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Chapter 1

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Meleah and Marshall meet, she works for than he falls for her, this is their story...

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Chapter 1
I was walking down the sidewalk in Detroit Michigan, past the Shady Records building, a building that I wish I could just walk right into, but you have to have a special pass to get in. My friend, Megan, and I learned that the hard way back in 2000 when we tried to walk in just to check it out. This large black guy and his stupid friend threw us out the back door, and told us that if we ever did that again they'd call the cops, and we'd go to jail for break in or something, but that was two years ago. They should have just let us off with a warning, but they didn't, rude bastards! So I wont be going into the building today, especially by myself. That would be scary and knowing my luck I'd probably get tazed or something. I was just passing by hoping to get a look at Eminem in person. I just love him so much, hes just so sexy, and I wanna touch him. I seriously wish I could just go up to him somewhere and just say hello to him as if he was just a normal human, but I'd probably freak out, and cause some shit. I stopped my thoughts as I heard a car pull up, I quickly ran behind the garbage can next to me. It smelt bad, but if that was Eminem in that black Tahoe, it was so worth having to smell rotting food, just so I could see him. The door opened, Marshall jumped out slamming the door shut, but in a nice way. He opened the back door reaching in with both arms and pulling out his daughter Hailie, she’s just so beautiful. I watched Eminem carry Hailie into the building...
My trance was broken by a hand on my shoulder, I jumped turning around and slapping the mans hand off my shoulder. He was a scrubby man, stubbles on his face, fat like Bizarre but he was white, and he had a cigar hanging out his mouth. He had a large black garbage bag hanging over his right shoulder. "Don't fucking do that shit!" I yelled angry at him. He made no notion of it.
"Sorry," he started, but before he could finish I had already walked away. I was walking back towards my home when I heard the doors of Shady Records open, I looked over and saw Eminem walk out. This time there was no place to hide. I just stood there tears in my eyes with a dorky grin on my face. He looked around stopping when he saw me, he stared at me giving me funny look then proceeded to his car. Once half his body was in the trunk of his car, I slowly walked away watching him, getting out of his site just before he turned around, I could still see him. I slowly walked home with the same stupid grin on my face as before, thinking about what it would be like to meet Eminem, what would I say to him? Would he like me? Would he just think Im some stupid fan girl? I sighed as I approached my home, it was a trailer park, but at least it was better than 8 Mile. Megan and I were glad we could afford it too. I opened the door…
“Hello?” I called wondering if Megan was home. There was no answer so I just went to my room, the master bedroom. My room is filled with posters of Eminem, from wall to wall its crazy, but I love it! I walked over to my stereo and pressed play, The Slim Shady LP was in there, which mad me smile. I laid on my bed smiling just happy I saw Eminem in person and he actually noticed me!

I walked into Shady Records carrying in a box full of papers and other junk Dre needed. I wonder who that chick was who was staring at me from across the parking lot I thought as I watched Hailie play Frogger. Dre swings the door open. “Yo! Get your ass up in here!” he yells. I got angry with him for interrupting this moment but I carried the box in the other room.
“Hey Dre?” I asked as I set down the box.
“What?” he asked handing me a beer.
“You know, I saw this chick, she stared at me, it was kinda odd,” I said as I tried to picture the girl, she was young probably about 20, very pretty, just the right size, not a twig or a ball of walking fat. She had brown hair a bit past her shoulders, she also had highlights. She wore some baggy sweat pants and a Shady sweater from my clothing line, one of my favorite ones too.
“You’re Eminem, of course people are going to stare,” Dre says stopping my thinking.
“Yeah man, you’re probably right,” I said and we got strait to work.

My bedroom door opened about 2 hours later and Megan walked in, she sat on my bed rollin her eyes at me. “What now?” she asked. “I see you have that stupid grin on your face, that you always have when you see something about Eminem,” she added. I sat up and stared at her smiling.
“I saw Eminem, he was at Shady Records!” I cheered loudly.
“Wow,” she said like it was no big deal. I got angry at her reaction, knowing she’d to the same damn thing if she saw Lil Wayne.
“You know, if you saw Wayne you’d do the same damn thing!” I shot back at her she just giggled, I sat up and walked over to my stereo shutting it off. “Im gonna go to the store,” I said not even asking her if she wanted to come, I was hoping to see Eminem again, and I didn’t want Megan to somehow ruin my chances. Not that she would but I wanna go alone just because Im cool like that. She followed me out of my room tho, but went to her room instead of following me out to the car. I hoped into the car and drove to the store. I drove around the parking lot of Rainbow seeing if Eminem was at the store. He could be you never know. I almost gave up until I saw him pull into the parking lot, he parked towards the back of the lot. He got out of his Tahoe along with Hailie, she ran to the front of the store as I found a parking place in the front. I waited for both of them to go into the store before I got out of my car. I wanna see how long it takes for him to say something to me. I thought to myself. Yes! Its brilliant, if maybe he sees me a lot he’ll come say something about it. Hehe I giggled. I still had the thought in the back of my head that was telling me that I should watch myself and stop doing this, just cause with my luck, something bad WILL happen. I walked though the store looking for Eminem, if I saw him I would simply just stand somewhere by the aisle where he cannot see me, unless he tries, and just stare at him and his sexiness. I got distracted by some man, he was tall, very skinny he had black hair that looked like a bob cut. His name tag read Matt. I stared up at him as he stared down at me.
“You finding everything ok?” he asked in a deep voice. I nodded my head somewhat embarrassed as I backed away. I took about four steps back and ran into someone I immediately turned around and apologized with a simple sorry. Not realizing who I ran into until he spoke.
“Its ok,” he said. I could feel my face turn read as Eminem stood in front of me. I smiled a embarrassed smile and ran away not knowing what to so say to him. I looked back he stood there looking at me.
“Daddy, why did that lady run away?” I heard Hailie ask as I went down a different aisle.
“I think she was embarrassed, don’t worry about it honey,” he said kindly answering his daughters question.
I didn’t hear her reply as I quickly grabbed a few stakes for tonight then got out of there quickly as possible. I got to my car, I stated shaking again, and I also got tears in my eyes. I was so happy to even touch him! I just wish I would have said something besides sorry then ran away like some little girl. I just felt so stupid just then. I hated myself. “Damn it Meleah!” I yelled at my self slamming my fist on the stirring wheel of the car. Its not just mine, me and Megan share this car until one of us can buy another one. “You lost your chance!” I yelled at myself again. That was my chance, my only chance and it will never come again. I blew it. I started the car and headed home. I wasn’t happy no more, I was depressed I had lost my chance. I let out a sigh as I pulled into the driveway. I decided not to tell Megan what happened in the store. It just makes me depressed, but yet happy at the same time. At dinner Megan and I talked about random things, Eminem never even came into the conversation. I went to bed that night after watching BET with Megan for a few hours. I laid there in bed thinking about my ‘magic moment,’ if I could put it that way, in the store. I randomly started thinking positive… Maybe, now that, that happened he’ll say something to me if we see each other again… Hehe I giggled as I closed my eye and my thoughts slowly went away and I feel asleep.
The next day I hung around Shady Records, watching people go in and out the door, I even saw Eminem, but I don’t think he saw me, or maybe he did, and he just don’t care. He probably thinks Im a freak. I thought. No, you know what he thinks? He thinks Im some stupid girl with no job. I thought. Well, its true, I quit my last job because of the pervert Cory, he was about my height, black and he sort of looks like Proof, but hes as good looking as Proof is. He’d always hit on me and talk about porn and sex and porn and sex. “Ewww” I whispered getting chills as I thought about all his perverted ways.
The next few days I managed to figure out everywhere Eminem went around Detroit. So I followed him hoping we’d have another ‘moment.’ The other day I made a list of all the places I saw him at. Standing by the garbage can by Shady Records, I pulled out a list from my sweater pocket. At the top of the notebook paper it read ‘Places I sawed Eminem’ then followed by a list. ‘Shady Record just almost every day, Rainbow, Target, the mall and SA.’ this list made me very happy. I put it back in my pocket as I heard a noise behind me…………
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