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Near likes to build castles with his blocks but he always knocks them down. Why did he decide not to knock down the castle this time? (Near+You)

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Even if he was already in his late teens, he still liked to play with toys. It was a fact that everyone noticed right away, yet no one dared to protest against. If the white haired genius needed toys to solve the cases presented to him, then toys he would get. He did his job so it didn't matter if he was playing while doing it as long as he accomplished what he was expected to accomplish.

Everyone has something that helps them concentrate, for Near it's toys. It wasn't rare to see him with little dolls that looked like the people involved in the cases. Where he had them made, most people in the investigation team didn't know, save for maybe Watari, the new Watari.

You had heard he story of L, told by Near himself during a moment of quiet uncertainty in an investigation. He needed some extra data, some results to determine which theory was right. Until then there was not much that he could do except build a castle of blocks and knock it down with a dinosaur doll while his Transformers prepared to battle in the next round. That quiet afternoon he told you the full story and you were able to connect the pieces of what you had heard before. It was clear that Near admired L very much and looked up to him as a brother and role model. You didn't realize right away, but Near had chosen you to talk to about his past and future which he kept in secrecy unless he happened to catch a moment alone with you when everyone else was busy with their own tasks.

This time, it was another of those quiet afternoons but not because of a stand still in the case. The latest case had been solved and Near was waiting for the next one. Most members of the investigation team had gone out to take a break but Near had decided to stay at headquarters and you chose to stay with him.

Not much conversation had been going on, save for a few casual words about the latest case and how it was resolved. You talked about what you thought the next case would be about and finally Near asked you why you have not left like the others. "I thought I should keep you company."

He smiled, he was quiet, perhaps even more so than usual but you knew he appreciated the company.

One thing that puzzled you though, was that he was yet to knock down the castle he finished building over fifteen minutes ago. You knew Near's castles hardly ever lasted five minutes after their competition but that one still stood.

Near was playing behind the castle walls, laying on the floor with one leg down and the other up, moving up and down slowly to an unheard rhythm.

You stood up and walked behind him. He immediately switched to his usual sitting position. You found the timing a little suspicious. "What are you playing with?"

Clearly Near was trying to cover the entrance to the castle with his body. "Blocks," he said as if it was the most obvious thing, and it was but you knew he was playing with something else besides the blocks and you wanted to know what. The fact that he tried to hide it only served to make you more curious and determined to find out. He turned around without uncovering the secret and picked up a pair of Transformers. The two robots collided with each other in an epic battle guided by Near, as he continued to shield the castle's entrance. The walls of the castle were made of wooden blocks that could be easily knocked down by his others toys but he had added a roof made of Lego blocks which sat atop the wooden blocks and covered the contents of the castle.

"Yes I can see that. It's just a bit odd that you haven't knocked it down yet." From the day you first arrived at the secret headquarters, at the time as a protected witness, he always knocked down his blocks soon after finishing the structure he wanted to build. Every time you continued going to headquarters so often that you practically lived there, now as part of the investigation team, Near never failed to knock down his blocks.

"I decided to play with something else..." There were no signs in Near's voice or expression that indicated that he was hiding something, but the fact that he castle still stood was proof enough. Further more he added a roof this time, he was definitely hiding something and you would find out what it was. You walked around the castle again so that you and Near were on opposite sides of it. He turned around to face you, still blocking the entrance. "Don't knock it down."

"Why not?" You asked. Oh yes, he was definitely hiding something and he knew he had been caught.

"I want to knock it down later." Near tried his best to sound indifferent, as if he didn't want you to knock down the castle but it wouldn't be a big deal if you did. Still, he couldn't help it but to watch you from the corner of his eyes while he played with his robots.

"I won't knock it down, promise." You would keep the promise of not knocking the castle down but that didn't mean you couldn't lift the Lego roof and put it back after taking a look inside. You took the two corners of the roof closest to you. Near dropped his robots and grabbed on to the two opposite corners. "C'mon Near, be nice and share your toys."

"On one condition," Near offered.

"What's the condition?" You observed his expression which was no longer unreadable but kind of shy.

"Don't ask," Near replied. Was that the lightest hint of pink on his cheeks?

"Deal." You had to know what was in there, you simply had to know. The castle's roof was lifted revealing a throne made of blocks with two dolls sitting on it. One of those dolls looked like Near and the other looked like you. "What does this mean?"

"I thought we had a deal," Near innocently reminded you. "Besides, if you were admitted to join this team, then you shouldn't need to ask..."

"Neither should you," you said with a smile, replying to the unvoiced question.


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