finally downed on me, "Is that cause I'm a girl?!"
Gerard looked down and fiddled with the plastic handles of the package.
"I can't believe you!," I exclaimed loudly, slapping his arm, "You're such a pig"
"I told you I can afford it," he argued, "You should've let it go"
"And that would've make you less of an pig?," I rolled my eyes, "You're the reason this country treats women the way it is!"
"Oh fucking save it," he moaned.
"Guys do you mind?," Georgia chipped in.
"And you probably agree with him," I sneered at him, "You're probably as much of an a pig as he is, thinking big strong men should pay for everything and hunt for meals while the fragile ladies stay home, clean, cook and raise the babies to be pigs and make daddy proud!"
"Sam, leave her alone," Gerard chuckled apologetically as the guy opened his mouth to say something, "He's just doing his job"
"As a matter of fact I agree," the guy gave him a friendly nod, turning to me, "You should know your place or you're gonna get in trouble opening that big mouth of yours. And you too." He said motioning to Georgia who looked like he wanted to punch him.
"Don't fucking talk like that to her!," Gerard snapped before she had the chance to react, "Or I'll fucking have you castrated!"
The guy clenched his jaw but said nothing as Gerard tossed him the cash with an evil spark in his eyes.
"Don't fucking protect me," I told him calmly, the only sign to my anger was the clenched fist I kept behind my back, clenching it so hard my fingernails dug into my palm "I can fight my own battles"
"You're 5 bucks short," the delivery dude lifted his face from counting the money with a smirk playing his features.
"What? Lemme see," Gerard counted his bills again and groaned in frustration.
"Here," I gave the delivery guy a tenner ceremoniously, "Go buy yourself an open mind" Georgia sighed, took the food and walked away.
Gerard closed the door and followed me into the living room, "You shouldn't have done that"
"What exactly?," I hopped on the sofa, spreading out on it, "Saved your ass? Oh evil me"
"I'll fucking pay you back", he placed the package with a thump on the coffee table, "You always look for the chance to humiliate me"
"You're the chauvinistic pig," I blurted out, "I already know you're a wuss, you don't have to impress me by acting all wannabe man, save that for someone who doesn't know you and cares"
I sorta regretted it when his face turned every red shade known to men kind, drilling a hole into my scalp with his stare, he soon stormed out. I winced when he shut the door as the nice pictures on the wall swung a little. Georgia cast me a dark look – she didn’t have to say anything, the venom was clear in her face – took some of the food and walked out with Gerard.
By the time sulky Mikey came through the door, I practically watched the food Gerard ordered go cold and still no sign of him. No yells, no screams, no name calling, almost like he disappeared to another realm. Aw well maybe that closet in the room is really the gate to Narnia like I always believed it was.
It was just me and the blue glow of the TV.
"I hate school," Mikey whined, "I'm hungry"
"Help yourself," I motioned on the white package containing the ass cold dinner, "You'll have to heat it up though"
"Aw you waited for me," he cooed sarcastically, ripping the boxes open. Frank smiled at me as he trudged in from wherever he’d been. He waved at me.
I shrugged, muting the lady yelling on the screen.
"Ooh my favourite!," he exclaimed, grabbing the plastic fork that came with it and digging in one of the white boxes, "Help yourself"
"I already ate," I ignored the noises my stomach was making, nothing edible visited it since bagel a few hours ago.
"Hmm mm," he moaned with his mouth chewing in a rhythm and eyes closed.
Gerard and Georgia must have heard Mikey's voice and stumped down the stairs, "Dig in, Gee. And Gee." Mikey giggled slightly.
He gave me a dirty look, "I can't eat something I didn't buy" Georgia rolled her eyes, and followed him, being led by the hand.
"I fucking gave you five buck," I sighed heavily, leaning back, "Would you give it a rest"
"It was 10!," he said without looking at me, "And I don't need your fucking money"
"That's right cause you're a pig"
Mikey put down the box and the fork he was holding and looked at us, licking his lips.
"Wanna go for a ride?," Gerard sat on the armchair Mikey was occupying. Georgia picked up the fork, and took a bite.
Georgia nodded, taking another careful bite off the fork.
"I'll go get the car," Gerard took out a set of keys and spun it around on his finger, heading for the door after receiving Mikey's Muffled OK.
"Why can't you just get along?," Mikey shook his head disapprovingly once the front door closed behind Gerard.
"He's an ass," I shrugged, flipping random channels, "I tried to be nice,”
“Like fuck you ever, try to be nice,” Georgia snorted.
Frank smirked into his newly opened box, "I was! I swear I was and he went nuts on my ass"
"Oh come on Sam you always tease him," Mikey rushed to the kitchen, I heard the fridge door open, glasses were been moved around, and he returned with a glass of juice.
"Not this time," I pouted, "I just wanted to be nice and pay for his takeaway".
Frank chuckled, "You did?"
"Yeah," I sat up, happy to finally have someone see things my way, "Wasn't it nice? And I didn't tease him about it or anything"
"And he just blew up right?," He looked at me with a slight smile, "Just out of nowhere, you were this angel girl and he went BAM", he crushed his palms together with a loud noise that made me wince. Georgia smiled slightly, and Mikey belched loudly.
"Well I called him a chauvinistic pig," I bit my lip, "But still initially it was nice of me"
Georgia giggled, taking a bite from the bread stick, "calling him that was the good part about it too"
"What do you mean?"
"Promise not to bite my head off?" I nodded, and she shrugged "You always crush his male ego, calling him shit and when you wanted to pay for him...Man that was like cutting his dick off"
"That's stupid," I rolled my eyes, how my nice deed come to the equalled of cutting his dick off?! Mikey doesn't know what's he's talking about. I was nice, Geetard was being his usual retarded self. End of story.
"That's true, you disrespected him and probably did that in front of someone right?" Frank poked me.
"The delivery guy, and Gee" I hung my head, I don't even know why, I didn't do anything wrong.
"Aw man," Mikey laughed, pushing his glasses up.
"That's bullshit, I grew up around guys and never once one of them went all bitchy on me for something nice I did," I scratched my head.
"You never came down as hard on them as you do on Gerard, you always telling him he's lame and it's hard when a girl tell you that," Georgia shrugged.
The familiar sound of a honk went off, "That was fast," Mikey stuffed his face quickly with anything he could lay his hands on and motioned me to follow him. Georgia squealed.
"I don't think it's a good idea," I sighed, the thought of our very first driving lesson going down the drain. Someone just doesn't like me up there, I bet god really is a male, I'm being myself and that's not good enough, I try to be nicer and it's not good enough too.
Mikey produced a number of additional groans and moans and waved his arms in the direction of the door again, finally grabbing my wrist and pulling me out of the house.
I bit my lip as Mikey twisted the key in the lock. Well at least he's not armed.
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