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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Oh great it’s probably that creepy garbage man again. I thought. I turned around anyway, my eyes widened, I felt my face turn red, I couldn’t believe who was standing in front of me. I felt embarrassed. He just stared at me, with a look that just says hello. I opened my mouth thinking I was going to say something. Nothing came out I quickly shut my mouth and took a step back, about to walk away. “No, don’t run,” he said, his voice was so sweet.
“I… Umm…. Em…Eminem…uhh… hello?” I stuttered nervously with a stupid grin on my face, after I knew he wasn’t mad at me.
“Who are you?” he asked. I stared up at him; it was like I forgot my own name. He gave me a funny look and I snapped out of it.
“My name is Meleah,” I said. He smiled, his smile was so adorable, and so rare you hardly ever see him smile in pictures. He held out his hand for me to shake it, I slowly reached for his hand shook it then let go. This whole moment made me get butterflies in my stomach, I was so happy too meet Eminem; it was like a dream come true.
“Pretty name,” he said.
“Thank you,” I replied. Oh my gosh he complemented me! I thought my smile getting larger.
“You smile too much,” he added. I just looked at him still smiling, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t help. He shook his head with a slight smile. “Look, have I seen you somewhere before?” he asked. My smile turned to a frown. Oh great he knows Im stalking him, I immediately thought. He looked at me like ‘come on answer my question’. I thought for a second.
“Maybe,” I said and giggled, I couldn’t think of anything else to say. We stared at each other for a second…
“I thought so, didn’t we run into each other the other day at Rainbow?” he asked. I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been seeing you everywhere. Anyway, do you need a job?” he asked. I thought that statement was somewhat rude, if it were to come out of someone else’s mouth, but from Eminem it wasn’t rude at all.
“How’d you know?” I asked.
“Well you been following me around, I just thought maybe you wanted a job,” he said. I nodded with a smile.
“What would I have to do?” I asked getting excited knowing I was going to see Eminem everyday and possibly become friends with him.
“Well, you’d be like a nanny,” he said like he was afraid I’d say no to him. “You’d clean, and watch my girls Hailie and Alaina,” he added.
“Ok!” I said quickly, knowing if I cleaned, I’d get to go to his house. Hehe, I though almost saying that aloud.
“Oh and don’t worry about the cleaning, my house is pretty much clean, I clean it myself, but when Im not home, nothing gets done,” he said as we started walking towards the Shady Records building, I was so happy to be with him, and I was going to see the building.
“Where are we going?” I asked. He smiled as he opened the car door for me. I guess theres no Shady Records building for me, I thought.
“You’re going to meet my girls,” he says with his cute smile. I liked this a lot, he smiled more than I ever seen him smile ever before. He got in the car; he started it and pulled out the driveway.
“Hey, what should I call you?” I asked randomly. He looked at me funny.
“Marshalls good,” he said with a smile…. I smiled and nodded.
Meeting the girls was fun, Hailie was just as I thought, she was just like me when I was her age, she did many of the things I did and she was just so happy and care free. She was very smart unlike me though, I mean I probably am smart I just don’t really care, I probably should have tried harder in school then maybe I could be smart like Urte and actually go to college. However, if I went then I wouldn’t be here right now, with Eminem. I started to think about how Eminem never finished school, and I was glad I did…. Alaina she was different she was 10 years old, and just as smart as Hailie who’s seven. She was beautiful too… In addition, Im glad that both of the girls like me. Later on after Marshall made us lunch, he had to leave for a meeting so I stayed at his house and hung out with the girls. We watched The Hot Chick. When the movie was over, we sat for a few seconds.
“Hey!” Hailie shouted jumping from her seat. I looked over at her. “Do you like my Daddy?” she asked. I didn’t know how to answer that question. I just stared at her. I didn’t know what to say… “I asked you a question,” she said after about 2 minutes.
“Sure,” I said keeping it simple so I didn’t have to say yes or no. She smiled so I think she accepted my answer, and I don’t have to go though that explaining.
On my way home, I took the shortest way possible just so I could tell Megan what happened, and besides it was dark out too. I was so happy! It was the best day of my life I got to meet Eminem, I even hugged him, he smelt good too, some type of clone but I can’t describe it, you just have to smell it yourself. I got home and I swung the door open. “Megan!” I yelled, she came walking to the back door. She came from the kitchen, which is in the middle of the house, next to that if you go up towards the front of the house is the living room. Then the front door, a hallway, a small bedroom to the left, a bathroom next to that, and right in the front was Megan’s room. My room was in the back of the house, it somewhat sucked do to the fact that the fridge was right next to my door. But I didn’t mind, this gave me more room for my things.
“What did you do now?” she asked.
“I met Eminem!” I yelled in excitement. She smiled…
“Really!?” shed said excited for me. I nodded with a huge smile. “Did he ask you out?” she asked.
“No, that would be fucking awesome if he did but no, he wants me to work in his home, so I clean and watch his girls,” I explained over answering her question but I didn’t care, this means that she wont ask me a question about what he wanted.
“Sweet, I wanna meet him,” she says with a smile.
“Ok,” I said still smiling like before.
“Hey!” she said as we walked into the living room, I sat in the chair that sat right by the edge of the kitchen line. She sat on the couch to the left of me. I looked over at her after turning on the TV to MTV’s Jackass. “Maybe he could help Hiro get into acting, he made a movie, didn’t he?” she asks. Hiro, Megan’s Japanese boyfriend, she always wanted one, and she found him. Now shes happy she moved to Detroit with me. He had black Asian hair that hung over his forehead, hes 5’ 7”, slim and slender, hes into the same kind of music as Megan, rap, Japanese music and some random stuff, he also likes Eminem. He always dresses nice. Hes studying to become an actor. Hiro and Megan met at work, about 2 weeks after we moved here.
“Yeah, 8 Mile, I think it comes out in November,” I said smiling. “Im going to wait to ask him tho, get to know him better, I don’t wanna just go and ask him tomorrow he might get mad I don’t know,” I explained then turned back to the TV. I smiled, as there was a notice on the bottom of the screen about an Eminem interview that is going to be on tomorrow at 10pm.
“Ok,” Megan said. “Im gonna go to Hiro’s,” Megan said after about 10 minutes.
“Ok,” I said. I shut off the TV and we both got up and walked towards the door, but she went out of it and I went to my room. I changed my pants and put on some camouflage pj pants. Then I turned on my stereo, The Slim Shady LP. Then I laid down in my bed and listened. There was absolutely nothing to do. Halfway though the CD I feel asleep.
I woke up to my cell ringing, it was Marshall I answered it and he told me he needed me to come over at 8am. I looked at the clock after I agreed with him it was 7am. I got up went to my dresser and grabbed come clean cloths, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was plain light blue. I placed them in on my bed, and then took a shower to wake myself up. After I finished I got dressed, did my hair like I always do, I leave it down and bush it and put some hairspray in it so its not retarded, I put on some make up. It was 7:35am. I quickly grabbed one of them breakfast sandwiches. I heated it up then walked to Marshall’s while eating it. I got to Marshall’s, punched a code into a keyboard thing the gate opened; I walked in the gate, went up to the house and knocked on the door. A few seconds later Marshall opened it. “Hello,” he said with a smile staring at me.
“Hey,” I said with a smile. He let me in.
“The girls have gone to school, but could you please clean their rooms,” he asked.
“Sure,” I said. I would do anything for Eminem, so if he asked me to clean his whole house I would. Hehe.
“Oh yeah, Kim said shes going to stop by to pick up these papers,” he said handing me a few papers. “Could you give ‘em her, she knows you’re here,” he said.
“Yeah no problem,” I said. I didn’t really want to mean Kim, I don’t think she’d like me just because I favor Eminem over her, but duh of course I do. “So what time do you get back?” I asked.
“Probably around 11 or so,” he said. Im not walking home in the dark, I thought. I gave him a look like uhh. “I’ll give you a ride home,” he said with a cute smile.
“Ok, good, Detroit scares me at night,” I said then sort of laughed. He laughed slightly.
“Then why do you live here?” he asked. I thought for a second.
“To make a long story short, I moved here to get away from my crazy ex, Jordan,” I said. He nodded in understanding.
“I gotta go, I’ll see you at 11,” he said, he gave me a hug then went out the door.
I spent the next 5 hours cleaning up the girl’s rooms, but that included stealing Marshalls water and resting, I organized their things I did everything but move their furnisher. Once I finished their rooms, I took a tour of his house. I stayed out of his room out of respect, I went down to the basement first, and he had it laid out in a b ball court. It was really cool. In the room next to it, it was like a major game and TV room. He had so many different movies, some of them I never even heard of before. I didn’t even bother to go though them. I shut off the light then went outside. He had a pool that was on a upper level of the yard, you had to go up a set of stairs made out of rocks around the rocks were bushes that in the summer they would have really pretty flowers on them. The pool was still packed up do to the fact that it hasn’t been warm enough yet to swim. He also had a hot tub that was closer to the house under a high deck that had a sliding door to an upstairs family room. There was also an outdoor b-ball court and an area for the kids to play. Off more towards the back left of the yard there was a small pond with a dock, it was very pretty there… I walked around the yard for a while it was the coolest yard I’ve ever seen. I just loved it.
After about a half hour later Kim came and picked up the papers, she didn’t say much. I didn’t expect her to, and I really didn’t care. I could tell she didn’t like me. She probably thought I was fucking Marshall or something. I mean I wouldn’t mind fuckin him. Hehe. I did skim over the papers; they were child custody papers, something about shared custody. I guess that was fair but still I feel bad for Marshall, when he has to spend so much time away from his girls I can tell he really loves them and he’d do anything to make them happy.
I got bored so I did some cleaning in the kitchen after I made myself a sandwich it was a tuna one it was yummy. I also stole a Mountain Dew. He won’t miss it, haha. Then I went into the living room and watched some TV, there was nothing else to do…I laid on the couch and ended up falling asleep…
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