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Chapter 4

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Sum up dinner time. I went this lovely dinner with Marshall, he had the whole place rented out, just for me and him, it was a small diner but it was beautiful. The food was great. I think it was the best food I ever had. While we ate we had to discuss our living situation because what we already found out, a long distant relationship don’t work for us. We decided that in a few weeks I would move to Detroit, and live with him. I wanted to finish out the month at work, and say goodbye to the children. They were going to be hard to say goodbye to, they were all just such wonderful kids.
(((Friday Aug. 29th 2005 4:00pm)
I said my last goodbye to the children, then took Keith and headed back home to pack up Keith things, and a few of my things also.
“When do we get to go to Daddy’s?” Keith asked while bouncing in his car seat in the back. Keith has began to call Marshall dad, just a few days ago.
“In just a bit, we have to go pack the rest of your things, then Daddy’s gonna come pick us up,” I told him as I looked at him threw the review mirror.
“How is the truck and our car gonna get to Daddy’s?” he questioned.
“Uh, hes bringing some friends to dive them,” I told him.
“Oh!” he said with a smile.
We got home and threw, the rest of our clothes and Jakes bed into the moving truck then waited for Marshall to come and pick us up. “Im gonna miss you!” Megan said hugging me tight, I could hardly breath.
“Im gonna miss you too,” I grunted hugging her back. “But you know I can come back whenever I want,” I said still being hugged to death.
“I love you!” she said squeezing tighter.
“I love you too, Megan. You can let go now!” I said pushing her away.
“Ok bye bye,” she said sadly.
“Come out and wait with us,” I told her. She came out with us.
We we’re waiting for Marshall to come get us when a car pulled up. It was my Mother. “Grandma!” Keith yelled as she parked her car and got out. I let out a sigh. Great shes here now shes gonna yell at me.
“Why are you packing up my grandson and going with that guy?” she asked all pissed.
“Cause, I love him, and Keith needs a father!” I yelled as my Mom picked up Keith.
“Yeah, remember what he did to you before?” she asked. “Hes 10 years older than you!” she yells. But you ignore it.
“But Mom Im living with him now and its different,” I said irritated.
“Fine, leave me,” she whined.
“I’ll come see you,” I said. “Don’t worry, damn,” I said annoyed. Shortly after Marshall pulled up. I got nervous then. He got out of the car.
“Lisa,” Marshall said in shock.
“Hello,” she said trying to be nice.
“Look, Lisa, Im sorry about what happened 5 years ago, but I love your daughter and I love my son, and Im going to take very good care of them I promise,” he said finishing off with a smile. (the singing bee is interesting, ppl fail!)
“You better take care of her!” she says with no smile.
“Cause you did better, and let that asshole around me,” I muttered, staring at her angrily. I walked over to Marshall. “Aren’t you gonna say hi to me?” I questioned him giving him lip.
“Sorry babe, hi,” he said giving me a hug. “When we get home I have a surprise for you,” he whispered in my ear, which gave me chills, that always happens when he does that. I smiled indicating that I heard him. “Ok we gotta go!” Marshall said slapping his hands together once. I said goodbye to my Mother, got Keith back from her then put him in the car seat in Marshalls car. Then got in myself, we waited for my mom to drive off.
“Do I get my kiss now?” I asked. He giggled. Then leaned in towards me and kissed me, I kissed back.
“Mommy, Daddy stop Im still here,” Keith whined. I pulled away and laughed a bit. Marshall started the car and pulled away.
It was about a 11 hour ride home. Keith fell asleep around 9:00. I started to doze off around 12. “Babe?” Marshall whispered. I sat up quickly.
“Im up!” I said.
“You don’t have to be. Put the seat back,” he whispers. I put the seat back. We stopped at a stop sign. Marshall reached into the back seat grabbing another blanket. I had already put one on Keith. He handed me the blanket.
“Thanks,” I said with a sleepy smile. I coved myself up then fell asleep soon after.

I knew we’d be getting home around 2am. I was getting a bit tired myself. I stopped in the dive thru at Burger King. “What can I get for you?” the lady asked.
“Do you people have coffee now?” I asked trying not to yawn.
“Well no,” the lady said.
“If I tell you who I am, will you give me coffee,” I asked, I’d go anything to get coffee and stay awake right now. The lady hesitated a bit.
“Uh who are you?” she asked. She sounded young, so I knew she would know who I am.
“Eminem,” I said into the thing.
“I don’t believe you,” she told me.
“Look, I’ll dive around and you can see, and then you give me some fucking coffee,” I said irritated. “I have 3 more hours of diving,” I added.
“Why don’t you just go get an energy drink,” she said begging to get snotty.
“Fuck you then!” I almost yelled driving off. I didn’t even let the lady see me. I went to the nearest gas station. I grabbed a Monster and a Red Bull then went back to the car, I shut the door and woke Meleah up.

“Are we there yet?” I yawned.
“No,” he whispered.
“I just want to stay awake so I got a couple energy drinks,” he said.
“Monster…you have Monster gimme some!” I said sitting up.
“Whoa, calm down!” he said laughing a bit. “You’re gonna wake Keith,” he whispered.
“No, he can sleep through anything,” I told him.
“Oh. Uh here,” he said handing me the Monster. “I get some of that you know,” he said with a smile. (American Idol funny)
“Yey!” I said taking a drink. It was yummy. He smiled cutely at me.
Finally 3 hours later we got home. We got out of the car. Marshall carried Keith into the house, who was still sleeping. The guys who drove the truck carry Keith’s bed inside and place it in his own room downstairs. The girls are with Kim so me and Marshall get some alone time. We walked hand and hand into our bedroom after putting Keith down for bed. “Finally, I get you all alone,” he said resting his forehead on mine.
“Yes finally,” I whispered, I kissed him softly, his lift so soft, and it brought back so many wonderful memories. Then I remembered that he had surprise for me. “Wait, didn’t you have a surprise for me?” I asked still kiss him.
“Yeah, this,” he says as we walked slowly towards the bed. He pushed me back on the bed than got on top of me. We sat up and he took off my shirt, I took off his, and he unhooked my bra throwing them all on the floor. He stared at me for awhile.
“Are you just gonna sit there and stare at me?” I asked. He shook his head. Then lightly pushed me back on the bed. I feel back, grabbing him on the way, he fell on top of me then lifted himself up a bit, he started to play with my boob. After a bit he looked at me, he came at me fast kissing me passionately, I kisses back. I felt this sensation and quickly tried to rip his pants of.
“Damn baby,” Marshall said helping me take his pants off, he threw them on the floor along with his boxers, he threw them so hard they went all the way across the room. I giggled. He smiled cutely. I stared at his pride and joy for a minute. As Marshall tried to unbutton my pants, he was having troubles. “I hate your pants,” he whispered irritated.
“Let me do it,” I say unbuttoning the like was nothing, I supported myself on my back so he could pull my pants off, he ripped them off throwing them on the floor. We stared at each other for a bit, he kisses me, the I pulled him to me. His penis slid into me, I let out a moan of pleasure. He moved slowly at first kissing me, our tongues in each others mouths. He pushed harder, and I let out a loud moan. He stopped kissing me for a second and looked down at me breathing heavily. He started to go faster and harder, I dug my nails into his back.
“Mmm baby, chill wit your nails,” he whispered.
“You know you like it,” I whispered, he smiled. I just pulled his head closer to me forcing him to kiss, we made breathy kisses. He pushed deeper into me, I let out a moan of pleasure, he moved from my lips and stared kissing my neck. After a bit he started to go harder and faster. “Ohh, Marshall baby, don’t stop,” I moaned as we were about to climax, he slowed down a bit to make this wonderful experience last longer. He stared to kiss me again.
“I love you,” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath sent chills down my body.
“I love you so much Marshall,” I whispered out of breath, we started kissing again. He began to go harder and faster. I let out a loud moan, and we were about to climax. He gave one last thrust, I felt him let go inside me, he kissed me once more then pulled out and lied beside me as we broth breathed heavily.
It was really hot now, and I was sweating like crazy, so was Marshall. It was silent for awhile until we got our breaths back. “You were wonderful,” I whispered looking over at Marshall.
“So were you baby,” he said pulling me closer to him. He kissed me once more then reached over to the lamp shutting it off. We snuggled up together, we held each other tight. We didn’t use the blanket just yet cause it was too damn hot. After a while we fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later it was 3:35am. I was cold then, the air was on. I got up and went to the bathroom quickly then came back, I poked Marshall.
“Honey,” I said softly.
“Mmm?” he asked. I shivered.
“Cold,” I said holding myself. He smiled. We got up and pulled the covers on us then cuddled back together and fell back asleep.
We woke up to Keith calling “Mommy! Daddy!” we both stood up at the same time.
“Oh,” Marshall said. “Damn it its only 8am,” he muttered.
“I know. Fuck, where the hell is my underwear?” I asked looking at him confused.
“Here,” he said tossing the at me.
“Oh thanks,” I said. “Gimme that one shirt,” I demanded.
“What… wait oh, ok hold on,” he said. He went to his closet and pulled a shirt out, it was a t-shirt that said Shady on it, the fist one ever made, it was my favorite shit and used to wear it all the time.
“Thank you baby,” I said putting the shirt on. He smiled. “We’re up here!” I yelled opening our bedroom door, I saw Keith run up stairs to the room.
“Morning!” he said hugging me with a smile. I hugged him back.
“Morning,” I said.
“Morning Daddy!” Keith announced running over to his father and giving him a big bear hug.
“Mornin cutie,” Marshall said hugging Keith back. We stood there for a bit then, the door bell rang…
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