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Gerard freed himself from his backpack and slouched down on the sofa, feeling for the remote control under the dark red blanket on the sofa and the matching pillows, crying out triumphantly once hi...

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The police officer didn't take us to the station since he knew both our parents and was a very close friend of our fathers but he did something so much worse, after a 30 minute lecture which mostly consisted of a lot of shrieks and 'how could you' and 'what's wrong with you' he called our parents.
Frank's mom dragged him home by the ear, promising to kill him and then kick his ass, in that order. I preferred going to the station instead of facing my own dad, who pulled minutes after Frank's mom finished her own lecture and drove off with him waving sadly from the back seat and his mom still hollering so loudly you could hear her through the closed windows of the car.
Dad stepped out of the car in his working clothes of a suit and a crispy white button up shirt, his pale face gave me a look I've never seen before. Dan, the officer motioned him to come over.
I hung my head down to avoid seeing the look on dad's face while he talked to Dan. It was a mix sad mix of hurt, shame, anger and disappointment and I didn't know how I should handle it. Sam smirked and sat there as though she’d completed one of her life ambitions. Though knowing her lately it probably was.
After Dan finished telling him what exactly we did and what criminal record is all about, he motioned us to get into the car, without saying anything to me, he opened the back door and held it for me, twisting his face when we passed by, I was smelling of booze since the bottles broke our fall and smashed to million glittering pieces, I has a few extra little cuts to blend into my already cut stomach from the bottle I held under my shirt, the alcohol sipped into them, making me suffer greatly.
The drive home went silently, he didn't acknowledge us, not a word, not a sign, just the same deep disappointment carved deep into his eyes. I'd rather him to scream and shout like Mrs. Iero then this.

I stepped into the house only to be tackled by Gerard, "What happened?", he held me by the shoulders, scanning my face for clues. Sam snorted and he shot her a death glare.
I shrugged, my eyes welling up with tears I bit back.
"Gerard, can you please leave us alone?," dad's deathly tone made my skin crawl.
"But-," I don't know how he could resist to that stern look on dad's face but he did, he squeezed my shoulders a little and pulled me slightly closer to him.
Gerard frowned at him and looked back at me as though he was seeking my approval, I looked down, if it was in fact approval to leave me alone with my father, I didn't want to give it to him. But dad's nod convinced him and he gave me one final squeeze and left upstairs.
Dad sat with a sigh on the sofa, "Well?"
I was determined to look at the floor with my hair hanging over my face as my shield and keeping the coffee table between us.
"You don't want to explain why you were stealing alcohol?" he crossed his arms on his chest, leaning back.
I shook my head, what could I say without getting Frank in even more trouble?
That he dragged me there? That I didn't know he was about to do it? That I told him not to? Cause fact is I was there, I had a bottle under my shirt and I said shit to stop him. So who can I blame for not using my common sense and walking out of there before it was too late, it was my own stupidity that got me into this, It's not like I didn't know better, I did and I did it anyway, it's no one's fault but mine.
"Are you sure?," he inquired.
I shrugged pathetically again.
"What is it with you lately," he exclaimed suddenly, running a hand through his hair, his calm show was going bye bye, "I don't recognize you anymore. Is it Sam’s influence? Maybe Frank pressured you into it?"
It aggravated me that he was trying to dump my irresponsibility on my friends instead of acknowledging I've changed from his precious baby into a young adult, "Look I just did!," I snapped, "No one told me to or pressured me, I have a mind of my own and maybe it was a mistake but I'm the one who did it, not Frank, not Sam and not motherfucking Jesus!"
"You're not the girl you used to be," he claimed.
"People change, dad," I rolled my eyes, growing impatient with the pointless interrogation, I'd rather him to just ground my sorry stealing ass and get it over with instead of this oh where did I go wrong whine.
"Not without reason"
"Yeah I'm special," I smirked.
His wife could be sleeping with someone on the street this very moment and he's worried about me stealing a few stupid bottles of vodka, it's not like I was such a successful criminal, I got busted and lectured on the fucking spot!

"Well if you got nothing to add," he glared at Sam, waiting for us to fall on my knees and beg for forgiveness.
”Well, don’t blame Frank. It was all Gee’s fault,’ Sam joked, stopping when she saw the look on Dad’s face. ‘Im kidding. Im sorry,’ She turned and stared at me.
I just stared back, "I won't do it again"
The lack of remorse on our faces stiffened his features again, "Damn right you won't! You're grounded for a month and you're gonna apologize to Kate whom you scared half to death and you'll pay for the liquor with your allowance which I'm suspending for a month too"
"Aw you're just pushing me right into crime jaws again," Sam sneered jokingly.
"You thinks it's funny?" he jumped up and looked like he was gonna charge at me but gathered himself at the last moment which pretty much wiped the sneer right off Sam’s face, "You may go to your room and stay there"
I nodded and we quickly climbed up the stairs, my feet heavy and my head pounding.
Fortunately Gerard sat on my bed, waiting for my return. He jumped to his feet once I entered and rushed to me, sweeping me up his arms, "What happened?!"
I melted a little under his touch, "Frank, Sam and I robbed a store," I left out the getting caught part, it sounded much more exciting this way.
"Why?," he frowned.
"For Mikey's party," I rubbed my eyes tiredly and lay on the bed.
"Mikey's having a party?," he followed me and lay next to me, propping himself on his elbows, "My Mikey?"
I smiled, "Yeah, your very own Mikey"
"I didn't know"
"Yeah he was nervous about telling you"
"Oh...But why did you rob the store?"
"Cause no one would sell us some," Sam cried out, frustrated with his stupidity.
"How about fucking asking me?," he smirked.
"I just told you he didn't want you to know!," I exclaimed, "Which part didn't you get?"
"Yeah but robbing a store," he chuckled, "Who's idea was it? It couldn't possibly be yours or Mikey's"
"Why not," I pouted, "Maybe we planned out the entire thing all by ourselves. We're bad to the bone you know"
He laughed making me frown, "Sam and Frank’s idea then."
"Kid..," he leaned to kiss me.
I wriggled away on the bed, "And don't fucking call me kid!"
"You're such a pain," he rolled his eyes, smiling slightly.
"Tell that to someone who cares," I went over to sit on my desk, smiling to myself. Sam was shaking her head at us, with a smirk on her face
Mikey burst through the door out of breathe, he looked put off when he spotted Gerard on the bed, "Whatcha doing here?"
Gerard stretched out, placing his hands behind his head, "Resting. It is my girlfriends house after all."
Mikey frowned but seeing me at my desk, and Sam on her bed reignited his excitement, "You robbed a store! For me! You robbed a store!"
"For you?" Gerard narrowed his eyes at Mikey.
Mikey ignored him without glancing in his direction, "Fred just got like trillion cases of beers to my house!"
"Fred?!," Gerard exclaimed, sitting up, "Iero?! Are you nuts hanging with people like that?!"
"Hmm," I ignored him too, "I'll kill Frank!" Gerard pulled me over to his lap and Sam took my place at the desk.
"If his mom won't get him first," Mikey sat on the window seat with his back to the sun, "She almost murdered him for calling"
"Well if she gets there first, I'll dig him up just to kick his sorry short ass all over again," I spat out, thinking about all the ways I could make Frankie boy suffer, "You know he didn't tell me we're gonna rob a store!"
Mikey got hit by a flying pillow, knocking his glasses off.
"Hey!," we exclaimed in unison, glaring at Gerard. ‘
Who he thinks he is throwing my pillows around like that?’ Sam exclaimed throwing her hands up in the air.
"You dick, you don't invite your own brother to your fucking party," he threw another pillow at Mikey who just recovered from the first blow.
"Knock it off," I told him.
"I just didn't have the time to tell you," Mikey shrugged innocently.
"Oh right cause you just don't see me everyday, I live in fucking Oz and you forgot your silver shoes, fucking Toto," Gerard sneered, throwing a stuffed bear at Mikey since ran out of pillows.
"I meant to," Mikey rubbed the back of his head, "I really did"
"That hurts, brother"
"Well you're not the best company at parties," Mikey snapped, readjusting his glasses on his nose, "I never have fun when you're around"
Whoa! I never knew Mikey could be so harsh but he definitely hit a sore spot, the smirk left Gerard's face as he leaned back on the headboard and fell silent.
Remorse washed over Mikey's features at the sight of Gerard's hurt, "I mean if only you could drink less so I wouldn't have to leave the party to watch you," he muttered.
"Oh what do you know!," Gerard's grew louder with each word, "You fucking bastard," he leaped out of the bed and at first I thought he's gonna hit Mikey but instead he stormed off, shutting the door loudly. I shook my head, but stood up to follow him.
"See what I got to put up with," Mikey huffed, staring at the door.
"Well that was a bit harsh" Sam noted, picking at her nails
Mikey diverted his gaze to stare at her, "Since when you're on his side"
She chuckled, "I'm not, I'm just saying"
"Yeah," he frowned, looking her over. ‘Right.’

Sam’s POV
By the time 9 o'clock rolled in I nearly lost the little fragments of sanity I had, dad didn't even let me go down for dinner, he brought up a tray with dinner, juice and a fruit without saying a thing or looking at us.
I tried reading and listening to music and whatnot but nothing helped to stop the thoughts from creeping into my already crowded mind like unwanted shadows. I even changed for bed and put all the lights out only resulting in a violent tossing and turning so I went out to stare out of the window.
The first thing I saw was Gerard and Gee sitting on the old swing, the little light radiating from the house didn't reach them, darkness threatened to swallow them entirely but the flickering light of the tip of his cigarette and the flame of the lighter he flickered on and off that caught my eye.
I looked at them for a while, Gerard’s face wasn't visible despite his paleness but the way he sat, swinging slowly, hunched over, taking a slow drag and exhaling even slower appeared extremely sad to me.
I pushed the window open, "Hey", they didn't budge therefore I came to the conclusion he didn't hear me, "Hey!".
They still didn't acknowledge me, deep in thier little twisted world; I backed into my room, looking for something to attract thier attention with. My gaze fell on my dinner tray and on the untouched apple. I grabbed it and darted back to the window. Gerard was still deep in his thoughts, putting a hand through Gee’s hair occasionally. Giggling to myself I aimed for his head, when the apple made contact with his skull he yelped, stumbling off the swing and shooting his gaze up. I waved joyfully,
"So now you try to take us down" Georgia laughed
"Yeah killing you with fruity delights," I stuck my entire upper body out of the window.
"I should be careful, crazy criminal such as yourself," I could hear her smile as she returned to her seat at the spot on the swing.
"I'm not sure about the criminal part," I giggled.
"I'm still not sure what went through those little pretty heads of yours," I could see the motion in which Gerard’s head shook.
I shrugged, not bothering to answer, "What are you doing?"
He took another drag of his half finished cigarette before answering, "Smoking"
"You two look sad," I blurted out.
"Are we?," he looked down again.
"Hmm," I climbed on the window and sat on it, holding on to the branches, "Is it cause of what Mikey said?" Georgia inhaled deeply.
She looked up sharply and choked on the smoke, coughing it out she exclaimed, "What the fuck are you doing?!"
"I'm just asking,"
"Climb in. Sam," Gerard ordered, still couching like mad.
"Cause he didn't mean it like that Gerard"
"Sam," he said with a warning in his voice.
"No really, he didn't"
"In!," he cried out.
"I just wanna clear shit up," I smiled down sweetly.
"Please go back inside," Gerard sighed, running his hand through his hair again.
"Cause you can fall off and hurt yourself"
"Cause no matter what you think you're not invincible"
"Cause you're human"
"Cause that's how it goes"
"Cause you were born human"
"cause your parents are human"
"Why was I born?" Georgia asked him, leaning on his shoulder
I bit my lips at the silence, he looked down again, taking another drag as though he was thinking about proper answer to get me back inside, "Cause that's the plan"
"Why?", a thick knot made an appearance in my stomach as I watched them.
"Cause someone needs you"
"Cause they do"
"Why?" He kissed her but she pulled away and looked at the ground.
"Fuck!," he exclaimed suddenly, " Sam. Just go fucking inside before I go up there and make you!"
"You're such a dick," I pouted.
"You have the logic of a basket case, now go inside!"
"But I'm bored," I whined.
"Fucking. Go. Inside," he hissed.
"Fine," I tossed my legs back into the room and as a sign of a protest shut the window closed.
10 minutes later a soft knock echoed through my cemetery silent room, "Go away"
"Sam?," he opened the door to a thin crack of light.
"Go away", I said definitely.
"Come on you could've fallen off"
"Just go away"
He sighed before closing the door behind him. I rolled my eyes, I wanted him to go back to his house and stop coming round to see Georgia, and plus he’s on my case 24/7 nowadays. ‘Sam don't hurt yourself' ‘Sam be careful' ‘Sam what were you thinking' ‘Sam don't do crazy shit'...Where the fuck his conscious goes when it comes to fucking in public places? Bastard.

Gerard was telling me to not jump when I told him to fuck off and something shook my body harshly. I moaned and rolled out of bed, landing on the hard floor with a thump and tangled in my blankets, I opened my eyes to meet dad's annoyed face, "Why are you still in bed? For once I don't wake you up and you're late"
I yawned, still surprised not to spot Georgia anywhere and trying to climb out of the blankets that were wrapped around me as though I was some kinda freaking mummy.
"Do you hear?," Dad's features twisted, "Or you listen only when you need something?"
I tensed, forgetting my attempts to get up, "You said to stay in my room till you say I can leave-"
Dad laughed but it wasn't the oh you're just too cute laugh, it was more of a if only I could've killed you in your sleep laugh, "Did someone tell you I'm extremely stupid?"
"No I figured it out by myself," I bit my tongue the moment these words slipped my lips.
Dad clenched his jaw so hard I expected his teeth to fall out the second he unclenched it, "Don't say things I might make you regret later"
"You asked I answered," I shrugged. There's times in one's life when their mind scream for them to drop the argument yet their mouth keeps producing words.
"No more games, Samantha," Dad crouched next to me, "What I say goes, no more being a smart ass, no more manipulation, no more breathing unless I say you can. Do I make myself clear?"
"Are you bipolar, daddy? Cause if you're not stupid that's the only explanation," I asked with innocence spelled all over my face.
"Do I have to define no more being smart ass, I thought you were more clever then to disobey me"
"But I didn't," I smiled, "You said I can't leave my room and I didn't, you should be more specific if you want me to do things right, stupidity runs in the family you know"
"You just got yourself grounded for another month," He revealed his sparkly white teeth in a cold smile, "That way we can work on your discipline. I want you out of the house on your way to school in 6 minutes. Clear enough for you?", he gave me a pat on the head and stomped out of my room.

My middle finger saluted him but exactly 5 minutes later I was dressed, washed and armed with a toast and a juice box.
I dragged my feet behind Mikey and Gerard and Georgia were off in front talking in hushed voices. I happened to be sulking and ranting about my bitch of a father. Mikey listened and nodded at the right places, "Who wanna play a little game?"
Mikey frowned at my sudden brightness, "What game and I'm not stealing anything"
I punched his arm a little, "It's called who ditches school with me"
"Didn't your dad want you on your way to school?," Gerard mimicked him with scary accurateness. Georgia just rolled her eyes.
"Yeah on my way," I stressed, "He didn't actually said in school, I could be still on my way to school"
"What about the math test?," Mikey shook his head, disapprovingly.
"Fuck that," Gee smiled brightly, "I know shit anyway"
"Me too," he sighed, "But it's better to fail then not doing it at all"
"Come on, Mikey", I wrapped my arms around him from behind, "Life is short. Fuck math, I wanna live!"
"Are you high?," he winced at my tight embrace.
"No just alive," I squealed with delight, squeezing him tighter.
"Yeah not for long," he insisted, "What if your dad finds out?"
"Big deal," I dismissed him with a wave, "I'll get another month at least I'll have fun"
"Well do what you want, I'm going," he shrugged and continued to walk to school whose gates were just around the corner.
"You need some help with that stick up your ass?, "I yelled after him, he flipped me off without glancing around.
"Leave him alone," Gerard said darkly.
"Ditto", I glared at him.
"Oh I can't play?," He smirked, looking down at me.
"Fine," I shrugged, "But I'm not fucking you"
"Oh no!", he laughed, sarcastically, putting his arm around Georgia who sighed, and looked away with tight lips.
After a short session of fucking about around the park close to the school, we decided to go the Way's... Well Gerard decided since he was whining about how thirsty he was. This whole experience was so bizarre, I never spent time with just him and Georgia, either there were more people stopping us from killing each other or I was busy hollering at him, but just sitting there in the shadow under the big tree with him and my sister was beyond weird. And annoying. At first I kept babbling on and on about shit and he just stared at me and nodded, then I grew silent and took out my ipod with the latest Smashing Pumpkins CD, in turn he took out his oh so familiar oh so hated notebook and a pencil and began sketching something, not once lifting his eyes to look around. Georgia lay on her stomach picking and playing with a blade of grass between her fingers.
I became so absorbed in the music and nature it seemed like the materialistic me dissolved and my soul wandered around the empty park, hopping with the little sparrows, singing with the light wind, playing hide and seek with the trees branches and chasing the elusive sun rays, just when I thought I grabbed one it escaped and giggling it faded while in the background Billy Corgan's unique voice told me painful truths about life, elusive as much as the sun rays.
The park was blissfully empty but a number of school soon to be drop outs passing through and soon forgotten shortly after they disappeared from view. Then we silently headed for the Way's house, the road to which was too familiar, that was when I took off the headphones and wrapped the wire around the ipod and slipped it into my backpack.
Gerard fiddled with the key and opened the door to their gloomy, dark living room, once the light from the day outside embraced the room; the 98987 boxes of beer Mikey talked about came to view.
Gerard said nothing but took one bottle and popped the lid open, I did the same and let the beer wash down the sweet taste of juice I still had in my throat, conquering my mouth and wiping any reminder of the juice. Georgia just grabbed a carton of orange juice from the fridge and drank it straight.
I looked around awkwardly, grasping the bottle with my one hand and tapping my fingers nervously on it.
It's not like I've never been here, I've been, too fucking often for dinner parties and sleepover and birthdays and play dates with Frank but never once the house was as quiet as it was now, so quiet and shadowy it made you wonder if it really was a house real people live in and not a dream soon to be gone. And never was it just us three.
Gerard freed himself from his backpack and slouched down on the sofa, feeling for the remote control under the dark red blanket on the sofa and the matching pillows, crying out triumphantly once his fingers closed around the remote. Georgia stood next to him, and he pulled her down onto his lap.
His gaze fell on me, "Did you turn to stone over there?"
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