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This Is Not The Plan

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The rest went in a blur, the girl started screaming and chasing us, the echo of our frantic run, Frank's slipping, the thump of us collapsing on the cement, the crash of the bottles, the strong sce...

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It was Monday, and Sam, Frank, Mikey and I were in the Cafeteria, planning Mikey’s party. It was all cool. Well... Until a guy walked past, and winked at me. And no word of a lie, he looked exactly like Matt Bellamy. So I used my old ‘drop the fork’ routine and dived under the table I sat on the floor, bent and holding my knees, shaking like I was going through withdrawal.
He was here? In this room? Less then twenty feet away. My scars burned and prickled and my eyes welled up with thick clear curtain of tears.
"You found the fork yet?" Frank and Mikey's faces peeked at me. Sam’s foot tapped my shoulder impatiently
I nodded violently, "I just need a moment", I scrambled to my feet and ran through the cafeteria as fast as I could. My thoughts whispering and laughing at me.
He's here he's here he's here he's here he's here you can run but you can't hide because he's here.
I couldn't feel my heart, I was sure it already exploded with the beating and soon I'll die and I wanted nothing then just that. Die and never feel like this ever again.
I ran into the bathroom, out of breathe and panting like mad. It was empty but one girl who brushed her hair in front of the mirror but she left soon after I slid down to the floor with my back against the wall without giving me a second look.
I took my face in my palms and tried to regain control of my breathing and I couldn't. The desperation and the fear and the oxygen avoiding my lungs crashed on me, burying me under the weight.
A hand was laid down on my shoulder as a shadow fell on me, I gasped into my palms, too scared to look up, what if he's here, what if he saw me, what if...

"Baby?," Gerard whispered soothingly, "You're OK?"

I looked up, dumbstruck, "You're in the girls bathroom"

"I know," he looked around cautiously, returning his gaze to me looking concerned, "But you're OK?"

"I'm fine," I took a deep breathe, "Stop stalking me"

"I'm not...," He stammered, "I'm not... I just saw you running and ...I called you"

I felt numb, blood didn't flow, thoughts didn't connect anymore, I couldn't feel anymore, not even the cold tile wall against my bare lower back and it scared me, it all looked too surreal, Gerard in the girls bathroom and me hiding from some random guy like a fucking coward.
I crashed my lips on his in an attempt to wake myself up.
And at first he resisted, but then he gave up fully, allowing me to feed on his feel against me like an hungry vampire, and thats what I really was, I was sucking the life out of everyone to keep myself alive. He slammed me against the wall as he pumped into me, moaned as he released, and the thick mist overtook my body afterwards.
I went limp in his arms, still holding on for dear life.

He kissed me once more after making sure I was going to go to class after I refreshed a little and I pretended to do so. Sam passed him coming out and checked on me also. My freshing up consisted of taking a pill from the bottle she had. She held it up against the light frowning; she’d almost run out of them.
I straightened my skirt, I took up on wearing skirts since I couldn't keep my pants up for a long time these days, grew up to be quite a lady, casual sex at 16 in a dirty school bathroom, popping pills like water, spending my nights with some fucker aka the perfect boyfriend, raiding dad's mini bar. Yeah you couldn't wish for a better daughter. And that’s without all the stuff Sam gets up to.
We waited for the halls to quieten down before walking out just to catch Frank standing next to the door with his back pack on his one shoulder and mine between his legs, "What are you doing here?"
"You forgot your bag," he gave it to me.
"Thanks," I smiled at him, swinging it over my shoulder. Sam sniffed as though bored.
"Um I saw Gerard," he glanced behind me at the bathroom door.
I glanced behind too, mainly to hide the red my cheeks were painted in, "I-"
"It's not my place to judge," he shrugged, "I've done worse shit"
I nodded, not looking up at him.
"I won't tell anyone,"
I nodded again. Sam chuckled.
‘I didn’t even know. But now, I do – EW you pikey – and I wont tell either,’
I smiled at her and she smirked. ‘Some goody two shoes you are,’
"Let's go then," he nudged me to the opposite direction from our next class.
"Where?" I frowned.
"My cousins waiting for us, I already called him," he urged me to walk.
"But...But," I really didn't want to meet his cousin, he wasn't the type of person to do charity work...Wait am I really the person to judge anyone? I just had sex in a school bathroom...I'm pretty sure god doesn't approve of that either.
Frank's cousin, Fred, turned out to be a well built guy of about 20 who shared Frank's eye colour but not his height, we had to look up to him, literally look up to him.
Frank and Fred left Sam and I to smoke our cigarettes on a rusty bench across the street from an isolated convenient store while they stood under a big tree and had a conversation in hushed tones a few feet from where I sat.
Soon another guy pulled up and joined their chat. It made me kinda uneasy not to know what they were talking about and why it was kept a secret from me, particularly cause they kept glancing at us.
Finally Frank stumped out his pot and returned to me, "We're gonna get the booze now," he pulled me up and began crossing the street.
"I don't have any money," Sam threw her cigarette butt on the cement and followed him.
"Don't worry," Frank reassured me, walking into the empty convenient store, "Just follow me"
And I did. Fred disappeared so fast I doubted we actually met him and his buddy got back into his car and drove off.
Frank circled around the store, going to the dairy section and then to the bread section, whistling. His look of pure innocence and occasional loud statement such as 'mom asked a low fat yogurt' and 'they ran out of the blue berry one' made me wonder what he was up to now, I tried to ask but he motioned me to shut the fuck up.
He picked up a loaf of bread and stared at it as though he's seeing it for the first time, digging his fingernails into it, "Um Frank?"
"Yes?," he looked up surprised I was standing in front of him.
"Why are you staring at the bread?, " I smirked, motioning on the bread with the jerk of my head, "I thought we're gonna get booze"
"Are you ready?," he whispered, shifting his eyes around and then glancing at his watch, "It's time"
"I can't quite contain myself," Sam chuckled, contributing Frank's strange behaviour to the pot he smoked and I mentally swore to never try it if it makes people act like that...Then again it's Frank we're talking about, it's easily can be his natural behaviour, no one knew for sure.
I followed him to the booze section while he kept glancing around like a rabbit during hunt season.
When we reached the shelves packed with toxic delights, both our eyes lit up and a craving spark set deep in them. To my surprise not only Frank was happy to be around alcohol he also grabbed a bottle of vodka and slowly slipped it into his open back pack, "Frank!"
"Shhh," he hissed, placing a finger on his lips.
"What the fuck are you doing?!," Sam looked around frantically but the store was completely empty but the bored cashier who didn't even glance at us once since the moment we walked in.
"Getting drinks for Mikey's party," he simply shrugged and stuck a bottle in my arms, "Hold this"
I automatically slipped the bottle under my hoodie, wincing at the cool touch against my skin, "I thought you said buy not steal!"
"Keep your fucking voice down!," he ordered.
"Can I help you, guys?," the cashier looked up from her magazine, eyeing us with suspicion.
"Naw, we're good," Sam flashed her girlish smile at her, making her nod and return her eyes to the magazine.
"So?!", I elbowed him harshly.
"It's the same thing," he made sure the cashier was distracted again before choosing another bottle to place in his already full bag.
"Um no," I didn't know if I should laugh or cry or run the fuck out of there, "Buying involves leaving money at the store"
"You have money?," Sam looked irritated at me and then snuck a glance at the cashier again.
I shook my head a little.
"I rest my case," Frank resumed his shopping, going over to the wine section.
"What case?!," I snapped, my heart beating against my rib cage like a drummer on ecstasy, "You know what case you'll have if you get caught?"
"Never happened before," he scrunched his face at the choice of wine in this store.
"Never happ-," I exhaled out sharply, "Holy shit!"
"Look if you don't wanna give Mikey a hand then whatever," Sam whispered back.
My mouth opened and closed like a retarded gold fish, I wanted to say something but what could I say to this? Bad, bad Frank? So I clutched the bottle under my hoodie closely to myself and followed him around, feeling my heart beat escalate with each passing minute and every rustle of wind, licking my suddenly very dry lips.
"OK this should be enough," he bit his lip, looking around and Sam gave me the same girlish smile she gave the cashier earlier.
I pouted, wanting to slap him so badly for dragging me into this mess without even telling me, and to attack Sam for just going along with it.
He casually started walking toward the exit like he didn't have half of the store's alcohol stuck in his full bag where books and learning materials innocently occupied the space earlier.
He gave the girl behind the counter a playful wink, making her giggle, she didn't look much older then we were.
But once we stepped over the metal detector thing, hell broke loose and it beeped like a crazy motherfucker. Frank broke in a run, grabbing my wrist and pulling me with him. Sam laughed loudly, and sprinted ahead.
The rest went in a blur, the girl started screaming and chasing us, the echo of our frantic run, Frank's slipping, the thump of us collapsing on the cement, the crash of the bottles, the strong scent creeping into the nostrils, a loud screechy siren, the red and blue glare of lights in my eyes and the one phone call, "Gerard, I think I just robbed a liquor store"
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