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The Beast of Bayville II

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 26: The Beast of Bayville II


The final bell had rung and most of the students were leaving to enjoy the up and coming weekend. However, Hank McCoy was still in his classroom working feverishly on a strange chemical that he was synthesizing in a small test beaker.

"Mr. McCoy?" said a voice from his door. "Are you okay?"

The voice belonged to Kurt Wagner as he noticed Hank's disposition on his way out.

"Oh, it's you Kurt. I'll be fine, just working on something that's all," said McCoy who didn't look up from his experiment. "Don't worry, just go and enjoy your weekend."

"Vell, okay. See you Monday then," said Kurt as he left Hank to his work.

Mr. McCoy had felt the monster within him growing too strong over the last week. Now, he was concocting what he hoped to be the mother of all serums to subdue the beast within. He had tried to use his own will power to control it, but that proved to be futile. The Professor had warned not to rely on the serum anymore, but he just couldn't help it now. His students were at too much of a risk now and he couldn't let them get hurt, even if it meant taking such drastic measures.

"It's almost time. I hope this stuff works," mused McCoy as he went through some of the final phases of his experiment.


Upon leaving Mr. McCoy's room, Kurt made a quick stop at his locker to put his books away for the weekend. It had been a long week for him. His situation with Kitty had completely occupied his mind. He had been meaning to talk to Kitty about it for quite a while now, but he noticed that she was visibly distraught from something earlier today. Kurt had been looking for her earlier that day and found her in tears after a major fight with Lance. Kurt tried to talk to her, but she just collapsed in his arms and he could do nothing but hold her. He didn't know what had happened, but he knew it couldn't have been very pleasant. From that, he blamed Lance. However, he tried not to think about him for the time being. Kitty had said earlier that she wanted to talk to him about something when they got home. As weary as he was about this, he felt it would be the best time to discuss how his feelings have grown for her. However, it did scare him to think what it might do to their friendship if they became an item. Kurt and Kitty had been the closest of friends since childhood, and now that closeness had developed in to a relationship far deeper than either of them could have ever imagined.

After putting his books away, Kurt felt a presence come up to him. At first he didn't take too much notice, then he found out who it was...Lance Alvers.

"We've got a score to settle blue boy!" said the older teen in a stern voice.

Kurt turned around to see an angry Lance Alvers facing him, but Kurt had too much distaste for this boy to be scared of him at this point. He still blamed Lance for Kitty's distraught state earlier today.

"Vhat do you vant Lance?" said Kurt in an undaunted tone.

"Don't give me that fuzzy, you know what this is about!" replied Lance who was getting angrier by the minute.

"Kitty..." said Kurt plainly as Lance was now within inches of his face.

"Damn straight! She's MY girlfriend and you've been trying to steal her away ever since we hooked up!" yelled Lance as his anger grew.

"Steal her?! She's my best friend you dumb-ass! We've been best friends for years before she even met you!" replied Kurt, matching Lance's stern looks.

"Yeah right! I've seen the way you two have been hanging out and I'm not that dumb...Don't think I can't see what you've been doing," said Lance in a lower, more threatening voice.

"Vhat?! That's not true!" replied Kurt, but he knew there was some truth in Lance's words.

"Bullshit! It's because of you, she said she never wanted to talk to me again!"

"That's not how I heard it...She told me it's because you touched her..." said Kurt in a serious, angry tone.

Kitty had told Kurt only so much about the argument she had with Lance, but it was easy to see how so many painful memories could reemerge from it. Kurt knew all too well what these memories dealt with and how hard they were to live with. He had deal with them too and he knew how she felt about it. Because of this, his anger towards Lance kept growing.

"I just grabbed her arm!" yelled Lance, still not seeing what the big deal was, "It wasn't like I tried to harass her!"

"But you did...And you should have known how she felt about it! Now you're blaming me for something YOU did! You've placed the blame on everyone but yourself! It's YOUR fault Lance and you know it!" yelled Kurt sternly.

Lance couldn't think of a response for Kurt's words. Yet he remained undaunted. As obvious as Kurt's observations were, Lance still blamed Kurt for all his woes with Kitty.

"It's NOT my fault!" said Lance angrily. "If you hadn't gotten so touchy-feely with Kitty we never would have had that fight to begin with!"

Kurt just grunted at Lance's stubbornness. He should have known that Lance would have been too full of himself to ever admit anything was his fault.

"I'm through vith this..." said Kurt callously as he grabbed his backpack and started to walk away.

"We're not done here demon boy!" yelled Lance as he grabbed his shoulder and forcibly turned Kurt back towards him.

Kurt's temper singed at harsh feeling of Lance's touch. Like Kitty, it bought back some rather unpleasant memories of his past. He wanted nothing more than to put Lance out of his misery right then and there. But he clenched his fist and fought back the urge.

"Yes ve are..." just then, Kurt teleported out of Lance's grip and left the older teen still brimming with anger.

"No...We're not..."


After Kurt arrived back at the institute, he pretty much shut himself off in his room for the next few hours to cool down. Lance had nearly pushed him over the edge earlier with what happened with Kitty and he was furious that he had the nerve to say that it was his fault. Ever since he started school, Lance had been complicating his life. Seeing him around Kitty tore him up inside because he could see through Lance's character to know the kind of person he truly was. He still felt that he may hurt Kitty in some terrible way and feared for her well being. Kurt remembered how distraught Kitty was upon coming home. She never said a word and looked lost in her own thoughts. Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Evan tried to find out what was wrong, but Kitty didn't say anything. Kurt already knew what happened, but didn't tell the others because he promised Kitty he wouldn't. However, he still wanted to talk to her about it because she was and always will be his best friend, and he knew he had to help her in her time of need.

Downstairs, Kitty was putting on her light jacket and preparing to go out. She wasn't going out for fun or heading out for a night on the town...She just wanted to clear her head.

"Kitty..." said a female voice from the top of the stairs, "Where are you going?"

Kitty turned to see Ororo looking down upon her with a concerned look.

"Just out for a walk," she said flatly, not wanting to reveal anything else.

"Is something wrong child?" asked Ororo seeing the troubled look on the young girl's face.

"No...I just need to get some air, that's all."

Ororo didn't have time to say anything else as she watched Kitty walk out the door. She didn't want to talk about this right now, not after what had happened earlier with Lance. Her mind was still spinning and it the event from earlier that day was still fresh in her mind. The way Lance had touched her had bought back a lot of old feelings that she had been trying to forget for a very long time. She felt so stupid getting involved with that boy in the first place and the worst thing was she let him come between her and Kurt. There was no denying that she had hurt him a great deal and the guilt seemed all too much for her to handle. Being with Lance made her realize that her feelings for Kurt were definitely deeper that she ever could have thought.


Back up in his room, Kurt felt himself getting all the drowsier as the events of the day took a toll on his energy. It was only around 9, but he felt he needed to get some sleep. Suddenly, the ringing of a phone startled him. Shaking off his sleepiness, he went to pick it up.

"Hello?" said Kurt.

"I knew you'd answer fuzzy. You always do for some reason."

Kurt immediately recognized the voice as Lance Alvers and felt an immediate surge of anger upon listening to the boy.

"Vhat do you vant Avalanche?!" said Kurt sternly in response

"Meet me outside the school in 10 minutes, GOT IT?" replied Lance.

"Vhy should I?"

"Because we've got a score to settle. We never finished what we started earlier today. And it's time to settle it once and for all!"

After that Kurt heard him hang up. He didn't know how to respond. Should he meet him or should he get the others involved? But this was his problem and he knew he had to be the one to fix it. He sighed as he went back to his room and grabbed his uniform and his inducer out of the closet. Lance was right about one thing; this had to end now.


Back at Bayville High, Hank McCoy was in the final phase of his new serum that he hoped would give him back the control he needed if he was to keep teaching. It was to be the strongest formula he had ever synthesized. The Professor had warned against it, but he had to do it before the beast inside him took over for good.

Unknown to him, an eager Lance Alvers waited outside near the football field for the arrival of Kurt. He had enough of his interference and he still blamed him for the mishap with Kitty he had earlier. Lance thought the blue mutant was a coward for simply teleporting out before it was over. Lance never ran from a fight and he never took shit from anybody. He felt that Kurt and the X-men had made too much of a mockery of him and the Brotherhood. Now, it was time for him to confront Kurt once and for all without any interruptions. This wasn't a fight between the X-men and the Brotherhood; this is a fight between him and Kurt. After a few tense moments, Lance finally heard a familiar 'bamf.' Kurt had arrived.

"I didn't think you'd show up fuzzy," said Lance as he turned to face his enemy.

"You said it yourself Lance...Ve have a score to settle."

"We do...And you better not run this time!" threatened Lance as he took a step closer.

"Trust me...I vill not run! Not after vhat you did to Kitty!"

"What I did?! It's all your fault she broke up with me! If you had just minded your own business none of this would have happened!" yelled Lance.

"ERR! She's my best friend you asshole! I can't mind my own business vhen I know the kind of person you really are!"

"She's just your friend..." said Lance sarcastically, "Yeah, like I believe that..."

And with that, Lance delivered a surprise punch to Kurt's face knocking him to the ground. Lance's words had caught Kurt off guard and now his anger was at a boiling point. He blocked the sting of Lance's punch out of his mind as he quickly rose back to his feet.

"You vill pay for that Lance...You vill pay for everything you've done..."

And with that, Kurt pounced upon the older teen and their fight began.


Hank McCoy looked upon his finished serum. It was still warm from the heat he had used in the final phase of making it. His nervousness had peaked as he took a hold of the small vial that he felt held the key to controlling the monster that lurked deep within him.

"Time to see if this stuff really works," said Hank to himself as he bought the vial to his lips.

In one quick motion, Hank McCoy gulped down the bitter substance. Immediately, the serum took effect...But it had the opposite effect that McCoy had hoped. Suddenly, he keeled over as an intense internal pain overtook him from within and he began to stumble throughout the room, knocking over lab equipment in the process. He howled out in pain as he struggled with the effect of the serum that was fast becoming too hard to control. Then...The worst happened. His skin was overtaken by a sudden shift of blue hair that sprouted from every inch of his body. The glasses on his face fell to the ground and shattered upon impact. The beast from within had taken shape and now it was Hank McCoy that was being suppressed.

The commotion in the science room didn't go unnoticed. Principal Edward Kelly had heard the noise from his office and went to investigate. He grew cautious as he approached the door that he sensed the commotion was coming from. Suddenly, the door flew off its hinges by a great force and sent Kelly back in to an open classroom opposite of McCoy's. He ran back to get a look at what had done this, but only saw a faint outline of a large, beastly figure climbing out the window.


Back at the mansion, Professor Charles Xavier was interrupted from reading his book by a loud alarm coming from Cerebro. As he wheeled himself over to the terminal built in to the wall, Logan and Ororo entered the room.

"What's goin on Chuck? What's with the commotion?" asked Logan.

"It's Hank...Something's happened to him," said the Professor in a worried tone.

"What do you mean?" asked Ororo.

The professor didn't respond at first, for he was busy going through the data. However, it didn't take long before the Professor made sense of the readings.

"Tell the others to suit up...We have to get to him soon before his mutation completely overtakes him, permanently."


Kitty had been walking about Bayville for the last hour and a half. She had no direction or destination in mind. She just wanted to get away from the problems that had been festering in her mind for so long. Now, she found herself standing outside the entrance to Bayville High. She decided to take the time to rest her feet on a bench near the school. Kitty found herself just sitting and staring at the stars in the same way she had on that fateful night she ran away from her father. That night ended one nightmare, but only started another. However, she didn't regret her actions and neither did Kurt. On the streets they still had each other and in the end that helped save them until Professor Xavier found them. But since joining the institute and starting a 'normal' life, Kitty just let things get so complicated when they didn't have to be. Going out with Lance was a mistake that ended in a way she'd rather not remember. It was not as bad as the way Jean and Duncan's relationship ended, but it was still a heavy burden on her young soul.

Suddenly, a mysterious crashing noise interrupted Kitty from her thoughts. Startled, she stood up and surveyed the immediate area. She could see nothing, but she could feel some kind of presence near her.

"Who...Who's there?" said Kitty in to the empty air, still looking for her mysterious stalker.

Then, she heard a beast-like roar that sent shivers up and down her spine. Quickly, she turned around...Only to be greeted by a large, blue humanoid that towered over her and had a sinister look in it's eye. Kitty immediately fell back in shock as the beast began to close in on her. Then, the young mutant got a clear view of the beast's face.

"Oh my God...Mr. McCoy?!" said Kitty in horror as she recognized the beast's face.

The beast that was Hank McCoy only let out a loud roar in response that left her ears ringing. Then, he went to grab her with his oversized, animal-like hand. However, Kitty's powers kicked in as she phased through him and started to run. But it didn't take long for the beast to start to run after her...Stalking her like she was prey.

Kitty kept running, phasing through obstacles in the process and trying to get as far away from this animal as possible. However, this beast had superhuman agility that allowed it to stay on top of the girl no matter how she ran.

"Mr. McCoy! It's me...It's Kitty! Don't you recognize me?" said Kitty trying to stop whatever had come over her one time teacher.

The beast responded by lifting a heavy lunch table with relative ease and throwing it at her with great force. Kitty phased through it, but it did nothing to deter him. The monster kept coming after her, throwing whatever was within its grasp at her. Kitty could only keep running, but no matter how fast she ran the beast was always close by. The more she ran the more enraged the beast seemed to become. The roars grew ever louder in the otherwise calm night as the chase led itself ever closer to the football field where Kurt and Lance were still fighting.


Kurt wiped the blood from his face as he got up once again from one of Lance's blows. Lance too had his fair share of bruises from the fight, but they didn't seem to matter at all to him as he readied himself for another round.

"You'll have to do better than this elf boy!" taunted Lance as he arose to his feet and prepared for another attack.

"Save it rock-for-brains! I have only begun to fight!" yelled Kurt as he lunged forth at Lance.

The older teen immediately went on the defensive blocking the agile blue mutant's punches as best as he could. Kurt may not have been as strong as Lance, but his nimble form more than made up for it. Lance started to counter Kurt's attack as he punched himself out of breath. However, he could only get minimal blows, for Kurt was still able to dodge them.

"ERR! HOLD STILL YOU LOUSY FURBALL!" yelled Lance as he let his rage take over.

Both teens were fighting themselves in to exhaustion, as both of them grew increasingly fatigued. However, this did little to stop them as they ran on their own resentment for one another. Neither teen was winning as both of them kept on taking hit after hit. There was no end in sight for the melee that just kept on going.

Suddenly, a loud roar interrupted their fight and it was soon followed by a scream. Kurt instantly recognized the cry for help.

"Oh no...Kitty."

Just then, Lance used this opportunity to deliver a single knockout punch to Kurt's jaw. There was no time to counter this time. Kurt's rage towards Lance was replaced by a sudden concern for Kitty. Lance thought he had won, but then he heard the roar again...Only this time it was much closer.

"What the hell?!" said Lance as he turned around looking feverishly to locate the source.

Then, on the outskirts of the field along the track, Kitty came running out. However, the beast that was Hank McCoy was too fast and she was hit and thrown underneath the bleachers. Then, her head slammed in to an overhead support beam and was knocked unconscious from the force. Now, the beast was closing in to finish her. Then suddenly...It stopped.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" yelled an angry Kurt as he appeared right behind the beast and pounced on its head.

The beast stumbled back as it struggled to get Kurt off, but he was determined to lead it away from Kitty who was still down from earlier. With a deafening roar, the beast fell back but knocked Kurt off in the process. Then, as it got up it now had its full attention on Kurt. The beast loomed over Kurt ready to make its final attack. In the process, Kurt got his first good look at the beast's face.

"Vhat?! Mr. McCoy is that you?!" exclaimed Kurt as he recognized his face.

The beast didn't flinch as it slammed it's oversized fists in to the ground where Kurt was laying, but he teleported before he could make contact. However, that did little to dissuade the beast. Kurt tried to port over to Kitty to get her out of there, but the beast stayed too close. He had no choice but to try and lead it away from her, for he couldn't let her get hurt. Using the beast's rage towards his advantage, Kurt led it up to the field where he and Lance had been fighting earlier. However, Lance was no longer in sight. Kurt didn't know if he had fled or not, but that wasn't his immediate concern at the moment.

"Mr. McCoy, it's me Kurt! I'm in your class! You caught me sleeping during a lecture just yesterday!" yelled Kurt, trying to break through to the beast that was once his chemistry teacher.

The beast only lunged at Kurt again as his words did little to stop its rampage. However, Kurt refused to give up.

"You have to fight it!" exclaimed Kurt as he barely avoided another attack.

Then, from the sideline Lance Alvers came out of hiding upon seeing this strange beast interrupt what was supposed to be a fight between him and Kurt.

"Hey bigfoot!" yelled Lance as he ran towards the ongoing fight. "The elf's mine!"

Lance then rolled his eyes in the back of his head and began to unleash his powers. As the ground began to shake violently, Kurt saw out of the corner of his eye the stands where Kitty was still knocked out under start to shake and crumble. Immediately, he started to panic as his worry for Kitty once again took over his mind.

"WAIT! LANCE DON'T DO IT!" exclaimed Kurt.

But Lance did not listen to Kurt's pleas. While the beast began to lose it's balance, the bleachers where Kitty was started to crumble. She was still unconscious from the blow the beast had given her, so her powers wouldn't be able to save her. Kurt tried to focus through the large tremor that Lance was causing, but it was becoming all too difficult. However, Kitty needed him and through the violent shaking, Kurt was able to concentrate enough to teleport himself under the stands right next to Kitty. Then, as the top of the heavy-duty bleachers began to fall down over them. But before they could be crushed underneath the weight, Kurt ported them out off to the side where he kept his arms around her wanting to keep her safe.

"It's okay Kitty...You're safe now...I promise," said Kurt through the shaking.

The beast's rage was at a boiling point as the shaking that Lance caused only infuriated it more. It let out another loud, deafening roar that caused Lance to lose his concentration and collapse to the ground clutching his ears because of the noise. Now the beast had its full attention on Lance. Then suddenly, an unseen force lifted the creature off of the ground and a strange whirlwind began to form underneath it for added guard.

Lance looked above to see the X-jet hovering overhead. Jean Grey and Storm were holding the beast still with their powers and Scott and Logan were holding the plane steady.

"Oh shit, that's my cue," said Lance as he ran away from the battlefield.

Nobody chased him, for their main concern now was the beast.

"Can you hold him steady?" said the Professor as the plane lowered closer.

"I...Think so," said Jean as she and Storm struggled to hold the wildly thrashing beast.

"Looks like you're only gonna get one shot Professor," said Evan as he and Rogue stood behind his chair, holding him steady.

"Then I best make it count," said Xavier as he placed his hands on the temples of his head.

Using his powers, Professor Xavier entered the mind of the beast and began helping the stricken Hank McCoy gain control once again. It was hard, the beast had done a lot to make itself strong and Xavier began to struggle as the primitive, yet strong-minded animal kept trying to force him out. But with the urging of his students and friends, he finally started to overcome the dark deception of the beast's mind and finally, it stopped thrashing and slowly descended in to unconsciousness.

"Did it work Chuck?" asked Logan as he and Scott lowered the plane to the ground.

"I believe it did, but I'm afraid that I could only revive Hank's mind. His appearance, on the other hand, may be permanent," said the Professor as Jean and Storm helped get the unconscious beast on to the jet, but there was still one more matter to attend to.

"Hey, where's elf and half-pint?"

Back over near the bleachers, Kitty finally started to awaken from her unconscious state. Her head was still throbbing and she still felt dizzy, but all that didn't seem to register when she found herself awaken in Kurt's arms.

"Kurt?" said Kitty as her vision finally became clearer.

"I'm here Kitty. It's over now...Everything's going to be okay," smiled Kurt as he stroked the side of her face.

Kitty only smiled back as she wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Kurt...For everything."

Kurt couldn't muster a response as he looked in to Kitty's deep blue eyes. He didn't know what to say...But in the end, he didn't have to say anything. He just had to hold her right then and there and not worry about anything else.


Shortly after the team returned home, Hank awoke from his unconscious state. He was back to his normal self again mentally...But physically he was stuck in the form of the big blue beast. The Professor was confident that he could help Hank suppress the animal inside, but that's not what concerned Hank McCoy the most.

"Well, it's finally happened...My worst fear," said Hank as he looked in to a mirror feeling his furry complexion.

"It's not a total loss my friend. At least now you can suppress the animal within by your own strength," said Xavier, hoping to get him to see the lighter side of the situation.

"But still, my teaching days are over," sighed McCoy as he put the mirror away. "I should have listened to you and never tried that serum in the first place. I guess...I was just too willing to take big risks in order to keep teaching."

"All is not lost Hank," said the Professor, who hoped to ease Hank's anxiety. "Just because you can't teach at Bayville High anymore doesn't mean you can't teach. Tell me...How would you like to be a part of a school where you can truly be involved with others like you and not have to worry about your appearance."

Hank McCoy just smiled as he began to comprehend what the Professor was getting at.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" asked McCoy, who felt he already knew the answer.

"Indeed...This place could always use more help. And with someone like yourself, I think it could be truly beneficial to both my students and you as well."

Hank McCoy could only smile at the Professor's offer that was just all too good to pass up. He didn't have to be afraid of what he was here and it meant that he could keep on teaching.

"Well then," said Hank with a grin, "I guess I'd better start writing up my lesson plan."


Kitty Pryde sat out under the clear night sky simply looking at the stars. It had been a long, exhausting day for her both physically and mentally. The whole Lance issue hadn't turned out like she had hoped and Mr. McCoy's mutation went wild, but through it all something good did come out of it...Kurt. He had been there for her like he had for the greater part of her life. He had saved her once again from worse harm even after all she had put him through with Lance. Kitty felt a great amount of guilt for not listening to both herself, the others, and Kurt when it came to Lance. In the end she had made a mistake in getting involved with him, but she still felt at least one good thing came out of all this turmoil...Her true feelings for Kurt.

Just then, Kurt appeared from behind her and slowly took a seat next to her.

"Hey," said Kitty, whose mind was still lost in thought.

"Hey Kitty."

"So what did the Professor say?"

"He wasn't too mad...But he vas disappointed. He and Logan gave me the standard 'don't pick fights' lecture, but they let me off vith a warning," said Kurt as he started to look at the stars along with Kitty.

"Did you say you regretted doing it?"

Kurt just sighed, "No...Because I don't regret it. I had to be there. If I hadn't then Lance vould have never left you alone and you could have been seriously hurt. I honestly had to do it. I couldn't just sit by and do nothing...Not vhen it involves you."

Kitty's gaze shifted from the sky over to her long time soul mate. Kurt still had his inducer on, but she could still read the expression on his face. He had gone through all those tribulations to save her. It could have turned out a lot worse if Kurt wasn't there. It might have ended up like what happened to Scott...But thankfully it didn't. Still, there was one last thing that had to be done before this night was over. Kitty knew it was now or never.

"Kurt...I can't tell you how sorry I am for all that I've put you through," said Kitty as she struggled to find the right words.

"Vhat do you mean?" said Kurt as his eyes met hers.

"I mean...After all the worry and all the troubles that I bought on by seeing Lance...You still stood by me. I should have never gotten involved with him in the first place. I was...Just so shocked that somebody...Anybody could like me after everybody in the past has either hated or hurt me."

"Kitty...Don't ever think that," said Kurt as he took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I don't see how anybody could hate you. You are the sweetest, nicest, most caring person I've ever known. Ve have been through so much together. I've stood by you're side vhenever your father...Attacked you. And you vere there...After my Aunt attacked me. Vithout you I honestly wouldn't be here right now. I'd have killed myself a long time ago because I felt I had nothing to live for. But because of you, I do have something to live for...I have someone out there that's worth fighting for to protect. I guess vhat I'm trying to say is...Vell, I love you Kitty."

Kurt gently stroked her cheek as his words caused tears to well up in her eyes. Kitty was now at a total loss for words and couldn't respond. She tried...But she just couldn't. All she could do is put her arm around Kurt and sink in to his embrace. She buried her face in his shoulder, for she couldn't fight back her tears. For the longest time, the both of them only shed tears of sorrow and despair, but for the first time in their lives the two young teens shared tears of happiness. Through all the nervousness, anxiety, and insecurity...Kitty was finally able to respond.

"I love you too," she said softly as she stayed in his embrace.

Words so simple spoke so many things at once as the tumultuous feelings of the past gently lifted away in the passion of a single moment. The weight had finally been lifted for Kurt Wagner and Kitty Pryde. While they would never be able to escape the terrible feelings and memories of the past...They would be able to help each other.

As Kurt and Kitty soaked up the array of emotions, they suddenly heard the gentle sound of music coming from the balcony above. It was the soft tune of a guitar...And Scott was playing it. Jean was close by his side as they both looked down at the two lovebirds and smiled at the familiar scene that they were no strangers to.

Kitty slowly pulled away and noticed Kurt's strange grin as the sound of the music filled the air.

"Did you set that up?" asked Kitty.

Kurt's grin only grew wider. "Vell...Maybe."


Kurt just shrugged as he took her hand, "Because I vanted to. Now...May I have this dance?"

Kitty only smiled as she held his hand and stood up.

"Of coarse you may Mr. Wagner...But first things first," replied Kitty with a smile.

Then, Kitty turned off his image inducer and now stood before him in his true blue form. It would have worried Kurt under any other circumstance, but the gentle smile on Kitty's face helped reassure him.

"There...Much better," said Kitty with a smile as she ran her fingers gently over his furry cheek.

Kurt could only smile back at her as they both let their bodies move to the gentle music.

one two one two three four
Shed a tear cause I'm missing you
I'm still alright to smile
Girl, I think about you every day now
Was a time when I wasn't sure
But you set my mind at ease
There is no doubt you're in my heart now
Said woman take it slow
It'll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience
Said sugar make it slow and we'll come together fine
All we need is just a little patience
mmmm, yeah

Sit here on the stairs cause I'd rather be alone
If I can't have you right now I'll wait dear
Sometimes I get so tense but I can't speed up the time
But you know love there's one more thing to consider
Said woman take it slow and things will be just fine
You and I'll just use a little patience
Said sugar take the time cause the lights are shining bright
You and I've got what it takes to make it
We won't fake it
ahh well never break it
cuz' i can't take it...

The words of the song seemed to speak to them as they kept dancing it the crisp night air. But no cold was strong enough to fight the warm feelings they now felt. Then, as the music kept playing, Kurt and Kitty's lips met in a soft kiss under the stars of the night.

Need a little patience, yeahhhhh
Just a little patience, yeahhhh
Somewhat patience, yeahhhh
Could use some patience, yeah
Gotta have some patience, yeah
All it takes is patience
Just a little patience
Is all you need


AN: That was for all you Kurt/Kitty fans out there! What did you think? That was my first Kurt/Kitty piece ever. I always thought they looked cute together! That song, by the way, was "Patience" by Guns n' Roses. I love that song and I just had to put it in this chapter! Stay tuned, because coming up next is the 5-part saga of the PHOENIX! They didn't show it in the Evolution cartoon, but I'm showing it in my story! You won't want to miss it and all the Scott/Jean that comes with it! Don't forget to review! Post them at or send them to me directly at Until next time best wishes to you all and beware for the PHOENIX shall rise!

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