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Driving Lessons

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"What? No," he whined as soon as we got near the car, "Why oh why lord for I have sinned" "Shut up," I crossed my arms on my chest on reflex, my lame self defence mechanism, "You get paid for this"

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Georgia’s POV
"What? No," he whined as soon as we got near the car, "Why oh why lord for I have sinned"
"Shut up," I crossed my arms on my chest on reflex, my lame self defence mechanism, "You get paid for this"
"OK so lets get something straight here," Gerard turned in his seat, stretching the seat belt to it's limit, and glaring at Sam. "What I say goes because A you're in my car, B I know what I'm doing, C I'm the motherfucking lord in this car, D you're a pain in my ass"
"Wow you got held back in 1st grade twice not for nothing," I tensed with annoyance at my sisters tone, "All 4 letters, huh?"
"And no smart ass comments," he pointed his finger at her with a fierce look on his face, "You stay in the back seat where you belong"
Her jaw dropped and I automatically glanced at Mikey to see if he got the meaning but even if did, he didn't show it. He was busy fastening his own seat belt, chewing the remaining of food in his mouth, "It's not my fault you can't get laid, no need to be bitchy" Sam bit.
"Oh I can find a minor whore to fuck," he gave me a smirk before turning back and gripping the wheel, "And she always comes back for more"
"She's probably too high to actually see who she's fucking"
“Um. She’s actually sitting shotgun right now,” Frank said grimacing at me.
He frowned at Sam in the mirror and addressed Mike, "Pay attention to what I'm doing, OK?"
Mikey nodded and relaxed back against the seat.
The rest of the drive to the bright lit abandoned parking lot on the edge of town went relatively quite but Gerard's remarks on signals and turning to Mikey and Mikey's questions.
Then they changed places and Mikey took the wheel while Gerard told him where to go and what to notice and pointed out his mistakes and shit he did well. After what seemed like ever, I finally snapped, "When is it my turn?"
"When I fucking say so," he took out his smokes, "Turn left, Mikey"
"But Mikey's been driving forever," I whined, leaning forward, "I wanna try too"
"Now slow down a little," he lit his cigarette and rolled the window down to blow out the smoke.
"Come on you do this on purpose," I exclaimed.
"Now left again," he said calmly, looking no where but forward.
"Fucker," I muttered, and listened to Sam trying to chant her nice mantra and her new promise of being nice and everything, but rage was rearing it's ugly head and tainting me, gripping my throat and choking me.
I took a deep breathe and tried again, "I wanna drive, ple..," another deep breathe, "plea..", Gerard seemed highly amused by my difficulty to say the P word to him, he hid his wide grin with his hand, holding the burning cigarette, that aggravated me even more, "Just let me fucking drive, you dirty little motherfucker!"
"What about that nice magic word?," he took a long drag, "Plea? Is it? Didn’t it end with se?"
"You get fucking paid for this!," I cried out.
"Saying please won't melt you," he relaxed a little, "Turn right, Mikey"
"Oh come on Gee, it's OK I had enough for today," Mikey interfered and I squeezed the shit out of him in an imaginary hug in my mind.
"Then park there and I'll drive you home," he told him sternly.
"Come on," I hissed, " I wanna drive"
"Fuck you," he ran out of his patience, "Stop fucking whining, sugar" he used my pet name as though to soften the blow.
"Then teach me," I batted my eyelashes a little.
"Get behind the wheel," he grind his teeth, barely opening his mouth to say the words.
"Yay," I clapped my hands childishly and hopped out of the car, high fiving Mikey as we passed each other outside.
I shut the door behind me and to show him I knew what I was doing I reached under the seat to adjust it cause Mikey's legs were longer then mine, I fiddled with the handle while he watched me, smirking his constant smirk, eventually me and the seat got tossed back violently, even Mikey, Frank and Sam couldn't help but chuckle, "It's OK", I shut back up, "I wanted it to do it, I always do it...To um check the safety"
"So it passed the exam," he giggled, tossing his cigarette out of the window.
"Yeah, it's good", I blushed, not able to bring the seat back up again, no matter to what direction I pulled the handle.
"Dear fuck," he sighed, laughing and leaned to adjust it for me.
I gripped the wheel with my two hands and held it so tight my knuckles turned white. I was waiting so long for this and now it's going to shit and I'm making such a fool of myself.
"Seat belt," he ordered once finished adjusting the seat.
My hands shook so hard I couldn't even get that right! And the longer I couldn't the more I shook!
"Relax it's not a rocket science," he gave my knee a gentle squeeze yet his voice remained cold and even.
After taking a few deep breathes I finally got it right and fastened the seat belt, trouble was it was so tight I found it hard to relax and breathe, so I was forced to sit straight and stiff like a gargoyle.
"Now you gotta adjust your mirrors," Gerard started.
I groaned loudly, "I wanna drive!", I grabbed the wheel and spun it around making wrum wrum sounds.
Gerard cocked an eyebrow at me, "Are we done being stupid?"
I bit my lips, letting go of the wheel and dropping my hands to my lap, I nodded.
"Goodie," he clapped, mocking me, "See Mikey's mirrors aren't adjusted well"
Mikey leaned forward to examine better his mirror adjusting errors.
"Do you see the mistake?"
Mikey shifted to the right, then he scooted to the left, finally stretching out his neck to catch a glimpse of the rear view mirror, finally shaking his head.
"That's right dumbass," Gerard giggled, "You're not supposed to see it from the back seat"
Mikey crossed his arms on his chest and pouted.
"Can you see what wrong?," he addressed me, making me gulp and shrink back in my seat, shaking my head as well.
"Well pay attention kiddies," he pointed his finger at the side mirror, "What do you see?"
I scrunched my face, leaning to look when Gerard pushed me back in my seat, "While driving you can't lean like this, tell me what you see from your position"
I did as I was bossed, "Umm a tree and the car"
He nodded, wearing a smug grin on his glowing white face, tapping his finger on the rear mirror, "And here?"
"A tree", I shrugged, wondering where he was going with it and did it fact have anything to do with driving or is it another way to fuck with my mind.
"Oh!," Mikey exclaimed, "One duplicates another without adding new info!"
"You earn a cookie," Gerard nodded at him.

For the rest of the hour Gerard droned on and on about how important it is adjusting your mirrors properly and how important it is to have a clean shield, he even made me wipe the shield and the mirrors clean with a rag he found on the floor which has seen better days. Both the floor and the rag.
By the time we pulled in front of the house, he wiped out the desire to drive completely off my system. I didn't want to drive and I didn't care if I had to use buses and bicycles for the rest of my life as long as I didn't have to sit through another lecture about mirrors ever again.
He cornered me on the porch before I followed Mikey into the brightly lit house, "Why do you pout that little lip of yours?," he traced the outline of my now pouty mouth.
"You didn't let me drive," I claimed, pulling back from his hand.
"Aw but that wrum wrum sound you made, made me practically come," he smirked down at me, hiding his face with a curtain of his black hair, hiding his features all but his infamous smirk I learned to love, "You're a natural"
I blushed and kissed his smirk clean off his face and pushed past him into the house, even though a cool breeze is exactly what my flushed face needed.
"So I hear my baby has been driving," dad met me in the kitchen with a tired grin.
"Blah he won't let me fucking touch the wheel," I sat on the wooden kitchen chair so it would be more comfortable to bitch my little heart out, "Went on and on about adjusting mirrors and cleaning the shield"
"That's my boy," He sipped his evening tea, hiding his smile.

Sam sulked at the words, first it's son now it's my boy? Next thing I know and he'll be moving in and I'll be put in an orphanage with a little sorry but we like the motherfucker better note, "He did that on purpose cause he's an ass" I winked at Gerard, who grinned back.
"Oh baby he's just a careful driver"
"You shouldn't even pay him, not for this" Sam burst out,
"I'm not paying him," dad wore an unfamiliar face expression, looking weird at me, "He refused to take money".
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