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Nice Decor

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‘The force is strong with this one,’ Sam said sarcastically through Frank’s fingers ‘Speak too much, you do,’ Frank said, laying Sam down and smiling as though they weren’t pissed. ...

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But who the fuck doesn't take money when offered? Yeah, Gerard that's who.
Speaking of the devil, I could make his outline coming down the stairs slowly. He and I were probably the only conscious people in the house, Mikey went to sleep about an hour ago and dad collapsed with exhaustion even before. Frank and Sam we’re on a late night ‘date’.
He stopped behind the sofa, watching me for a few second. I deliberately ignored him to punish my sick little mind for thinking about him and his stupid skin. He turned back around the sofa and stood in front of me, finally as though making up his mind he straddled me.
I squirmed under him, craning my neck to see the TV behind him, "I'm trying to watch shit here"
"It's a rerun," he whispered in my ear, sending little shivers down my spine.
"Oh come on," I wriggled even more, "I love this show"
He completely pinned me down to the sofa, enjoying my useless struggle which made me nervous, I didn't like not having control like that, "Come on, Gerard, please. Stop it"
He immediately released me and pulled back, smiling a little, "What did you say?"
"I said stop it," I said determinedly in case the sudden release was just part of his game.
"No before that,"
I scrunched my face, trying to recall what exactly did I say to have such an effect on him, "Come on? I love this show?"
"No what did you say to me?"
"Gerard" I rolled my eyes, "Like I always do"
"No," he shook his head without breaking the eye contact, "you said please"
"No I didn't," I laughed out a little. It's funny what our imagination makes us hear.
"Yeah you did," he leaned forward so his face was inches from mine, "I heard it loud and clear, you said come on Gerard, please stop it"
"Whatever you say," I smiled a little, turning my head to the side to avoid his eyes, something in the way he looked at me made me blush, it made me uneasy.
"No you did," he insisted, "You said please"
"Even if I did so what?,"
"It's nice," he shrugged.
"I'll be sure to never repeat it," I smirked evilly, "Now let me watch my favorite show".
"What's on anyway?," he slid off to the side, propping himself on his elbow and smiling slightly at the TV.
"My favourite show," I answered mainly cause I had no idea what was playing on the TV.

And an hour later I still had no idea who were these people on the screen, he slipped his hands under my shirt, tracing gentle circles with his fingertips on it and sucking on my neck, planting little kisses on my jaw line and playing tug war with my earlobe.
It was crazy but it felt like I was on fire, burning down to ash as his dick dug into my thigh.
When his hands made their sneaky path up to my breasts, fondling them roughly, I abandoned all my efforts to look uninterested and pulled down his PJ pants. He smirked into my mouth, taking off my underwear and shorts and spreading my legs open and as I bucked my hips eagerly to take his entire length in we both sighed in relief, "God this feels good"
I mentally agreed and closed my eyes to enjoy the hot sensation between my legs, unaware of nothing and no one but the warmth radiant through our clothes.
He thrust slowly in and out, "Open your eyes when I make you come"
I opened my eyes but not because he told me to but because of his weird statement.
"You like how I fuck you?," his climax was nearing he thrust deeper and picked up his pace.
A little smile snuck on my face without me realizing, was Gerard trying to talk dirty to me?.
"My thick dick inside you?"
"Oh yes fuck me," I said dryly mocking him but he seemed unaware of the sarcasm.
"All night if I have too," he moaned.
"Just fucking glue yourself in," the little smile turned into a full blown giggle I forced down with my hand and a hard bite of the lip, to the point of breaking the delicate skin.
"You're trying not to scream?," he cupped my face in his hot palms, "Scream for me"
I couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing, I laughed so hard I had to held my stomach and bit on my clenched fist so I won't wake up Mikey or dad since we were still in a questionable pose...And dad sure will ask question if he comes down and find Gerard's 'thick dick' deep inside me...No actually he won't, he'll just kill us both no questions asked.
I calmed down to face a pouting Gerard, "What's so fucking funny"
"Nothing," A little giggle escaped my throat.
"Then why are you laughing?," he pushed in roughly as though punishing me for not answering.
"It's just that," I bit my lip again, avoiding his glazed stare, "You say funny shit"
"I'm not," he pulled out only to thrust deeper, making my entire body shiver in respond, “Why are you laughing sugar?”
I narrowed my eyes a little, feeling that despite all the laughing I was about to come, "You like dirty talking you little bitch", I grabbed him by the hair and forced his mouth on mine.

That left us breathless and gasping for air, he placed his head on my shoulder after I sucked him dry and he pulled up his pants. I smiled to myself, feeling his warm breathe on my neck and allowing myself to wrap my arms around his neck and my legs to tangle with his.
"Georgia…" he breathed out.
"What?," I combed his surprisingly soft hair with my fingers.
"I...I," he looked up to me and then rested his head back on my shoulder, "I'm sorry I yelled at you. Im sorry that I hit you… im, im sorry that I nearly killed your sister, I’m sorry…."
I nodded a little, resting my chin on his head.
“I love you Gerard. Im not sorry at all,” He smiled into my shoulder. And we laid there like that for a while, entangled in each other. Happy.
“Georgia!” Dad called from the stairs, “Gerard! Are you too still awake?” Gerard and I sat up abruptly, and he fell off of me, and onto the floor with a thump. The front door opened and Frank and Sam stumbled through the door, obviously trying to be quiet, obviously drunk I looked around wide eyed trying to find my bra and my shirt, which, you know… were no where to be found. Frank walked in, got an eyeful and his jaw fell. Gerard was laughing on the floor, rubbing his broken buttock. Sam walked into Frank and caught sight of me also.
‘Put it away whore!’ She laughed. Dad called again from the stairs.
‘Sam? Frank? Is that you? I thought it was Georgia and Gerard down there… Hold on, I’m just going to put my dressing gown on…’ I looked around at everyone wide eyed. well crap.
‘I have no bra, you two are drunk…’
‘And you two just had sex,’ Frank but in. I glared. Gerard stopped laughing and I looked at him quizzically.
What is so funny?’ I asked him, rushing around trying to find my bra. Or at least my top. Or something. I grabbed a cushion and tried to hide my dignity. I found my shorts, but no underwear. Dammit
‘Gerard, have you got my underwear again?’ I huffed, searching.
‘No. And that’s not what’s funny. Sex Hair’ I stopped searching and ran a hand through my hair.
‘Oh, not again? Really?’ I heard my Dad again on the top of the stairs, pushed the annoying giggling, unhelping couple on to the settee, grabbed my annoying, unhelping boyfriend and pulled him in the closet.

‘Well. This is cosy,’ He whispered to me against my neck. I grunted. I was cold, annoyed and my bra was hanging over the lampshade. He didn’t take the hint and took my breast in his hand, making magic and making me moan into his hand. I pressed into him away from the door, sure as fuck hoping him and his ten foot long erection didn’t spill us out of the closet and on to the living room floor. He nibbled on my neck and I tried my hardest not to moan again.
‘You like that sugar? Cos I can keep it coming all night,’ He rubbed his dick against my back. ‘Better yet, I can keep you coming all night,’
My hand found a sock and I turned round and shoved it into his open mouth.
‘Put a sock in it will you, sugar? I’ve had enough of you and your dirty talking for one night thank you.’ I whispered harshly and he ruffled my hair, grinning around his sock.
‘Hello Franklin. I though you both were sleeping?’ Dad asked Frank and Sam when he made it down stairs. Frank looked from the moaning closet to my Dad.
‘We couldn’t sleep. So we came down here and decided to watch a romantic film,’ He smiled nodding like a moron.
‘Peow! Peow! Vrooom, vroooom!!’ Sam made retarded noises and bounced on Frank’s knee. Frank covered her mouth not so surreptitiously.
‘You two find Star Wars romantic?’ Dad asked suspiciously.
‘The force is strong with this one,’ Sam said sarcastically through Frank’s fingers
‘Speak too much, you do,’ Frank said, laying Sam down and smiling as though they weren’t pissed.
‘Anyway, we were just talking about you know…’ Frank trailed off gesturing with his hands, not actually knowing what they were talking about.
‘…people. And how they should just come out of the closet.’ Frank poked her, but she didn’t stop digging. ‘I mean, no one will be angry with them. Apart from their Dad of course,’ Sam giggled and hiccupped. Dad looked at them sternly.
‘Okay you two. Bed.’ The both stood up obediently and trotted up the stairs, ‘Separately!’ He said after Frank followed Sam into her room. He back tracked and walked into the guest room.
‘Oh and Samantha!’ Dad called walking up the stairs, ‘Tell Georgia to get her bra off the lampshade. Gerard may appreciate the decoration but I sure don’t!’

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